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A huge, devastating spiritual energy fluctuation ran through the cloud as quick as lightning. In a blink of an eye, it appeared before Mu Chen, and with a ruthless swing like the scythe of a reaper, it shrouded Mu Chen.

Shadow was projected onto Mu Chen's face, but he remained calm and was not terrified by the incoming devastating attack. Instead, he crossed two of his fingers and made a oblique stroke downwards.

A whisper seemed to come from his mouth at that moment.



There was an ear-piercing ripping sound in the sky. Mu Chen raised his head slightly, and a beautiful light beam with eye-catching luster projected into his eyes. That simple light beam came from the circular light high in the sky and unexpectedly consisted of five different fighting spirits!

That was the embodiment of the combination of the five fighting spirits.

Mu Chen actually managed to successfully merge the five fighting spirits together with his strong perseverance!

Although there was imperfection, the merged fighting spirit was still far stronger than the five fighting spirits individually.


Under countless shocked gazes, the beautiful light beam swooped down. The beautiful light beam bombarded the black fighting spirit the instant before it struck Mu Chen.

At that moment of impact, glaring lights suddenly engulfed the sky, and an attack wave visibly spread out...


The wave nonetheless struck Mu Chen. Blood instantly burst out from his mouth, and he flew back in a sorry state. However, the corner of his mouth actually twisted up as if he were relieved of heavy burden, and he gestured slightly with his fingers.


The gorgeous light beam directly destroyed the enormous black spiritual light. The sky was painted with a glorious trail that looked like the trace of a comet in the sky. Eventually, it appeared on top of the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit. There was a moment of stagnation, and then in the next moment, it brought down a devastating attack wave in a clean sweep!

At the same time, the Black Tortoise Battle Array was having a huge change in the tide of battle. Zhantai Liuli kept on defending in the White Tiger Battle Array, and then her beautiful eyes were suddenly stunned for a moment.

This was because she discovered that the sharp attack pattern of the White Tiger Fighting Spirit looked like it was slowing down slightly and seemed to be starting to weaken.

"Finally feeling tired, eh? Although the four battle arrays have not disappeared, their regenerated power is not perfect. I knew that its fighting power could not recover to its prime!"

Zhantai Liuli smiled gently, but her beautiful face suddenly became serious. In an instant, her delicate hand transformed, and unexpectedly she made an extremely strange hand seal. The hand seal seemed to contain many mysteries.

"Liuli Battle Seal!"

As Zhantai Liuli's shout faded, there was a huge, crystal-clear shadow behind her. The huge shadow also made the same strange hand seal Zhantai Liuli did with a single hand.


Violent fighting spirit madly gathered at the Liuli Fighting Spirit's hand seal. Blinding light burst out, and eventually, a 10,000-foot-long light seal appeared under the Liuli Fighting Spirit's huge palm.

The light seal was extremely peculiar. There was a pattern of lines inscribed on its surface, and the line pattern was not unfamiliar. It was precisely the battle pattern made up by fighting spirit!

This light seal was actually made up of the cohesion of the fighting spirit!

What Zhantai Liuli did shocked countless strong people. This was because it was the first time they had witnessed someone who could refine fighting spirit to such an extent!

This method was clearly more exquisite than Mu Chen and Xiao Tian's, who controlled fighting spirit roughly. Zhantai Liuli actually knew some of the true method of using the fighting spirit!


However, Zhantai Liuli did not realize the shock caused by her actions. Instead, with her beautiful eyes focused on the White Tiger Fighting Spirit, she swung down her hand.

The Liuli Fighting Spirit's huge hand also swung down at the same time. The Liuliu light seal pierced through the void in a swoosh, and then appeared on top of the White Tiger Spirit in the blink of an eye before relentlessly slamming down!


Before the palm slammed down, the space around the White Tiger Fighting Spirit was already in a crumbling state. The White Tiger Fighting Spirit's fur on its whole body stood up, and it roared madly. There were actually some signs of fear in its roars.


But no matter how it roared, the strange light seal was coming down in repression, and finally slammed on top of its huge body.

Boom boom!

At that moment, the darkness was rocking violently.

Outside of the battle array, all forces stared in shock at the major turn of events in the battles in the White Tiger Battle Array and the Black Tortoise Battle Array. The White Tiger Fighting Spirit and Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit, who had had the upper hand, were now unexpectedly in a dire situation.

"Zhantai Liuli and Mu Chen are very powerful... they actually can force such strong fighting spirits into this situation!"

"Zhantai Liuli seems to be more skillful than Mu Chen. In terms of initiating fighting spirit, she was better than him. "

"But what Mu Chen did is impressive. He actually can forcibly combine five different fighting spirits together, which Zhantai Liuli might not be able to do."

"This is interesting, but it is an unknown which one of them will be the first to break through the array."

"It seems like this is their last resort, breaking the array will be hopeless if they fail."


Every kind of murmur spread out around the outside of the battle array. People from all forces had their impressions shaken. Apparently, they were shocked by Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli's performances.

Both Nine Nether and Lord Mountain Cracker let out a sigh as if they had been relieved of a heavy burden, and then they smiled bitterly at each other. Mu Chen had so many ups and downs in his battle, that if he had been replaced with any normal person, they might suffer from a heart attack due to the anxiety of just watching this battle.

Liu Yan was looking at the battle array gravely. He felt very angry about Mu Chen's comeback, especially when he saw Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli both showed signs of breaking through the array. On the other hand, Xiao Tian was devastated. He was still being oppressed in a sorry state while his men kept on dying. Thinking of this, Liu Yan's veins could not help but throb with anger.

But no matter how angry he was, he could not alter the outcome of the battle array. The only thing that he could do was curse Mu Chen's comeback, hoping that he could not defeat the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit.

Under countless gazes, the bright light within the Black Tortoise array gradually dimmed. The violent fighting spirit that could tear the sky and earth apart was also starting to wear off slowly, like an ebbing tide.

All gazes instantly turned towards it.

The light faded away. The Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit remained standing on the fighting spirit ocean. It did not move its enormous body at all and was like a rock.

When Nine Nether and the others saw the surviving Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit, they were somber, but they did not feel hopeless. Instead, they were shocked. This was because there were huge cracks starting to spread on the body of the spirit of the Black Tortoise. Majestic fighting spirit was seeping out of those cracks.


The cracks were spreading at an astounding speed. Within ten seconds, they actually spread over the entire enormous body of the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit.


When the cracks could spread no more, the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit finally let out a miserable moan before its huge body suddenly exploded in front of numerous shocked gazes.

The fighting spirit ocean under the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit also disappeared completely as it exploded.

The dark surroundings became quiet again, and it was as if nothing had ever happened.


When the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit was gone, Mu Chen's face quickly became pale, and blood burst out from his mouth. He could no longer stand on his own feet as the spiritual power in his body wilted.

The circular light in the sky also disappeared. The armies from the five troops had exhausted expressions, and the fighting spirit surrounding them was not even at half of its full power. Although the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit was successfully defeated, the five troops had paid a high price to achieve that success.

Mu Chen wiped the blood from around his mouth. Thanks to the valiance of his Dragon and Phoenix body that was comparable to that of Divine Beasts, his injuries had healed rapidly. He lifted his head and looked towards the place where the Black Tortoise Fighting Spirit exploded. He saw that the dark space there suddenly twisted and gradually formed a black space gate. There was only darkness within the gate, which made people afraid.

However, when Mu Chen saw the black gate, a blinding light burst out from his eyes. He only hesitated for a moment before suddenly clenching his teeth and transforming into a light that directly flew towards the black gate.

Even though he had no idea what was behind the gate, his goal of obtaining the inheritance of the Sky Array Emperor had motivated him to get to this stage. Therefore, he naturally would not give up this rare opportunity.

However, Mu Chen did have a backup plan, as he had not ordered his warriors to follow him. He had secretly instructed them to inform the other lords outside to forcibly break through the battle array if something went wrong.

From Mu Chen's understanding, although they could not see the outside world, Nine Nether and the others should still be able to observe the things happening inside the battle array.

The moment Mu Chen rushed towards the black gate, an exclamation rang outside the battle array.

"Mu Chen actually successfully broke through the array. That gate must be a passage to the deepest part of the Death Ruins!"

"This should be where the inheritance of Sky Array Emperor lies, so Mu Chen is going to be the one taking it?"

"The black gate also appeared in the White Tiger Batter Array! Both Zhantai Liuli and Mu Chen managed to break the array simultaneously!


As the people exclaimed, the White Tiger Fighting Spirit also shattered at the same time, similarly leaving a black gate in its place.

The moment the dark gate appeared, Zhantai Liuli rushed towards it almost without hesitation. Hence, both she and Mu Chen actually ran into the dark gate at the same moment!

They both disappeared from the two battle arrays simultaneously!

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