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The remote mountain range suddenly shook. Huge rocks were falling from the mountain peak continuously, filling the vast land with holes.

Yet, when Nine Nether and Lord Mountain Cracker witnessed this turmoil, they were very happy. This was because, at the same time that the trembling occured, they sensed that there was a spiritual energy fluctuation that that arose all of a sudden, deep within the cave.

Needless to say, that spiritual energy fluctuation was Mu Chen. After a month of seclusion, Mu Chen's spiritual energy was active once again. Judging from the strength of the spiritual energy fluctuation, it seemed to be much stronger now.

"He made it out of seclusion." Lord Mountain Cracker and the others let out a breath, as if they had just been relieved of a heavy burden. If Mu Chen had not been able to exit from his seclusion, they would have had to forcibly wake him up, which might have delayed the Great Hunt.


The trembling of the mountain peak was getting more frequent, and there was a crack that could be seen, spreading from the mountain body. It spreaded throughout the whole mountain peak in a mere 10 seconds.

The spiritual energy fluctuation was getting more violent. When the violence level reached its apex, it suddenly exploded, like a volcano.


The mountain peak immediately exploded at this moment. A spiritual energy light beam then ascended to the sky, directly piercing through the clouds.

The spiritual energy light beam rose tall in the sky. As the spiritual energy fluctuation was spreading, it caused the space in be in great turmoil.

Nine Nether and the others were staring at the spiritual energy light beam nervously. As they squinted their eyes, they saw that there was a slender figure in the light beam. Moreover, there was an astounding spiritual energy fluctuation spreading forth from that very figure!

Shocked expressions were shown on Lord Mountain Cracker's and the others' faces. They wondered aloud, while trembling, "Did Mu Chen actually breakthrough to Grade Five Sovereign?"

They had only thought that Mu Chen was training to be a war troop dispatcher. They never would have guessed that he would actually finish the breakthrough from Grade Four Sovereign to Grade Five Sovereign in only a month!

Although Grade Four and Grade Five were only one grade apart, there was an extremely large difference between the two. Taking the Daluo Territory as an example, where a person could be a lord, once he reached Grade Five Sovereign. In contrast, a Grade Four Sovereign could only get control over a small city and become a duke. Hence, there was a huge difference between these two grades.

In the Daluo Territory, a Grade Five Sovereign had the qualifications to be a lord. As such, a Grade Five Sovereign could expect to be treated very highly within any forces in the North Territory.

"No wonder he secluded himself for so long" Lord Spiritual Sword said in awe. They now did not feel that one month was a long period of time, seeing as they had each taken more than half a month to break through to Grade Five Sovereign themselves.

As they sighed in awe, the spiritual energy light beam in the sky gradually weakened. When the light beam faded away, there was a slender figure standing there, in midair. His flowing black hair made him look cool and handsome.

Mu Chen's eyes slowly opened at this moment. He looked at the lush mountain range, which he had not seen for a long time, as well as the familiar faces on the mountain range, then sighed with relief.

Although his seclusion had merely lasted a month, Mu Chen felt like a few years had passed. He was filled with many mixed emotions.

Mu Chen suppressed these emotions in his heart, then immediately floated down to the mountain peak to meet Nine Nether and the others. Holding his fist with a smile, he said in an apologetic tone, "Sorry for making you guys wait so long."

Originally, he thought that this cultivation would only last around half a month. He never would have thought that a month would pass by so quickly! Normally, this would be nothing to fret over. However, as they were currently in the midst of the dangerous Great Hunt, there might have been huge changes in the Meteorfall Battlefield during this one month!

Lord Mountain Cracker and the others just waved their hands at him, while they smiled upon hearing his words. Thereafter, they asked tentatively, "Lord Mu, you have reached Grade Five Sovereign, haven't you?"

Although they were already aware of it, they clearly wanted to him to confirm the fact himself. Mu Chen nodded with a smile.

When Lord Mountain Cracker and the others saw Mu Chen's confirmation, they could not help but draw in deep breaths. After all, when Mu Chen first came to the Daluo Territory, he was just staring out. Now, not even two years had passed since then, and Mu Chen had already became a Grade Five Sovereign! This cultivation speed was truly shocking.

If it were just any commoner, even reaching Grade Two Sovereign was hard to accomplish in two years. However, Mu Chen was a cut above the rest, and he far exceeded even geniuses.

"So are you a war troop dispatcher now?" Nine Nether asked. Although Grade Five Sovereign was indeed valiant, with Mu Chen's numerous techniques, there were not many people who could go against him among the Grade Five Sovereigns. With his strength, he might even dare to challenge a Grade Six Sovereign!

But obviously, right now, the strength that a war troop dispatcher could bring was more than the strength of Mu Chen's Grade Five Sovereign. This fact was evident, judging from the movement of Zhantai Liuli during this period.

Holy Mountain was a top force as well, as they had many powerful people. However, during the confrontation with the Divine Pavilion, not only was the Genius of War of Holy Mountain heavily injured by Zhantai Liuli, but their elite troop also suffered huge losses. Not to mention that there was also a Grade Six Sovereign that had fallen...

All of this happened because Zhantai Liuli became a war troop dispatcher. This showed the tremendous strength that a war troop dispatcher wielded in the Great Hunt.

Upon hearing Nine Nether's question, Lord Mountain Cracker and the others were looking at Mu Chen with shiny, expectant eyes. Obviously, they were more interested in this matter being discussed at present.

Although a Grade Five Sovereign was strong, in a war as big as the Great Hunt, one apparently could not bring about any decisive change. Only a war troop dispatcher could integrate the elite troops of each top force, unleashing their powerful combat power.

Mu Chen looked at their shiny, expectant gazes, then shared a light smile. Without saying a word, he moved his gaze towards the mountain range, where the five troops were now stationed.


Nine Nether and the others were looking at Mu Chen's gaze, when they suddenly saw that his eyes had grown extremely bright. They then felt a formless storm brew up immediately from Mu Chen's body.


Suddenly, the formless storm burst forth. The space was in turmoil, as the expressions of Nine Nether, Lord Mountain Cracker, and the others suddenly changed drastically. This was because the formless energy actually made them feel sharp pains between their eyebrows. Moreover, since the energy had no form or shape, it was extremely weird!

"Is this the bizzare power that belongs to war troop dispatchers?" Nine Nether's and the others' eyes brightened. They were experienced powerful people, so they knew some information about war troop dispatchers. It was said that war troop dispatchers relied on this power to integrate the fighting spirit of a troop.

Although they did not know much about this power, Nine Nether and the others could feel that Mu Chen's current power was so much stronger than it had been before. Needless to say, this formless energy was Mu Chen's mind power!

He stood in midair with his hands out, his black hair flowing wildly, even though there was no wind. His mind seemed to instantly invade the five troops' energy in a single sweep. At the same time, every soldier in the five troops sensed that there was a voice now ringing in their brain.

"Come, activate your fighting spirit."

The voice was plain, but it contained an indescribable prestige. The prestigious voice immediately forced the five troops to involuntarily unleash their fighting spirit, without even consulting their commanders first!


Five majestic fighting spirits rushed into the sky from the mountain range, immediately becoming entrenched in the sky above the five troops. Mu Chen, who was looking at the five fighting spirits with bright eyes, saw this and lightly waved his sleeve.

Bam! Bam!

The five majestic fighting spirits then suddenly whizzed forth, with a roar that shook the sky. Five Spirits of Fighting Intent were refined from this fighting spirit surge.


The five Spirit of Fighting Intents let out a roar that made the sky tremble, as eye-catching battle runes suddenly became noticeable. This fighting spirit fluctuation was so much stronger than it had ever been before!

Nine Nether, Lord Mountain Cracker, and the others were slightly shocked. Previously, Mu Chen could refine five Spirit of Fighting Intents, but he could never do it as smoothly as he had just done now.

In fact, it had seemed like it was a piece of cake for him this time! Furthermore, Nine Nether and the others could see that the five Spirit of Fighting Intents were clearly stronger than before!

Mu Chen's gaze was fixated on the five huge Spirit of Fighting Intents. Then, he suddenly made a seal with both of his hands.

"Fighting spirits, condensate!"


The five huge Spirit of Fighting Intents ascended to the sky, then collided. At the moment of collision, a violent fighting spirit spread forth like a shock wave. Big cracks were formed instantly on the mountain peaks.

Nine Nether's and the others' gazes were fixated at the beautiful fighting spirit aperture. Inside the aperture, there were majestic fighting spirits that were whipping about non-stop.


The fighting spirit aperture was in a great state of upheaval, and the sky was in turmoil. Under the anxious eyes of Nine Nether and the others, it was seen that there was an enormous hand that had gradually formed within the aperture. On the surface of the enormous hand, there were many dense battle runes that each radiated a terrifying fluctuation. This fighting spirit fluctuation even made Lord Mountain Cracker cower.


Looking up at the enormous fighting spirit hand, Mu Chen was, however, not daunted. He merely let out a light breath to suppress his excitement slowly. This was because there were over 10,000 eye-catching battle runes on the enormous fighting intent hand!

In other words, Mu Chen had finally broken through to the ten thousand battle rune level, which officially allowed him to break into the realm of war troop dispatcher! He had become an authentic ten thousand battle rune war troop dispatcher!

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