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"All armies heed my command! Five Spirits, condense!"

Mu Chen's low growl was like thunder, ringing in the ears of every warrior on the battlefield. The natural instinct to obey was triggered by the sound of the command, and the warriors were stunned for a moment, doubt beginning to creep into their eyes.

However, the moment of indecision was gone in the blink of an eye, and the warriors clenched their teeth to suppress the urge. As warriors, their many years of training had taught them that, as long as the commander was present, they were to heed any and all commands, even if some of those commands were sometimes incomprehensible to them.

As such, the warriors of the Five Armies suppressed their hesitations extremely quickly. As their hearts and intents moved, the Five Spirits of Fighting Intent suddenly made an ear-splitting sound. Then, the ferocity of their hearts shot out, taking the form of explosive beams of light, which struck each other in the sky.


At the moment of impact, an earth-shaking explosion reverberated throughout the heavens. Differently colored fighting spirits gushed out, then turned into a magnificent ring of light. Within the ring of light, a unique majestic fighting intent could be felt colliding with the others. Every collision jarred the space around it.

Beyond the edges of the battle array, each force looked upon the situation before them with fright. Five minutes later, they helplessly exclaimed, "Has Mu Chen lost his mind? Only a crazy person would dare try to combine five totally different fighting intents together!"

Nine Nether and Lord Mountain Cracker looked at each other, both paling. The disturbance and distress was apparent in their eyes. It was clear that the actions of Mu Chen were beyond their expectations as well.

Even though they were not exceptionally gifted with fighting intent, they were still very skilled individuals. As they say, mastering one path opens up insight into others. It was obvious to both of them how crazy Mu Chen's actions were. He meant to force all five different fighting intents to combine!

Intending to amalgamate energy of different types was truly insane to attempt. This involved taking spiritual energy with different characteristics and forcefully mashing them together. The only result would be a spiritual energy explosion, which would likely blow the one who attempted it into smithereens!

Even though Nine Nether did not know if this fighting spirit would react the same, even getting to that stage was incredibly difficult.

"Lord Mu, you are too brave." Lord Mountain Cracker laughed bitterly. They naturally knew that, should the five fighting intents be united, the potential power would definitely be stronger than it had been when they were apart. While this was easy in theory, actually performing it would be incomparably dangerous.

A true war troop dispatcher might be capable of integrating different fighting intents, but it was evident that Mu Chen was not truly a war troop dispatcher yet. Thus, the move he was making was extremely dangerous.

However perturbed the others seemed to be on the outside, Mu Chen remained completely undisturbed. The latter had his eyes shut tightly, as a cold sweat dripped down his forehead. The veins in his forehead throbbed, and a painful expression spread across his face.

Condensing the five different fighting intents, even for Mu Chen, was extremely difficult. But, in order to quickly break the array, the only way was to fuse the five fighting intents together, then launch the strongest attack possible to thoroughly destroy the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit. Otherwise, if they were drawn into a deadlock, it was likely that the first person to gain the advance would be Zhantai Liuli.

In his heart, Mu Chen knew clearly that Zhantai Liuli had come prepared. The Liuli Army's fighting spirit clearly outranked the five armies, which were not working together. That was why, if the battle continued to drag on, the latter might be able to break through the array first, then steal away the inheritance of the Sky Array Emperor. This would mean that Mu Chen's group would be left with only the unwanted scraps.

This was obviously not the result that Mu Chen desired. That was why, no matter what, he had to take a gamble!

However, Mu Chen did not have absolute certainty that his plan would work, especially since every time the five fighting spirits directly interacted with each other, he could feel how strong the rejection and resistance between the spirits were. There was not much that Mu Chen could do about the resistance, so he could not try the most heavy-handed method, which was to try to introduce and use his own consciousness in order to force the coalescence of all five forces!

Unfortunately, the toll of this method on the consciousness would be extremely high. Imagine when one consciousness is to rule over countless millions of other wills, and those wills are struggling against each other, exactly how large a burden that would be on a person's own consciousness! Even if one was an extremely skilled person of Lord Mountain Cracker's caliber, it was not guaranteed that their consciousness would not be totally annihilated, thus causing immense or even fatal trauma to one's mind and spirit.

Had Mu Chen not been a Spiritual Array Master, possessing a consciousness that was stronger than the average person, and had the five fighting spirits had even a shred of resistance towards Mu Chen, this method would not even be a consideration, regardless of how confident Mu Chen might be.

Even so, the Mu Chen presently had an agonizing headache. It felt like his head was about to split apart! The veins on his forehead twitched alarmingly in a horrifying manner.

As Mu Chen's forehead vein throbbed, the fathomless ring of light in the sky lit up in beautiful colors, thundering repeatedly through the sky. Its immense beauty was a representation of the confrontation between the fighting spirits.


While Mu Chen tried to merge the five fighting spirits, the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit also began to notice the ring of light, emanating an undulating aura of menace. With a piercing scream, its ghastly eyes locked onto Mu Chen. Instantly, Mu Chen felt a chill come over him.

Without pausing, the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit viciously swung its python tail. At that moment, an enormous glow tore across the void to envelop Mu Chen.

The glow emitted a terrifying aura. It was so fierce, even a typical Grade Six Sovereign wouldn't dare to face it directly. Without the protection of his fighting spirit, Mu Chen's battle prowess was only at the level of Grade Four Sovereign. To him, this level of attack would be fatal.

The Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit was incredibly crafty. It seized the very moment that Mu Chen was distracted with the fusing of the five fighting spirits to attack him.

This situation was seen from outside of the battle array, garnering several shocked exclamations from onlookers. The expressions of Nine Nether and Lord Mountain Cracker, among others, changed dramatically, while they watched the scene.


The glow was too quick. Before anyone could react, it was already in front of Mu Chen. The menacing undulations sent barbs of pain through his body. In the space of a single heartbeat, he clenched his teeth, his hands working fast to form a seal!


A valiant spiritual energy rose up like a storm, bursting forth from Mu Chen's body. A great shadow emerged suddenly, protecting Mu Chen within it. Behind the head of the huge figure, a golden sun was suspended in the air.

It was The Great Solar Undying Body!

At that critical moment, Mu Chen used everything in his power to move his spiritual energy, summoning The Great Solar Undying Body.


The glow howled past, mercilessly throwing itself upon The Great Solar Undying Body at the very moment that the brilliant light exploded. The seemingly strong Great Solar Undying Body had been shattered apart!

Mu Chen's pride, The Great Solar Undying Body, was only able to hold off the glow for a moment. The second that The Great Solar Undying Body shattered, a miserable silhouette fell backwards. Then, a part of the glow splintered. It then shot towards Mu Chen as fast as lightning, hitting him square on his chest.


The glow burst apart on Mu Chen's torso. His face lost all of its color, and a mouthful of blood sprayed out from his lips. The clothes on his upper body were blown to dust, and a vein was exposed at his shoulder.

Mu Chen's pathetic figure was blown back quite a distance, causing his face to become as pale as paper. He looked down upon the fresh blood that was now spurting from his bloody wound, as his eyes slowly filled with horror.

At the entrance of the wound, a purple-gold dragon symbol slowly emerged. It was the golden dragon symbol, but this particular golden dragon symbol was especially dark and wilted. This was because it had withstood a trauma for Mu Chen's sake. Otherwise, Mu Chen's shoulder would not just be wounded, but would have totally been turned to dust!

With just one hit of the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit, Mu Chen's Sovereign Celestial Body had been broken apart. In fact, the blow had almost cost him his life!

"Without fighting spirit as a backup, I am not much different from a Grade Six Sovereign," Mu Chen muttered to himself. If the Spirit of Fighting Intent had been protecting him, there was no way for the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit to hurt him. But, the moment the Spirit of Fighting Intent disappeared, it was almost impossible to contend, at least by only using his Grade Four Sovereign strength.


The Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit could see that the attack had not yet eliminated Mu Chen, which caused it to roar in anger. Then, a dark fighting spirit emanated from its large ferocious mouth, focusing at one point violently.

As she was watching from afar, Nine Nether's face grew pale. Without the Five Spirits of Fighting Intent, it was impossible for Mu Chen to resist the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit's attack!


The Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit viciously shrieked through the dark space. Then, as that unfathomable fighting spirit beam pierced through, it headed directly towards Mu Chen!

Unable to condense his energy in such a short time, especially after the destruction of his Sovereign Celestial Body, Mu Chen, facing this level of destructive power, would surely be killed! All forces were looking at the scene, their expressions changing constantly.

Liu Yan, Fang Yi, and others had looks of surprise. While they were watching the scene, their shared happiness was apparent.

Boom Boom Boom!

The dark fighting spirit beam pierced through. However, Mu Chen stood bravely facing the terrifying attack of the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit once again. Mu Chen was able to easily wipe away the blood at the corner of his mouth, his black gaze gushing out menacing killing intent.

"You want to kill me, using only that mongrel that lacks any spiritual intelligence?!"

A low, vicious shout came from Mu Chen, as he quickly formed a seal. As he changed the seals, countless other powerful people felt a change happening in their hearts. Their heads jerked up, seeing that, within the void, was the brilliant fathomless ring of light.

Then, they all suddenly shrieked, as an iridescent pillar of light shot down from the sky! The imposing fighting spirit that was emanating from the pillar of light made countless powerful people pale in terror. They could feel that, imbued within the pillar, the coalescence of the five fighting spirits was raging on!

At the last moment, Mu Chen had actually managed to thoroughly combine the fighting spirits into one!

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