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Everyone's faces immediately turned pale as the howls of the wolves and bears, filled with killing intent, rang through the skies and echoed between the heavens and the earth.

They hurriedly raised their heads and looked towards the direction of the howling. As one terrifying noise faded, another rose in its place, echoing throughout the land.

"Aren't they the Flaming Wolves Army and the Celestial Bear Army of the Divine Pavilion?"

"It turns out that Fang Yi was purposely stalling so that the reinforcements from the Divine Pavilion could arrive! It seems like the people from Daluo Territory are going to be in trouble. Not a soul from Nine Nether Palace and Blood Hawk Palace can escape!"

"This Fang Yi is truly cunning..."

"Since the Flaming Wolves Army and Celestial Bear Army have appeared, Lord Flaming Wolf and Lord Celestial Bear should be here as well. They are both Grade Six Sovereigns. With their presence, even Mu Chen with his condensed Spirit of Fighting Intent won't be able to do much."

"Daluo Territory is going to suffer a huge loss this time."


Nine Nether and Lord Blood Hawk looked up to the sky simultaneously. Both of their faces turned ugly. If only Xu Ba were on the opposing side here, they could still make him wary, and he would not dare to attack easily. However, when two more forces from the Divine Pavilion arrived, the balance was instantly shattered. It would be impossible to fend off the three opposing forces with just their two.

This was not looking good.

"Haha, Xu Ba, how could you not inform us of such excellent prey! Now you know the price of selfishness!" From afar, icy cold and crimson auras spread forth. Then, innumerable figures filled the sky, transforming into two armies standing majestically upon the skyline. Their terrifying fighting spirit rose into the air in a rush.

At the forefront of one of the armies, a middle-aged man with red hair arched backwards and laughed. On his robes, flaming wolves were galloping and howling.

"If we did not rush here today, I'm afraid that the reputation of the Divine Pavilion would be ruined because of you." At the front of the other army stood a burly and terrifying figure. He was like a tower of iron, emanating a boundless pressure. On his face, a scar ran from the corner of his eye diagonally downward, adding to his menacing look. At that moment, he laughed with his mouth open wide, like a giant primordial bear.

Hearing their jeering, Xu Ba's face darkened but he did not retort. He only gave out a unsatisfied moan. He understood that he would have faced extreme difficulty in taking down Blood Hawk Palace and Nine Nether Palace without the help of the Flaming Wolves Army and Celestial Bear Army.

"Sorry to have troubled you two."

Fang Yi looked at the two armies from below with a smile and said, "The Great Hunt is crucial to the Divine Pavilion's reputation, but the reputation of an individual is of no value. I will definitely report the aid from you two Mountain Masters to the Pavilion Master after this."

"Haha, Master Fang really knows how to talk… hmm?"

Lord Flaming Wolf laughed loudly, then he immediately looked at the bloodied and slightly awkward Fang Yi. He swiftly let out a gasp of surprise, and turned his gaze toward Mu Chen, who was facing Fang Yi, and the surprise in his eyes intensified.

He clearly understood Fang Yi's strength. Among the younger generation of North Territory, he was almost matchless. But now, one who was younger than Fang Yi was able to corner him into this awkward state. This truly baffled Lord Flaming Wolf.

"Who is this kid? He cornered you into this state?" Lord Flaming Wolf said, surprised.

Fang Yi's icy eyes scanned Mu Chen and said plainly, "He is the acclaimed dark horse in North Territory, Mu Chen. Master Wolf, do not look down on him. His control of fighting spirit may be even stronger than yours, because he was able to manifest the Nine Nether Troop's Spirit of Fighting Intent."


Hearing this, Lord Flaming Wolf was not shocked, but Lord Celestial Bear looked at Mu Chen with suspicion in his eyes. As leaders of armies, they understood what the Spirit of Fighting Intent meant, as it greatly amplified the strength of an army. Overall, it was like receiving divine aid in a battle.

Of course, the most fearful thing about a condensed Spirit of Fighting Intent was that it granted one the right to become a war troop dispatcher. Regardless of its probability of success, once a person became a war troop dispatcher, it would be like a fish leaping into the dragon's gate.

As long as a war troop dispatcher—even one of the lowest grade—controlled a powerful army, their combat force would be extremely horrifying.

"No wonder you sent us an emergency message," Lord Celestial Bear said. His slightly menacing eyes scanned Mu Chen. While Mu Chen's individual strength was not enough to warrant their caution, his potential as a war troop dispatcher was enough to make them see him as a threat. If there were an opportunity to eliminate this kind of threat, the sooner they did it, the better.

Fang Yi smiled faintly. Although he was covered in blood, his smile made him look surprisingly calm. His eyes were as sharp as knives when he looked at Mu Chen and said with a smile, "Although you have done well in the previous battle, this should be your last."

Fang Yi's emotions had calmed down. Although he was a little frightened by the result of the previous battle, if Mu Chen were to be buried here, the previous results would vanish like smoke and clouds.

In the North Territory, no one would remember the dead.

Mu Chen knitted his brow when he saw this. The Three Mountain Masters of the Divine Pavilion were all here, and their three armies congested the entire heavens and earth. Breaking out of this situation would not be an easy feat.


Nine Nether emerged beside Mu Chen, and she looked on with a solemn face. With a low voice she asked, "What now? If we act by ourselves, we may be able to fight our way out, but we can't bring along Blood Hawk Palace that way."

With Mu Chen's control of the Nine Nether Troop's fighting spirit, they could fight their way out of the surrounding enemies if they fought with their lives, but they would have to abandon Blood Hawk Palace.

"Hoho. What is it now? Abandoning your friends? If this were made known to the public, I'm afraid Nine Nether Palace would hardly have a place in Daluo Territory." Before Mu Chen could respond, the smiling Fang Yi had already read Nine Nether's intentions.

A glint of surprise appeared in Nine Nether's eyes. Fang Yi was excessively cunning. He was trying to provoke Blood Hawk Palace with his words.

"Lord Nine Nether, Lord Mu, if you see the opportunity, please escape at once. Just remember to avenge us if you get the chance in the future!" Lord Blood Hawk's voice suddenly echoed, and he looked at Fang Yi solemnly. Then he turned his gaze toward Mu Chen and Nine Nether, and his usually sullen eyes appeared much calmer at the moment.

Lord Blood Hawk may not be one with a big heart, but he also did not have a dull mind, or else he wouldn't have become one of the Nine Lords of Daluo Territory. As such, he noticed Fang Yi's thoughts, and he would not allow Fang Yi's plot to work.

"Hoho, as expected from Lord Blood Hawk, such charisma!"

Fang Yi spoke calmly with a smile. "If so, the moment Nine Nether Palace breaks through us will be the moment of Blood Hawk Palace's utter destruction."

"Try me!" Lord Blood Hawk challenged Fang Yi with an icy voice, his cold eyes filled with piercing killing intent.

Fang Yi rose steadily in the air, and his falcon eyes surveyed the other forces present in the sky and the earth. He said, "This is a battle between the Divine Pavilion and Daluo Territory. I hope the rest of you can kindly leave us alone."

Hearing this, the hearts of the other forces shuddered. They understood that Fang Yi was preparing to clean up the field. No one in their right mind would interfere in this fierce battle. Immediately, countless figures rushed toward the sky and retreated to a safe distance.

Nine Nether frowned when she saw this. The struggle in her eyes seemed to show her indecisiveness in abandoning Blood Hawk Palace and escaping.

But while she was struggling, Mu Chen squinted slightly, and his lips swiftly curved upwards. His tensed body gradually relaxed.

He looked at Fang Yi above and said with a laugh, "It seems like you think you've won today."

Fang Yi stared at Mu Chen with a stern face. "Did you think you could turn this around? How much spiritual energy do you still have? To what extent can you still control the fighting spirit of the Nine Nether Troop?

"If you are wise, I urge you to surrender, or else the Nine Nether Troop shall face complete annihilation."

Mu Chen smiled. "We will not abandon Blood Hawk Palace."

His words caused a commotion among the Blood Hawk Troop in the valley, and countless gazes of gratitude were cast towards him. Even Lord Blood Hawk and Wu Tian were perplexed at that moment.

Their relationship with Mu Chen was rather rocky, so they did not expect Mu Chen to want to save them, even in such a dire situation.

"With you alone?" Fang Yi's lips curved into a sarcastic smile, his eyes taunting. Lord Flaming Wolf and Lord Celestial Bear were also looking at Mu Chen from above with a sneer and crossed arms, seemingly looking forward to his little tricks at that dire moment.

Mu Chen looked up and spoke with a smile. "You thought I was really in a frenzy, willing to play along for so long so that you could stall?"

Fang Yi's eyes turned solemn, and he stared at Mu Chen icily.

"You aren't the only one who can stall for time and wait for reinforcements."

Mu Chen smiled faintly, and then he pointed to the sky. He said, "Please excuse me. This time, I have slightly more reinforcements than you."


The heavens and the earth a distance away were suddenly shaking. The hearts of countless powerful individuals shivered. As they looked up, they could see three majestic streams of light rushing toward them and enveloping their surroundings.

There were three figures heading up each of the streams, emanating immense spiritual energy as vast as oceans that could be felt even from afar.

"Cracking Mountain Palace of Daluo Territory!"

"Cave Grand Cliff of Daluo Territory!"

"Spirit Sword Mountain of Daluo Territory!"

Three deep, manly voices rumbled and echoed, finally coming together like a huge clap of thunder, shaking the heavens and the earth. Even the faces of Lord Flaming Wolf and Lord Celestial Bear turned pale.

"Who dares to kill one of us from Daluo Territory?!"

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