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For the next ten days, Mu Chen did not set foot out of Nine Nether Palace. He withdrew from everyone and went into the cultivation chamber for his practice.

After hearing news of Luo Li, he knew that he was not working hard enough and not progressing as he should. Compared to Luo Li, he had not done enough.

He was far from fulfilling the promise he had made to Luo Li. He must not relax and be content.

He had to be stronger!

As Mu Chen drew into himself for his cultivation, news about him spread in North Territory. The top powers in North Territory were shocked to learn that so many years after the Dragon-Phoenix Rift had started, someone had finally stepped onto the tenth step of the Dragon-Phoenix Step. No one had ever done it before.

They were even more stunned when they discovered that Mu Chen was only a Grade Three Sovereign. He had not only defeated Liu Yan, but he had also fought with the Prince of Netherworld.

Every time after the Dragon-Phoenix Rift finished, there would be changes to the Dragon-Phoenix Record. It was the same for this round. Mu Chen, the dark horse, had caught the attention of the people.

Whether he had defeated Liu Yan, contended with the Prince of Netherworld, or had stepped onto the tenth step of the Dragon-Phoenix Step, any of these was enough to make him famous among the younger generation in North Territory.

After the assessment of many top powers, they changed the Dragon-Phoenix Record. Mu Chen replaced Liu Yan, who had been ranked number three. He had overtaken Su Biyue, Snapper, and the other younger top powers who had been listed in the Dragon-Phoenix Record.

The Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi had maintained their rankings. The two of them had displayed great strength that could suppress the other top powers. Even Mu Chen could barely contend with the Prince of Netherworld.

Cai Xiao's performance was the most outstanding in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift. She was like a myth. After the Dragon-Phoenix Rift had ended, she left North Territory immediately. As she was not from North Territory, her name did not appear in the Dragon-Phoenix Record. However, those younger top powers who had participated in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift would never forget her. She was astoundingly beautiful. She was like a queen who was beyond one's reach. Even Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld were way beneath her.

When Cai Xiao revealed who she was at the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, the top forces in North Territory had been taken aback. Even the Divine Pavilion dared not take it lightly when they knew that she was the daughter of the Flame Emperor. Only people of their level knew how powerful the Endless Fire Territory was in the Great Thousand World.

As the Divine Pavilion and Netherworld Palace recalled that fact, they must have been fearful. Fortunately, Cai Xiao had won when she fought with Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld. If she had been defeated and injured by them, the Endless Fire Territory would have been enraged. That would have been detrimental for them.

As they thought about it, the top forces in North Territory were upset. They were superior in North Territory, but now they were troubled. If they had hurt someone and brought calamity upon themselves…

One could not blame them for having such thoughts. The Endless Fire Territory was extremely powerful and terrifying.

After Mu Chen had been ranked number three in the Dragon-Phoenix Record, the fervor in Daluo Territory gradually died down. Another big event had taken over the people's interest.

It was the Ceremony of Bestowing Lordship.

This big event gained the attention of the top powers in Daluo Territory more than the Dragon-Phoenix Rift. The Ceremony of Bestowing Lordship was closely linked to their personal gains.

Daluo Territory was a large territory, and there were many top powers. They were extremely strict. The Dominator called the shots in Daluo Territory. There were three kings, nine lords, and many commanders, dukes, and other affiliated forces. As one's title was enhanced, his resources and status would be enhanced as well.

The three kings were extremely powerful. They had to be at least Grade Seven Sovereigns before they could become kings. Not many in Daluo Territory were qualified.

Many people were envious of the lordship. As a lord, he could form his own army. Every year, he would receive a large amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid from Daluo Territory. He might be given some cities to take charge of. When he fought with other forces, the spoils that he had to hand over would be much less than what the other dukes and affiliated forces had to give up. That was the reason many top powers were eyeing the title of the lordship.

However, one had to be a Grade Five Sovereign in order to be a lord. Nine Nether was an exception. She was from the Nine Netherbird Clan. Even Mandela was wary of the established divine beast race, thus Nine Nether had been given special treatment.

The other top powers could only depend on their strength to fight for the lordship.

The Ceremony of Bestowing Lordship was the time to confer the title of lord, and it carried much weight in Daluo Territory.

While some in North Territory were still in shock over Mu Chen's ranking in the Dragon-Phoenix Record, the top powers in Daluo Territory had turned their attention to the oncoming Ceremony of Bestowing Lordship.

Once they became lord, their status in Daluo Territory would be greatly enhanced.

The Ceremony of Bestowing Lordship was finally taking place, and the top powers had waited eagerly for it.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

This day was the liveliest day that year in Daluo Territory. Many shadows whizzed across the horizon and appeared in Daluo Territory.

The guards were stricter, and the armies of the lords helped to maintain order to prevent riots. They would not want to bring disgrace to Daluo Territory.

From the look of it, the Ceremony of Bestowing Lordship was the most popular event in Daluo Territory. All of the top powers were interested in it. Everyone was eager to find out who would become the tenth lord in Daluo Territory.

In Nine Nether Palace.

Two ladies were standing outside the cultivation chamber. The one standing in front was Nine Nether, with Tang Bing standing behind her.

Tang Bing looked at the cultivation chamber that was shut and said, "The Ceremony of Bestowing Lordship is about to start. He is still not out yet."

Nine Nether was calm and said with a smile, "We must be well-prepared. To become the tenth lord is not an easy task."

"Ha, it has not been easy for me to get more than 20,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid for him. If he fails in this mission, I want him to pay me back." Tang Bing felt the pinch and snorted. She was the Chief Steward of Nine Nether Palace, and she was in charge of all the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Nine Nether had taken 20,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid from her and given them to Mu Chen.

"You are a miser. Don't worry, he is worth investing in." Nine Nether laughed. She touched Tang Bing's face and teased her. "You can invest yourself in him as well. You will have good returns."

"Sister!" Tang Bing blushed and became shy. She usually looked cold and dignified in Nine Nether Palace. It was rare to see her behaving in such a feminine manner.

"Who wants to invest in me?" At that moment, the door of the cultivation chamber opened. Mu Chen laughed and stepped out. He smiled at the two beautiful ladies.

Tang Bing looked at Mu Chen, and she blushed even more. After sizing him up, she raised her brows and said, "Have you not broken through?"

The Spiritual Energy around Mu Chen was more condensed, but he was still a Grade Three Sovereign. He had not broken through to Grade Four Sovereign as Tang Bing had expected.

Mu Chen found it funny and at the same time annoying. He said, "Who do you think I am? All I have to do is withdraw into practice, and I will be able to break through?"

Tang Bing blushed and muttered, "So much Sovereign Spiritual Liquid has been wasted."

Mu Chen glanced at her and gave a helpless look.

Nine Nether walked around Mu Chen with her eyes glittering. She was sharper than Tang Bing. She could sense that the spiritual energy in Mu Chen's body was in abundance, and he had intentionally suppressed something.

"It seems like you have gained much," Nine Nether said with a smile.

Mu Chen simply smiled and stretched. He looked up at the sky outside Nine Nether Palace. He could sense a large spiritual energy fluctuation in the area.

"This is indeed the most popular event in Daluo Territory," Mu Chen said in shock. This was the first time ever since he stepped into Daluo Territory that so many top powers had gathered together.

"Are you ready?" Nine Nether smiled and looked at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen took a deep breath. He looked solemn and nodded. The strengths of Qin Zhong from Tianluo City and Qiu Taiyin from the Ghost Clan were comparable to the Prince of Netherworld.

If Mu Chen wanted to become the tenth lord, it would be a fierce battle.

Regardless of what would happen, he would never back out.

Mu Chen lifted up his head and thought of Luo Li. He clenched his fists and walked out.

"Let's go."

He must become the tenth lord.

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