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In Nine Nether Palace.  

When the Daluo Golden Pool Contest had ended, Nine Nether Palace was filled with joy. Everyone was excited. For the past few years, when Nine Nether went missing, Nine Nether Palace's position in Daluo Territory had been on the decline. Other sects had been suppressing them, but they could only swallow the insult.

Fortunately, they had not waited in vain, as Nine Nether had returned strong. The newly appointed commander had displayed great strength and was driven. He had not only defeated Cao Feng and got a place in the Golden Pool Contest, he had successfully cultivated the Daluo Golden Body, which no one had done before.

All the masters in the Daluo Territory were shocked. No one in the Daluo Territory would ever dare look down on Nine Nether Palace from now on.  

Nine Nether leaned against a pillar in the main hall, smiling gently as she looked at Nine Nether Palace, which was a place now filled with joy. 

"It is all thanks to you," Nine Nether tilted her head and said to Mu Chen with a smile.

Although Nine Nether's return had brought back some life to Nine Nether Palace, she could not interfere in the matters, due to the rules of the Daluo Territory. Mu Chen's achievement had brought back vitality to Nine Nether Palace and increased their confidence.

"It is my honor to serve the princess," Mu Chen said jokingly.

Nine Nether pouted her lips and looked extremely gentle. Her beautiful eyes seemed to be filled with halos, making her look captivating.

"You are in the limelight now, so you have to be careful. Lord Blood Hawk is narrow-minded, and he will seek revenge for the smallest grievance. I am not afraid of him, but I am worried that he might use covert means," Nine Nether squinted her eyes and said.

Mu Chen nodded. He then asked, "What is the Great Hunting Battle that the Condor King was talking about?"

At the mention of the Great Hunting Battle, Nine Nether looked grave and became serious. After a while, she said, "This is a cruel battle that involves all the forces of the North Territory in the Tianluo Continent."

Mu Chen was a bit shocked. He knew that the Tianluo Continent made up of four territories in the north, south, east and west. The Daluo Territory was located in the North Territory.

North Territory consisted of many forces, be it great or small. There were many strong forces like it around, and it was flooded with top powers. The Great Hunting Battle must be a great event, since it involved all these forces. Hence, the scale must be very big.

"After every Hunting Battle, many forces will disappear. Even those top powers will be seriously injured. For thousands of years, many top powers have been defeated in the Hunting Battle. They were then encroached by the strong groups, only to become history themselves," Nine Nether said softly.

Mu Chen's face changed, as he asked, "Why?"

He was wondering why there was such a horrifying and cruel battle.  

"This is all over territory, resources, and ambition," Nine Nether said flatly. "For thousands of years, there were many outstanding people in the North Territory, but no one has successfully become the North Territory Overlord. However, this has been the ambition of everyone. The Great Hunting Battle came about because of this."

"During the previous Great Hunting Battle, there were 10 top forces. After it ended, four top forces had been defeated and annexed by the remaining six forces."

Mu Chen was stunned. Four top forces had been defeated…He could feel the cruelty and smelled the blood simply from hearing these few words. Many Sovereign Masters must have been killed in this battle.

Although Mu Chen did not know how powerful the four top forces were, judging from the power of the Daluo Territory, they must have been very powerful. Otherwise, they would not have been known as the top forces.

If they had been placed in the Northern Heavens Continent, they would have ruled over it. However, in the North Territory of the Tianluo Continent, they were in danger of being destroyed. Thus, the competition in the North Territory must have been extremely brutal.

"The forces in North Territory will change after every Great Hunting Battle. The winner will become more powerful, whereas the loser will lose everything. No forces can be independent, according to the rules of the North Territory. Unless…the North Territory Overlord appears."

Mu Chen slowly let out the chilled air within him. This was the first time he felt the cruelty in The Great Thousand World, based on what Nine Nether had said. This was not the Northern Spiritual Academy. One could clearly see the concept of survival of the fittest being applied in this place, where even such a top force like the Daluo Territory faced many threats. If there was any slight decline in its power, many people would be eyeing it, and they would not hesitate to encroach upon it.

The Great Hunting Battle was a cruel elimination, using the natural selection method. Moreover, the Hunting Battle would continue till the Overlord appeared in this Continent.   

"To survive in the Tianluo Continent, one needs to have the backing of one of the top forces. If not, he will be easily destroyed," Nine Nether said.

Mu Chen nodded his head. In such a place, where there are no rules and regulations, one would have great difficulty in progressing, unless he had someone to back him up. Mu Chen was fortunate to have the backing of the Daluo Territory. As long as the Daluo Territory remained, he would have it as a backing. He would have to pray hard that the Daluo Territory would not be destroyed in the Great Hunting Battle…

"You don't have to worry about this. We still have some time before the Great Hunting Battle starts. Anyway, there is no point worrying over such things," Nine Nether said with a smile.

Mu Chen smiled wryly. This level of cross swords was beyond his current ability. He could only look up to it. To be in power, one has to be in the top level, like the mysterious Dominator of the Daluo Territory.

"Now, we just have to focus on what is before us." Nine Nether smiled, but her eyes looked cold. "Lord Blood Hawk has lost, and he will not leave the matter at that. Nine Nether Palace should also start to take back what belongs to us. We will participate in the Great Hunting Battle, so we must increase our strength. If not, we will be taken over by the others."

"I also wish to see the capability of Blood Hawk Palace," Mu Chen nodded and said. After Nine Nether left, the territory that had belonged to Nine Nether Palace had been snatched over by the Blood Hawk Palace. This had made them the laughing stock of the Daluo Territory. It was a shame for a Lord not to be able to protect his own territory.

However, Mu Chen would make sure that no one would laugh at them anymore. He would get back all the things that used to belong to Nine Nether Palace!

Nine Nether nodded lightly and as she was about to continue talking, she suddenly focused her attention behind Mu Chen, as she asked, "Who is she?"

Mu Chen was shocked when he heard it, and slowly turned around. A little girl in black was sitting quietly on the railing, gently shaking her legs. She looked calmly at Mu Chen with her big golden eyes.

It was Mandela, whom Mu Chen had met at the Daluo Golden Pool. However, she had disappeared after that, and now, re-appeared out of nowhere…

Nine Nether looked at Mu Chen's ghastly face. She squinted her eyes and realized that something was amiss. The little girl had appeared out of nowhere, and even Nine Nether had not realized it.

The spiritual energy in Nine Nether's body surged, and a purple flame appeared in her hand. Mandela looked flatly at Nine Nether.

Mu Chen hastily stood before Nine Nether and deterred her. He knew that Mandela was extremely powerful and that Nine Nether was no match for her.

"She is Mandela," Mu Chen said.

"Do you know her?" Nine Nether was a little taken aback and asked.

After hesitating for a while, Mu Chen told Nine Nether about Mandela. Nine Nether widened her eyes and looked at Mandela. She was shocked that Mandela had slept in the Daluo Golden Pool for so many years, and especially that the three kings and Dominator did not know of her existence.

Is she a strange creature?

Nine Nether raised her eyebrows, wary and fearful of the little girl. She was thinking about whether she should tell the Condor King about this.

"Don't tell anyone about me. Because then, even the three fellas will not be able to protect you." As she was having this thought, Mandela spoke. Her voice was clear and soft, but it still made one nervous.

Nine Nether turned pale and stared at Mandela. She asked, "Who are you?"

Mandela stood on the railing. Her long black hair flew in the wind, as she lifted up her face and said, "Don't worry. If I wanted to do anything to you, you will not be able to stop me."

Mu Chen shrugged helplessly. She was right. Given her strength, even if she had wanted to kill them, no one would be able to stop her.

Nine Nether looked at Mandela and asked, "Why are you following Mu Chen?"

Mandela tilted her head and looked at Mu Chen. She stamped her feet and pounced toward him. When Mu Chen saw it, he smiled wryly and extended his arms to catch hold of her.

Mandela laid comfortably in Mu Chen's arms, pressing her face against his chest. She shut her intimidating golden eyes and her voice became soft.

"I want him to carry me to sleep," Mandela pouted her lips and said, before closing her eyes. When Nine Nether heard this, she could not help raising her brows.

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