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In the chaotic Sea of Judgement, Mu Chen and Luo Li were dashing forward like fish. They were quite agile, and through continuous acceleration and dodging, managed to stay away from all the spiritual energy whirlpools that appeared in front of them.

However, the pressure of spiritual energy in the Sea of Judgement was way too strong. The spiritual energy consumption needed to finish any movement was several times that of the outside world. Therefore, this high consumption rate kept weakening Mu Chen and Luo Li.

Sweat appeared on their foreheads. However, both of them still focused their attention without slacking off. More and more spiritual energy whirlpools emerged. The emergence of the whirlpools also became more and more frequent and unpredictable.

Once they were trapped in a whirlpool, even if they could break away from it, the spiritual energy consumption in doing so was very high. The Sea of Judgement was still endless. If their their spiritual energy ran out, it would be extremely difficult for them to move a single step.


Another spiritual energy whirlpool of around 10,000 feet formed in front of them and to the right. The swirling whirlpool was trying to devour them like a ferocious sea beast.

Black lightning exploded on Mu Chen's body. He dashed out like lightning and evaded that whirlpool's suction range.

Luo Li was standing on the Luoshen Sword, which was emitting a fierce sword aura. Even the liquid spiritual energy was torn apart by the sword aura. It seemed the sword had created a small space in the Sea of Judgement in which Luo Li could go through that whirlpool.

After dodging that spiritual energy whirlpool, Mu Chen let out a sigh of relief. An hour had passed and his body had gradually adapted to the spiritual energy's pressure. Even though his body was quite tough, he could still feel the dull sting on his skin. Maybe the rest of the people there were resisting the pressure with their magnificent spiritual energy.

Even so, their resistance couldn't last long. Mu Chen could sense that the pressure of spiritual energy around him was becoming stronger with the passage of time.

In addition, they didn't dare violently resist the pressure of the spiritual energy because the spiritual energy in the area was extremely frantic. Violent fluctuation of spiritual energy could result in the generation of an enormous spiritual energy whirlpool.

Therefore, all of them had to move forward with utmost caution and care.

Luo Li approached Mu Chen and sent her voice to Mu Chen's ears. "The pressure of spiritual energy here is becoming increasingly stronger. Maybe the end is close."

The pressure of spiritual energy there was too strong to be resisted by those top-notch experts. Presumably, the Chiefs of the Five Great Academies wouldn't prepare a trial which was far beyond their limits. Otherwise, no one could walk out of this Sea of Judgement.

Mu Chen nodded slightly. Then he looked beyond on his left and right sides and found Ji Xuan, Wen Qingxuan and Xue Tianhe were also moving forward.

The spiritual energy whirlpools were becoming denser, so the five of them started to approach each other unknowingly.

At this moment, Wen Qingxuan also saw Mu Chen and Luo Li, so she waved to them. A shining smile was on her sweaty face, which was quite tempting.

Luo Li replied with a small smile. Mu Chen also smiled at her.

In the Sea of Judgement, five people were chasing each other. They turned themselves into light beams and tried to pick up speed by all kinds of measures. Generally speaking, there wasn't an obvious gap between them.

Mu Chen had pushed his Thunder God Physique to the upper limit. The black lightning kept flashing on the surface of his body. However, once the black lightning emerged, it would be pressed into his body by the formidable pressure of the spiritual energy, resulting in a tingling sensation.

At the very beginning, Mu Chen was seriously bothered by this tingling. It hampered him from concentrating on the sensation of the spiritual energy whirlpools suddenly emerging. This tingling was also the primary cause of his being trapped in the spiritual energy whirlpools several times.

However, after being bothered for a while, Mu Chen was surprised. He sensed that the tingling was turning into numbness, as if his muscles were strengthened by lightning.

Moreover, besides the numbness, Mu Chen could also sense the slight, indistinct increase of strength in his body.

This discovery greatly surprised Mu Chen. After a short while of observation and contemplation, finally he realized that when the black lightning on the surface of his body was pressed into his body by the formidable pressure of spiritual energy, the lightning would shuttle back and forth in his muscles. Together with the pressure of the spiritual energy, this created the numbness.

"So that explains it."

Mu Chen was suddenly enlightened. He didn't expect the pressure of spiritual energy here could be so helpful.

Actually, it is a good place to strengthen my body and enhance my strength. This idea flashed in Mu Chen's mind. He had made up his mind to enhance his strength in this place. Thinking of this, he concentrated his mind and without any hesitation, started to lower his resistance to the pressure of the spiritual energy.

While Mu Chen was immersed in the strength enhancement through the pressure of spiritual energy, he didn't sense that Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe were secretly approaching during their frequent evasion of the spiritual energy whirlpools.

Their approach was so stealthy that even Luo Li failed to sense it. Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe had used high speed movements to dodge those inexhaustible spiritual energy whirlpools.

Therefore, when Luo Li suddenly sensed Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe's approach, they were only 1,000 feet away from her.

Alertness immediately showed in Luo Li's clear eyes. When it came to cautiousness, she was as good as Mu Chen. After all, she was the future Empress of the Luo God Clan. Compared to Mu Chen, she was even more leery about other people.

However, this time Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe obviously came prepared. When they saw Luo Li's leery eyes, they replied with a slight smile, which was quite ferocious and cold.


In an instant, magnificent spiritual energy burst out from both of them. The Sea of Judgement in this area covered hundreds of millions of square feet. Triggered by their spiritual energy, the sea started to frantically fluctuate.

The liquid spiritual energy was already very violent. After being triggered, this vast area was in total frenzy within the span of several breaths.

Hum! Hum!

The spiritual energy ripples were spreading. Many massive spiritual energy whirlpools rapidly formed all over the vast area.

Luo Li's expression was totally changed at that moment.

Before she had time to react, two intimidating spiritual energy beams swept out from Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe's hands. However, the two spiritual energy beams didn't target Luo Li and Mu Chen, but were shot into the areas around them.

Boom! Boom!

The spiritual energy exploded and over 10 spiritual energy whirlpools were formed directly around Mu Chen and Luo Li, instantly encasing them. In addition, these spiritual energy whirlpools were very close to each other. In the next moment, these whirlpools merged into an even larger whirlpool.


Wen Qingxuan also noticed Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe's actions. Her expression was also changed. The spiritual energy whirlpools in this area were too large, and could almost encase all of them.


Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe moved back rapidly. At the same time, they kept flicking their fingers to sweep out many spiritual energy beams, which made the area even more frantic and horrible.

The Sea of Judgement was very violent and sensitive. Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe seized the moment by ruthlessly taking action when Mu Chen and Luo Li were in the most sensitive area.

They attacked ruthlessly and ferociously by pushing the spiritual energy to the upper limit. The spiritual energy whirlpool they created, which covered an area of hundreds of millions of square feet, could be considered a super whirlpool.

The five of them were all in that whirlpool, but Mu Chen and Luo Li were closer to the center.


Seeing the formation of that super whirlpool, Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe moved back immediately without any hesitation. They gripped their hands and then ancient jade appeared in them. In the next moment, they cracked the ancient jade.

As the ancient jade cracked, the space around their body was twisted. In the next moment, their figures disappeared in a flash of light. When they reappeared, they were already in a position over 10,000 feet away and successfully out of the influence of that super whirlpool.

Apparently, the two of them were fully prepared this time.

At the same time, Wen Qingxuan was staring at Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe hatefully. She formed spiritual seals with her jade-like hands. Golden light was permeating her and then turned into a pair of giant phoenix wings behind her back.


The phoenix wings flapped and Wen Qingxuan immediately picked up speed. She broke away from the strain of that super whirlpool and dashed out. She had been at the very edge of that whirlpool, so she managed to get out effortlessly.

Wen Qingxuan looked anxiously at the central area of that super whirlpool, where the two figures grew more and more dim.

Mu Chen, immersed in the strength enhancement, was awakened by the noise. Turning his eyes, he realized what was happening. Then his face darkened.

These two guys still refuse to give up their evil designs!

"What should we do?" Luo Li was resisting the formidable suction force coming from the center of that super whirlpool. Then she said anxiously, "If this continues, both of us will be sucked into the whirlpool."

Taking a deep breath, Mu Chen's black eyes were filled with coldness.

"We can't resist the suction force anymore. With any additional delay, none of us will be able to get out of it," Mu Chen said. "Let me send you out!"

Luo Li was slightly surprised. Clenching her red lips, she said, "A fight between you and Ji Xuan is awaiting. This time you shouldn't be absent. So let me send you out!"

Luo Li grabbed Mu Chen's wrist with her jade-like hand. However, before she had time to move, her hand was already held by Mu Chen. A glint of a smile appeared on the young man's handsome face.

"Indeed, this fight belongs to me. However, please trust me, I am not that fragile… Wait for me to come out!"

Spiritual energy exploded in Mu Chen's palm, pushing Luo Li back. Staring at Mu Chen with her clear eyes, the young girl clenched her teeth and finally stomped her feet. A massive sword aura was emitted from the Luoshen Sword. Her figure was wrapped in the sword aura, which tore the dense liquid spiritual energy apart. Finally, she dashed out from that super spiritual energy whirlpool.

When Luo Li got out of the whirlpool, Mu Chen was sucked into that formidable spiritual energy whirlpool and instantly disappeared.

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