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The shimmering golden platform was the only passageway to the mountain peak. Golden light permeated the atmosphere like a flowing golden liquid. It was extraordinarily dazzling.

Mu Chen stepped onto the golden platform as his gaze swept across his surroundings. The golden platform was about 10,000 feet wide and was very vast. There were only a few figures standing atop this vast golden platform.

To be precise, there were five figures. 

Mu Chen had met all five figures. As expected, four of them were the Four Great Commanders of Daluo Territory, and the fifth was a muscular man whom he had seen when he entered the peak of the Golden Pool.

He didn't expect that this man could reach the Daluo Golden Platform.

Just as Mu Chen was appraising the five men on the Daluo Golden Platform, five glances also converged on him. With the exception of Wu Tian and Cao Feng's chilling gazes, the other three were astonished, as they had witnessed how Mu Chen had overcome the circle of seven Sovereigns.

That scene had shocked them, as they understood that Mu Chen didn't rely on merely his capabilities, but on his courageous spirit to stop the seven Sovereigns in their tracks.

In the world, there were many prodigies and even more people who possessed brilliant talent, but those who could become reputable Sovereigns in the end possessed an unwavering determination and an extraordinary spirit. 

This spirit could be understood as a kind of fearless courage; that no matter what opponent one was facing, they would not retreat. Even if it were an insurmountable mountain before them, they would charge head-on without a trace of fear.

In moments where chances of survival were extremely slim, as long as one fought for that sliver of hope for life, one would be able to be reborn.

The composed demeanor Mu Chen exhibited earlier had shocked them, and that shock was stronger than when Mu Chen had defeated the four Sovereigns of Mangshan Mountains.

Thus, even Xu Qing and Zhou Yue, who were ranked first and second respectively among the Four Great Commanders, looked at Mu Chen solemnly, ready to face him squarely.

"Heh heh, how interesting. I didn't think that two dark horses would appear this time. The competition is much stronger than before." Laughter rang out as Wu Tian smiled and appraised Mu Chen and the muscular man with a contemplative and teasing smirk. 

Mu Chen's expression remained calm as he slowly stepped forward to the platform's northern corner. The Daluo Golden Platform now had six competitors, including Mu Chen. However, there were only four slots in the Daluo Golden Pool, so two competitors would be eliminated.

To overcome the numerous challenging obstacles to reach the Daluo Golden Platform, standing here were characters considered to be the best of the younger generation in Daluo Territory. If they wanted to defeat two competitors, the difficulty would be even more challenging than in any previous battle.

Mu Chen's gaze changed as his body seemingly relaxed, but the spiritual energy within his body was like a roaring, raging dragon prepared to deal with any attacks with terrifying power.

As Mu Chen remained silent, the five other figures said nothing more, but everyone could feel a tense atmosphere permeating the Golden Platform.

Between the six of them, which two would be eliminated?

Below the peak of the Golden Pool, everyone's gazes were focused on the Daluo Golden Platform as they anxiously looked on. This was the final battle. When the results were out, the four slots of the Daluo Golden Pool would be determined.

Judging from the current situation, Mu Chen and the muscular man were the most likely candidates to be eliminated. Although they were dark horses in comparison to the reputable Four Great Commanders, their foundation was still weaker.

Amid the attention, Wu Tian's gaze shifted like a venomous snake as he stood on the Daluo Golden Platform, glancing between Mu Chen and the muscular man. He smiled saying, "Both of you are newcomers, thus you can choose your own opponent in this final battle. Consider this a privilege given by us seniors. Of course… you can also choose each other to make it easier."

His smile was malicious, as the implication was clear. He wanted to turn Mu Chen and the muscular man against each other, and when one had won, he would vie for the last slot.

Mu Chen remained expressionless and ignored him, while Wu Tian smiled and turned his glance towards the muscular man. 

Under Wu Tian's gaze, the muscular man's glance was also changing. Judging from the situation, it was clear Mu Chen was easier to deal with among the five. However, while he seemed coarse and thick in terms of mentality, he was extremely perceptive and had a keen sense that Mu Chen was not a simple character.

It seemed as if a fierce tiger was hidden in the depths of his seemingly polite dark eyes and if unleashed, would cause utter annihilation. Thus, if he had to choose an opponent from the five, he would not choose Mu Chen.

If this person became his enemy, he would have to live his life in fear.

The muscular man's gaze flickered before he took a deep breath and smiled amiably at Mu Chen. He then glanced towards Wu Tian and clasped his fists in a bow saying, "Daluo Territory, Lion Tiger Mountains, Fang Lei, may I ask Commander Wu Tian for this duel?"

As he spoke, Wu Tian's expression darkened, his eyes glaring daggers at the muscular man as he did not expect that this fellow would not only ruin his plans but also provoke him directly.

Now that all Four Great Commanders are present, this fellow chose me instead out of the other three. Does he think that I am the weakest among the Four Great Commanders?

Wu Tian could not bear this provocation. He glared eerily at the muscular man named Fang Lei before smiling to reveal starkly white, beast-like teeth. "Good, excellent. You are very courageous."

Mu Chen was surprised at the muscular man's choice because judging from all the surface aspects, he posed a smaller threat in comparison to one of the Four Great Commanders. However, Fang Lei risked offending Wu Tian and gave up on battling him, which was an astonishing decision.

However, it was this choice that gave Mu Chen a chance, for he could avoid a continuous tag battle that would exhaust his energy.

Thus, he nodded at Fang Lei before slowly stepping out. His eyes flashed with a cold glint as he looked towards the Four Great Commanders. His gaze passed Xu Qing and Zhou Yue before stopping on Wu Tian and Cao Feng, both displaying calm expressions.

"Nine Nether Palace New Commander, Mu Chen. May I know if I can ask Commander Cao Feng for a duel?"

As Mu Chen's nonchalant voice rang out in the Daluo Golden Platform, the air seemed to have become frozen, and the atmosphere instantly became electrifying below the peak of the Golden Pool.

Gasps of astonishment reverberated in the air as countless people were surprised. Their eyes lit up, and their interest was piqued because everyone knew the past relationship between Cao Feng and Nine Nether Palace, and now that Mu Chen was the new Commander of Nine Nether Palace, the old and the new commanders would be clashing, posing a very interesting confrontation.

They wanted to know rather badly if the old Commander, who had betrayed and deserted Nine Nether Palace, was more powerful, or was the new Commander, whom Nine Nether brought back yet again, indeed superior?

Nine Nether had already made a wrong judgment once. Would she make another this time?

Amid the commotion, everyone in the Nine Nether Troop had cold expressions and glared at Cao Feng resentfully. He had betrayed Nine Nether Palace, which was akin to betraying the Nine Nether Troop.

To them, there was nothing more hurtful than their Commander betraying and abandoning them. 

Tang Bing and Tang Rou gripped their hands together tightly, anxiety written clearly on their faces. Although they knew that Mu Chen and Cao Fen's confrontation would happen eventually, now that the scene really appeared, they couldn't help but have conflicting emotions in their hearts.

Cao Feng's betrayal was considered a painful part of Nine Nether Palace's history, and they knew that Nine Nether was still hung-up on it. After all, it was hard to forgive and forget the betrayal from someone you trusted.

No one could resolve that knot in her heart except for Mu Chen. He could do it because he was the new Commander of Nine Nether Palace, replacing Cao Feng. Thus, he had to erase all traces that Cao Feng had left behind. 

It would not be difficult to do so, as long as he defeated Cao Feng. It would be akin to an official declaration to everyone in Daluo Territory that in the future, Mu Chen was the true Commander of the Nine Nether Troop in Nine Nether Palace. 

The people and their reputations from the past would be overshadowed by his brilliance.

A traitor would be forgotten, and after ushering in the right person, Nine Nether Palace would exude her rightful glory.

Of course, the premise for that happening hinged on whether Mu Chen possessed the capability to erase all traces of Cao Feng. Their confrontation would be the moment of truth.

In Daluo Territory, countless people were waiting for this revelation.

Whether Nine Nether Palace could rise in glory was dependent on this battle.

Below the peak of the Golden Pool, countless gasps permeated the air. Cao Feng smiled faintly as he stood on the Daluo Golden Platform. He gazed at Mu Chen, and a cold smirk appeared on his face. 

Mu Chen had chosen him to be his opponent; didn't that fulfill his wish?

He would make Nine Nether realize that she could not replace his outstanding abilities with just any person she found.

Cao Feng breathed out a puff of white mist before he stepped out, lifting his palms and bowing slightly to Mu Chen. His gaze was as chilling as daggers, as his laughter rang softly in the Daluo Golden Platform.

"Challenging me? I'll fulfil your wish then, but I hope you have the courage to pay the price…"

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