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The golden light between heaven and earth gradually dispersed. When the golden light had completely disappeared, the pressure emanating from Mu Chen's body totally vanished as well. When he looked down at his chest, he could not help but be astonished.

Visible on his chest was a mini-sized real dragon that swam around under Mu Chen's skin. The dragon looked so real, like it was a living thing. It really looked as if there were a real dragon contained within Mu Chen's body.

Mu Chen's face showed surprise, as he never thought that the original dragon symbol would evolve into this state upon activation. He could even faintly sense that this mini real dragon contained a tremendous power within it.

His gaze softened as he formed a vague intention toward the mini real dragon. The mini real dragon then actually followed his intention and quickly swam to his fist. With his five fingers gripped tightly, he punched out.


When the fist punched out, the whole heaven and earth resonated with a loud dragon's cry. The space ahead was directly shattered into obvious cracks by Mu Chen's extremely casual punch. 


When Mu Chen saw this, he couldn't resist lightly breathing in a mouth of cool air. The punch was again casual, and he merely used the mini dragon slightly. Never could he have thought that it would release such a shocking destructive force.

After activating the Dragon-Phoenix Real Spirit, he had become much more powerful than before.


Nine Nether's figure appeared in front of Mu Chen. With astonishment, she looked at the mini real dragon that swam back to Mu Chen's chest while her eyebrows slightly lifted. She also possessed the Divine Beast's Constitution, so she could faintly sense the majestic aura emanating from the mini real dragon...

...that came from the most genuine bloodline of a real dragon.

Mu Chen sensed the real dragon swimming on his chest, then with a slight change of expression he told Nine Nether, "Attack me once."

Nine Nether threw a suspicious look at Mu Chen but did not question him further. She flicked her long fingers, and a sharp piece of cloth swept out horizontally like an electric light, shooting toward Mu Chen's chest as swift as lightning.

Facing Nine Nether's attack, Mu Chen did not take any defensive stance. Even the spiritual energy on the surface of his body was put away, allowing the cloth with spiritual energy to smash his body.


However, the moment the cloth contacted Mu Chen's body, the real dragon that was swimming around his chest let out a deep and low-pitched cry. Then it opened its mouth and swallowed the cloth all at once.

After swallowing that cloth with spiritual energy, the real dragon's spirit merely trembled once before recovering and quietly swimming beneath Mu Chen's skin again.

Nine Nether witnessed what happened and was surprised, of course.

Mu Chen on the other hand, could not resist curving his mouth and laughing. This real dragon's spirit not only granted him enormous strength but also possessed an owner-protection ability. The strong defensive power may not lose to even the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor. If Mu Chen summoned the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor again, together with his own body's defensive power, attacking him meaningfully with these three layers of defense would be challenging even for a Grade Five Sovereign.

If he had managed to activate the Dragon-Phoenix True Spirit during the battle with Qiu Taiyin a month ago, he would not have been forced to hide inside the sovereign celestial body to arrange a spiritual array for a counter attack.

"What have you been cultivating?" Nine Nether finally could not resist asking this question. Mu Chen now looked more like a Divine Beast than she did.

Mu Chen gave a hollow laugh. He did not hide anything from Nine Nether and told her about the Dragon-Phoenix Scripture.

After listening to what Mu Chen said, Nine Nether felt a little speechless. But she immediately knit her eyebrows while staring at the real dragon's spirit swimming around Mu Chen's chest and said, "If you ever meet any person from the dragon and phoenix clan in the future, do not simply let them discover that your body contains the real dragon real phoenix's spirit…"


"The Dragon Clan and Phoenix Clan are considered one of the top clans among the Divine Beasts Clan. Their power is on par with the Primordial God Clan who have been hiding in total seclusion. A real dragon real phoenix is considered to be a figure standing at the highest pinnacle within these two clans. Thus, if they found out that your body contains the real dragon real phoenix spirit, they might unreasonably take action by forcefully extracting it from you," Nine Nether said.

Mu Chen's expression slightly changed. He obviously did not think that the Dragon Clan and Phoenix Clan would be unreasonable to that extent. However, luckily, the real dragon real phoenix within his body was currently too weak, so it should not attract the Dragon Clan and Phoenix Clan's attention. As for the time when the real dragon real phoenix spirit has been cultivated to the highest level, Mu Chen by then would no longer be a small character that anyone could bully.

"I will take note of that." Mu Chen nodded.

Nine Nether's charming face became slightly relaxed. Just when she was about to speak, suddenly there was a loud bell-ringing sound that rang throughout the Daluotian. That bell sounded urgent and carried a murderous aura.

When Mu Chen and Nine Nether heard the sound of the bell, their gazes became more focused before looking toward the direction of the inner part of Daluotian. They knew that this was the bell that signaled the start of a meeting between various lords. At the same time, it also signified the start of the war.

"War is about to start."

Daluotian Main Hall.

The main hall had a heavy atmosphere. The Dominator of Daluo, the third prince, ten lords, and even those lords of subordinate parties with relatively stronger power had all gathered within the main hall. This level of standard was considered the highest within the continent of Daluotian. It was obvious to see how serious the Continent of Daluotian was about the Big Hunting War. Going full throttle was not an understatement.

Mu Chen sat on the stone seat in the main hall. On his right was Nine Nether, and along the road upward were the remaining various lords. At a higher place was the third prince and Mandela, who overlooked the whole place from the highest position.

The last time he participated in this meeting of lords, Mu Chen could only follow Nine Nether, standing behind her like her bodyguard. However, as he had now managed to become one of the lords in the Continent of Daluotian, he deserved the same level of treatment.

Inside the main hall, the atmosphere was heavy and depressing. On the main seat, Mandela stood at the highest point, looking at everyone. A tender voice said bluntly, "Seven days from now, Meteorfall Battlefield's Spiritual Energy Windstorm will fall to its weakest state. At that time, the Big Hunting War will officially begin."

Although everyone was already prepared, when they heard this speech, their gazes still trembled. Facing a cruel war like the Big Hunting War, even if they were the top forces of the northern Continent of Daluotian, they still could not look down on others.

Mandela waved her little hands and spiritual lights immediately rushed out to form a huge and complicated Spiritual Energy Light Map in mid-air. Looking at the geography, it was the Meteorfall Battlefield on that map. However, a large portion of the map belonged to the dark region, which was probably at an unknown location.

"Due to the existence of Meteorfall Battlefield's Spiritual Energy Windstorm, every time it is opened, the landscape inside will have a significant change. Thus, the previous maps that we are familiar with will most likely lose their function. Upon entering the Meteorfall Battlefield, the geographic landscape will depend on your own exploration.

"Our Daluotian Continent Army will enter from the northwest region of Meteorfall Battlefield. After entering, the army will be scattered around. Each of you will lead an army into the deep parts of Meteorfall Battlefield to search for relics and snatch the Meteorfall Alchemy."

"Meteorfall Alchemy?" Mu Chen was curious about this. Apparently, the term Meteorfall Alchemy was unknown to him.

"Due to the special condition of Meteorfall Battlefield, any masters who have fallen inside will have their Sovereign Sea refined by the wind for ages. It will lastly form the so-called Meteorfall Alchemy. This Meteorfall Alchemy is very beneficial for cultivation, and it is a vital object to break the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure." Nine Nether's voice gently transmitted from the side to clear up Mu Chen's confusion.

"Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasures are in the places where the Earthly Sovereigns died. However, the places of death of those level of masters are hidden very secretively. Also, they are protected by the Meteorfall Battlefield's array where even Earthly Sovereigns cannot forcefully destroy it. The only solution is to use the Meteorfall Alchemy to break it apart because the energy within Meteorfall Alchemy comes from the same source as the Meteorfall Battlefield.

"So, snatching the Meteorfall Alchemy is the first and most crucial step of the Big Hunting War. Every party will fight to snatch the Meteorfall Alchemy.

"In order to use the fastest speed to snatch the most Meteorfall Alchemy, splitting into small groups is the only way. Otherwise, a large army sweeping toward one direction will only waste our strength unnecessarily."

Mu Chen massaged his forehead and smiled bitterly. This Big Hunting War was really troublesome. Since this Meteorfall Alchemy was so important, the competition later would then be extremely brutal.

Mandala's golden pupils looked at the ten lords as she said with a deep voice, "Once we enter the Meteorfall Battlefield, the third prince and myself will first head toward the inner part of the battlefield to search for the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure. Therefore, the mission of snatching the Meteorfall Alchemy will be passed along to all of you.

"I don't care how you all normally compete with each other for obtaining resources, but this time, I hope everyone can put any gratitudes, grudges, and differences aside to help one another. You can't depend on individual strength to bring back enough Meteorfall Alchemy to our rendezvous. And without enough Meteorfall Alchemy, we will have no other method of breaking apart an Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure. By then, we would have practically failed, and you all should know the price to be paid for that.

"This stage of snatching the Meteorfall Alchemy will have to depend on your collective strength because at that time, I, myself, and even the third prince will not be able to provide any form of assistance to you all. We need to monitor the highest tiered powers from other parties to prevent them from going against you."

Mandela's golden pupils gave off a huge pressure and aura, and all the lords who looked at them could not help but nod with respect.

Mandela looked at the situation, waved her small hands, and ten streams of light rays shot out, landing in front of the ten lords. The light rays dispersed into ten green bronze mirrors. In each mirror, there was blinking spiritual light.

"These are the enchanted mirrors. When faced with grave danger, drip your fresh blood onto one of them. Others will be able to sense your location from this and proceed to provide assistance. By then, the rendezvous will also be informed through these mirrors.

Mu Chen and the rest nodded as they received and kept the enchanted mirrors.

After Mandela finished her briefing, she stood up. What appeared to be a small body was giving off a pressure that caused all the masters to not dare to look at her. Those golden eyes had a majestic feel to them.

"Then, for Daluotian to remain the pinnacle of the northern region after this Big Hunting War…

"Everyone, let's fight!"

Inside the main hall, all the masters stood up with a passionate gaze in their eyes and heightened fighting spirit.


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