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Amid the countless gazes, Cao Feng stepped out gradually, and with every step, the spiritual energy fluctuations emanating from his body increased at an alarming speed. Within a mere three steps, his spiritual energy fluctuations had surpassed that of the maximum potential of a First Grade Sovereign! In fact, the power of his spiritual energy had surpassed any opponent that Mu Chen had met on the peak of the Golden Pool!

As Cao Feng steadied his steps, with a sardonic smirk on his face, his spiritual energy fluctuations had reached that of a Second Grade Sovereign. The overwhelming oppressive energy he was emitting now enveloped the entire Daluo Golden Platform. Cao Feng had actually advanced as a Second Grade Sovereign!

Below the peak of the Golden Pool, countless gasps rang out in the air. No wonder Cao Feng was not fearful of Mu Chen's challenge, for he had reached a breakthrough, advancing him to the rank of Second Grade Sovereign successfully!

Tang Bing and Tang Rou's expressions became somber, as they were clear that the differences between every rank in the Sovereign-stage were significant. Thus, it was not easy to compensate for this difference in ability.

"Sister, Mu Chen won't lose, right?" Tang Rou pulled on Tang Bing's hand and asked quietly. She knew that, if Mu Chen lost this time, Nine Nether Palace's reputation would suffer a disastrous decline, and Lord Blood Hawk would then rake up past matters in an attempt to disband Nine Nether Palace.

Tang Bing hesitated slightly, before gritting her teeth. "Mu Chen is not an idiot, and I believe he had anticipated this to happen. Thus, he wouldn't be so confident, unless he already had methods to counter this."

At this moment, she had no other option but to have faith in Mu Chen.

Upon hearing this, Nine Nether couldn't help but smile, as she said, "Bing'er, you have finally shown some confidence in him."

Tang Bing blushed slightly, as she retorted stubbornly, "I'm just making considerations for Nine Nether Palace. He was so arrogant just now. If he loses, see how I will end him!"

A gentle smile bloomed, replacing Nine Nether's usual cold expression. As she stared at the huge Spiritual Energy Screen, her eyes narrowed at the two figures confronting each other. She then stated softly, "Rest assured… One mere Cao Feng is unable to stop him…" 

Cao Feng stood at the center of the Daluo Golden Platform, his gaze looming over Mu Chen. It was the ability of a Second Grade Sovereign that allowed him to have such confidence.

In Blood Hawk Palace, he had always remained low-key, leaving many decisions to be made by Wu Tian, as he had concealed his true capabilities. Other than Lord Blood Hawk, very few people knew that his abilities were barely less than those of Wu Tian.

Furthermore, he was more patient and knew how to bide his time, as compared to Wu Tian. In fact, if it wasn't for Mu Chen, he would have continued to hide his true strength, until he could utterly defeat the three other Commanders, who were currently ranked higher than him.

"Originally, I didn't intend to display my ability…"

A majestic spiritual energy rippled around Cao Feng, causing the space to fluctuate, resulting in a wave of ripples, which were visible to the naked eye. He glanced coldly at Mu Chen. "As the previous Commander of Nine Nether Troop, I believe I need to test if you are qualified enough to become the new Commander."

Mu Chen's brows knit together tightly, as he stared at Cao Feng, before stating slowly, "I hope you never speak this sentence again, as you are not worthy enough to have any relationship with Nine Nether Palace."

He paused for a moment, then continued, "Also, I would like to tell you something… You're an ungrateful and vicious animal. Thus, I want one hand from you to pay the price of the betrayal. Although I think this would dirty my hands, you must be accountable toward the thousands of brothers of the Nine Nether Troop."

Mu Chen's calm voice rang throughout the Daluo Golden Platform, leaving the five men dumbfounded upon hearing it. Even Xu Qing's and Zhou Yue's glances surged with astonishment. They stared at the composed young man with stunned expressions, as it was hard to imagine that such an arrogant threat was issued by such a seemingly gentle and polite young man.

His words had been akin to regarding Cao Feng as a fish on the chopping board, and as one who was on the verge of slaughtering him easily. They wondered if he had forgotten that Cao Feng had already advanced as a Second Grade Sovereign! Even though he had displayed outstanding combat ability, Mu Chen was still in no position to say such arrogant statements in front of a Second Grade Sovereign!

"Heh heh… how interesting." Wu Tian glanced at Mu Chen with an unsettling gaze as he cackled and wondered to himself: Was this new Commander of Nine Nether Palace foolish to such a degree?

Cao Feng stared chillingly at Mu Chen, his calm expression completely wiped off. As the corners of his mouth twitched, his face twisted maliciously.

"Heh heh…"

A chilling laugh emitted from Cao Feng's clenched teeth, as Mu Chen's words had angered him to the point where of incredulity. Over the past years, it was his first time to have met such an insolent fellow.

He had originally intended to humiliate Mu Chen verbally. But, now that the latter had shocked him with such insolent words, it seemed that he did not view him as a threat in the slightest.

"Looks like the new Nine Nether's newly found Commander is truly disappointing," Cao Feng said stiffly.

Mu Chen knit his brows and frowned deeper, staring at Cao Feng, before stating, "Two hands."

"You insolent brat!"

Upon hearing Mu Chen's words, Cao Feng finally lost his calm composure. He began to laugh, his expression twisting into a grotesque grimace. He then surged out violently, as he swore to beat up this brat, to the point of crippling him. Then, he'd see if he still dared to say such foolish words! 


An enraged Cao Feng dealt a blow, its speed appearing in front of Mu Chen, as if it was a specter. Then, without any hesitation, a punch flew out, causing frenzied torrents of spiritual energy to surge out, as if a turbulent sea that was crashing toward Mu Chen.

The power of a Second Grade Sovereign had erupted with one blow of his fist. This blow was sufficient enough to defeat any First Grade Sovereign.

A storm of fists raged with the might of a tumultuous sea, as the golden platform quaked with the impact. Clearly, Cao Feng had not shown any mercy.

The punches expanded swiftly before Mu Chen's dark eyes, but he still showed no signs of retreating. He crossed his arms lightly, his eyes turning crimson red, as a demonic aura permeated the air and swept across the space violently.


The Great Meru Demonic Pillar materialized between his arms, as he swung it harshly to block the barrage of punches.


The collision caused a low rumble to erupt, as a frenzy of shockwaves wreaked havoc, causing small cracks to appear on the golden platform. That collision caused even Xu Qing and Zhou Yue to narrow their eyes.


In the aftermath, where spiritual energy shockwaves wreaked havoc, two silhouettes fell backwards. The Great Meru Demonic Pillar spun in Mu Chen's hands, before crashing onto the ground heavily. He gripped the Demonic Pillar with one hand, as his body steadied, lifting his head to look at Cao Feng, who now had a gloomy expression.

"I see, that's all there is to a Second Grade Sovereign," Mu Chen stated calmly.

Although his ability was only that of a First Grade Sovereign, Mu Chen's spiritual energy had integrated with that of the Unperishable Flame, so it was naturally stronger than that of Cao Feng's. With the power of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar adding to that, even if it was a direct clash, Mu Chen would not be at much of a disadvantage. 

"Aren't you scared that you would be disgraced later, after saying such words?" Cao Feng said scornfully, his gaze growing more chilling, as he clenched his fists.

Majestic spiritual light surged and swept across the space. Then, a crimson red spear appeared in his hand. The spear was blood red, as if it had been through a bloodbath, and it emitted a ghastly aura. At the tip of the spear, a blood red eye of an eagle stood, increasing its unsettling aura.

"That's the Blood Hawk Spear from Blood Hawk Palace, a Middle Grade Divine Artifact and a valuable treasure of Blood Hawk Palace. Lord Blood Hawk is sure generous, to give such a Divine Artifact to Cao Feng." Upon seeing the crimson Blood Hawk Spear, Tang Bing's heart tensed, as she commented.

Worry and anxiety was also written all over Tang Rou's face. With the Blood Hawk Spear in his grasp, Cao Feng's demeanor became more domineering. And, with a jerk of his spear, a sharp cry of an eagle rang out in the sky, immediately followed by a bloody aura ripple, as if it were tearing the sky apart.


Cao Feng's figure surged out violently, as he transformed into many afterimages, his spear turning into crimson red torrential rain. The crimson rainstorm immediately shrouded Mu Chen, and a murderous intent swept across the entire arena. Mu Chen retreated half a step back, as the Great Meru Demonic Pillar swept out, blocking the spear with its massive size.

Clink! Clink! Clatter! Clatter!

The lightning-fast collision caused sparks to emerge, each clash resulting in terrifying bursts of spiritual energy, as the entire space distorted with the impact. Both parties did not use any defense, but wholly attacked in order to fend off their aggressors' attacks, which was very exhilarating to witness.

Countless people in the crowd widened their eyes to get a better look at the two blurry figures. However, no matter how fierce the other party's attack was, it was difficult for either to break through in order to land a definitive blow.

Shock surfaced in many people's eyes, as they realized that, in this head-on confrontation, Cao Feng, who was supposedly more powerful than Mu Chen, did not gain an upper hand in the least. Cao Feng had clearly realized this, as his gaze turned increasingly chilling. Then, with a tip of his toes, his figure surged into mid-air, as the Blood Hawk Spear in his hand emanated a bloody aura of ten thousand feet, and a sharp and piercing cry of the eagle rang throughout the heavens and earth.

"Eagle Spear, Eagle Splitting the Space!"

A bloody aura spewed forth, as a Blood Hawk soared from the Blood Hawk Spear, its size was massive, reaching to nearly a hundred feet! It extended its wings, as it integrated with the fierce aura of the spear and rushed to envelop Mu Chen, with a momentum as swift as lightning.

"Just die!" Cao Feng roared, his growl permeating the atmosphere.

Mu Chen lifted his head. A sharp glance surged in his dark eyes upon seeing the brutal attack, causing him to pause to take a deep breath. His hand then jerked the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, causing it to land heavily on the ground, as ancient demonic runes glimmered on the primordial Demonic Pillar.

In that moment, an indescribable demonic aura permeated the heavens and earth, as if a primordial demonic creature had awakened, causing everyone to look on in shock. The crimson red in Mu Chen's eyes grew rapidly, as a low growl sounded in his heart.

"The Great Meru Demonic Pillar, Swinging Demonic Runes!"

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