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The vast Nine Nether fighting spirit was raging like a storm, sweeping across the land. As the fighting spirit piled up, layer upon layer in the sky, it formed into huge waves behind Mu Chen.

While the fighting spirit was raging, everyone could feel a strange fluctuation emerging from it. The fluctuation was concealed, but it was undeniable. That slightest fluctuation could accelerate a person's heartbeat, bringing killing screams into their memories.

The eyes of the top powers narrowed and flickered. Finally, a few of the top powers, who had some understanding of the fighting spirit, recalled something that caused their expressions to harden with horror, as they looked at the Nine Nether fighting spirit wave with fear.

"This fluctuation... could it be?"

Lu Kui appeared pale, as he looked at the dark wave with incredulous eyes. Deep within that wave, the strange fluctuation caused his voice to crack.

"Spirit of Fighting Intent?"

Upon hearing the words, all of the spectators could not help but let out cold breaths. They had a shock in their eyes, as the name had blown them away.

Spirit of Fighting Intent?

It was said that only when one reached a very high level of comprehending the fighting spirit, is it then possible to cultivate such a thing that could bring out the true strength of the fighting spirit. But, it was tough to cultivate the Spirit of Fighting Intent, and it was said to be the prerequisite to becoming a war troop dispatcher.

The basic qualification to become a war troop dispatcher was to be able to develop a fighting spirit into the Spirit of Fighting Intent. However, to be able to reach such a level was too arduous for most.

Even Lu Kui, who had some talents and experience with dealing with the fighting spirit, was unable to do it. This was why they were blown away that Mu Chen had cultivated the Spirit of Fighting Intent!

"That is impossible! It is not easy to cultivate the Spirit of Fighting Intent! Stop being pretentious!" Lu Kui yelled angrily, his face distorted.

Although such fluctuations did feel like they were the Spirit of Fighting Intent, he refused to believe that this lad, who had just gotten in touch with any worldly affairs, was able to do achieve what he himself was unable to.

The rest of the spectators nodded their heads in agreement. Doubts surged in their eyes, as the cultivation of the Spirit of Fighting Intent could not be achieved by just anyone!

An ordinary commander could only actualize less than half of the strength of an army. Only a commander, who could cultivate the Spirit of Fighting Intent, was able to bring out the full force, or even more than that of an army!

Mu Chen's being able to cultivate the Spirit of Fighting Intent also meant that he possessed the qualifications to become a war troop dispatcher. If he became one, he would be one of the most highly sought-after people among the top powers in the the North Territory, as everyone knows a strong army could release daunting energy, when it was being controlled by a real war troop dispatcher!

The young man before their eyes was displaying such qualifications just now. How could anyone be so calm about it?

Even after seeing the doubts in the people's eyes, Mu Chen looked tranquil as usual. He stared at the trouble-maker, Lu Kui, then shot a sarcastic smile his way. He did not rebuke him, but simply took a deep breath and changed his hand formation.


The vast Nine Nether fighting spirit continued to rage behind him. Finally, a Nine Nether light pillar shot out. Within the lights, everyone saw a pair of huge black wings spreading out. As it fanned out its wings, the pillar broke into pieces, and a black Nine Netherbird appeared in the sky, just above the sea of the fighting spirit.

The Nine Netherbird was covered with a black mist that was transformed by the fighting spirit. There were complicated and obscure engravings on its massive body.

Everyone was dumbfounded, watching the black Nine Netherbird. Stunned expressions filled their faces. At this point in time, they could no longer deny what was happening, as a Nine Netherbird, with a body full of the engravings of the fighting spirit, was indeed the Spirit of Fighting Intent!

In fact, it was a Spirit of Fighting Intent that genuinely belonged to the Nine Nether Troop. No one could have ever thought that Mu Chen could cultivate a Spirit of Fighting Intent from the Nine Nether Troop's fighting spirit!

All of the eyes of the Nine Nether Troop grew passionate, almost in a worshipping look, while they watched the slender figure above them. The Spirit of Fighting Intent, also known as the Nine Netherbird, was materialized by their willpower, and only Mu Chen had the ability to do this. He had brought honor and glory to the soldiers, who were once just an ordinary troop!

"Nine Nether Troop Wins!"

The orderly and thunderous cheer moved the hearts of the men and shook the earth.

"It was really the Spirit of Fighting Intent..."

On the other hand, Nine Nether and Lu Wu watched, equally astounded. Nine Nether knew that Mu Chen was qualified to be a war troop dispatcher, but she had never thought that he could cultivate the Nine Nether Spirit of Fighting Intent at this moment!

Compared to the shock that Nine Nether had, Lu Wu was even more terrified. He stared hard at Mu Chen, horror surging within his eyes. As a clan leader of the Dragon Snake Sect, he knew precisely what consequences a commander that could cultivate the Spirit of Fighting Intent could bring to war.

"How could it be?"

Lu Kui's face was as white as a sheet. He stared blankly. He knew that he had lost the battle, once the Spirit of Fighting Intent was cultivated in front of him. He would never be able to stop an army with the Spirit of Fighting Intent under Mu Chen's control. The Spirit of Fighting Intent would significantly increase the strength of the Nine Nether Troop, bringing them to the next level!

Without any emotions in Mu Chen's eyes, he looked at Lu Kui, who was still in a daze. In a flash, he appeared on top of the Spirit of Fighting Intent, then pointed his thin finger towards Lu Kui.

The Nine Netherbird, which was formed by the Spirit of Fighting Intent, gave a loud chirp. The vast fighting spirit could be clearly felt, even from a thousand miles away, as the bird dashed out to the sky.

The wings of the bird were burning with fighting spirit. The moment it swept its wings out, a glaring light ray came shot through the void in the sky. The next moment, it appeared in mid-air above the Snake Troop. Then, like a sky sword, it poised itself at the Snake Troop forcefully.

The land cracked open immediately. Lu Kui's expression changed suddenly, and all of his hairs stood on end, as he could sense this deadly danger coming his way. He gave a loud growl, then circulated the fighting spirit of the Snake Troop furiously. Numerous light pillars emerged from the fighting spirit, rushing towards the glaring black ray in an attempt to block its offense.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

However, his defense was futile, as those fighting spirits were easily destroyed, shattering as they passed through the black ray. Finally, everyone witnessed the scene, when the black beam hit forcefully on the body of Lu Kui.


A mouthful of blood was spat from Lu Kui's mouth. He collapsed, his chest facing down, while his body was thrown out to the swamp, leaving a deep hole of about a hundred feet. For a moment, the mud could not even fill up the pothole.


The Snake Troop below suffered a similar forceful impact, as they all fainted after spitting out blood from their mouths. In an instant, the fighting spirit that was soaring in the sky dissipated. At this moment, it looked like, even if the lives of the Snake Troop could be saved, their power would still be greatly reduced!

The various forces watched blankly, as the Snake Troop was defeated with just a stroke. They did not recover from their states of dazed confusion for a long while. All of their eyes were filled with shock and wariness.

The fighting spirit of the Snake Troop was not any weaker than the Nine Nether Troop in the beginning. But, after the Spirit of Fighting Intent was cultivated, the latter achieved a crushing victory. Such a battle truly revealed the enormous gap between the two fighting spirits.

Lu Wu watched as Lu Kui and the Snake Troop suffered the defeat. His body shook uncontrollably, as he focused in on Mu Chen, his eyes surging with killing intent.

This Mu Chen was a daunting person, as he could manipulate the fighting spirit to such an extent at his young age. What if he turned out to be a fearsome threat to them in the future, when he became a war troop dispatcher?!

At that point, the entire Dragon Snake Sect would be wiped out by him instantly!

I cannot leave this endless threat behind!

This lad must die!

With killing intent surging intensively in his eyes, Lu Wu did not have any hesitation, as he darted out towards Mu Chen.

"You dare!" Nine Nether yelled fiercely, as a long, black feather sword appeared in her hand. Clenching it, she immediately beamed out behind Lu Wu.

However, Lu Wu gritted his teeth and ignored the dangerous move made by Nine Nether. With furious spiritual energy gushing out from his palms, he slapped on top of Mu Chen from behind.

Violent spiritual energy swept towards Mu Chen. The expression on Nine Nether's face changed drastically. She did not expect that Lu Wu would be so determined to kill Mu Chen, especially with the risk of sustaining critical injuries from her as punishment! Apparently, Lu Wu had realized that, if Mu Chen continued to improve on his own, he would be a dangerous threat in the future!

"Mu Chen, be careful!"

When Mu Chen heard the voice of Nine Nether, he lifted his head, just in time to meet with the killing palm accompanied by Lu Wu's full force attack. His body tightened immediately upon impact.

At this moment, he was like a cheetah, ready to pounce on his prey. A fierce radiance shot out from his eyes.

If you want to kill me, I will make sure you pay a bloody price!

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