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Nine Nether left. However, before she left, she gave Mu Chen a weird look that caused him to twitch. She looked as though she were looking at a little girl who had been bullied…

He could not explain to her what Mandela had said and could only sigh. He then carried Mandela to his room.  

Mu Chen laid her on the bed and asked after a while, "Have you come to me because of the Immortal Page?"

Mandela opened her eyes slightly and looked lazily at Mu Chen and said, "Are you thinking that I am doing this because of you?"

"Do you know about the Immortal Divine Law?" Mu Chen asked, with his eyes shimmering.

Mandela squinted like a cat, but she did not say a word. Mu Chen knew the answer and his heart pounded quickly.

She knew about the Immortal Divine Law, so she must have known about the Primordial Immortal Body!  

Who is this little girl, and where is she from?

"It is better not to ask. It will not do you any good." As Mu Chen was about to ask, Mandela turned aside. Although she sounded soft, she also sounded authoritative.

Mu Chen smiled and asked, "Can you tell me, what benefit do you get from the Immortal Page in my body?"

Mandela was silent for a while before saying, "The Immortal Page contains the divine runes of Ancient Mandala Flower. This is a divine flower that has the power to seal everything. I need it to suppress the curse in my body."

"Curse?" Mu Chen was shocked. 

"It is a curse that makes one feel like a living hell." Mandela sounded extraordinarily calm and said, "It continually causes one to be in excruciating pain that even a Grade Nine Sovereign could not take."

Mu Chen was stunned. Even a Grade Nine Sovereign would not be able to take the pain?

"Would you like to try?" Mandela looked at Mu Chen and smiled. She extended her hand, and red light shot out like lightning onto Mu Chen's body.

Mu Chen froze and suddenly shook violently. His eyes turned red, and his face twitched. He let out a groan.

Mu Chen felt excruciating pain in every part of his body.

It made him lose his mind. However, the pain came quickly and went quickly as well. In a split second, the pain was gone.  

Mu Chen sat on a chair and broke out in a cold sweat. He looked angrily at Mandela and said, "What have you done?"

Mandela curled up her lips and said, "It is just a short while and you can't take it? I have been bearing that pain all this time."

Mu Chen was stunned. He looked at Mandela, who was sitting on the bed, cuddling her knees. He suddenly felt sorry for her. The pain that he had experienced was only for a split second, but Mandela had been bearing it all the while. Under the torment, she was still able to remain calm. Her ability to endure could be due to her strength, but it also showed her amazing willpower.

"Can the divine runes of the mandala flower in the Immortal Page help you to remove the curse?" Mu Chen asked.

"Remove? It is not possible." Mandala laughed mockingly and said, "It can only suppress it. Only the real Ancient Mandala Flower can remove the curse."

Mu Chen was silent. He had not heard of the Ancient Mandala Flower. It must be more uncommon than the three items that he needed to cultivate the Great Solar Undying Body.

"Don't worry, I will not snatch away your Immortal Page. It has gradually merged with you. If I snatch it away from you, the divine runes might be destroyed," Mandela said as she looked at Mu Chen. She thought that Mu Chen was worried she would snatch the Immortal Page away from him.

Mu Chen heaved a sigh of relief. He looked at Mandela and asked, "Am I right to say that your name is not Mandela?"

Mandela did not deny it. "It is just a name."  

"One more thing…" Mu Chen sized Mandela up and said, "Is this how you actually look? I do not believe that a little girl can be so powerful."

The little girl must be a monster. As Mu Chen thought of himself carrying a monster, he shivered. He found it hard to accept.

When Mandela saw his look, she snorted and said, "Don't use the age of a human being to guess the age of others. In terms of age, the Nine Netherworld Bird is much older than you."

"Are you not a human being?" Mu Chen asked in shock.

Mandela glanced at Mu Chen and did not reply. She tucked herself into bed and said lazily, "You can continue to cultivate. As long as I am near you, I can tap on the divine runes of the Ancient Mandala Flower to suppress the curse."

"How does it benefit me?" Mu Chen asked with smile.

Mandela stuck her little head out of the blanket. She looked weirdly at Mu Chen and said, "I did not kill you. Is this not good enough for you?"

Mu Chen twitched his mouth. He gritted his teeth and said, "You win!"

Mu Chen sat cross-legged beside the bed and did not bother about her. He closed his eyes and made a seal. He gradually went into the mode of cultivation.

Mandela got out of the blanket and looked at Mu Chen. Lights flashed across her big golden eyes and she muttered, "The Great Solar Undying Body has re-appeared…"

In the next few days, Nine Nether allowed Mu Chen to rest after the battle at Daluo Golden Pool. While he was resting, Nine Nether Palace was bustling with activity.

After the battle at Daluo Golden Pool, Mu Chen had helped Nine Nether Palace earn back some dignity. Nine Nether wanted to use the opportunity to restore the reputation of Nine Nether Palace. Among the nine Lords, Nine Nether Palace had the weakest foundation. To increase its strength, they had to at the least get back the territories that had once belonged to Nine Nether Palace.

Every year, these territories would hand over large amounts of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, which Nine Nether Palace was short of. This was especially the case after Mu Chen had given his promise to the Nine Nether Troop.

Without sufficient Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, it would be difficult for Nine Nether Palace to survive, let alone grow. Now, the sects in the entire Daluo Territory were watching Nine Nether Palace. They were waiting to see if Nine Nether Palace, which had created such great momentum, would become a laughing stock.

On the same day, Nine Nether sent men to those cities that had once belonged to Nine Nether Palace. The message was simple:

Submit themselves to Nine Nether Palace once again.

Many people were shocked with what Nine Nether was doing, and some were laughing at her. Nine Nether, after all, is a woman. She is incompetent in handling things. She thinks that the dukes who have submitted to Blood Hawk Palace will change their minds simply at her words?

The outcome was as expected. More than 50 cities had been notified, but only a handful of dukes who had been exploited by Blood Hawk Palace had agreed to submit to Nine Nether Palace. The rest of the dukes did not reply. A few dukes who were on close terms with Blood Hawk Palace had not only refused to submit to Nine Nether Palace, they even chased the messengers out. They were extremely haughty since they had the backing of Blood Hawk Palace.

They had no regard for Nine Nether Palace as its power was weak in Daluo Territory.

The top guy in Nine Nether Palace seemed to be in a sorry state. Many people in Daluo Territory shook their heads. Those in Blood Hawk Palace mocked Nine Nether Palace, and vented their anger over the suppression from Mu Chen at Daluo Golden Pool.

As the entire Daluo Territory was watching what Nine Nether Palace was doing, it was peaceful within the palace.

In the main hall of Nine Nether Palace.

The black-armored Nine Nether Troop stood upright, and the atmosphere was filled with fighting spirit that made one shudder.

Nine Nether stood in front of the main hall with her black armor on. She looked at the scrolls in her hands with the recorded responses of the cities.

She looked calm and was not angry at all. She smiled and lifted her head to look at Mu Chen, who was below. With a flick of her fingers, the scroll landed in Mu Chen's hand.

"Here is the list. The ball is now in your court."

Mu Chen held the scroll and smiled. He turned around and looked at the army in black and said flatly, "You must have heard the news in Daluo Territory for the past few days. When some people serve a new master, they forget about the respect that they ought to have for the old. What shall we do with such people?"

"Kill them!" everyone shouted out in unison. The Nine Nether Troop was burning with killing intent. After bearing suppression for so many years, they could no longer take it lying down.

"Others are thinking that our reasoning is all talk…"

Mu Chen looked coldly around, and his body slowly rose up. In the next instant, a majestic spiritual energy swirled out like a windstorm. "Today, we shall let them know that we use our fists to reason!  

"Let's go!" Mu Chen shouted. He turned into a streamer and shot out. When Tang Bing saw it, she waved her hand, and the Nine Nether Troop flew up like dark clouds.

The ominous aura that shot up to the sky caused the sects in all of Daluotian to shiver. Nine Nether Palace was about to start using the harsh way…

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