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As the storm of the Spiritual Energy roared within the boundaries of the Daluo Blazing Pool, almost all the lava rocks within a radius of 1,000 feet were wiped out. Everything seemed to have ripped apart as the battle between the Blazing Dragon Scorpion and the Three-Headed Spiritual Blazing Serpent started.

As Huo Mei'er had mentioned, both of them were natural sworn enemies, and the moment they saw each other, they fought with all they had. Compared to prey like Mu Chen, killing off their foe was much more critical now.

In the wavering storm of the spiritual energy, the ball of magma that was formed did not have any slightest crack. Instead, it was floating steadily in the air, surviving the impact. Mu Chen was surprised for a moment, as it was clear that this commander was not an ordinary character.

"Given your capability, you wouldn't be afraid of them if you were to duel with them alone. Am I right?" Mu Chen tilted his head and asked Huo Mei'er, who had her undivided attention on the fight between the two creatures.

Even Bing Xin possessed the capability of a Grade Five Sovereign. As a commander, Huo Mei'er's ability could not be underestimated.

"It's a little difficult to handle because they have a tendency to self-destruct their Spiritual Blazing Marrow when they are being forced to a certain extent. To subdue them, we have to be swift and forceful with our blows. " Huo Mei'er glanced at Mu Chen with her seductive eyes, smiled, and said, "I don't want to waste my effort to get nothing in return."

Mu Chen suddenly realized the logic in getting both Blazing Dragon Scorpion and the Three-Headed Spiritual Blazing Serpent to battle until they got worn out. No wonder she did not want to compete with them on her own.

"How much longer do they need to fight it out?"

Mu Chen stared at the daunting tornado storm. The two fearsome creatures were attacking each other without holding back. The lava rocks trembled and were dislodged by their loud and angry roars.

"I guess we will have to wait for a while more. These creatures are making use of the geographic location to play to their advantage. Plus, they have strong spiritual energy with combat capabilities that are on par with each other. It is not that easy to have a winner," Huo Mei'er answered him calmly.

Mu Chen nodded and did not continue. Instead, he set his mind to observe the match between the two creatures.

As Huo Mei'er had predicted, the match lasted for quite some time. The daunting storm from the spiritual energy wreaked havoc for almost an hour before the trembling weakened.

Both Mu Chen and Huo Mei'er immediately looked over. Mu Chen could not help but take a deep, cold breath.

Within the magma pool, both of them stood face to face in confrontation. However, there were wounds all over their bodies. The Three-Headed Spiritual Blazing Serpent had two of its heads ripped apart. The body of the Blazing Dragon Scorpion was covered with hideous wounds.

The momentum of the two massive creatures had slowed down by quite a bit. They were staring at each other with their red eyes, and the fearsome looks on their faces were disappearing, but both of them remained vigilant.

Although they had no intelligence, based on their natural instinct, they could sense that there would not be a good ending if they continued the fight.

Therefore, even though they seemed to be confronting each other, both showed signs of retreating.

"They are retreating!" The look on Mu Chen's face changed when he saw it. If the two creatures decided to retreat now, their efforts in keeping guard here for almost half a day would be in vain.

Huo Mei'er frowned a little, but she stretched out her fingers and flicked them.


With a flick of Huo Mei'er's fingers, a fiery red stream of spiritual energy shot out. It swept across and entangled itself with the lava rocks. The rocks burst and exploded swiftly from behind the Three-Headed Spiritual Blazing Serpent. A stream of magma spurted towards the Blazing Dragon Scorpion's body.

The magma splashed onto its body, and the Blazing Dragon Scorpion let out a loud scream of pain as its angry red eyes glared at the serpent. Eventually, it charged madly towards the serpent.

As dumb as it was, the Blazing Dragon Scorpion thought that the attack was triggered by the Three-Headed Spiritual Blazing Serpent.

As the scorpion charged towards the serpent again, it let out a loud roar to warn the scorpion off, but the warning was in vain. The serpent's eyes became even more fearsome and it greeted the scorpion without fear.

The two massive creatures were fighting again.

When Mu Chen saw this, he could not help but put up his thumb and praise Huo Mei'er. "Good move!"

Huo Mei'er replied with an alluring smile that was so enchanting. But this only lead to Mu Chen thinking that the bewitching girl in front of him was actually a rose with thorns.

Since she was one of the commanders in Daluo Celestial Army, how simple could she be?

While watching the fight outside, Huo Mei'er asked casually, "What's your name?" 

He smiled and said, "Nine Nether Palace, Mu Chen."

"Oh, so the new commander who was brought in by Nine Nether was you?" Upon hearing the name, Huo Mei'er turned her beautiful gaze away from the scene outside and looked at Mu Chen with much interest.

Mu Chen nodded. He asked, "Do you know Nine Nether?"

"Haha, we are as close as real sisters. Back then we came to Daluo Territory together."

She giggled and looked at Mu Chen from top to bottom. Her tender body got closer and closer to him. She smiled and asked again, "Come, tell me, what is your relationship with her?"

Mu Chen gave a smirk and rolled his eyes. Apparently, he did not really believe what she had said, because if she and Nine Nether were on such good terms, Nine Nether would have said something about her. Moreover, from Huo Mei'er's tone, he could sense that something was amiss.

What a vigilant fellow.

She stroked his face gently while her lips curled slightly. But she decided not to say anything further. She shifted her attention towards the battle outside. "When both of them are badly wounded, I can only take down one of them at a time. If you wish to obtain the other Spiritual Blazing Marrow, you will have to get it yourself, and be fast."

Mu Chen was dumbfounded before he frowned. Both of the creatures possessed a higher combat capacity than he did. Even if they were seriously injured, he did not have much of an advantage. Moreover, he had to do it within the shortest possible time.

Although it was hard for him to manage, he did not make any further comments. From her tone, he could sense that she had no intention of helping him at all. The transition was a little too drastic, and the cause of it must have been Nine Nether.

Huo Mei'er and Nine Nether must have had something going on between them.

But Mu Chen had no interest in understanding the relationship between them. He may have seemed warm on the outside, but only people who understood him well knew how prideful this young man was. Since Huo Mei'er had no intention of helping him, he would not bring himself down to beg.

That was why he only nodded after hearing what she had said.

Although Huo Mei'er had been observing the fight, she still cast some glances at Mu Chen. She raised her eyebrow at first after she saw that he knitted his eyebrows and subsequently returned to his usual state.

Her relationship with Nine Nether ran deep. Both of them were the most popular candidates vying for the position of new ruler in Daluo Terrority back in those years. But when Nine Nether became the ruler, Huo Mei'er entered the Daluo Celestial Army and worked her way up to become a commander.

Just when she could control the Daluo Celestial Army, Nine Nether went missing in action. To Huo Mei'er, it was like a punch in the gut. The years of effort went down the drain, and suddenly all of it did not matter anymore. The feeling was so complicated that she was uncertain about it.

However, the return of Nine Nether now had once again spurred her fighting will. She must get Nine Nether to admit that she was stronger than she was in all ways!

The competition between the two women caused her to be difficult with Mu Chen, especially when he was now the hot topic in Daluo Territory - a new commander in the Nine Nether Palace.

Of course, she would not be too harsh on him. As long as Mu Chen could lower himself a little, she would not mind helping him. Who knew this young and gentle-looking chap had such a prideful character.

Go ahead and act strong.

Huo Mei'er smirked without anyone noticing. To her, Mu Chen's arrogance, which came out of nowhere, was just a useless act. He failed to understand the situation and was unable to tolerate it. In conclusion, he was just inexperienced. So she did not understand why Nine Nether would have favored Mu Chen and brought him to Daluo Terrority.

Would he be another useless thing like Cao Feng?

Her eyes flickered with coldness. If so, she would prefer Mu Chen to die in this place, to avoid disgracing Nine Nether next time.

While Huo Mei'er had her thoughts, Mu Chen was staring at the fight outside. In his mind, he could not stop thinking about how he should win the match later.

Because for all he knew, slaughtering a wounded Dragon Blazing Scorpion and a Three-Headed Spiritual Blazing Serpent may be an easy task for Huo Mei'er, but to him, it was still a challenging assignment.

Any random attacks from those two creatures would cause him to sustain serious injuries.


Just when his eyes flicked with those thoughts, two loud groans from the far end deep within the magma sea could be heard. After a fierce fight, the two vile creatures had blood gushing out from their hideous wounds all over their bodies. The strong spiritual energy fluctuation was at its lowest now. 

They looked at each other, losing all the fighting spirit in their eyes. Their combat capacity had reduced down to ten percent, and they had lost all their fearsomeness during the life and death match. Both of them decided to flee in opposite directions.


Huo Mei'er let out a soft groan as soon as both creatures were trying to make their escape. The ball of magma instantly exploded, and she flitted as quickly as a ghost towards the Three-Headed Spiritual Blazing Serpent.

Mu Chen gritted his teeth and ran towards the wounded Blazing Dragon Scorpion without any hesitation.

No matter what, he could not give up at this moment.

Only when he got the Spiritual Blazing Marrow from the Blazing Dragon Scorpion, could he then break through his current level and upgrade himself to a Grade Three Sovereign!

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