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The vast golden Sovereign celestial body stood tall in heaven and earth, as golden light permeated throughout all. The spiritual energy between heaven and earth showed signs of rampage, with torrents of converging spiritual energy wrapping around the Sovereign celestial body, painting a majestic sight.

Nine Nether hovered in mid-air, as she gazed at the Sovereign celestial body, shock written in her eyes. Although she had the physical constitution of a Divine Beast, and thus, could not cultivate a Sovereign celestial body, she was still knowledgeable and experienced enough to have seen many of the 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies.

However, she couldn't help but feel shocked at what she now saw, for she found that most of the Sovereign celestial bodies which she had seen did not seem to have the power of this Sovereign celestial body now before her.

Nine Nether surveyed her surroundings, as she thought of how fortunate it was that she had isolated this area. Otherwise, many would have noticed the commotion by now, and in that case, Mu Chen's hidden means would have been exposed.

"This is the power of the Sovereign celestial body?"

The golden Sovereign celestial body opened its golden eyes, filled with infinite majestic authority, and its great hands, which were transformed by Mu Chen, slowly clenched, causing the space to twist and distort. An indescribable force of terror rippled through the limbs and shook people, rendering them with the impulses to howl skyward.

The spiritual energy between heaven and earth roared, then transformed into a rainbow of light, which was then inhaled by the Sovereign celestial body. As it breathed, clouds and mist lingered and curled, emitting a spiritual aura.

It was only at this moment, that Mu Chen realized the true extent of the Sovereign celestial body's power. Its was a power that was akin to beholding a high mountain in awe and admiration. If he had not possessed a hidden ace up his sleeve, like the Spiritual Array Master during his battle with Liu Ming, it would have been extremely difficult for him to defeat the latter.

After all, the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body that Liu Ming had cultivated had been very powerful too. However, Mu Chen was confident that, with his current ability, he could demolish and destroy the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body directly. 

Although he was unclear which grade of the Sovereign celestial body the "Great Solar Undying Body", which he had cultivated, could match up to, he was sure that it was definitely countless times more powerful than the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body.


The golden celestial body emitted a slight buzzing sound, as it began to shrink rapidly amid the flickering golden lights. After a few short moments, a slender figure appeared above the sky.

The figure was naturally Mu Chen, as he glanced down to look at his hands, a look of unconcealed glee on his face. He was very satisfied with the power of the "Great Solar Undying Body". 

After all these years of expectation, there was no disappointment. After successfully cultivating the "Great Solar Undying Body", he could truly be considered as a First Grade Sovereign!

The him currently was anticipating the battle of the "Daluo Golden Pool" in the near future, for he wanted to borrow the power of the "Daluo Golden Pool" to perfect his "Great Solar Undying Body". Just as the "Great Solar Undying Body" vanished, in the depths of Daluotian, numerous glances were suddenly cast toward Nine Nether Palace.

"These fluctuations… Is that lass Nine Nether up to something?"

One of these glances came from the Condor King, who was one of the three Kings in the Daluo Territory. He gazed toward the direction of Nine Nether Palace, and despite Nine Nether's swiftly setting up a spiritual energy barrier to mask and isolate Mu Chen's Sovereign celestial body, powerful Sovereigns like the Condor King could still sense that something was amiss. Although the moment was too short for him to perceive what it was clearly, he could still sense the burst of spiritual energy fluctuations. 

Another glance came from the Spiritual Pupil King. As he narrowed his eyes, the space before him rippled, and his gaze seemed to pierce through the space, shooting straight into Nine Nether Palace. However, Mu Chen now had reverted to his original state, with only traces of lingering golden light in the sky left to reveal the unusual spiritual energy fluctuations.

The Spiritual Pupil King retracted his gaze, his expression calm. He shut his eyes, and with the extraordinary divine abilities of his eyes, he knew that the unusual fluctuations were caused by the young man named Mu Chen. However, he did not pay much attention to this, as Mu Chen was merely a lad that had just stepped into the Sovereign-stage, merely a nobody that did not deserve his attention.

As they retracted their gazes, a bleary-eyed man opened his eyes abruptly. The man was in an attic, hidden even further in. For the first time, there was a look of wonder on his usually lazy expression.

"What a powerful Sovereign celestial body…" He murmured in a low tone.

"Congratulations, you finally got what you desired."

Although Nine Nether had set up the spiritual energy barrier in the nick of time, she did not know that the commotion had already attracted the attention of the top three aces in the Daluo Territory. She moved and appeared in front of Mu Chen, her eyes crinkled with mirth, as she knew how long Mu Chen had prepared for this day to come.

Mu Chen grinned as he asked, "Looking at my 'Great Solar Undying Body', which grade do you think it belongs to among the 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies?"

Nine Nether pondered and replied, "It's not easy to determine, as we have not pitted them against each other. Moreover, many powerful Sovereign celestial bodies possess their own unique ability, but judging from its majestic aura, this 'Great Solar Undying Body' is at least within the top 50."

"Only the top 50?" Mu Chen was dissatisfied with the ranking.

In any case, the "Great Solar Undying Body" was one of the necessary conditions to cultivate the "The Primordial Immortal Body", and the "Primordial Immortal Body" was ranked fourth in the 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies!

"Don't be greedy, a Sovereign celestial body ranked within the top 50 is already considered as being a sect's precious treasure, even in the forces within the Daluo Territory. Even Seventh and Eighth Grade Sovereigns would desire it and be willing to offer their services to the elders just to cultivate it, let alone ordinary folk."

Nine Nether rolled her eyes at Mu Chen, as she thought: This fellow, did he think a Sovereign celestial body ranked within the top 50 was just a common commodity?

Mu Chen rubbed his nose sheepishly, as he knew Nine Nether was right. Even the young hall master of Tian Xuan Hall could only cultivate the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body, which was ranked 97th.

However, he could also feel that there seemed to be a lot of mystery hidden within the "Great Solar Undying Body", and now that he had just cultivated it, it was completely impossible for him to use its full potential. Otherwise, he believed that Nine Nether would never just give an evaluation of it being in the mere top 50 ranking.

With a wave of her hands, Nine Nether dispersed the shrouded aura of spiritual energy. Not far away, two beams of light surged and appeared in front of him. It was Tang Bing and Tang Ruo, and the two beautiful women's eyes were appraising Mu Chen. They were both somewhat surprised, as the oppressive spiritual energy, which emanated from Mu Chen, was obviously much stronger than it had been a month ago.

"Looks like you have succeeded in cultivating your Sovereign celestial body?" Tang Bing asked in astonishment.

Mu Chen smiled and nodded, as he glanced at Tang Bing and asked in surprise, "Have you advanced through?"

The spiritual energy fluctuations around Tang Bing had become much stronger than they had been a month ago, so clearly in this month's period, she had successfully advanced through and entered the Sovereign-stage.

"It's all thanks to your Sovereign Spiritual Liquid." Tang Bing was elated to have advanced to the Sovereign-stage, revealing as such with a dazzling smile that was now blooming on her usually cold, expressionless face.

Mu Chen smiled, and with a flick of his fingers, a beam of light surged towards Tang Bing, who then hurriedly caught it. A crimson red scroll laid within the beam of light.

"This is the method of cultivation of the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body. I believe it will help you greatly." Mu Chen smiled.

After snatching Liu Ming's Mustard Seed Bracelet, he had found the method of cultivation of the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body within it. He did not care for the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body at this point, but no matter what, this was a Sovereign celestial body that had a famed ranking, and ordinary Sovereigns would desire it. Thus, it was perfectly suitable to gift it to Tang Bing.

Upon hearing that this was the method of cultivation of the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body, which was ranked 97th in the 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies, Tang Bing was stunned and immediately shook her head, declining it.

"It's too much of a gift, I cannot accept it."

After all, not everyone could have the opportunity to cultivate the "Great Solar Undying Body", and Tang Bing had originally wanted to cultivate any Sovereign celestial body. After her abilities had increased, she would then choose to cultivate a stronger Sovereign celestial body. She had not expected that Mu Chen would gift her a Sovereign celestial body that had such a reputable ranking.

"Hehe, Mu Chen, are you trying to court my sister? That's generous of you, what with the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, and now the Sovereign celestial body." Tang Rou teased him playfully, as she grinned cheekily.

"You mischievous lass! I'll tear your mouth out!" Tang Bing blushed. She grit her teeth in a show of mock anger, as Tang Rou giggled, hiding behind Nine Nether hurriedly.

After getting teased by Tang Rou, Tang Bing was at a loss of what to do. She held onto the red scroll, knowing that she couldn't accept it, nor could she return it, so she stomped her foot in exasperation.

"It's alright." Nine Nether finally spoke with mirth in her tone.

She wrapped her arm around Tang Bing's slender waist in an embrace, as she smiled and said, "Just accept it for the time being, as you do need a Sovereign celestial body that suits you now anyway."

Upon hearing Nine Nether's words, Tang Bing nodded and thanked Mu Chen.

"Thank you, I will return you this favor I owe in the future."

Mu Chen was about to decline, but when he saw how serious she was, he just nodded, as he knew that this girl had her own set of principles.

"Bing'er, how's the strength of our Nine Nether Palace now?" Nine Nether asked abruptly.

"Is Sister referring to the Nine Nether Troop?"

Upon seeing Nine Nether nod, Tang Bing smiled and replied, "Rest assured, in these years since Sister left, I did not grow lax. Our Nine Nether Troop is even stronger now than when you first left."

Nine Nether nodded assuredly, as she said, "Now that Mu Chen is one of the Commanders of our Nine Nether Palace, according to the rules, he should lead the Nine Nether Troop, agreed?"

After all, Tang Bing had been the one in charge of the Nine Nether Troop these years, and it was only fair to gain Tang Bing's permission before letting Mu Chen become the Commander.

Upon hearing this, Tang Bing nodded without any hesitation, and replied, "No problem."

As she finished speaking, she suddenly glanced at Mu Chen with a smile. "However, there are many strong men in the Nine Nether Troop, and each of them are unruly and defiant, so I'm afraid Mu Chen would not be able to tame them." 

Mu Chen, who had originally wished to decline this, lest Tang Bing feel dissatisfied that he was going to meddle in her affairs, now raised his brows in interest, saying with amusement in his tone, "Let's have a try then."

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