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A solitary peak rose high above the plains. When Mu Chen, Nine Nether, and Lord Blood Hawk commanded their two troops and arrived on the mountain, they saw that Lord Mountain Cracker, Lord Spiritual Sword, and Lord Hongya were already waiting there.

"I have troubled the three of you this time."

Mu Chen, Nine Nether, and Lord Blood Hawk clasped their fists in thanks to Lord Mountain Cracker and the two other lords. If the three lords hadn't rushed in to help in time, they would have been defeated and would have had to retreat in humiliation.

Lord Mountain Cracker waved it away as he stated boisterously, "As members of Daluo Territory, it's our responsibility to help each other out. Lord Mu and Lord Nine Nether let bygones be bygones to come to Blood Hawk Palace's aid. That's a very gracious act."

At this point, Lord Mountain Cracker glanced at the embarrassed Lord Blood Hawk, who had been a pompous show-off in Daluo Territory. He had no great impression of Lord Blood Hawk, so he could not help but to be slightly hostile with his words.

However, as they were saved by Mu Chen this time, Lord Blood Hawk was obviously grateful, so he did not get mad upon hearing Lord Mountain Cracker's words. He only looked at Mu Chen and Nine Nether, clasped his fist, and said, "Thank you for coming to our aid. I will repay this favor in the future when I get a chance."

Perhaps it was heartfelt because Lord Blood Hawk's gloomy expression was sincere, and his demeanor caused Lord Mountain Cracker's expression to relax.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether looked at each other but only smiled. Although they still held a slight grudge over what Lord Blood Hawk had done in the past, they were able to distinguish what was important, so when they received the Blood Hawk Palace's signal for help, they had gone as quickly as they could.

Now it seemed that the rescue had impressed Lord Blood Hawk, but they had done so inadvertently. Although Mu Chen and Nine Nether no longer feared Lord Blood Hawk, it was good to get this thorn out of their side and avoid unnecessary trouble.

"It seems that after this, Lord Mu's reputation will spread in this hunting war. The Spirit of Fighting Intent is not something that ordinary people can condense." Lord Spiritual Sword smiled at Mu Chen, his eyes full of astonishment.

Lord Mountain Cracker also smiled and nodded. "There are not many people in the North Territory who can condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent," he said.

"Are there people in the other top powers who can also condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent?" Mu Chen's gaze flickered upon understanding the meaning of Lord Mountain Cracker's words. It seemed that people from some of the other top powers have achieved this, too.

"There are many geniuses in the North Territory, and there will always be people with special talents. They are the targets of all the top forces hoping to recruit them."

Lord Mountain Cracker nodded and said, "According to some information we have obtained, there are probably not more than five people in the top forces in the North Territory who have succeeded in condensing the Spirit of Fighting Intent, but these geniuses are different from Fang Yi because of their importance. Most of the top forces choose to hide their intelligence. Thus, it's hard for the average person to know that they exist, and the top forces won't expose them easily, because these people tend to attract all kinds of assassination attempts..."

Mu Chen nodded sympathetically. Before their encounter, Fang Yi knew that he had condensed the Spirit of Fighting Intent. Thus, he tried all means to obliterate him, because Fang Yi knew how threatening a man who could condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent would be.

Of course, from a certain point of view, that's because those who condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent had the qualifications to be war troop dispatchers. Although this success rate was rather low, what if it succeeded? That would be a great force of assistance for a top power with many elite troops.

Thus, Mu Chen understood why these top powers hid their Geniuses of War.

Mu Chen ruminated for a moment and asked, "Which top powers do the five people hail from?" It was vital for him to be aware of this important information, for in the future he might be confronting these Geniuses of War currently hidden by the top powers.

"Divine Pavilion, Netherworld Palace, Tian Xuan Hall, Demon's Gate, Holy Mountain…" Lord Mountain Cracker shrugged his shoulders and said helplessly, "Daluo Territory also tried to recruit these Geniuses of War but the Dominator was in deep slumber for many years, so she didn't pay much attention... So, over the past few years, we have never had such a Genius of War in Daluo Territory."

Lord Mountain Cracker looked at Mu Chen and said, "Fortunately, now that you are here, Daluo Territory also has a Genius of War."

Mu Chen also smiled helplessly, knowing that Mandela had not neglected her duties intentionally, but had done so because she needed to remain in slumber to suppress the curse in her body and could not afford to divert her attention to take care of things in Daluo Territory.

"Is there any information about the Genius of War in the Divine Pavilion and Tian Xuan Hall?" Mu Chen asked after a moment's silence, as he had a great deal of enmity and resentment towards the two forces. Thus, he was especially interested in this information.

Lord Mountain Cracker touched his chin and said, "The Genius of War of the Divine Pavilion seems to be a girl, but the one in Tian Xuan Hall seems to be a madman…"

Mu Chen was stunned and looked at the Lord Mountain Cracker. "That's all?"

Lord Mountain Cracker spread out his hands and said, "This kind of information is generally hidden well as far as possible by the various forces, and is not well known until they have been employed."

Mu Chen could not help but roll his eyes, as what was said was essentially not of any help. Oh well, as long as they knew of their existence and took it to heart to keep a close eye out.

"Now that the crisis here is resolved, we have to leave. Time is precious, and we have to search for other relics and collect the Meteorfall Alchemy pills." Lord Mountain Cracker clapped his hands and planned to command his army to leave.

Mu Chen, however, was silent for a moment. He looked at the four lords present and laughed. "I have a proposal that we come together and explore the ruins together. In that case, we should meet with much less trouble like today's."

Now that the four lords had gathered here, they were akin to being free helpers. If they could work together, it would undoubtedly improve their efficiency several times over.

Hearing Mu Chen's words, the four lords were all astonished. They immediately frowned and said, "Although gathering together will make us strong, it will slow down our search for the relics. The loss outweighs the gains."

It wasn't that they had never thought of gathering together and sweeping through the battlefield, but the relics of the Meteorfall Battlefield were too hard to find. The forces had to be dispersed to maximize their search for the relics. If they were together, the results would be worse than being scattered.

Mu Chen smiled and asked directly, "How many Meteorfall Alchemy pills have you all collected now?"

Lord Blood Hawk did not know what Mu Chen was getting at but he took the initiative to answer, "We found a total of two Grade Three Relics, and now we have 300 Meteorfall Alchemy pills."

"We have approximately 200 pills," Lord Spiritual Sword answered exasperatedly.

"I also have approximately 200," Lord Hongya smiled.

Lord Mountain Cracker looked at the three men and grinned, laughing a little more smugly. "It seems that we were lucky. We have 500 in our hands."

When the other three kings heard this, they were immediately surprised, and some of them looked at Lord Mountain Cracker with envy. After all, it was not easy to find the hidden relics in the Meteorfall Battlefield. Moreover, they had to be on guard against the interference of other forces at any time.

Looking at how proud Lord Mountain Cracker was, Mu Chen couldn't help laughing and said, "We have a total of 1,200 Meteorfall Alchemy pills in our hands."

Lord Mountain Cracker stopped laughing, and the other three lords stared at Mu Chen, utterly stunned. For them, 1,200 Meteorfall Alchemy pills was a huge sum. To obtain that amount, they figured Mu Chen's forces must have found seven or eight Grade Three Relics. Did Mu Chen encounter relics just by randomly exploring?

Mu Chen smiled and waved. Suddenly, the Meteorfall Alchemy pills turned into a torrent that whistled out and hovered around him. He looked at the four lords, who were staring with wide eyes, and said, "About half of the Meteorfall Alchemy pills were won from Xu Ba's hands. We extracted the others ourselves."

"How many relics have you found?" Lord Mountain Cracker asked incredulously. They had 500 Meteorfall Alchemy pills entirely because two forces tried to rob them. However, they retaliated, and the forces' pills were taken by the Cracking Mountain Army instead. Otherwise, they might only have had about 300 Meteorfall Alchemy pills by now.

Mu Chen did a rough estimation and remarked casually, "Including some relics that were not Grade Three, there should be approximately six to seven relics."

The four of them stared at each other and then looked at Mu Chen strangely. If they had not known Mu Chen, they would all think that he was talking nonsense. 

Mu Chen saw their glances and was not surprised. He shrugged and stated nonchalantly, "We obtained a treasure in this Meteorfall Battlefield that can locate some of the relics, so…" 


As soon as Mu Chen concluded his sentence, the four lords' eyes became red, and Lord Mountain Cracker couldn't help but curse. The four men stared at Mu Chen with fiery eyes, for they knew very well what his casual words represented. A treasure that could be used to locate the relics in the Meteorfall Battlefield was truly a powerful Divine Artifact and would be extremely valuable to the various forces!

As long as they had such a treasure, it would be effortless for them to collect the Meteorfall Alchemy pills!

The four men stared at Mu Chen with red eyes. If Mu Chen had not been part of Daluo Territory, they would have thought of snatching it away from him.

Mu Chen noticed their gazes and smiled. "Now I invite the four of you to go with us. If we are lucky, there's a possibility we can find a Grade One Relic!"

The four lords licked their lips, then nodded without hesitation.

"We're in!"

Rather than wander around the Meteorfall Battlefield blindly, it was better to follow the purposeful actions of Mu Chen, who had a detector. Even fools could clearly calculate the difference in efficiency between both methods!

Mu Chen smiled at Nine Nether upon seeing how readily the four lords agreed.

With these four strong helpers and their armies following, it was time for them to dominate!

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