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Meteorfall Battlefield.

In this ancient battlefield that was full of crises, the passage of time seemed to have slowed down drastically. This was because the sky was covered by violent spiritual energy throughout the entire year, so that day and night in this battlefield was difficult to detect. Yet, no matter how the environment was, the cruelty of the Great Hunting War still quietly lingered throughout the entire course of time.

In just a few days, more and more forces had continued to pour into this ancient battlefield. They explored the ruins like rats. Whenever a ruin was found, it was inundated by hordes of people, as if they were sharks smelling blood.

In order to fight for the ownership of those ruins, a blood bath was inevitable. In that bloody war, countless strong people fell. It had been a truly brutal massacre.

But, back to the chess game that was really a life and death match, which was about to take place...

The news of the battle between Mu Chen and the Divine Pavilion had rapidly spread over the course of just a few days. After all, Mu Chen had pursued the Heavenly Alligator Troop for thousands of miles, and that kind of action taken would be hard to conceal, even if they had the intentions of doing so.

After all, the Daluo Territory and the Divine Pavilion were the top forces in the North Territory. Their every action was particularly noticeable, so when news of them spread, it was not unexpected that it caused a lot of uproar, especially when Mu Chen had managed to deal so severely with Fang Yi by his own strength!

In fact, when this news of his commanding the Nine Nether Troops to crush Fang Yi with the Spirit of Fighting Intent, then holding back the leader of the Heavenly Alligator Troop, Xu Ba, spread out, the uproar quickly turned into shock and disbelief!

Mu Chen's name spread throughout the North Territory after the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, but there were many people, who expressed uncertainty over him being ranked in the third position on the Dragon-Phoenix Record. In those people's eyes, the reason why Mu Chen could become the biggest winner in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, was because of the help that he had received from the Flame Emperor's daughter.

Therefore, his results had attracted much doubt and criticism, too. However, this doubt had been smashed to smithereens by now!

A few months ago, even if Mu Chen had tried his best, he could only delay the Prince of Netherworld in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, so he obviously was the weaker party. However, in only three or four months, he had greatly improved. This had been proven, as he had been able to rely on his own strength to fight to a standstill with the top position in the Dragon-Phoenix Record, Fang Yi! This vast improvement in his capabilities had impressed many.

In addition, it also shocked many powerful people that Mu Chen was able to control fighting intent, even succeeding in condensing the Spirit of Fighting Intent. They heard this and thought, if he could integrate this force into his body, even Fang Yi would be crushed by him! In fact, he could even contend with a powerful and experienced Sovereign, like Xu Ba!

Such strength was enough to cause all forces to be cautious! Hence, no one dared to easily dismiss Mu Chen as a fledgling amateur anymore.

Indeed, in this Great Hunting War, in which a brutal struggle surfaced, Mu Chen's reputation had begun to spread gradually. However, this time, no one dared to question it at all!


The raging spiritual energy exploded amid the heavens and the earth, as if it had been transformed into a ribbon running through it, directly blasting into the sky. The Prince of Netherworld clenched his fist expressionlessly, then descended from mid-air. Behind him, a figure flashed, then whispered from beside him. 

"Mu Chen..."

The Prince of Netherworld narrowed his eyes, shock flitting through them. He had not expected that the man, who had been forced into dangerous circumstances by him, would have improved so much in only a few months. Moreover, he had never expected that he would ever have been able to fight Fang Yi to a standstill!

The Prince slowly retracted his hands, then turned away, his cold voice ringing in the air. "I wanted to defeat Fang Yi personally, but since you can fight with him like this, if I met you, then I'd get rid of you first. But, this time, no one can save you."

Majestic fighting intent permeated an ancient ruin, as a large army soared in the air. In the sky, a figure stood, a sea of fighting intent beneath his feet.

The figure was grinning, while looking ahead. There was an army before him, but this army's fighting intent was suppressed by him entirely.

"It's time for all of you to die."

He sneered with a scoff, his voice tinged with bloodthirst. Then, his palms clasped, causing the ocean of fighting intent to flow in torrents, condensing into a blood-red python. This was also a Spirit of Fighting Intent!


The huge tail of the python, which had been transformed from fighting intent, pierced the heavens and the earth instantly. Then, like a giant axe, it tore apart the army in front of it. Immediately, countless agonized cries rang out. Then, one by one, people fell from the sky amid a rainstorm of blood.

The figure laughed, as he looked at the scene. He then turned his head to look at another figure behind him. He laughed, then said, "Young Hall Master, the man you called Mu Chen, news about him is spreading rapidly now."

Behind the figure, there was a somber face. It was Liu Yan's of Tian Xuan Hall. His expression was full of deep hatred.

In the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, Mu Chen had destroyed his body. If his father hadn't spent a great deal of energy remodeling it for him, he would have been entirely destroyed.

"I had no idea that this brat could not only control fighting intent, but could also condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent," Liu Yan said chillingly.

The figure smiled slightly. He stuck out his tongue, then licked his scarlet lips. The blood in his eyes grew thicker.

He whispered, "Young Hall Master, let's make a deal. I'll let Mu Chen lie down in front of you, like a dog, if you can help me get the position of Chief Commander of Tian Xuan Hall."

Liu Yan's eyes narrowed, a malicious glint flashing in his eyes. After a moment, he nodded his head. 


The two were were on a plain at the moment, amid a scene of complete chaos. Countless corpses were strewn about, their blood flowing like a river.

On a hill in the plain, a young girl was sitting in a wheelchair, her long black hair flowing down. She looked quietly at the chaos ahead of her, while behind her, a black army spread out, breathing in unison. Their majestic fighting intent permeated the heavens and the earth.

Everyone gazed at the thin figure of the girl reverently. Then, a figure suddenly descended from behind the young maiden, as the latter opened her eyes slightly.

"Commander, there's news coming. It's Xiao Fang." The figure behind the girl spoke softly. "She wants to ask you to deal with the Daluo Territory's Mu Chen. It is said that Mu Chen has condensed the Spirit of Fighting Intent, and Master Xiao Fang said that, if you can deal with Mu Chen, he will obtain the Nine-Days Soul Revival Herb for your younger sister."

Hearing the name of the Nine-Days Soul Revival Herb, the girl's deep pool-like eyes finally showed some emotion. She then raised her fair and beautiful face, nodding gently.

"I understand."

In this vast and endless Meteorfall battlefield, cruelty enshrouded it at all times. With the passage of time, a brutal battle continued to erupt, the weak being annihilated by the strong. This was a law of nature that was enacted vividly.

During the shock caused by the defeat of several armies of the Divine Pavilion, Mu Chen, who was the protagonist, did not pay any attention to the uproar. After he had tried his best to win over the four Lords and their four powerful armies, he began to use the Spirit Seeking Compass to its maximum potential.

At this time, everyone was furiously vying for the Meteorfall Alchemy pills. If they were able to obtain sufficient Meteorfall Alchemy pills, the masters of various forces could seize the privilege of the opportunity to obtain the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure. So, since Mu Chen had such a Divine Artifact as the Spirit Seeking Compass in his hands, he could not let it go to waste.

With the help of the Spirit Seeking Compass and the extensive exploration of Mu Chen's armies, they had achieved remarkable results in just four days. During these days, they had explored more than 30 relics, among which were a dozen that had not reached Grade Three. There were also about a dozen Grade Three Relics, and even one Grade Two Relic!

Among the 30 relics, they had acquired nearly 10,000 Meteorfall Alchemy pills, which were distributed proportionally, each force obtaining more than 2,000 pills. Such a huge harvest caused even Lord Mountain Cracker's calm demeanor to become overjoyed! If they had had to search blindly, it would have been impossible to obtain such amounts of treasures in just four days!

Mu Chen was also satisfied with this, as he knew that other forces had noticed these relics, but had to choose to give up on their own initiatives, after seeing the horrifying obstacles that they would have to surmount to reach them. Thus, Mu Chen knew he and his methods were superior to theirs!

Moreover, there were also many complications involving some of the relics, such as the only Grade Two Relic that they had found. This Grade Two Relic had brought them a lot of trouble, and even some casualties, which was why Mu Chen had brought the other Lords along. If Nine Nether Palace had broken into the place alone, the death toll and casualties would have been much more severe! Thus, he was glad to have asked the other Lords along.

Beyond an ancient relic, several large armies stood in perfect order. The sea of people seemed overwhelming, especially since they had just completed a search and were preparing for recuperation. 

Mu Chen was sitting cross-legged on a solitary peak, his eyes closed in meditation. He then suddenly opened his eyes, looking downward, where all five armies, including the Nine Nether Troop, were now sitting in silence. Above them, a powerful fighting intent surged.

The five streams of great fighting intent were incompatible with each other, so they were entrenched in one side of the sky. Mu Chen stared at the five streams, emotion showing in his black eyes. Suddenly, a strange thought emerged from his heart. 

He wondered if he could control the Nine Nether Troop, while also manipulating the fighting intent of other the same time...

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