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Beneath the darkness, thousands of stone statue troops, along with the glowing stone seal in the palms of Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli, opened their eyes. These eyes had been closed for thousands of years.


At the moment they opened their eyes, it seemed as if the scarlet world was shaking, and an indescribably horrifying fighting intent rolled out like a tumultuous wave. It seemed to rage throughout the entire world.

The fighting intent was as sharp as a spear, It felt as if it could pierce the heavens and the earth. In fact, it was more intense than any army that had ever been seen before. According to Mu Chen's expectations, in the heyday of the army, there was no Sovereign below the Earthly Sovereign that could contend with them.

Together with the Sky Array Emperor's battle array, even if this army encountered a powerful character like the Earthly Sovereign, they might still have had a chance to fight them valiantly.

When compared to the 10,000 Stone Army soldiers, even a million of the Nine Nether Guards were no match for them. This fact just shows the significant gap between the two sides.

When the Stone Army was activated by Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli, the Sky Array Emperor's expression on the stone pedestal suddenly became distorted. His hollow eyes surged fiercely, and his gaze seemed like it could tear them apart.

"You two brats!"

The Sky Array Emperor growled, as he rose up suddenly from the stone pedestal. As he did this, darkness swept through his body and his figure burst out into a black light.


However, just when the figure rushed out a hundred feet from the stone pedestal, the sound of iron chains clattered beneath him. His figure paused abruptly, as the powerful impact had made him stagger.

Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli glanced towards him. There were four gray chains wrapped around the limbs of the Sky Array Emperor.

The chains were gray and black, and they were covered with battle symbols, which were originally dim. However, with the awakening of the Stone Army below, the battle symbols on the chains had gradually brightened.

As the battle symbols on the chains grew brighter and brighter, the chains pulled the Sky Array Emperor back to the stone pedestal, bit by bit. At the same time, lime fell off on the stone pedestal, unexpectedly exposing a dense pattern of complex battle symbols that also were starting to glow brighter.

"You darn thing! You've been dead for thousands of years, and you still want to trap me?" The Sky Array Emperor snarled, his face becoming particularly distorted. He screamed skyward, as a huge amount of black gas suddenly swept out of his body.

The black gas was extremely thick, like ink, and wherever it made contact, even the space surrounding it became corroded and cracked. The thick black gas permeated everything around it with a strong and evil aura.

In the face of the Sky Array Emperor's counter-attack, the dragging force of the battle symbol chains was also forcefully resisted. All the while, the sticky black gas spread to the chains, beginning to corrode away the battle symbols upon it.

As the battle symbols on the chains gradually corroded them, the Sky Array Emperor struggled, little by little, out of the darkness. All the while, he was staring at the two with hollow and ferocious eyes, apparently intending to crush them to pieces. Upon seeing the tenacity of this fellow, Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli's expressions changed drastically.

"Lord Mu Chen, don't show any mercy. Do your best to activate the spiritual energy. Once we let the Sky Array Emperor break out of the battle array suppression zone, the battle array will no longer work!" Zhantai Liuli said urgently.

Mu Chen nodded gravely. Although he did not really trust Zhantai Liuli, he did understand that, if the Sky Array Emperor really broke out of the scope of suppression, neither of them had any chance of escaping.

Mu Chen swirled his palm, then dealt out a blow. Suddenly, his spiritual energy gushed out like a tidal current, pouring into the stone seal. Beside him, Zhantai Liuli, who no longer had any reservations, also poured her spiritual energy into the stone seal.


With the two working together with all their powers, the speed of vibration of the stone seal grew more and more rapid. The light that bloomed upon it also became increasingly dazzling and bright.


When the stone seal transformed, it seemed that the army was also encouraged, as it emanated a deep and thunderous roar. The roar caused the world to tremble violently.

Boom! Crash!

The growing immensity of fighting intent surged from their bodies, causing tremors. The light that had originally been emitted from their bodies, was also rapidly expanding at this time. It eventually turned into ten thousand gray beams of light, which was a quite spectacular sight! 

The beams of light then swept across the sky and eventually made it into the dark arena, where they then poured into the stone pedestal. At that moment, the four battle symbol iron chains that bound the Sky Array Emperor became even stronger and more secure.


The chains shook, trembled, then slowly pulled the Sky Array Emperor toward the stone pedestal.

"You jerk!"

The Sky Array Emperor roared furiously. His eyes were blood-red, and he glared at the two of them, growling, "Today, I will reduce the both of you to ashes!"


After the sound of a roar was heard, black liquid began dripping down his eyes. The liquid seemed to have a life on his own, as it writhed slowly on his face. Then, finally, he seemed to be transformed into an incredibly strange black rune.

The rune was eerie and wicked. It looked like a crying grimace, which, in conjunction with the twisted face of the Sky Array Emperor, made it look even more terrifying.


With the emergence of the evil rune, the power of the Sky Array Emperor surged. He then forcefully trudged forward, stepping into the void and heading out into the dark. Upon seeing this, Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli grit their teeth, then continued to activate their spiritual energy.

Boom! Crash!

Overwhelmingly volatile fluctuations constantly spread throughout the space. Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli did not dare relax at all, using all their might. The Sky Array Emperor obviously did not want to give up this good opportunity to escape, as he knew that it may be his last chance!

The Sky Array Emperor activated his powers madly, attempting to counter the vast fighting intent that was now surging out of the Stone Army below. He glared at Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli, growling ferociously, "You are just two weak ants! I don't believe that your spiritual energy can persist for long!"

This was also shrewd of him, as he knew that the strength of Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli was limited. So, even if they had the power of the stone seal, the amount of spiritual energy it consumed was terrifying, which meant that Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli would not be able to persist for long.

Hearing his voice, Mu Chen's and Zhantai Liuli's hearts sank, because they were keenly aware of their own state. It was just as the Sky Array Emperor had said, they simply could not persist for long. 

"If you two want to get that guy's inheritance, there is no need to die with me! As long as you let me out, I can swear that the inheritance will be surrendered! But, after all, this inheritance can only be obtained by one person. So, between the two of you, who wants it?" The Sky Array Emperor suddenly smiled, his harsh voice becoming gentler.

The gazes of Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli both flashed. Then, Mu Chen immediately laughed and said, "Why do you use such a clumsy method for trying to make us turn against each other? Faith is worth nothing to you evil spirits! So, if we release you, I am afraid that the first thing that you would do is try to destroy and mutilate us."

Zhantai Liuli also chuckled, then said, "Well said, Lord Mu Chen! I completely agree."

The Sky Array Emperor saw that he had failed in turning them against each other, but had instead only ironically caused the two to sing even more in unison. His face suddenly became extremely ferocious, as he looked at both of them with malice, without saying a word.

He then desperately triggered the thick black gas, corroding the battle symbol chains madly. The two sides, like playing a terrifying game of tug of war, fell into a stalemate.

Zhantai Liuli looked at the stalemate situation, clenching her teeth. Then she said, "Lord Mu Chen, this is not the way to continue. We must force the evil spirit back to that stone pedestal, so that we can then completely activate the battle array to wipe out the evil spirit. Then, we can awaken the remnants of the Sky Array Emperor's willpower, so that we can obtain the inheritance..."

"Do you have a plan?" Mu Chen was also frowning. He knew that it would be extremely detrimental to them, should this stalemate persist, but there seemed to be no other alternative!

Zhantai Liuli was silent for a moment, then immediately said, "I have a way to detonate and explode the power of the stone seal in a very short period of time. If someone can attack the evil spirit directly to distract it from the battle symbol chains, then we can work together to drag it back to the stone pedestal."

Mu Chen heard her words and frowned even deeper. He turned to Zhantai Liuli. According to her, someone had to confront the Sky Array Emperor head-on, which was undoubtedly a very dangerous thing to do, especially with their limited strengths.

After all, they might be completely obliterated by the Sky Array Emperor in such a direct confrontation.

Unless...This was a scene that Zhantai Liuli wanted to see happen?

Under the flickering gaze of Mu Chen, Zhantai Liuli raised her beautiful cheeks to look directly at him. There was not a trace of a guilty conscience in her eyes.

Zhantai Liuli calmly said, "I suggested this because of the circumstances, but if Lord Mu Chen thinks that Liuli is intending to harm you, then treat it like I didn't say anything."

Mu Chen watched Zhantai Liuli's water-like eyes for a long time. At last, he took a deep breath, then turned his eyes to the dark area and said faintly, "I believe you, but just this once." 

Hearing the equally calm voice of Mu Chen, Zhantai Liuli shivered. Her eyes looked at Mu Chen. She had complex emotions in her heart, as she knew exactly how dangerous the his actions were. If she did something sneaky then, she would probably cause Mu Chen to fall into mortal peril. But, he still chose to trust in her.

Although she had gained the trust of Mu Chen and many people through some of her tactics before this, this decision still made Zhantai Liuli feel a little conflicted. The trust that she had gleaned in the past had come from her deception, but this time, Mu Chen, even after knowing all of the dangers involved, as well as her cunning nature, chose to believe in her.

Looking at Mu Chen's handsome and young face, Zhantai Liuli bit her red lips lightly, then finally nodded gently.

"Well then, please be careful, Lord Mu Chen."

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