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When Mu Chen returned to the Daluo Territory, they had a great celebration. The entire Daluo Territory knew of his performance at the Dragon-Phoenix Rift. He had brought much glory to the Daluo Territory!

Throughout the years, although the Daluo Territory had been a top force in the North Territory, the younger generation had still come in last among the top forces. It was especially so during the year when the young geniuses had been killed by the geniuses of Netherworld Palace, at the moment they had entered the Dragon-Phoenix Rift. It had brought shame to the Daluo Territory. In fact, they had refrained from participating in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift ever since.

So, when Mandela announced to the top levels that she would be sending Mu Chen to take part in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, they had understandably felt uncomfortable about it, although they did not say a word. They knew that Mu Chen had great potential, but compared to the geniuses of the North Territory in the Dragon-Phoenix Record, he was beneath them.

Only a few people were supportive of Mu Chen at first. Most of them had not yet overcome the past trauma of the shame that had been brought upon them. Regardless of what the others thought, however, Mu Chen had indeed made it to the Dragon-Phoenix Rift.

The entire Daluo Territory then received stunning news. Mu Chen had defeated Liu Yan and fought with the Prince of Netherworld! He had stepped onto the tenth step of the Dragon-Phoenix Steps, and he had successfully obtained the most precious inheritance in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift. Mu Chen of the Daluo Territory had surpassed all the other well-known younger geniuses!

The entire Daluo Territory was in an uproar. Those top levels, who had initially been doubtful of Mu Chen, were at a complete loss for words. Although they found it hard to believe, they had to admit that Mu Chen, whom they had not valued, was now a rising star in the North Territory. Surely, he would soon become a prominent figure.

During the celebration, the people of Nine Nether Palace were extremely excited. They were clearly very proud of Mu Chen.

Mu Chen had followed Nine Nether to Nine Nether Palace and become their commander. He was outstanding, and had renewed a joy and vitality to Nine Nether Palace that had been suppressed for a long time. No one in the Daluo Territory would dare to look down on Nine Nether Palace any more!

The celebration continued for two days, before the excitement gradually died down. Afterwards, Mu Chen finally could return to Nine Nether Palace to rest. He found the celebration more tiring and tougher to handle than even the killings and combats that he had faced in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift!

The moon was hanging brightly over Nine Nether Palace. Mu Chen lay on the roof, looking lazily at the moon in the sky. As the cool breeze swept past his tense body, he slowly started to relax. The smell of blood in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift thankfully started to fade away as well.

Mu Chen gazed at the moon and thought of a beautiful lady with long hair. Her cold look had been deeply carved in his heart. It made his heart throb. This beauty was Luo Li.

"How have you been?" Mu Chen muttered. Since they had parted, he had gone into the dangerous Great Thousand World and fought many battles. He had placed himself into many near-death battles, just to fulfill his promise to her.

He had promised her that, one day, he would become a matchless master, then walk beside her on the Spiritual Road. He would stand before her, like a knight, and protect her. He would overcome all obstacles for her.

He was doing these things for his mother as well. These two women were the most important people in his life. No matter how tough the road to becoming a matchless master was, he would not back out.

He needed to be powerful in order to protect them. Mu Chen squinted his eyes, then slowly relaxed the grasp in his palms.

"You look so carefree."

Mu Chen heard sounds of laughter and opened his eyes. He saw Nine Nether standing beside him, smiling. As the moonlight shone on her, she looked captivating. Mu Chen curled up his lips lazily as a response.

"I have two pieces of news that might interest you." Nine Nether sat gracefully beside Mu Chen. Her voluptuous figure and the scent from her body caused one to be aroused.

"The first piece of news is that I have gathered all of the information about Qin Zhong and Qiu Taiyin." Nine Nether smiled. She had a close relationship with Mu Chen, so she was the first to know about Mandela's plan for him to become the tenth lord.

When Mu Chen heard this, he looked up lazily. He did not seem too interested in this piece of news.

When Nine Nether saw this, she continued and said with a smile, "Another piece of news comes from the Western Kingdom."

"The Western Kingdom?" Mu Chen was stunned and quickly sat up.

He was pleasantly surprised and looked at Nine Nether. The Luo God Clan was in the Western Kingdom! Nine Nether was obviously about to tell him about Luo Li.

"The Western Kingdom is far away from the Tianluo Continent. If it wasn't for our special connections, I would not be able to get this piece of news. I have paid a high price to get it." Nine Nether looked at Mu Chen and smiled. She teased him and asked, "Are you interested in this news?"

Mu Chen touched his nose and smiled sheepishly.

When Nine Nether saw it, she stopped teasing him and said, "According to the information that I have received, the Blood God Clan in the Western Kingdom has increased their attacks drastically. The two clans have fought many times, causing much bloodshed. Many have been killed and injured."

"Your girlfriend seems to be doing well. After she returned to the Luo God Clan, she did not sit around with the royals, but led her elite army to guard the border. Since then, she has fought many battles with the Blood God Clan." Nine Nether spoke with admiration for her.

When Mu Chen heard this, his expression changed. The Luo God Clan and the Blood God Clan were more powerful than the Daluo Territory. There would be many masters in the war. Even Sovereigns were nothing in comparison. Luo Li had put herself in grave danger by leading this army.

"She has done it right," Nine Nether glanced at Mu Chen and said flatly. "The royal families in the Luo God Clan seem to be in a mess. If Luo Tianshen had not held the fort, the Clan would have been scattered. Although Luo Li is a distinguished figure, she is still young. She has personally led the army to fight the enemy, which is good training ground for her. The army's morale will be boosted, and she can enhance her status in Luo God Clan, thus winning the support of her people and the senior statesmen."

"Furthermore, the outcome has proven that she has done the right thing. Within this year, she has continuously led the elite army of the Luo God Clan to attack the Blood God Clan. Her people have been cheering for her, especially the top powers in the younger generation. With the support of Luo Tianshen, she will soon become the next queen of the Luo God Clan."

"The Luo God Clan will then rise up again, under her leadership." Nine Nether let out a breath and said, "It is not easy for her. She has done well."

After hearing what Nine Nether said, Mu Chen looked up at the moon. He breathed in the cold air and shut his eyes.

He seemed to hear the sounds of fighting in the air. People swirled all over from the heavens and the earth, clashing against one another. Fresh blood and spiritual energy were bursting out. The entire heavens and earth were shaking.

A girl was holding her long sword on a hill in the battlefield. Her long hair was blowing in the wind, and she was looking at the sea of dead bodies. She looked frail amid the battlefield that was filled with such immense killing intent.

Mu Chen opened his eyes. His heart ached as he thought of the scene. When he had entered into The Great Thousand World, Luo Li, who had returned to the Luo God Clan, had not been able to enjoy peace. The danger and pressure that she had to go through had far surpassed him.

Every time he went through near-death battles, Luo Li might be leading the army to fight an earth-shattering battle with the Blood God Clan. She knew that Mu Chen would work hard for the promise that he had made to her. Even if he encountered any perilous situation, given his stubborn character, she knew that he would not back out. She was working hard as well, as she knew that, by doing so, she was relieving him of some pressure.

She was not someone who would simply sit and wait patiently for him, doing nothing. She would not just look at Mu Chen from afar, feeling sorry for him as he struggled on the path towards the matchless master. However, as she did these things for him, Mu Chen's heart ached for her.

"I am still not powerful enough…" Mu Chen muttered. When he felt that he was trying hard enough, he had forgotten that, somewhere faraway, a girl was working extremely hard to take some pressure off of him.

"Don't worry, Luo Li. I will definitely keep my promise."

Mu Chen grasped his fists and looked unstoppable. The laziness that was in him earlier was now completely gone. He knew that he had to become stronger.

Nine Nether looked at Mu Chen, who had suddenly changed. She smiled and said to herself, Mu Chen, I believe that one day, you will become a matchless master.

"Please pass me the information about the two people. I am now interested in them."

Mu Chen smiled at Nine Nether and stretched out his hand. He had to secure the position of the tenth lord. In this way, Mandela would get the 10 different types of Divine Beasts' Blood Essence for him.

He had to do it for the girl who was working hard...

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