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Chapter 598 - After half a year, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy

The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Compared to the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament filled with cruel battles, the atmosphere in the academy was rather calm. The Spiritual Energy in the heavens and earth were indolently moving about. The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was emitting youthfulness from the breeze of wind.

They had already left the academy for half a year.

When Mu Chen’s group joined the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, almost every single student was looking with expectation while raising their heads. However, there wasn't any news of the tournament as time passed. Thus, everyone could only unwillingly pacify their hearts and returned to their daily cultivations. But, occasionally, they would raise their heads and look at the antique huge bell at the center of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

If there was any news of the tournament, the ancient bell would ring.

But, regrettably, there wasn’t any activity from the bell for half a year.

The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was filled with vitality and the academy wouldn’t stop their progress for anyone. Not even Mu Chen and his group that was sent to participate in the tournament.

Thus, when they left, the colossal Spiritual Academy was still very interesting, since there were newcomers constantly appearing as they set off ripples in the academy.

No matter how outstanding those newcomers and black horses were, no one could surpass that name on the Heavenly Ranking that had disappeared for half a year.

That name was an indomitable great mountain to all the geniuses in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

That was precisely the reason why those geniuses in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had not given up. The pressure brought to them from the name was the motivation for them to keep pressing forth. Even if they failed, they would still stand crawl back up with excitement as they convinced themselves that they were a step closer to that name.

The outcome from that resulted in more and more people cultivating in the Lightning Territory and the Spirit Convergence Array. The teachers and Elders of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy were gratified as their dedication in cultivation grew stronger.

Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Goddess Luo Association

The current headquarters of the Goddess Luo Association was located at the center of the academy. The Spiritual Energy gathered there was thicker compared to the outer sector. Furthermore, there weren’t many cases of mistreatment of a student’s association.

The headquarters of the Goddess Luo Association still had a vast cultivating field with a huge lake on both sides of the field. The spiritual fog that took form from thick Spiritual Energy floated on the lake, making it seem like an immortal’s paradise.

On the cultivating field, there were thousands of people training as they sparred with each other and the screeches of wind that were caused by their actions constantly rang out.

In just half a year, the Goddess Luo Association had grown larger. The Freshmen from back then had shredded their freshness as they started to display their talents, blossoming their radiance in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

The Goddess Luo Association had already become the full deserving title of being the strongest student’s association.

On the cultivating field, there were many figures moving about and, occasionally, those members of the Goddess Luo Association would direct their sights on the central region during their training. The main reasons for this were naturally the two beautiful silhouettes in the center.

One of those two beautiful silhouettes were extremely familiar, one was Su Xuan’s younger sister, Su Ling’er. In half a year, this pampered girl had matured a lot, yet she still wore a scarlet-red dress, being exceptionally eye-catching. Her graceful figure had a marvelous curve to it, is extremely attractive.

Su Ling’er joined the Goddess Luo Association not long after Mu Chen’s party went into the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. Naturally, the association was extremely welcoming on her joining. After all, Su Ling’er pretty much had a decent amount of fame in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. There were many that admired her and her joining would make the Goddess Luo Association stronger as well.

As for the other figure, it was Yu Xi that came from the Northern Spiritual Academy before Mu Chen embarked for the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

Although she was young and her age was more or less similar to Sun’er, her fame was extremely resounding in the Goddess Luo Association. After joining the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, she had displayed astonishing talent as she had already leaped to the 2nd of the Spirit Ranking.

Whereas the first was a record left behind by the past Mu Chen…

Although her speed was a little inferior compared to Mu Chen’s, she was still breathtaking. If Mu Chen was the representative from his batch, then Yu Xi was the representative for hers…

Who knows, she might replace Mu Chen’s position after two years. But without a doubt, Mu Chen would have left the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy by that time.

Currently, Yu Xi was sitting on a huge rock located at the corner of the cultivating field as she lifted a rock with both of her arms. Her green long dress made her figure seem even more slender as her charming face attracted many gazes over.

In the Goddess Luo Association, there was a ranking of Three Fairies. Su Ling’er and she took the first and second, while Sun’er took the last.

However, Sun’er spent most of her time practicing Spiritual Arrays. Although her Spiritual Energy cultivation wasn’t too outstanding, she displayed astonishing talent in terms of Spiritual Arrays. In half a year, there was already a huge improvement in her cultivation regarding Spiritual Arrays. Some time ago, she managed to accidentally defeat a Senior that was Ranked 10 on the Heavenly Rankings, causing quakes in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Thus, the Seniors weren’t the strongest in the Goddess Luo Association, but these three beautiful girls…

Yu Xi sat on the ice-cold rock as she had just finished her cultivation. She slowly bent her straightened legs as she placed her lovable chin on her knees. Her jet-black eyes were directed on the bell, a mountain in the center of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, and paid no attention towards the surrounding admiring gazes that were directed at her.

Beside Yu Xi, Su Ling’er had also raised her head, looking at the bell. Her usual lively expression was quiet as she looked as if she was submerged in her thoughts.

“Haha, you guys are thinking of Mu Chen again?” A gentle laughter came from the side. Yu Xi and Su Ling’er abruptly looked over as they saw Ye Qingling standing at the side as she was looking at them full of smiles.

“Who’s thinking of that guy!” Su Ling’er pouted as she continued, “I was just thinking about my older sister and the rest…”

“No, no…”

Yu Xi, however, had her face flushed red as she quickly waved her hands in denial. However, it wasn’t too convincing as her gaze had been evading. To be exact, she had only seen Mu Chen once, but she was already too familiar with the latter’s name. Ever since she entered the Northern Spiritual Academy, she had been hearing stories about Mu Chen and now that she came to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, she was still hearing that dazzling youth. But still, she had to admit that when she first came to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, she saw the battle for the Heavenly Ranking’s Overlord position between Mu Chen and Shen Cangsheng, and her heart was shaken.

At that time, the figure that was filled with fighting intent had left behind a shadow in her heart. That day, Mu Chen’s appearance was too dignified, many girls had his figure branded in their hearts.

“Big Sister Ye, do you… think that Big Brother Mu Chen and the rest could get into the Finals?” Yu Xi hesitated for a moment but still couldn’t hold herself back to ask the question.

Ye Qingling sat down beside them as she looked at the bell. She pondered for a moment before answering, “I heard that the competition for this tournament is the most intense in the past decades.”

The face of Yu Xi and Su Ling’er changed a little as they bit on their lips. They were well aware of how powerful Mu Chen and his team were, but at the same time, they were also well-aware that their opponents were geniuses from various academies. Thus, it would definitely not be an easy task for them to rise above others under the cruel competition.

“Big Brother Mu Chen and the rest will definitely make it to the Finals!” Yu Xi clenched her fist as she firmly spoke. She refused to believe that the undefeated figure in her heart would be defeated by someone else.

“We hope so as well.” Ye Qingling rubbed her head. A few days ago, she heard from Sun’er that a monstrous figure had appeared from the Saint Spiritual Academy. The name of that fella was called Ji Xuan and in addition, he was a sworn enemy of Mu Chen’s. So much so that even the Elders of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had slightly heavy expressions when they mentioned his name. Thus, one could expect how monstrous he was. If this fellow targeted Mu Chen, it was definitely a worrisome matter.

Although Mu Chen was very powerful, was he able to maintain his foothold while dealing with that guy whom even the Elders of the academy would have their expressions changed just from mentioning his name?

Ye Qingling lightly sighed in her heart as she felt a little uneasy.

Yu Xi and Su Ling’er seemed to have sensed the uneasiness in Ye Qingling as they exchanged a glance and became silent as well.


Suddenly, just when they went into silence, an ancient bell rang out as it resonated between these heavens and earth.

The bell’s ringing spread throughout the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. The hustle and bustle that was filled with vitality suddenly went silent. Countless students were blankly staring at each other. It was after a brief moment later that they recovered and understood the meaning behind the bell.

Ye Qingling, Yu Xi, and Su Ling’er, who was seated on the mountain, were dazed for an instant, before abruptly raising their heads. Their eyes were looking at the ancient bell in surprise as excitement and nervousness rose up in their hearts.

Whooooosh! Whooosh!

Up in the sky, there were screeches of wind that rang out from every single direction. In an instant, the entire academy went into an uproar.

Everyone knew what that bell meant…

The Great Spiritual Academy Tournament’s Finals was coming!

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