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At the bottom of the glowing-red magma sea, the lava rocks were burst by a forceful speed, and a loud bang could be heard. A shadowy figure, who was surrounded by a dark purple flame, flit across rapidly.

Not far from behind where the lava rocks had cracked open, a vast, hideous crimson scorpion burst forth from the flowing stream of magma, chasing to catch up to the shadowy figure at an alarming speed.

Although it had a massive body, it was moving as fast as lightning, sending chills down the spines of all present. It was, of course, none other than Mu Chen and that mysterious scorpion, who were the ones fleeing and chasing respectively.

At this point in time, Mu Chen had an utterly sad face. He did not think that he would be so unlucky as to have stomped directly into the territory of this mysterious scorpion, especially immediately as he entered the Daluo Blazing Pool.

Judging on the situation, hunting down those spiritual blazing serpents was out of the question now. At this point, Mu Chen would be lucky just to not get himself hunted down by this mysterious scorpion.

"I have to get out first!"

Mu Chen gritted his teeth and sped up, as he could feel the massive presence behind him. He realized that the mysterious scorpion was not something that he could compete with.


Even though Mu Chen sped up, the mysterious scorpion was not in a hurry to catch up anymore. Instead, it let off an easygoing hissing sound, implying that it had complete confidence in its inevitably having Mu Chen as its comfort food in the net regardless.

So, the man and the scorpion flit across the Daluo Blazing Pool swiftly. Along the way, they met numerous spiritual blazing serpents, but the snakes escaped, as soon as they sensed the immense pressure from the mysterious scorpion behind them. Seeing this scene freaked Mu Chen out even more, as this scorpion was obviously not an ordinary scorpion.

Why did he provoke such a powerful lord, as soon as he came?

Mu Chen felt like weeping. But, before he could even have a chance to pity himself, a sharp whistling from behind sent all of his hair standing on end.

As he took a glimpse out of the corner of his eyes, a reflection flashed upon him. Part of the scorpion's stinger was flickering coldly behind him, and he could feel pins and needles all over his scalp.

Mu Chen clenched his fist and beamed out Great Meru Demonic Pillar. He swung his hand from behind, colliding his fist with its stinger.


A sound that seemed like a collision between two metals was heard. An intimidating force was coming straight at him, causing him to spit blood, leaving a blood trace that could be seen at the corner of his mouth. The brutal force from the collision flung his entire body outward.

"This fellow has at least the power equivalent to a Grade Six Sovereign!" Mu Chen exclaimed, as he was shocked by the injuries that he sustained from this random exchange of blows. The ability of this mysterious scorpion was considered to be first-class among the princes in this Daluo territory.

Throughout the previous exchange, Mu Chen had come to an understanding of the combat capacity of this mysterious scorpion. He dared not have any close contact with it anymore. Thus, with the help of the previous thrust, he sprinted out even faster.

Yet, the scorpion continued to follow him closely. No matter how fast Mu Chen went, he just could not shake it off.

Over time, Mu Chen looked even more depressed, as he noticed that the scorpion seemed to be toying with its prey. Apparently, it was waiting to exhaust all his energy before it finally preyed on him.

His eyes flickered, as he gathered his thoughts. Although the scorpion was more powerful, it did not seem to have much intelligence. If he could try with all his might, he may still have a chance to escape.

However, in order to achieve this, he knew he would have to pay some price for it inevitably, but at this point, Mu Chen had no choice. Gritting his teeth, he intended to fight for his life, but just before he could fire up his spiritual power, there was another crack from the blazing lava rocks in front of him. Another figure was charging at him at full speed!

The sudden appearance of the figure stunned Mu Chen, and as he looked at it, he was even more astounded to find out that shadow was actually a woman. She had long, red hair with a sexy body, and was wearing thin and revealing clothes, which showed off a significant amount of her fair skin. Even though the timing was not quite right, Mu Chen could still feel his heartbeat accelerating.

Moreover, she was beautiful and charming. She also had a beauty mole at the edge of her red lips, enhancing her sexiness and charm.

Deep within the Daluo Blazing Pool, the sudden appearance of such a beautiful lady captivated Mu Chen, slowing down his speed for a while. Just when he spotted the red-haired beauty, the latter also discovered him. She was looking with astonishment upon him, the look on her face changing as soon as she saw the mysterious scorpion chasing after Mu Chen.

"Run!" Mu Chen yelled at her quickly.

His voice ended abruptly, when he fixed his eyes at the back of the red-haired beauty. There, an enormous red python, had emerged from the cracked lava rocks, and was now following closely behind, exuding a strong ferociousness.

That is a three-headed spiritual blazing serpent!

It could be easily seen that the Spiritual Energy emitted from it was not any weaker than the scorpion that was chasing after Mu Chen. As Mu Chen surveyed this scene, he came to a realization: She is now a prey as well, just like him.

"We are done for."

Mu Chen sulked, as he thought of all the unfortunate things that had coincided themselves within the day. If it was just a scorpion, he probably could still try his best to escape. But now, he was at the end of his rope, especially if yet another three-headed spiritual blazing serpent, with a similar combat capacity, appeared.

The red-haired beauty was not as pessimistic as Mu Chen. Her enchanting peach-looking eyes took a glance at the scorpion behind him. With a low groan, she flit before Mu Chen.

An alluring fragrance, accompanied by the wind, swept his face, and before he could even indulge in it, the red-haired beauty reached out to grab Mu Chen by the waist, then disappeared with him into thin air.

The two of them then re-appeared at a distance of about hundred-feet away from their previous location. As the red-haired beauty waved her slender white hand, the magma around her gathered, forming a ball-like shield for them, and leaving only a tiny gap from which to observe the situation outside.

Mu Chen did not dare move about in this cramped place, as he was cuddling the girl closely in his arms. The softness and tenderness of her body caused his entire body to stiffen. Moreover, he could tell from the Spiritual Energy that she had emitted just now, that she was definitely no ordinary character.

But she had no time for Mu Chen now. Her peach-looking eyes were staring into the gap, observing the situation from the inside. After both of them disappeared, the scorpion and the three-headed serpent lost their targets, leaving the beasts with nothing to do but to stop and stare at each other fiercely.

"What is going on?" Mu Chen could not help but ask, when he saw this.

"The one that was chasing after you is named the Blazing Dragon Scorpion. It is one of the rulers in this Daluo Blazing Pool, and its specialty is to hunt down spiritual blazing serpents. This three-headed spiritual blazing serpent is also one of the rulers among the serpents. They are natural sworn enemies, and they will always fight until the end, once they meet."

The red-haired beauty continued to say, "Looks like luck is on our side, since we have brought them together here. We will go out and have our treat, after they fought till their last drop. Heh heh, I have been eyeing the Spiritual Blazing Marrow in their bodies for a very long time. And now, the opportunity has finally arrived!"

Mu Chen was breaking into a cold sweat upon hearing this. This sister must have some guts to be reaping benefits from the fighting between such beasts!

"Will we get discovered?" Mu Chen asked, worried. If both of the beasts turned their sight back on them, they would be doomed.

"No, they will not be able to find us ,since they are now facing each other. After all, they are sworn enemies," she said.

Mu Chen felt a little relieved. As he could feel the girl in his arms edging closer to him, he tried to shift his body and said embarrassedly, "Should I go out first?"

"Once you leave this place, they will discover us immediately. It will be complicated again." The red-haired beauty frowned a little. She finally tilted her head and looked at Mu Chen, asking, "Are you one of the troops from the Daluo Celestial Army? Why have I not seen you before?"

"The territory lord let me in to train myself," Mu Chen answered honestly. It seemed like this red-haired beauty was also someone from the Daluo Celestial Army.

"And you are?" Mu Chen asked carefully.

"I'm Huo Mei'er." Her voice paused, as she gave Mu Chen a very bewitching smile, before continuing, "And, I'm also one of the commanders in the Daluo Celestial Army."

Mu Chen shivered upon hearing the latter. He was stunned, as he had not expected that a commander of the Daluo Celestial Army could be such an enchanting beauty.

"You are quite a gentleman. I will let you off this time, for taking my advantage. If news of this gets to a third person, don't blame me if I have to silence you." She gently patted Mu Chen on his face, still smiling. But, Mu Chen broke into a cold sweat again upon hearing her last sentence.

Huo Mei'er may seem to be very warm and easy to get along with, but the danger she portrayed was much stronger than even Commander Bing Xin. She ignored Mu Chen after she finished her speech, as her focus was all on the two gigantic creatures confronting each other on the outside. As she watched their fight, her curvy body curled up once again against Mu Chen.

Mu Chen felt agony and drew his lips. His arm immediately stiffened. As he could no longer endure any more, his arm landed quietly on her snake-like, slender waist, the softness of the body being so alluring that it was unforgettable. But Mu Chen did not dare move any further. In fact, he relaxed and looked outside.

Huo Mei'er stiffened up a little when his palm touched her waist. She took a glance at him out of the corner of her eyes. His eyes were pitch-black and clear. She relaxed her body more, moving closer to Mu Chen.

Within a narrow space, the crisis had slowly disappeared, leaving a tinge of endearing affection.

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