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Three days flashed by in the blink of an eye.

When the morning light of the third day tore the darkness of the night apart and shone on the earth, the whole Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy was once again full of vitality. However, the atmosphere of the Academy was slightly different from the past.

Countless disciples lifted their gazes and converged at the top of the peak in the center of the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, where the silhouette of a slender and tall figure could be vaguely seen.

All the disciples had already received news that Mu Chen was about to leave Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy.

Their gazes were filled with admiration and adoration as they glanced at the figure in the morning light, the most outstanding person in their Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy who had won glory for them in the Spiritual Academy Competition.

Although young people were always a little arrogant, they always showed true admiration and respect from the bottom of their hearts towards Mu Chen.

In the headquarters of the Goddess Luo Association, tens of thousands of members looked dejected. Mu Chen and Luo Li were considered the main pillars of support in their Association. Now that both were leaving, it was a severe blow to the Goddess Luo Association.

However, they also knew that Mu Chen was no longer suitable to remain at the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy. He needed a larger stage to develop and perform, and the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy was too small for him.

Hence, despite feeling sorrowful, they were very understanding.

On the training ground, Ye Qingling, Yu Xi, and Su Ling'er all lifted their heads. Yu Xi's eyes were red with tears, as she could not help but cry like a little kitten when she heard the news that Mu Chen was about to leave.

Her little button nose sniffled as tears welled up in her huge doe eyes again.

"It's okay, don't cry." Ye Qingling patted her head gently as she smiled.

"Mu Chen mentioned that you would be the pillar of support for the Goddess Luo Association when he left. This is the mission he left for you, you can't do it badly."

Yu Xi rubbed her eyes, as she nodded solemnly.

"Don't worry, Sister Ye, I won't let the Goddess Luo Association down. I will definitely win the championship at the next Spiritual Academy Competition!"

"You have ambition," Ye Qingling smiled gently before lifting her gaze and staring at the figure. She murmured in her heart softly, "Have a smooth journey, Mu Chen."

Atop the mountain peak, Mu Chen also looked down at the enormous Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy. As he registered the countless gazes directed at him, sentimental feelings of departing welled in his heart.

Behind Mu Chen, Ling Xi approached, a gentle smile blossoming on her usually calm face as she lightly and neatly smoothed his clothes.

"Now that you are leaving the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, be careful in everything you do."

Mu Chen glanced at the beautiful face which was close to his, feeling touched by her kind words. He stretched out his arm and held Ling Xi's slender waist, gently hugging her before swiftly letting go.

"Be careful too, Sister Ling Xi. If you meet with any danger, do give up. I promise that I will definitely rescue Mother. By then, no matter how dangerous it is, I will always protect you and Mother."

Ling Xi's slender figure stiffened momentarily at Mu Chen's actions, but her eyes reddened at his words. She was touched by Mu Chen's concern.

She nodded gently before turning to glance and smile at Nine Nether.

"Nine Nether, I was wrong before when I picked at your faults. I'm hope you don't take it to heart."

Nine Nether froze. She clearly did not expect Ling Xi to take the initiative to apologize to her. She was bewildered, and her pretty face was slightly flushed as she waved her hands and said, "It's alright."

"Please take care of him in the future," Ling Xi said softly.

Nine Nether nodded.

"My life is linked together with his. Naturally, I won't let anything happen to him."

The Northern Sea Dragon and Chief Tai Cang appeared at this moment. They smiled while looking at Mu Chen.

"The Transfer Spiritual Array has been completed. It will transport you out of the Northern Heavens Continent. If you need to travel to other places, you will have to search for the major cities in the other continents and use the Transfer Spiritual Array located there."

"Thank you so much, Elder Northern and Chief."

Mu Chen glanced at the sky, where a huge Transfer Spiritual Array stood.

The Tianluo Continent was very far away. Without the Transfer Spiritual Array, even a Sovereign would have to spend more than half a year travelling to arrive—and that was if the journey had no obstructions.

Between the major continents, besides the vast sea, there existed all kinds of natural disasters that even Sovereigns feared. Some continents were isolated from the flow of space, and if one wanted to pass through, even the most powerful Sovereigns would find it extremely dangerous.

Mu Chen took a deep breath, and despite the longing in his heart, he did not hesitate as he turned to Nine Nether and said, "It's almost time, let's move!"

Nine Nether nodded in response as the two moved and appeared in the Transfer Spiritual Array.

"Mu Chen, don't bring dishonor to the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy in front of outsiders. After all, you're the most outstanding person in our Academy!"

From a near distance, a clear voice rang as Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong stood in the air, looking at them.

"Mu Chen, if we ever have the chance to meet again, don't get dragged down by us again. We won't go easy on you by then."

A smile surfaced on Li Xuantong's suave features.

Mu Chen nodded lightly in response.

"Brother Mu, take care!"

In the headquarters of the Goddess Luo Association, suddenly countless voices rang out in sync, as numerous members of the Association stood up and bowed gently in Mu Chen's direction.

This was their respect for the founder of the Goddess Luo Association.

As Mu Chen witnessed the scene before him, his nose scrunched up as he was deeply moved. However, he did not say anything as he glanced at the Northern Sea Dragon and nodded lightly.

The Northern Sea Dragon sighed and with a curl of its finger, a beam of spiritual energy shot into the Transfer Spiritual Array. Within the Spiritual Array, light glistened as the space violently distorted.

As his gaze blurred, Mu Chen knew that the transfer was imminent. He glanced at the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, which was becoming increasingly indistinct, and murmured in his heart, "Farewell, everyone. Take care, and may we meet again."


The light of the Transfer Spiritual Array gradually reached its strongest potential as the space twisted into a whirlpool. With a surge of the suction force, Mu Chen and Nine Nether turned into streams of light rushing into the space whirlpool, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The Transfer Spiritual Array in the sky gradually faded, and the originally violent space fluctuations completely calmed down. The sky returned to its usual serenity, but the two silhouettes had disappeared entirely.

Silence loomed over the entire Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy due to the somber atmosphere.

Looking at the scene, Chief Tai Cang could only smile helplessly. It was not as if a famous disciple had never left before, but there had never been an occasion where someone leaving could actually make the entire Spiritual Academy so dejected.

"Is that fellow… that charismatic?"

Chief Tai Cang smiled and shook his head, but did not deliberately try to lighten up the atmosphere. He knew that this downcast atmosphere would only dissipate with time.

Perhaps, when another stunning student emerged in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, Mu Chen's impact would begin to fade. Although… would it be possible to see an appearance of a disciple who was able to surpass Mu Chen?

At the thought of this, Chief Tai Cang could only sigh in regret. However, with regrets, there was also a trace of anticipation in his heart. He would like to know how much the young man who walked out of their Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy would achieve in the future…?

Perhaps, as he had expected, the day the boy returned to the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, his power would shake the entire Great Thousand World.

Ling Xi stood quietly on the top of the mountain as she looked in silence at the place where Mu Chen and Nine Nether had disappeared. Chief Tai Cheng and the others did not disturb her as the crowd quietly dissipated.

Ling Xi stood for a whole day, and as night came and enshrouded the sky, she then reacted and glanced down at the vast Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy. It was the same scenery, but somehow, something seemed to be missing. It was boring, as if one were chewing something tasteless.

She turned to go back to the courtyard where she resided, and came to the closed bamboo house. She pushed the door open and entered. In the neat bamboo house there hung a picture scroll depicting the back of a quiet and gentle lady.

Gazing at the scroll, she smiled and whispered, "Aunt Jing, Mu Chen has left. He is very outstanding, truly worthy to be your child. However, I can no longer stay by his side. Aunt Jing, I will come to look for you."

"No matter who it is, the person who sealed my memories, I won't let him off!"

Ling Xi clenched her fists tightly, cold murderous intent surging in her eyes.

"Aunt Jing, I will definitely rescue you!"

Ling Xi slowly stepped forward, and carefully put away the scroll. She then walked out of the bamboo house, gazing at the place where she had lived for a long time.

"Sister Ling Xi." Sun'er's timid voice rang out as she stood in the courtyard and glanced at Ling Xi, her eyes red with tears.

"Are you leaving too?"

Ling Xi stepped forward and embraced Sun'er as she smiled.

"Yes, Sister Ling Xi has some things to do. Sun'er, after I leave, you cannot neglect your cultivation. If you do, I will punish you when I return."

Sun'er hugged Ling Xi tightly and nodded.

"Sister Ling Xi, will you return like Brother Mu Chen in future?"

Ling Xi gently pressed her delicate chin on Sun'er's small head as she said softly, "Don't worry, we'll both be back."

Sun'er remained silently obedient as she burrowed herself in Ling Xi's embrace. As moonlight shone down on them, the lady donned in white robes looked up slightly. The moonlight formed a light arc on her beautiful face, forming the most beautiful night scene in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy.

Starting from tonight, the disciples of the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy would soon discover that Ling Xi, a beautiful young lady who charmed the hearts of many and held the role of an elder at a young age, had silently left.

She did not alarm anyone, and when she left, only the silhouette of her departing figure was left behind, which was stunning as always.

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