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The red magma rolled in a frenzy in the volcano, and the terrifyingly high temperature was released in bubbling spurts, tearing spatial cracks within the volcano.

Mu Chen stared at the endless sea of magma for a moment as he swallowed in fear. It was impossible for ordinary magma to reach this level of terror.

"The Daluo Blazing Pool is connected to a Spiritual Energy Fire Pulse deep below the earth, so the magma contains powerful spiritual energy, and that high temperature is also caused by the burning of spiritual energy."

Upon hearing Mandela's words, realization dawned on Mu Chen, shocking him. The magma was burning with vast spiritual energy, so it was no wonder that it had such an overwhelmingly scorching temperature.

"You don't want me to practice my cultivation in the magma, do you?" Mu Chen seemed to understand something as his mouth twitched.

Mandela pursed her lips as she nodded slightly, causing Mu Chen's heart to freeze in terror. Even if he had the capability of a Second Grade Sovereign, it would still be torturous to rush into the sea of magma.

"The magma here is infused with spiritual energy and has the effect of strengthening the meridians. If you can refine your cultivation in the magma, the absorption efficiency of that power will be several times faster than that of the outside world."

Mandela pointed at the surrounding stone platform where the Daluo Celestial Army was and said, "See them? They suffer from the burning heat every day to cultivate, so they can be the most powerful army in Daluo Territory."

Mu Chen surveyed them and saw that although the people clad in black robes were flushed red because of the high temperature and were sweating profusely, no one chose to retreat. They sat cross-legged quietly, as firm as rocks.

Mu Chen did not see the slightest glint of giving up in their eyes.

To be a member of the most mysterious army in Daluo Territory, it was clear that it was not possible to be chosen without superior skill and fortitude.

Mu Chen nodded with a gasp. Such a powerful army, if utilized in the war with the Hundred Battle Territory, would definitely be invincible, but clearly, the Hundred Battle Territory was not worthy enough to warrant sending out the Daluo Celestial Army, which was Daluo Territory's ace.

One of the four leaders of the Daluo Celestial Army standing by suddenly spoke, and Mu Chen glanced over in surprise, as it was a lady who spoke. "Normally, our Daluo Celestial Army would practice on the stone platform here. Only some of the best in the army will be able to enter the Daluo Blazing Pool and hunt for the Spiritual Blazing Serpent."

The lady was dressed in black, and her figure was svelte yet curvaceous. She had delicate features, but her expression was frosty. This coldness was quite different from Tang Bing's. Tang Bing appeared cold but was actually passionate. The woman in black before him was cold inside out.

Mandela smiled and introduced her. "She's the third commander of the Daluo Celestial Army, Bing Xin."

Mu Chen clasped his hands together in respect for the frosty commander. Her power even in Daluotian would be sufficient to rank as a Lord, but she was willing to stay as a Commander in the Daluo Celestial Army…

Mu Chen acutely heard the unfamiliar terms in Commander Bing Xin's words and immediately asked, "Spiritual Blazing Serpent? What's that?"

Hearing his question, Bing Xin glanced at Mu Chen in surprise. She then looked at Mandela, and as the latter nodded slightly, she said, "The Spiritual Blazing Serpent is a special by-product of the Daluo Blazing Pool, but it is not exactly a real creature and it has no intelligence. It is the product of the fusion of spiritual energy and magma to an extreme degree."

A pale hand reached out from Bing Xin's sleeves and with a flick of her finger, a beam of spiritual energy light burst out, charging towards the sea of magma.


The magma splashed with huge waves, and under the magma, a massive python about a 100 feet long and made of magma surged out. It was extremely ferocious. Magma trickled down from its body, and its scarlet pupils were full of destruction and fury.

With a violent swing of its tail, a magma pillar soared towards the sky, charging towards Mu Chen and the others as swift as lightning. 

With a wave of her hand, a ribbon of spiritual energy swept out from Bing Xin's palm and destroyed the magma pillar. It then descended and tied the magma python securely, dragging it out from the sea of magma. 

After the magma python was dragged a short distance away of Mu Chen, it exploded in Bing Xin's grip. As magma burst out in spurts, a crimson red light swept out, suspended in front of Bing Xin.

It was like magma flowing in the red glow of the light, but Mu Chen could clearly feel the blazing hot and pure spiritual energy fluctuations contained in it.

"This is the Spiritual Blazing Marrow." Bing Xin grasped the ball of red light and stated calmly, "This is of great benefit for cultivation, but it is a little painful to absorb."

"I'll lend you one to try." With a flick of her fingers, the Spiritual Blazing Marrow shot towards Mu Chen, but he caught it hastily. With a slight hesitation, he sucked it into his mouth. 

As soon as the Spiritual Blazing Marrow entered his mouth, it immediately flowed down like magma. Mu Chen's face flushed almost instantly, as if he could smell the burning magma flowing through his meridians… 

Mu Chen's spiritual energy flowed hurriedly, enveloping the pure and scorching magma spiritual energy. Channelling the Great Pagoda Art, he gradually refined the magma spiritual energy. 

This cultivation lasted for ten minutes before Mu Chen slowly opened his eyes. He opened his mouth and spurted out a mass of white gas. When the white gas met the air, it burned.

"What an amazing Spiritual Blazing Marrow." Mu Chen's eyes lit up with surprise. After he refined the Spiritual Blazing Marrow, he could clearly feel the increase in spiritual energy, and most importantly, the body's meridians became more resilient after the absorption of the marrow.

If he could pair it with the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid and cultivate them together, it would achieve wondrous results.

"Of course it's amazing. This Spiritual Blazing Serpent is extremely difficult to capture. The previous one was only 100 years old, but its strength was comparable to that of a Third Grade Sovereign. In our army, there are not many people who are qualified to enter the Daluo Blazing Pool to capture one," Bing Xin said nonchalantly.

Mu Chen was shocked to hear this. Bing Xin had killed a Spiritual Blazing Serpent effortlessly, thus he had not expected its power to match that of a Third Grade Sovereign.

"You owe me a Spiritual Blazing Serpent." Bing Xin suddenly stared at Mu Chen, as she stated seriously, "I told you I was only lending you one to try."

Mu Chen was stunned, before nodding in exasperation. He did not expect the cold Commander to be so brutally direct.

"Since the Dominator allowed you to come here to practice your cultivation, you should be allowed to enter the Daluo Blazing Pool to hunt and kill the Spiritual Blazing Serpents, too. But in our army, only those who are Third Grade Sovereigns and above are qualified to enter the Daluo Blazing Pool," she said. "The rest of the people can only practice. With your ability as a Second Grade Sovereign… I'm afraid you are far from ready."

As she stared at Mu Chen, she pointed to the stone platforms around her, and without much politeness said, "So if you intend to stay here to cultivate, I suggest you stay on the platform to practice. Hunting Spiritual Blazing Serpents is not something you can do now."

On the surrounding platforms, many members of the Daluo Celestial Army glanced over. Their gazes held mirth in them, as they were very familiar with Bing Xin's personality. It looked like this boy, whom the Dominator brought over, was going to be schooled properly…

Mandela smiled and added, "Although I'm the Dominator of Daluo Territory, I have handed jurisdiction of the Daluo Blazing Pool over to them, so if they don't agree, I can't interfere."

Clearly, she wanted Mu Chen to earn the qualifications to practice here with his own skills.

Mu Chen was exasperated by how Bing Xin belittled him. He smiled helplessly and immediately looked down at the magma sea below. His eyes narrowed slightly. 


His figure suddenly flashed as he charged down, and with a blow of his palm, a brilliant rainbow of spiritual energy bombarded the waves of magma. With a roar, a Spiritual Blazing Serpent no less inferior to the previous one suddenly burst out and surged directly towards Mu Chen while he was in mid-air.

Around the stone platforms, many stared in surprise, apparently shocked at how Mu Chen dared to provoke this ferocious Spiritual Blazing Serpent.

"He doesn't know the severity of the situation." Bing Xin frowned slightly, as she thought Mu Chen's act was one of mere bravado to prove a point.

Mandela folded her arms across her chest, smiling calmly as she watched the scene unfold.


Under the many gazes, a dazzling golden light burst out from Mu Chen's body. As a massive shadow of golden light formed behind Mu Chen, a huge golden palm landed a brutal blow.

A terrifying spiritual energy typhoon swept out.


As the huge golden light palm landed, it gripped a Spiritual Blazing Serpent and with a firm grasp, the serpent exploded with a deafening boom, surging out in spurts of magma. 

The faces of the soldiers of the Daluo Celestial Army twisted in surprise as they stared at Mu Chen in shock. Who would have expected that a boy ranked as a Second Grade Sovereign would have a such a strong combat power.

The massive palm of golden light lifted as a crimson red glow of light rose.

Mu Chen stood atop the head of the Great Solar Undying Body, and with a wave of his hand, the Spiritual Blazing Marrow landed on his palm. He lifted his head to glance at Bing Xin, whose expression had changed minutely, and with a flick of his fingers, the Spiritual Blazing Marrow shot towards her.

"Commander Bing Xin, I return this to you."

Standing atop the crown of the Great Solar Undying Body, Mu Chen's handsome features exuded a palpable charm under the glow of the crimson magma.

"Would I be qualified to cultivate in the Daluo Blazing Pool now?"

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