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Seen amid the faraway horizon, an influx of mighty light and shadow swept in, blotting out the sky and the earth. It then transformed into three enormous armies, which stood tall, spreading across the land.

Seeing this, every man could not help but open their mouths slightly, gaping in awe. Only after a long time, did they draw in a deep breath, while staring at each other. To their surprise, these were the three King class armies that had just arrived at the Daluo Territory!

At that moment, the number of armies from the Divine Pavilion and the Daluo Territory had already reached to around 100,000. This statistic alone was almost enough to initiate a large scale battle.

Not many would have thought that an originally small siege would actually turn into such a large military confrontation! If these two sides really engaged in a war, surely there would be a stormy battle, resulting in numerous corpses being strewn all over the field. There would also surely be much spilling of blood, enough to paint the ground red!

The forces, who were looking upon this land, began to slowly retreat. Looking at the present situation, if a war was started, then it would be a bloody fight between the two top forces, the Divine Pavilion and the Daluo Territory. Judging from their capabilities, any other forces would not be able to handle the consequences, if they were to get involved in this battle.

As the men of other forces of the land were quickly evacuating the area, Fang Yi, Xu Ba, and a few others, such as Lord Flaming Wolves and Lord Celestial Bear, wore ghastly expressions on their faces. Apparently, they had not anticipated that the Daluo Territory would have such valiant reinforcements!

The strength of Lord Mountain Cracker was among the top three of the princes in the Daluo Territory. Lord Hongya and Lord Spiritual Energy Sword were quite famous as well, and the armies that were under their commands were also extraordinary valiant. After combining them, along with the forces of Nine Nether Palace and all of the injured Blood Hawk Hall, the difference in strengths between the two sides was almost instantly reversed.

This was because, at the side of the Divine Pavilion, there were only three Grade Six Sovereigns. Meanwhile, at the side of the Daluo Territory, the number of Grade Six Sovereigns increased from two to five in the blink of an eye. If they were to go all out, the Divine Pavilion would certainly pay an extremely high price.

In contrast, Fang Yi, Nine Nether, and Lord Blood Hawk let out sighs, as if they had just been freed from a heavy responsibility. Fortunately, the reinforcements came just in time. Otherwise, they would have been in trouble.

"So, you planned to wait for reinforcements, ever since the beginning?" Nine Nether rolled her eyes at Mu Chen. This guy was actually cunning, just like Fang Yi. Both of them had intense killing intents.

"To defeat the Heavenly Alligator Troop with just the forces available to the Nine Nether Palace, I am afraid we would be paying quite a price for that. Therefore, waiting for reinforcements was the best choice."

Mu Chen smiled, then said, "I just never thought that Fang Yi would have been thinking the same thing. Fortunately, our reinforcements are stronger than his."

Nine Nether nodded. She could finally let go of her worry, because right now, the situation was clearly more advantageous to the Daluo Territory. This time, it should be Fang Yi's, Xu Ba's, and their people's turns to worry.

"Hehe, I was thinking about who was fighting against us, the Daluo Territory. So, it is the Divine Pavilion, hmmm. They do not seem to have any strong people, though, as neither Lord Heavenly Dragon nor Lord White Tiger are here?"

In the sky, Lord Mountain Cracker stood with his hands behind his back, getting read to address the Cracking Mountain Army, who were full of fighting spirit. The sound of his laughter, which contained strong pressure, was ringing across the battlefield.

Lord Mountain Cracker had a formidable demeanor, and among the Daluo Territory princes, he also had a very high ranking. He could even become part of the top three soon. In terms of reputation, he was even more renowned than Nine Nether, Lord Blood Hawk, and the other two princes of this land.

And, apparently, he had the power to match his demeanor. Although Lord Mountain Cracker was a Grade Six Sovereign, just like the other princes, Mu Chen could feel that the pressure that he exerted was certainly stronger than theirs.

In this battlefield, whether it was among the ranks of the Daluo Territory or the Divine Pavilion, there seemed to be no powerful person stronger than Lord Mountain Cracker. Therefore, his words had made Xu Ba's, Lord Flaming Wolves', and Lord Celestial Bear's faces all turn gloomy.

However, none of the three retorted. This was because they could feel that Lord Mountain Cracker's power had already reached the peak of Grade Six Sovereign, meaning that he was already at a level stronger than them.

However, Fang Yi was currently quite calm. He looked at Lord Mountain Cracker directly, then said, "If Lord Heavenly Dragon and Lord White Tiger were here, maybe Lord Mountain Cracker would not spit out such words."

As the cream of the crop among the younger generation, who were specifically trained by the Divine Pavilion, Fang Yi was naturally not fearful of Lord Mountain Cracker's power, which was at the peak of Grade Six Sovereign.

"It is pointless to make such a meaningless assumption, Fang Yi." Mu Chen beamed. His teasing had made Fang Yi's face turn pale, as he was full of anger right now.

Fang Yi had originally thought that he was in control of the situation, but now the tables had turned in an instant. This situation was as if a rabbit that was about to be eaten suddenly grew long teeth, then tried to devour its predator!

"So, you think that your victory is ensured, just because your reinforcements are slightly stronger?" Fang Yi replied coldly. With his sharp eyes staring at Mu Chen, he added, "If we really go all out, you guys will still have to pay a price, so I suggest you…"

Mu Chen did not care about his threat at all, so he did not even wait for Fang Yi to finish his sentence, before he raised his head to look at Lord Mountain Cracker and the other two princes, saying, "Prepare to attack, you three. Blood will be spilled this day!"

Mu Chen turned to the Blood Hawk Hall. Then, he said with a deep voice, "Lord Blood Hawk, please lead the Blood Hawk Troop in the attack."

"Roger that!"

Lord Mountain Cracker cracked up at that moment, his laughter full of admiration. Apparently, Mu Chen's decision was very much to his liking. Since they had the advantage,they should go all in, as sacrifices were inevitable in everything. There was no way that they should avoid necessary tasks, just because there was a price to pay.

As Lord Mountain Cracker's loud laughter faded, the mighty Cracking Mountain Army instantly shouted loudly. Their shouts were like thunder rumbling, loudly echoing across the land. Meanwhile, an astounding fighting spirit soared among them.

The number among the Cracking Mountain Army already reached over 10,000, its scale being far bigger than the Nine Nether Troop. This point alone had shown how deeply rooted Cracking Mountain Hall was within the Daluo Territory. Even if Nine Nether Palace were catching up with all of their might during this year, there was still a large power difference that existed between them and such a historical King class force.

The other two kings also followed the example of the Cracking Mountain Army, raising their armies' fighting spirits. The three armies directly looked at the Flaming Wolves Army and the Celestial Bear Army.

Fang Yi's, Xu Ba's, and others' faces were completely pale. Apparently, they did not expect that Mu Chen would be so decisive. It seemed almost as if he did not care at all about the great price that he needed to pay for this bloody war.

"What should we do now?"

Fang Yi, Xu Ba, Lord Flaming Wolves and Lord Celestial Bear discussed among them, their voices covered by spiritual power. Currently, the Daluo Territory had completely gained the advantage. If Mu Chen, Lord Mountain Cracker, and the others were really willing to make such a sacrifice, their three armies of the Divine Pavilion might really suffer heavy injuries.

Fang Yi's face color immediately changed. Then, he gritted his teeth and said, "Let's retreat. We should reserve our strength, as we have no reason to fight them, especially when they are greater in number. When we meet up with the Divine Pavilion Army, we will then have the chance to seek revenge for today!"

Xu Ba, Lord Flaming Wolves, and Lord Celestial Bear could only grit their teeth and nod upon hearing his words. Looking at this situation, if they really went all out, they would suffer huge losses. Even though going all out might make the Daluo Territory pay in some small way, without a doubt, their own price would be a higher one.


Since a decision had been made, Xu Ba and the others did not hesitate any longer. With a wave of their arms, the enormous armies' fighting spirit soared. They retreated quickly, going in three directions, after transforming into bright lights.

"Since we have are here already, we should at least get something done!" Looking at the situation, Lord Mountain Cracker let out a snort, then suddenly waved his hand.

In an instant, the Cracking Mountain Army was overflowing with astounding fighting spirit. Their entire ranks blotted out the sky and the earth, completely enshrouding the direction that the Celestial Bear Army was retreating towards. The other two kings were also leading their armies at the same time, relentlessly attacking the Flaming Wolves Army.


Although the Celestial Bear Army and the Flaming Wolves Army were retreating, they apparently still had their defenses up. As the enemies' attacks were coming at them, they immediately defended themselves with their fighting spirit. As the armies' fighting spirit collided, the entire battlefield was shaking. The terrifying fighting spirits were storming, and the mountains were being razed to the ground, one by one, in the blink of an eye.

Nevertheless, the Celestial Bear Army and the Flaming Wolves Army apparently could not fend off the Cracking Mountain Army and the other two King Class armies' all out attack. As their fighting spirits clashed, the Celestial Bear Army's and the Flaming Wolves Army's fighting spirits began to crumble. During this time, many were injured or died.

Mu Chen also soared into the sky at this moment, quickly showing up in front of the Nine Nether Troop again. His body was glowing with golden light. Also, the injury that he had received while crossing swords with Fang Yi was almost completely healed, thanks to the regenerative power of his body, which was comparable to a Divine Beast.

Nine Nether appeared beside Mu Chen, eagerly asking, "Who should we fight against now?"

Mu Chen's eyes were directly set on Fang Yi, who was following the Heavenly Alligator Troop. He certainly dreaded Fang Yi.

As such, he immediately determined that he could not let Fang Yi simply run away, not after his having tried so hard to injure Mu Chen!

"We cannot let him go!"

Therefore, Mu Chen pointed his index finger towards the faraway Fang Yi. Mu Chen's black eyes were flowing with killing intent.


Mu Chen waved down his hand, causing the Nine Nether Troop, which was behind him, to instantly rampage. After holding back for half a day, it was finally time for them to show off their fighting skills!

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