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The breathtaking scene in the Sea of Judgement was displayed in the clear surface of the Mirror of Judgement. Countless students were watching dumbfoundedly, and then an earth-shaking uproar burst out.

"Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe are really insidious!"

"What a vicious method! Mu Chen was eliminated directly. Don't forget he is a championship favorite…"

"This couldn't be defined as a vicious method. After all, Chief Tian Sheng used to say they could take any measure to win. I can only say that Mu Chen's failure was caused by his negligence."

"An unequal contest brings no honor to the victor."

"What a pity…"

Many people were whispering. Some of them expressed their contempt while some of them continued their support. For a moment, it was quite noisy in the vast space.

"This Ji Xuan is shameless!" No one was angrier than students of the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy. All of their faces were grim with anger. Before, the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy had gained advantages because they had two survivors - Mu Chen and Luo Li. Now Mu Chen was eliminated, and only Luo Li was left. The advantage was instantly gone.

"What a detestable guy!" Yu Xi said angrily. Her tiny face was full of wrath.

Ye Qingling and the others also sighed slightly. None of them expected Ji Xuan could be so filthy as to attack at the most critical moment. However, they also knew Ji Xuan's action couldn't be defined as foul according to the rules.

"It doesn't matter. Even though Brother Mu Chen can't participate in the following fights, Sister Luo Li will definitely stop Ji Xuan from getting what he wants." Sun'Er had to console everyone.

Knitting her brows, Ling Xi was also staring at the Mirror of Judgement. She could sense the pressure of spiritual energy from that super spiritual energy whirlpool. It was very difficult for a master who had reached the level of the Third Grade of the Spirit Disaster to get out from that super whirlpool.

Mu Chen had just reached the level of the First Grade of the Spirit Disaster. The possibility he would get out was very low.

"This Ji Xuan is indeed a bane." Ling Xi's pretty face was full of coldness. A glint of murderous aura was seen in her beautiful eyes.

While the space was filled with uproars, the five Chiefs in the sky also noticed the scene. Chief Tai Cang glared coldly at Chief Tian Sheng. Chief Tian Sheng replied with a small smile.

Tightly clenching his fists in his long sleeves, Chief Tai Cang gradually calmed down. He knew it was useless to lose his temper here. Ji Xuan's behavior was filthy; however, he didn't break the rules.

In the following matches, we have to count on Luo Li. Chief Tai Cang sighed slightly in his heart. Luckily, the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy still had Luo Li. Although Mu Chen was eliminated, they still stood a chance. Luo Li was a girl with a strong background and she always hid her strength.

Inside the Sea of Judgement

Outside the super spiritual energy whirlpool, Wen Qingxuan was anxiously looking at the whirlpool's central area. Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe stood not far from her with smiles on their faces. Their joint action this time could be rated as perfect.


While they were smiling, a sharp, air-rending sound came out from the whirlpool. A beautiful figure tore the liquid spiritual energy apart and in the next moment, appeared outside the super whirlpool. It was Luo Li.

Seeing Luo Li's emergence, Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe were surprised a bit but stayed calm. As long as Mu Chen was trapped in the whirlpool, their goal had been achieved.

"Luo Li!" Wen Qingxuan was pleasantly surprised by Luo Li's emergence.


However, now Luo Li's pretty face was full of coldness. She didn't reply to Wen Qingxuan but formed sword seals with her jade-like hands. The Luoshen Sword dashed out. Two unstoppable, fierce sword auras tore the liquid spiritual energy apart and rushed directly towards Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe.

Seeing Luo Li's direct attack, Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe were a bit surprised. They waved their robe sleeves and two magnificent spiritual energy beams swept out and collided directly with the sword auras.


The fluctuation of spiritual energy was raging and pushed away all the liquid spiritual energy in the area.

Luo Li's pretty face was chilling. She held her jade-like hands and the next moment, the Luoshen Sword appeared in them. Magnificent spiritual energy was radiating from Luo Li's body. Apparently, Luo Li was about to launch a full-scale attack.

"Luo Li, are you really going to fight both of us here?" Ji Xuan said in a low voice, facing Luo Li's aggressiveness.

"Ha, no wonder you are the next Empress of the Luo God Clan. Your boldness is really impressive!" Xue Tianhe smiled coldly and watched Luo Li. She wouldn't have any advantage if she decided to fight Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe in the area, even though she had the assistance of the Luoshen Sword.

"Luo Li, don't be rash." Wen Qingxuan came over and stopped beside Luo Li. Grabbing Luo Li's arm, she said earnestly, "It is not a good place to fight them."

Staring at Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe with chilly eyes, Luo Li grabbed the Luoshen Sword. Undisguised murderous aura was radiating from her.

"Luo Li, all measures are allowed in this Sea of Judgement. Mu Chen's failure could only be attributed to his negligence."

Seeing Luo Li's chilly eyes, Ji Xuan was quite angry. He sneered, "What I've done is for Mu Chen's own good. If he couldn't handle such a puny trick, it's better for him to be an ordinary person. The road to power is not for him to set foot on."

"You really don't think I can attack you here?" Luo Li's clear and cold voice was quite emotionless, but it agitated the liquid spiritual energy around her.

"Ji Xuan, if you want a fight, I don't mind giving you a good one here," Wen Qingxuan said coldly and held out her jade-like hands. The next moment, a golden war spear appeared in them.

Ji Xuan and Xue Tian's previous actions were quite distasteful for Wen Qingxuan. Moreover, because of the relationship between her and Luo Li, she couldn't sit still and allow Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe to gang up on her.

Seeing the aggressiveness of the two girls, Ji Xuan also squinted his eyes slightly. For him, the strength of these two girls was quite intimidating. If they fought in this violent Sea of Judgement and a more formidable spiritual energy whirlpool was created, none of them would escape. Apparently, he didn't want that.

"He he, Mu Chen really has good luck with ladies." Xue Tianhe smiled sarcastically. Of course, deep in his sarcasm, there was inevitably jealousy. After all, even he found these two marvelous girls standing in front of him tempting. Now the two girls sided with Mu Chen, which greatly annoyed him.

"If he is really capable, he should walk out by himself; otherwise, he won't have the chance to fight me this time."

Ji Xuan smiled evenly. Looking at Luo Li, he said, "If you want revenge for Mu Chen, just walk out of this Mirror of Judgement. No matter what kind of fight you want to have, I will play along."

After saying that, Ji Xuan turned around and dashed towards the end of the Sea of Judgement. Seeing his movement, Xue Tianhe also left by following him.

After their departure, the golden war spear in Wen Qingxuan's hands disappeared. She looked at Luo Li's cold face and sighed helplessly. None of them expected Mu Chen could be stopped in this way.

"He will come out," Luo Li said in a low voice.

Wen Qingxuan replied with a wry smile. She didn't know what to say. If one of them was trapped in this super whirlpool, the possibility of coming out would be extremely low.

"No matter if he can come out or not, it's time for us to go. You won't let Ji Xuan win the championship, right?" Wen Qingxuan looked at Luo Li.

Staring at the super whirlpool, Luo Li finally nodded. It was not time for her to stop. If Mu Chen couldn't come out, she should be the one to stop Ji Xuan.

Clenching her red lips slightly, Luo Li loosened her grip on the Luoshen Sword. She then stepped on the sword, which radiated fierce sword aura, and dashed out by riding it. Luo Li's dazzling long hair was fluttering in the air and was very alluring.

Looking at the super whirlpool, Wen Qingxuan's heart was full of mixed feelings. She followed Luo Li and left.

From then on, nothing happened in the Sea of Judgement. Although the pressure of spiritual energy was increasing, the four of them were really powerful and managed to handle the formidable pressure.

After struggling for over 10 minutes, an unusual fluctuation appeared in the chaotic sea of spiritual energy. A dazzling door of light emerged in the direction of the end point.

Watching that door, the four of them heaved a sigh of relief. Finally, they managed to reach the end point; otherwise, maybe all of them would have exhausted their spiritual energy.


Four figures swept over and dashed out of the light door without any hesitation.

Above the golden battle stage, the Mirror of Judgement was quietly floating in the air.

Whiz! Whiz!

Being watched by countless people, the Mirror of Judgement suddenly burst out with dazzling light. Inside the light, four figures flew out and finally stood in the air.

When the four figures emerged, an earth shaking uproar burst out between heaven and earth.

Four teams entered the Mirror of Judgement, but only four people managed to walk out. The fierce competition shocked all the onlookers.

"Mu Chen didn't come out as expected…"

Some people sighed softly in pity when they found Mu Chen was not one of those four figures. None of them expected this unstoppable dark horse would fail near the end.

"Next will be the semi-finals."

Four figures were standing in the air, attracting everyone's eyes. When they dashed out of the Mirror of Judgement, their exhausted spiritual energy was augmented. After the augmentation, their spiritual energy was even stronger than it was before their entry into the Mirror of Judgement. Obviously, they had benefited from the journey inside the Mirror of Judgement.

Luo Li was standing in the air with a sword in her hands. During the earth-shaking cheers, she turned to the enormous Mirror of Judgement. Finally, she took a breath and slowly held out her jade-like hands.

Mu Chen, do come out! You have been waiting for this fight for three years, so don't you be absent from it!

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