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As night came, darkness covered the earth and the Meteorfall Battlefield. However, the entire Meteorfall Battlefield was not quiet at all. Instead, the battlefield was even rowdier than ever.

The spiritual energy windstorm ravaged the land wave after wave with a mighty power that could tear apart the space. The damage of this storm was incredibly daunting. Not only could the storm sense the spiritual energy fluctuations on this land, but it would also swarm towards it like a pack of hungry wolves sucking up all the spiritual energy it found.

Therefore, many forces stopped all their activities on the battlefield during nighttime to prevent giving off spiritual energy fluctuations that could draw the domineering spiritual energy windstorm.

After all, if a force was wiped out by the spiritual energy windstorm instead of by another force, it would be too shameful if word got around.

But no matter how bad the environmental conditions were, they could not hinder the process of the Big Hunting War. The war had been in progress for almost a month. Within that time, countless fierce battles had broken out in the Meteorfall Battlefield, and countless forces who were once renowned had buried their names under the cruelty of the battles.

The cruel elimination was still ongoing, and it was far from over. But everyone in the North Territory knew that the distribution of power among the forces would undergo another major change when the Big Hunting War ended.

The mountains were shrouded in nightfall like sleeping beasts on the land, giving off a strong sense of pressure.

A bunch of soldiers were sitting cross legged in the dark at this point in time. They were circulating their inner spiritual energy, repairing some of their physical injuries.

These soldiers exuded a savage presence. They were the Daluo Territory troops resting and regrouping in this area.

The stronger ones surrounded the mountain peaks. They kept watch with their sharp eyes that could pierce through the darkness. There were also patrols from time to time, not far away. Due to the tight security, the atmosphere on the remote mountains was charged with fierceness.

Mu Chen sat quietly with his legs crossed in an open cave deep in one of the mountains. He used a boulder to block the entrance of the cave after he entered to avoid interruption during his cultivation.

This cultivation was very important to him now.

He needed to accomplish two things. One was to break through to Grade Five Sovereign by increasing his spiritual energy cultivation. The second thing was mastering the Nine Calamity Thunder Prison Visualization.

Mu Chen's spiritual energy had remained at the Grade Four Sovereign level for quite some time. He had been through life and death battles during this period of time in the Meteorfall Battlefield. His spiritual energy has gradually improved during these battles, so he predicted that he had reached the peak of the Grade Four Sovereign and was one step away from Grade Five Sovereign.

Of course, this step was still far away from breaking through. After all, it was not easy to break through from a Grade Four Sovereign to a Grade Five Sovereign. In this world, many people stayed at Grade Four. Countless people spent years to complete the breakthrough, but many failed to do so.

Mu Chen would not try to do so if it had been during normal times. But something gave him the opportunity to do so in this Meteorfall Battlefield.

The Meteorfall Alchemy.

The Meteorfall Alchemy was a unique resource in this battlefield. Not only could it decipher the Sovereign Secret Treasure's formation, but it also contained pure Meteorfall gas. The pure spiritual essences given off from many perished top powers were able to be preserved due to the unique environment of this battlefield. Otherwise, the energies would get dispersed very quickly as time passed.

And all these essences turned into the Meteorfall Alchemy.

It was extremely beneficial to every sovereign. If one could refine and absorb all the Meteorfall gas, it would increase the power of one's spiritual energy.

Mu Chen was relying on these Meteorfall Alchemy pills.

However, even though most of them knew the benefits of these pills, they would have to turn over the pills to their respective forces so that they would be able to decipher the Sovereign Secret Treasure. Most of the forces were in short supply, so the pills were rarely used for cultivation.

Apparently, this restriction was not an issue for Mu Chen, since the forces of Daluo Territory had abundant supplies. They had already completed their tasks with 200,000 Meteorfall Alchemy pills. Therefore, Nine Nether and Lord Mountain Cracker had made a decision to divide some of the pills among the rest.

Mu Chen had a share of 20,000 pills, as he had made the most effort.

The rest of the people like Nine Nether and Lord Mountain Cracker had only 10,000 pills each.

But even so, they were delighted. If it were not for Mu Chen, they might still be struggling to find the various ruins and continuously cultivating the Meteorfall gas. If it were not for Mu Chen, they would not be able to complete their tasks so quickly, not to mention having the bonus pills.


Mu Chen took a deep breath in the cave. He looked solemn, but he did not start off his cultivation immediately. Instead, he sat cross legged, meditating and circulating his spiritual energy within his body to adjust his body's conditions.

The breakthrough was difficult. Mu Chen needed to put in all his effort to make it through successfully.

Mu Chen continued with his meditation for half a day. When the sky gradually brightened up, he opened his eyes slowly. His dark eyes were sharp and flickering. The previous exhaustion disappeared completely.

The Grade Four Sovereign spiritual energy in his body was filled to its brim, and its vigor was visible.

"Almost there," Mu Chen muttered to himself.

He narrowed his eyes and swung his sleeves. A jade glass bottle flew out and burst open. A roar was heard, and countless glowing orbs burst out from the bottle. The orbs eventually turned into rounded Meteorfall Alchemy pills. They suspended themselves in midair in the spacious cave.

With the appearance of the pills, the cave gradually became foggy as the Meteorfall gas released.

Mu Chen took a deep breath. The misty gas followed his breath and entered into his body through his nose. Within seconds, his body felt hot as if magma flowed through his body. The pure spiritual essence followed the meridians, and he could feel them shaking as if they were hungry wolves preying on the essence wherever it passed through.

A sense of greed was flowing through his body.

The spiritual energy in his body could not wait to suck up all the essence and greedily swallowed it up.

The essence can stimulate such an intense response from the spiritual energy. Mu Chen felt surprised when he felt the movements in his body. The hunger for the Meteorfall Alchemy surpassed that of the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

"Twenty thousand Meteorfall Alchemy pills is even more effective than 20,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid," Mu Chen said to himself in astonishment. It was no wonder that all the forces in the North Territory would fight for it in every Big Hunting War. This Meteorfall Alchemy was worth fighting for, let alone the attractive Spiritual Deity Liquid.

After all, 10,000 drops of Spiritual Deity Liquid was comparable to 100,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. This amount of Spiritual Liquid was more than enough for a superior force.

Mu Chen gently shook his head and suppressed his astonishment. He looked at the Meteorfall Alchemy suspended on his hand and clapped both his hands to form a seal.


The majestic spiritual energy burst out from Mu Chen's palms. Purple flames rose and gave out heat from the spiritual energy. It was the Unperishable Flame that was cultivated from Mu Chen's spiritual energy.

To absorb the spiritual essence from the Meteorfall Alchemy completely, he needed to refine the pills.

As he pointed his fingers, the Meteorfall Alchemy fell into one straight line and rushed towards the burning purple flame.

When all of them entered the purple flame, there was a low muffled sound. The pills broke open and turned into smoke after they were burned with the purple flame. The smoke quickly came out of the flame and went into Mu Chen's body through his mouth.

The moment the pure essence went into his body, his body shook, and his skin turned red. White smoke rose.

He could feel a stream of hot magma flowing even more vigorously in his body, and his meridians were twitching as if needles were pricking them.

But even though it hurt, he was hungry for it. Mu Chen's blood, flesh, and his meridians felt alive as they gobbled up the spiritual essence that flowed into his body. There seemed to be no brim for this as the essence kept pouring in.

Although the pain and hunger were distracting Mu Chen, he stayed very focused on absorbing the pure spiritual essence into his body.

He knew 20,000 Meteorfall Alchemy pills were all the resources he could use. If he was unable to succeed in breaking through, he would need to postpone trying again until next time.

But as the battles in the Big Hunting War intensified, he could clearly feel that his strength as a Grade Four Sovereign was not good enough. So he did not have much time to wait.

This time, he must complete the breakthrough!

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