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"But now, it's my turn to teach you how to play with the fighting spirit!"

When Lu Kui heard what Mu Chen had said, his meaty face twitched without realizing it. He laughed angrily as killing intent overflowed from his eyes. Although he was ranked third among the three clan leaders in the Dragon Snake Sect, he had his own merit, which was the talent with fighting spirit. This may not have sufficed for him to become a War Troop Dispatcher, but it was not difficult for him to control a thousand-man fighting spirit.

Judging from this standpoint, he was way better than the second clan leader Lu Wu, as the entire snake troop was controlled by Lu Kui and not the mightier Lu Wu.

The top powers who had dealt with Lu Kui before knew that despite Lu Kui only having the strength of Grade Five Sovereign, once the Snake Troop was in his control, even Lu Wu, a Grade Six Sovereign, could not belittle his power.

If Lu Kui gathered the power of the entire Snake Troop on top of his own, he could even fight it out with a Grade Six Sovereign!

The greatest benefit of controlling fighting spirit was allowing people to possess a strength that was beyond their own.

Therefore, the talented Lu Kui almost exploded like a volcano when he heard that Mu Chen wanted to teach him how to play with fighting spirit. The hideous smile on his face looked like he could almost tear Mu Chen to pieces.

The people around the peak also looked at one another as they were shocked by Mu Chen's arrogant words. Mu Chen had always been a tranquil and gentle person. The sudden contrast caught most of them by surprise.

While they were surprised, they also could not help but frown at his words. After all, Lu Kui, who had achieved significant combat results with his Snake Troop during the past few years, was not an ordinary character. At least no one dared to speak to him the way Mu Chen did.

So Mu Chen gave them the feeling that he was still young and cocky.

But Mu Chen did not really bother about what they thought. The Nine Nether fighting spirit surrounded him like strong currents. His face was still as calm as before without any surge in his eyes.

Lu Kui did have a little talent in fighting spirit, but such talent would never be able to make him a true War Troop Dispatcher, as his understanding of the fighting spirit was only at a beginner's level.

The law of the battle array was that physical control would never beat mental control.

But Lu Kui was only at the level that used physical control. This made a significant difference with Mu Chen, who had comprehended the Battle Array of Mind.

The same army with two different levels of control would have a world of difference in the amount of the fighting spirit's power that was released.

Mu Chen spread out his hands, setting out his mind unreservedly. He merged his thoughts with the roaring Nine Nether fighting spirit perfectly without any resistance.

The roaring was full of fighting spirit, but this did not hinder Mu Chen's thoughts as his mind power grew stronger with the rising fluctuations of the fighting spirit.


The pitch-black violent fighting spirit gathered and surrounded Mu Chen. Anyone could feel the fighting spirit of Nine Nether rising to higher levels.

The oppression quietly shrouded the entire area.

In Mu Chen's black eyes, a sharp radiance surged and with a glance, his palm clenched, and the fighting spirit exploded.


A gush of powerful Nine Nether fighting spirit rushed up into the sky and gathered in mid-air. As it was grouping together, the fighting spirit transformed into a gigantic black feather about 100 feet long. A glimpse of lightning flickered at the feather's tip. The black feather was charged with extremely destructive power.

As soon as the top powers saw the black feather, their eyes narrowed, and some of the Grade Five Sovereigns even had a slight change in their expressions as they could sense the intense threat from the black feather.


Mu Chen lowered his gaze slightly and snapped his fingers. The black feather pierced through space in an instant like a sword. With an incomparable fierceness, it swung itself forcefully towards the snake troop. 


The ground below cracked deeply even though the feather sword had not landed.

"I would like to see how a lad like you could teach me how to use fighting spirit?!"

Lu Kui could feel the sharp and chilly fighting spirit exuded from the black feather sword, but he was not fearful at all. Instead, he let out hideous laughter and yelled, "Snake Troop!"


Below him, the Snake Troop's dark gray fighting spirit erupted with killing roars. With both of his fists tightly clenched, the fighting spirit gathered madly, forming a huge and appalling dark gray snake halbert. The coldness emitted by the halbert caused the temperature to drop by a few degrees.

"Snake Demon Halbert!"

As Lu Kui stomped his foot, the halbert twisted like a snake. With a jump, it tore the space apart and the next moment, it collided head-on with the black feather sword.

Mighty power rippled in the sky. The space continued to twist and turn as both torrent-like energies wrestled and tried to swallow each other.

Everyone was staring into the vortex above.

They were surprised, as the Nine Nether fighting spirit seemed to have the upper hand after the collision. Within that fighting spirit, thunder seemed to roar, and the cold energy from the Snake Troop fighting spirit could not penetrate it at all.


The wrestling did not go on for long before the Snake Demon Halbert was shattered into pieces. The black feather dimmed greatly as apparently, the shattering of the halbert consumed a substantial amount of energy. This was why it was quickly shattered by a hand wave from Lu Kui, as it tried to carry the remaining power to attack him.

But Lu Kui looked dismayed. Anyone could see that the Nine Nether fighting spirit had a slight upper hand in the previous engagement.

"Is this the fighting spirit you wanted to teach me? That's not very impressive," Lu Kui said with a sullen face.

As the words came out, numerous people pouted as they could see the situation for themselves. The offense had caused a significant threat to Lu Kui, but he refused to admit it.

On the other hand, some people were secretly still wary of Mu Chen, as previously they thought he was just talking big. But now, this young man proved he really had an amazing talent for fighting spirit, and could not be belittled even though he was young.

Mu Chen heard what Lu Kui said, but he gave only a faint smile before he closed his eyes and spread out both his hands.


The vast power of the Nine Nether fighting spirit began to surge again. The strong fighting spirit shook, and finally beamed into light rays and shot towards the sky.

The light rays gathered and formed even more black feather swords.

These swords were as strong as the first one, and even the top powers let out a cold breath as more than a dozen swords gathered around.

One black feather sword had already caught Lu Kui off guard. If a dozen of them were to attack, even a Grade Six Sovereign would be extremely vexed!

"How did he manage to control the fighting spirit to such an extent?" Some top powers could not believe it. It was not easy for an ordinary commander to circulate the fighting spirit to such a level.

At a higher altitude, Nine Nether and Lu Wu watched as the former gave a smile, while the latter looked dismayed. He said coldly, "Looks like we have underestimated both of you. The kid has concealed his talent well. No wonder you were not anxious about it."


While the land was full of exclamations, Mu Chen did not hesitate as he swung his sleeves. Dozens of huge black feather swords shot out lightning fast towards Lu Kui.

The look now on Lu Kui's face was extremely stern. Although he was equally shocked by Mu Chen's ability in circulating the fighting spirit, he had to block the deadly offense first.

At this point in time, Lu Kui had to admit that Mu Chen was better than he was at comprehending the fighting spirit. At least, he knew that he would not be able to multiply the Snake Demon Halbert in numbers as easily as Mu Chen had.

"Snake Demon Shield!"

Lu Kui's hand formation changed quickly. He yelled, and the fighting spirit of the Snake Troop started to fluctuate. The fluctuations eventually turned into a dark gray light shield with massive silhouettes of dark gray snakes gliding around the shield, giving out enormous spiritual energy fluctuations.

Just when the shield was formed, the black feather swords tore through the void and blasted out mercilessly.


The crisp, clear sound could be heard, and ripples on the shield could be seen every time the black feather swords hit and burst on the Snake Demon Shield.

But as each feather sword burst, the snakes on the shields gave out a screeching sound, and the shield started to fluctuate rapidly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sounds of the broken feather swords continued one after another. When the final feather sword burst, the shield finally broke into pieces, revealing Lu Kui's hideous face.


Lu Kui faced the last round of attacks by the feather swords with a hideous look. He did not step back, but he gathered all his vast fighting spirit on his fist. With all the power and might gathered together, he punched the last feather sword.


The power punch not only burst the space but also shattered the feather sword, which could give severe injuries to a Grade Five Sovereign, into pieces!

All of the top powers exclaimed loudly as Lu Kui was, indeed, a formidable character.

Using one fist to burst the feather sword, Lu Kui seemed to have reached his maximum. He threw a stare at Mu Chen and gave an ugly laugh. "Ignorant lad, you think you can beat me?!"

Mu Chen looked at the imposing Lu Kui without any panic. Instead, he smiled with interest and nodded slightly. With a cold breath, he muttered, "Come out…"

As his voice was softly projected, the Nine Nether fighting spirit started to rage again behind him. Within the raging fighting spirit, it seemed like something was breaking out of its shell.

A strange sense of fluctuation started to spread.

Lu Kui was the first to feel this fluctuation. His imposing stance disappeared almost in an instant. His hideous face turned pale, and his eyes were full of fear when he looked deeply into the raging fighting spirit. All his hair stood on end as if he had seen a ghost.

"How could this be possible?!"

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