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Over the next few days, the atmosphere in Daluo Territory became increasingly tense. The princes were busy recruiting troops, and information about the Hundred Battle Territory was flowing continuously into Daluotian. In the vast Daluo Territory, a power struggle had finally begun.

Nine Nether Palace had been rather busy. Those 100 cities belonging to Blood Eagle Temple were quickly conquered. Although this was not enough to give Nine Nether Palace the kind of wealth that speaks louder than words, compared to its previously pathetic state, it was without a doubt many times better. Furthermore, in the Battle of Conquest, this method was the best way to obtain resources. Now that it was seizing the opportunity, Nine Nether Palace would certainly become a powerhouse.

Just when Nine Nether Palace's activities were at their peak, Mu Chen chose to seclude himself in order to reach the Grade Two Sovereign-level. This was possible since many things were handled by Tang Bing, the chief governor. With Tang Bing's systematic delegation and command, even Nine Nether could not do as well as she did.

Hence, Nine Nether Place's operations totally did not worry him or Nine Nether.

Nine Nether Palace, cultivation chamber.

Mu Chen was sitting down cross-legged, adjusting his state of mind. After a long while, he made a fist, and a crystal-clear alabaster jar abruptly appeared in his palm. Inside the alabaster jar there was a round, dark green pill floating within. It emitted a thick fragrance that permeated the cultivation chamber.

Mu Chen stared at this Heavenly Pill. After pondering for a short while, he swung his sleeve, and a resplendent torrent suddenly flowed out, zig-zagging around him.

Within the torrent were droplets of saturated Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Expansive spiritual energy fluctuations rippled out, making the air in the cultivation chamber viscous.

There were Nine Grades of Sovereign, and breaking through each of them was not an easy task. The vast majority of people could not break through with years of hard training, thus it could be seen that there was a huge gap between grades.

Therefore, even though Mu Chen had the Heavenly Pill, he would still take in large amounts of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid with the pill to maximize the medicine's efficacy in order to achieve a breakthrough.

This is nearly 2,000 droplets of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid…

Mu Chen watched the torrent, feeling a little distressed. Previously, he had given most of the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to Tang Bing to support the training of the Nine Nether Troop. Therefore, the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid he had currently did not even amount to 5,000 drops. He obtained it from completely extracting the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid sealed within the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid Collection Bowl.

After advancing in Sovereign-Level, Mu Chen could definitely feel the importance of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in cultivations. It was almost like eating rice, something that was essential. No wonder so many Sovereign Masters were willing to obey the orders of some forces in order to obtain Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

While Sovereign Spiritual Liquid did not make the world go 'round, it did allow Sovereign Masters to grind their skill…

That was just to break through First Grade Sovereign. I could not imagine how tremendous the amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid needed in future will be, thought Mu Chen helplessly. It seemed that he had to think of a way to store large amounts of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Otherwise, when he wanted to make the next breakthrough but did not have enough Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to sustain him, it would really give him immense grief.

He shook his head, trying to suppress those thoughts, and took a deep breath. With a flick of his finger, the crystal-clear alabaster jar in his palm abruptly melted away, and the Heavenly Pill was exposed. Instantly, the whole cultivation chamber was filled with the pill's fragrance.

Mu Chen breathed in through his mouth, and the Heavenly Pill converted into a stream of light, directly entering his mouth.

Mu Chen quickly formed a seal with both hands. The space warp rippled behind him as the majestic Sovereign Sea loomed behind him. He could feel that there was a huge amount of spiritual energy emanating from his body.

Mu Chen calmed his mind and with a somber facial expression, he gradually closed his eyes and promptly entered the cultivation state. This time, he had to break through the level of First Grade Sovereign with courage!

Three days quickly passed.

During the three days, the cultivation chamber was completely covered with an extremely viscous spiritual cloud. Mu Chen's silhouette could not be seen within.

However, in that opaque spiritual cloud, it could be felt that there was a wave of spiritual energy fluctuation rapidly growing stronger.

The spiritual cloud cover only started to weaken on the third day. The moment the spiritual cloud completely disappeared was exactly the moment Mu Chen was seen opening his mouth, sucking in the last bit of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

His surroundings were rippling with spiritual energy, but now it was rapidly fading away. Mu Chen's tightly shut eyes opened slightly.


When his black eyes opened, a radiant flash like a thunderbolt emerged all of a sudden, lifting Mu Chen's robe vigorously while making loud noises. A surge of frightful spiritual energy rippled and broke out.

Bang! Bang!

The air in the cultivation chamber instantly exploded. When the shockwave from the explosion swept fiercely into the cultivation chamber's wall, the concentrated radiance on the wall suddenly flashed and forcibly resisted the shockwave.

The radiance in Mu Chen's eyes lasted for a few minutes before it slowly dimmed. That terrifying spiritual energy fluctuation returned to his body.

The weak radiance under his skin, however, did not dissipate. Mu Chen knew that was because the spiritual energy in his body was too majestic, and he could not hold it in completely at the moment.

Mu Chen stood up, feelling the increasingly majestic spiritual energy in Sovereign Sea. The corners of his mouth curled into a satisfied smile. The gap between Sovereign-levels was indeed very large. Currently, the spiritual energy in his Sovereign Sea was many times stronger than before the breakthrough.

Right now, even if he upset a person with the caliber of the four great commanders like Xu Qing and Zhou Yue, he would not be afraid at all. With this power, he had more confidence in the upcoming Battle of Conquest.

Mu Chen waited for the surging spiritual energy in his body to gradually calm down before he exited the cultivation chamber. Outside the cultivation chamber, there were a few Nine Nether Troops standing guard. The moment they saw Mu Chen walking out, they quickly bowed.

Mu Chen waved his hands and said, "How has the preparation in the palace been going these past few days?"

"All ready. We can depart anytime," the Nine Nether Troop soldier replied respectfully.

Mu Chen nodded. With the presence of Tang Bing as a great governor, everything in Nine Nether Palace was clearly in order. He waved away the Nine Nether Troop soldier, and suddenly his expression changed. He lifted his head and saw in the sky not too far away, a petite silhouette appear out of nowhere like a ghost. That pair of large golden eyes unnervingly intimated people in the night.

When Mandela's little leg touched the void, her body appeared abruptly in front of Mu Chen. She scanned him with her big golden eyes and said, "Looks like the breakthrough succeeded. It was effective after all."

"With the Heavenly Pill and so much Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, it would be inexcusable if it failed," laughed Mu Chen.

"Then come with me." Mandela nodded. Not saying anything more, she waved her small hand and turned her back to walk into the void. Seeing this, Mu Chen hesitated for a moment, and then quickly followed her.

The two of them were swept out of Nine Nether Palace, and following Mandela's lead, Mu Chen went straight into Daluotian's deep area. She did not cover up at all in the journey. She just flitted with high speed. This made Mu Chen tremble slightly with fear, because the deep area of Daluotian was guarded particularly strictly. And the one standing guard was not just any army, but the Daluo Celestial Army directly under the command of Daluo Territory. It was an elite army that only obeyed the orders of Daluo Territory's master.

However, what Mu Chen worried about did not happen in the end. Although there were powerful patrols passing in the sky all the time, under Mandela's influence, is was as if Mu Chen had entered an uninhabited place, and no one noticed him.

Mu Chen witnessed this great trick of Mandela's again. With this strength, even in the Tianluo Continent, she would never be a nobody.

The two sneaked into Daluotian's deep area without a problem, and they stopped in front of a huge, black mountain peak. Mandela moved her tiny hand, and a big, black light array appeared on top of the peak.


The large peak shook shockingly, and a large crevice slowly cracked open. Mandela led the way into it, and Mu Chen followed.

Entering the mountain through the crevice, the sight Mu Chen beheld gave his eyes a scare. He saw that the entire mountain was emptied, and the internal walls of the mountain were completely carved with lines of black and ancient light patterns, vaguely giving a mysterious feeling.

Mu Chen stared at those ancient light patterns, and his eyes shook for a moment. This was because he realized that those light patterns seemed to form a very strong spiritual array.

The complexity of that spiritual array was beyond his imagination. Clearly, the level of this spiritual array was not low.

"Did you make all of these?" said Mu Chen, baffled. What he could not even figure out was how Mandela sneaked such a big move right under the noses of the top powers in Daluo Territory. Was the master of Daluo Territory completely dumb? Or did he reach some kind of agreement with Mandela?

As always, Mandela did not answer him. Her snow-white tiny feet touched the ground, and she abruptly appeared in the middle of mountain. There was a black pool of water there, and although the pool was like boiling water, Mu Chen felt a chill in his bones from it. The contrasting feelings made him suffer very much.

Mu Chen moved to the side of the pool and asked hesitantly, "What do you need me to do?"

"Wait for my order and just summon the Immortal Pages when I say so," Mandela replied with a tender voice. Although her voice was young, there was an unquestionable dignity in her tone.

Mu Chen nodded while curling his lip. Before he could say anything, his eyes suddenly widened. The little girl totally ignored him and removed her black dress before his eyes, showing a petite, white, and delicate body just like a little lamb.

"If you don't want your eyes anymore, then keep on looking." There was a shiver of coldness coming from the young voice, making him shudder.

Still, he said unwillingly, "It is your fault for not even giving a hint of a warning. Besides, I am not interested in that body of yours."


The moment Mu Chen's voice faded away, a large force surged and sent him flying. When he embarrassingly regained his balance, wanting to complain angrily, he saw that petite body dive into the dark pool of water as if she were a little fish. That scene, however, became an extremely touching one inside that cold mountain.

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