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When the Big Hunting War was about to commence, the sky in the entire North Territory was gloomy and filled with dark clouds. The top powers in the North Territory could sense the foreshadowing of upcoming killings, lingering in the air ominously.

The various forces were shuddering under such a daunting atmosphere. Even the strongest forces among them felt uneasy. This trepidation was caused by the stronger forces having been divided out in the Big Hunting Wars.

Back then, not even the founders could escape from the cruel Meteorfall Battlefield. Eventually they had all perished. Hence, not even top powers, such as Earthly Sovereigns, were immune to the cruelty of the wars. In fact, due to their knowing how dangerous the war would be, it made it that much more surprising that none of the top powers had chosen to resist and withdraw from it.

Speaking of dangers, in the Meteorfall Battlefield, there was something that even the top forces could not resist: the Spiritual Deity Liquid. Although these overlords already had amazing power already, even such that could almost destroy the earth, everyone still thrived to reach higher and higher levels.

However, increasing their strength, even by a little, was nearly impossible. As such, the Spiritual Deity Liquid, which could be found on the Meteorfall Battlefield, was well-known to aid the advancement in levels. Naturally, this made it an irresistible attraction to the Earthly Sovereigns.

In the past, some of the Earthly Sovereigns from the other territories had been envious of those who possessed this treasure. So, they had attempted to seize the Spiritual Deity Liquid from the Meteorfall Battlefield. However, all of the top forces in the North Territory joined together to expel them completely from the region.

Ever since that day, the most significant reason for Earthly Sovereigns to join forces in the North Territory is due to the Spiritual Deity Liquid. Therefore, just before every Big Hunting War starts, the oppressing atmosphere surrounding it would linger in the entire North Territory. This was due to everyone's anticipating the intense eruption of life and death matches that were certain to take place soon.

The top powers that possessed the strength of Earthly Sovereigns could not even be sure of their escaping from such carnage. Even thinking about the disruptive battles, much less actually fighting in them, would bring fear to the heart of anyone!

In the Northwest region of North Territory, Daluotian. Nine Nether Palace.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether stood in the main hall. The Nine Nether Troops entered into the hall, clad in their black armor. Their appearance was like a huge, black wave, sweeping over the entire square.

A sense of stern fighting spirit was eluding from the warriors' bodies. The spiritual energy that was presently fluctuating around them seemed to be united, as if it were one tyrannical force.

The entire square remained quiet at this time. All eyes were fixed on the two figures standing at the main hall.

While everyone was looking at him and Nine Nether, Mu Chen looked down quietly, remaining silent. The long black robe complemented his well-built body, and he seemed to be relaxed and calm.

After having gone through so many hardships and tribulations for more than a year, the last innocence that previously could be found on the young man's face had now disappeared entirely. Instead, he had replaced it with a more mature, calm, and composed disposition.

Nine Nether was standing right beside Mu Chen. She wore close-fitting black armor that wrapped around her body, outlining her curvy figure. Her long legs could cause a rush in the bloodstream of any man. She possessed a wild charm on her cold face, one that could trigger anyone's desire to conquer her.

Right behind them, Tang Bing and Tang Rou stood. Behind them, a crowd of people, who were not participating in the war, had gathered.


The still silence did not last for long, as the bell, full of fighting spirit, rang suddenly.. At that moment, the vast amount of killing desires within the whole realm skyrocketed, surging forth from all directions.

In the next moment, the sound of the breaking wind picked up, and dark clouds rushed up into the sky, casting shadows over the entire area. Those dark clouds rose above the mass of troops, who were filled with strong fighting spirit and ready to launch into war.

"Everyone, listen to my command. Set off!"

As soon as the overwhelming fighting spirit filled the air, the awe-inspiring voice of Mandela could be heard.


The sky seemed to be blown apart by the mighty army, who then turned into countless shadows, before flitting across the sky, like a swarm of locusts, heading towards the boundary of Daluotian.

Nine Nether turned to Tang Bing and said, "I entrust the palace to you."

"Sister Nine Nether, you all have to be careful. We will be waiting for your victorious return."

Tang Bing and Tang Rou both nodded, as they knew how terrifying the Big Hunting War was. Even a top force like the Daluo Territory was in danger of being wiped out completely. No one could guarantee anything, nor know what to expect.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether both looked at each other, then gently nodded. Mu Chen raised his palm, then waved it down. His eyes were looking sharply ahead.

"Nine Nether Troop, listen to my command! Set off!"

Mu Chen and Nine Nether took the lead, flitting forward in a beam of light. Right below them, the troop skyrocketed forward as well, sweeping out like a sea of dark clouds to follow behind.

The mighty army stormed out from the headquarters, before it finally passed through the Daluo Territory. The top powers all stopped and watched as they passed.

As the mighty troop passed through the city, there were occasionally a few other smaller troops that would join in en route. These were the affiliates around the Daluo region. With their participation, the army had become even more vast and mighty.

Dark clouds continued to cast shadows over the entire space, and a palpable fighting spirit overwhelmed all. Wherever the troop passed, the other top powers watched with fear, as the fighting spirit that the army exuded was incredibly overpowering.

As they watched, these onlookers did not dare activate any spiritual energy, just in case it would offend these warriors, thus sparking a war with offensive strikes! Also, in front of this overpowering army, anyone ranked lower than an Earthly Sovereign would not dare to block their way.

While the army of the Daluo Territory made their way to battle, other vast armies, each of which were carrying overwhelming fighting spirit, also swept across the sky. Their progress was like a gusty wind, approaching from all directions, representing the different regions of the North Territory.

The entire North Territory was shaken by force. The shadows seemed to be foretelling of something ominous to come. It appeared to be just like one of the scenes from a movie, when the world is coming to an end.

Some of the weaker ones, those who had escaped this war, felt lucky, yet also envious, as they watched from the sidelines. They were fortunate to have avoided this war, yet they envied the stronger ones, who were deemed worthy and brave enough for this war. 

But, regardless of whether being a part of it was fortunate or a curse, the most terrifying Big Hunting War in the North Territory was about to begin at this very moment!

In the land, in the extreme west region of the North Territory.

Compared with the prosperity of the other areas in the North Territory, the land in the west was much more desolate. Some peaks stood off by themselves, kept company only by the occasional roaring of nearby wild beasts. This lonely pairing only served to make the entire scene feel even more remote and isolated.

Within the entire area, a sense of coldness seemed to be enveloping the space. It was an intense coldness, one that could chill to the bone. Even the spiritual energy that it eluded had an icy undertone.

Voices of the killings seemed to come from somewhere far, yet the place was empty, as if it was a ghost town. As one gazed even farther and deeper into the land, the earth started to reveal its ugly side, exposing a deep crack that stretched hundreds of thousands of feet, which had torn open the ground.

The crack was endlessly deep. It was dark at the bottom, as though it was the opening to the netherworld. The chilling wind gushed out from the crack constantly, as if the crack were a barrier that was separating the inner world from the outside world.

On the other side of the crack, a grey aura filled the air, while many sharp and pathetic screams could be heard. The entire surrounding felt as if there were armies that were battling life and death within it.

This was the setting of the Meteorfall battlefield, the forbidden land in the North Territory. Countless top powers had come here to seek treasures, but none of them had come out alive. And, today, this would be the most eye-catching place in the entire North Territory!

Shoo! Shoo!

There was an overwhelming breaking sound of the wind, shredding the grey sky apart. In the far distance, figures were seen approaching, swooping towards the area like a swarm of locusts. Eventually, they covered up the whole area, as almost all of the elites from the entire North Territory had come to gather at this battlefield. The majestic spiritual energy that roared at this moment had blown off the cold wind that had previously pervaded the entire Meteorfall Battlefield.

Meanwhile, in the region just outside the battlefield, the army from the Daluo Territory had arrived, and now occupied a massive area of about a thousand miles. Some of the remaining forces fled upon seeing the amassed troops. They did not dare get in the way of such a strong and powerful army!

Mu Chen stood on a peak quietly, while Mandela, the Third Prince, and the rest of the lords stood in front of him. They were all looking ahead of them, waiting for their commands.

On the land filled with cracks, the black current that was blowing out from it had weakened visibly. Thus, the barrier of the Meteorfall Battlefield was also turning weak rapidly!

Between the heavens and the earth, various top powers watched the scene quietly. They knew that, at the very moment that the black storm dissipated, it would mark the official opening of the Big Hunting War.

The moment came very quickly. In fact, ten minutes was all it took before the black storm has dissipated entirely.

When the storm disappeared, Mu Chen seemed to hear the sudden roar of the fighting spirit thunder forth from between the heavens and the earth. Mandela, still at the forefront, gently lifted her little hand, then slowly let it down.

"Let the war begin!"

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