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Many forces still lingered outside of the Death Relics. Some of the forces were still making their ways into the Death Relics, hoping to get some shares of the loot.


However, as the forces continued to barge into the Death Relics, violent fluctuations broke out. Many shadows whizzed out from the Death Relics, creating a majestic scene.

"The men from the Daluo Territory are out. It looks like they have gotten the treasures."

Many top powers were envious, whispering to one another about the vast treasure. However, as they were fearful of the strength of the Daluo Territory, they did not openly show their resentment.

Mu Chen stood in the air in front of the men from the Daluo Territory. He looked at the scene outside of the Death Relics, then turned to look at the Death Relics. Tian Xuan Hall and the Divine Pavilion were following closely behind them.

"Shall we release their men?" Nine Nether, who was standing beside Mu Chen, asked softly.

"Yes. Otherwise, Liu Yan will go crazy." Mu Chen smiled. His eyes glittered, then he waved his sleeve. Majestic fighting spirit swirled out, covering the Tian Xuan Troop. It then threw the troop out mercilessly.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Fighting spirit exploded, and there were screams heard everywhere. Many top forces stared at the warriors from the Tian Xuan Troop, who had just been so violently thrown around. They were shocked.

After throwing the Tian Xuan Troop out, Mu Chen waved his sleeve again. Majestic fighting spirit then covered Xiao Tian, who was unconscious. It then turned into a streamer and shot out toward the north-west direction at lightning speed. Once the fighting spirit had been used up, Xiao Tian was thrown off a few hundred miles away.

"Let's go!"

After creating this havoc, Mu Chen waved his hand and dashed out. The men from the Daluo Territory increased their speed. Within a few seconds, they had disappeared into the horizon.

After Mu Chen and his troop had left, there were fluctuations that began emitting from the Death Relics. The men from Tian Xuan Hall and the Divine Pavilion dashed out from the Death Relics. Liu Yan turned pale, when he saw the warriors from the Tian Xuan Troop lying all over the place, as well as Xiao Tian, who had been thrown out by Mu Chen.

"Gather the troop together and get Xiao Tian back!" Liu Yan gritted his teeth and said. Mu Chen was cunning. He had caused a commotion among the Tian Xuan Troop, so that they would not able to pursue him!

The vigor of the men from the Divine Pavilion had been greatly weakened as well. Fang Yi, Lord Heavenly Alligator, and the rest looked glum. The Daluo Territory had benefited greatly from this trip. If such news traveled to the ears of the people, the Divine Pavilion would become a laughing stock in the Big Hunting War.

"We cannot let them win! Our reinforcements will be here soon. Let's go after them. We must make them cough up whatever they have taken away from us!" Fang Yi said, looking vicious.

When Lord Heavenly Alligator and the rest heard this, they did not reply to him immediately. Instead, they looked to Zhantai Liuli for her response.

When Zhantai Liuli saw them looking at her, she pondered for a while, then said, "Although our reinforcements will be here soon, we do not know if the Daluo Territory will have reinforcements as well. I am seriously injured, so I will not be able to fully activate the fighting spirit of the Liuli Army. The troops of Lord Heavenly Alligator and the rest have already been captured earlier, so their morale is low. Thus, they are not able to fight. If we go after the Daluo Territory, we will not be able to defeat them."

When Lord Heavenly Alligator heard her logical words, he nodded. What Zhantai Liuli had said was true. They were in bad shape indeed. Tian Xuan Hall was only concerned about themselves, which would make it be silly to partner with them.

"So, are we letting them escape?" Fang Yi shouted angrily.

"Brother Fang, please cool down. The Big Hunting War is not over yet. What we have lost is nothing. At the least, I still have the inheritance," Zhantai Liuli said flatly. "Give me some time to study the inheritance. I believe that, when we meet Mu Chen again, I will have become a true war troop dispatcher by then. As such, I will definitely be able to deal with him."


When Lord Heavenly Alligator and the rest heard what Zhantai Liuli had said, they were shocked. Lord Heavenly Alligator then asked, "Will Great Commander Zhantai Liuli truly become a war troop dispatcher?"

They were shocked, as there were not many war troop dispatchers in this world. As such, many top powers were terrified by their power. If Zhantai Liuli could become a war troop dispatcher, she would be a great weapon to the Divine Pavilion!

"Hohoho, Great Commander is a genius. The first war troop dispatcher in the North Territory will come from the Divine Pavilion. Great Commander will definitely stand out in this Big Hunting War, then!" When Lord Heavenly Alligator and the rest came back to themselves, they cupped their fists and congratulated Zhantai Liuli. They were now smiling more warmly at her than ever before.

They knew that, once Zhantai Liuli had become a war troop dispatcher, her status in the Divine Pavilion would be greatly enhanced. By then, she would be able to overtake Fang Yi and outshine him. Zhantai Liuli had finally won them over with her strength.

When Fang Yi saw this, he was shocked. However, he willed himself to suppress his displeasure for Zhantai Liuli.

In the past, he would have been able to use his status to suppress her. After all, she was not very powerful. She had depended on the resources from the Divine Pavilion to cultivate her Grade Four Sovereign to take control of the troop.

The investment of resources given to her was to enable her in becoming a war troop dispatcher. Since the Divine Pavilion had made the right investment, Zhantai Liuli's status would be greatly enhanced.

Zhantai Liuli simply smiled. When she saw their change of expressions, she said, "Please calm down. We will not forget the humiliation. However, this is not the crux of the Big Hunting War."

Lord Heavenly Alligator and the rest nodded their heads. The crux of the Big Hunting War was the ability to break through the highest level of the other parties. If the Divine Pavilion was able to have a breakthrough in this Big Hunting War, their strength would surpass that of all of the other top forces. By then, they would have become the most powerful top force in the North Territory!

With this thought in mind, they no longer felt angry. When the Daluo Territory had been destroyed by the Divine Pavilion, they could then freely deal with Mu Chen and the rest of the lords.

"Let's go."

When Zhantai Liuli saw that they had been appeased, she decided to leave. She looked flatly at the Tian Xuan Hall army, which was busily gathering its warriors, then dashed out towards the north. The men of the Divine Pavilion then followed.

Liu Yan looked unhappily at the Divine Pavilion, which they had just left. He then looked at the direction that Mu Chen and his men had disappeared into and said, "Mu Chen, you have offended the Divine Pavilion. They will not let you off. After the two of you fight and get injured, I will come and reap the benefits! After all, the Daluo Territory will definitely die in this Big Hunting War!"

While Liu Yan was cursing the Daluo Territory, Mu Chen and his men were already far away from the Death Relics. When they were sure that they were out of the danger zone, the troop gradually reduced its speed. They then found a remote mountain to hide themselves within.

The men from the Daluo Territory had experienced hard battles before. Although the top powers were able to manage these battles well, their troops were worn out. They had to rest.

Mu Chen, Nine Nether, Lord Mountain Cracker and the other lords gathered together at the peak of the mountain. As they counted their gains from the Death Relics, they could barely contain their excitement.

"We have refined 80,000 units of Meteorfall Alchemy from the Death Relics! With the ransom from the Divine Pavilion and our earlier gains, this makes a total of almost 200,000 Meteorfall Alchemy units!" Although everyone was expecting a large number, when Nine Nether reported the actual figure, Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest gasped.

"We can use 200,000 Meteorfall Alchemy units to break the seal of an Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure. It looks like we will be able to complete our mission earlier than expected!" Lord Mountain Cracker said with a smile.

"This is all thanks to Mu Chen. If not for him, we would have lost our men and not gained such a large amount of Meteorfall Alchemy units," Lord Spiritual Sword looked at Mu Chen and said.

The rest of the lords nodded their heads in agreement. Even Lord Blood Hawk nodded with a smile. Mu Chen had gained the respect of even these veteran lords. Mu Chen simply smiled politely at their compliments.

"Let's rest here for a while. I would like to sort out the things that I have obtained from the Death Relics." Mu Chen looked at everyone, then said with a smile, "Please stand guard over me."


Nine Nether looked shocked and asked, "What have you gotten from the Death Relics?"

Mu Chen smiled, then said softly, "After this seclusion, I should be able to become a war troop dispatcher."

When Lord Mountain Cracker and the lords heard this announcement, they were stunned. They took a few deep breaths, then looked at one another. Everyone looked shocked.

Finally, there would be a real war troop dispatcher in the Daluo Territory!

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