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Chapter 599 - Battle World


The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy fell into silence as the ringing bell reverberated throughout the heavens and earth. However, that silence lasted for a brief moment, before it was ruined by the quaking cheers.

The Final Battle of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament that they had been anticipating for half a year had arrived at last!

The entire academy was ignited by the fiery atmosphere as innumerable students were looking at the bell with excitement, expectations, and nervousness in their eyes.

They yearned to know the results of the two teams that represented their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to participate in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament…


Hasty and hurried whooshing sounds resounded in the sky as a sea of humans quickly gathered. Those that were intending to enter the Lightning Territory to cultivate turned around as they rushed for the direction of the bell in excitement.

The news had spread at lightning speed into the Lightning Territory and Spirit Convergence Array, waking those that were enclosed in their cultivation. When they heard that the Final Battle of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament was approaching, they could no longer be bothered to cultivate as they quickly stood up and rushed for the academy.

In an instant, the atmosphere in the academy boiled.

As the boiling atmosphere started to spread, the usually closed door located on a certain secluded mountain faraway opened as an elegant silhouette strode forth.

That silhouette was dressed in a snow-white dress, with her hair draped down to her waist like a waterfall. She was holding onto a simple and unadorned scroll with complicated Spiritual Array runes on the surface of it. Her complexion was lucid and elegant. In the past, her face was filled with indifference, as if there was nothing in this world that could disturb her heart.

However, at this moment, the indifferent expression that she had been wearing in the past had now shown a rare tint of vividness as a smear of joy rushed forth in her gorgeous eyes.

She stood outside the house as her gaze was directed at the bell. Her rosy lips were slightly lifted as she revealed a charming smile, which had a distinctive feature that could not be reproduced by others.

"Big Sister Ling Xi, will Big Brother Mu Chen be able to enter the Finals?" At her rear, Sun'er asked as she blinked her big eyes. She still had her black ponytail. Excitement covered her face because she had finally heard news from Mu Chen and the rest after waiting for half a year.

"Certainly." Ling Xi answered with no hesitation. Mu Chen is the child of Aunt Jing, how hard is it for him to get into the Finals?

Although Ling Xi understood how intense the competition in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament was, a small part of the reverence that she had for Aunt Jing was shifted onto Mu Chen. Thus, she did not think that Mu Chen would be weaker compared to anyone of his age.

Sun'er covered her mouth as she secretly laughed, "Looks like Big Sister Ling Xi is the most confident about Big Brother Mu Chen. Some time ago, even the Dean and the rest were very worried about it because the strength of Big Brother Mu Chen's enemy is a little too powerful."

"Furthermore, ever since Big Brother Mu Chen left, Big Sister Ling Xi has never smiled once. But you become so happy the moment you hear news with regards to him."

Ling Xi's face blushed for a moment as she narrowed her eyes and shooting a dangerous glance at Sun'er. "Looks like the time you spent in the Spiritual Array House was a little too short. I'll increase it next time."

"Ah? Nono, Big Sister Ling Xi, I'm in the wrong!" Sun'er spoke in a pitiful manner as her face paled from Ling Xi's words.

Ling Xi softly flicked Sun'er pearly forehead, letting her off. Her gaze was on the bell as a tint of graveness surfaced in her eyes. After regaining her calm, she also understood that Mu Chen must be having a difficult time.

All in all, that person called Ji Xuan truly was a troublesome opponent. With that fellow's current strength, he might even be comparable to some Elders in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

She wasn't skeptical if Mu Chen could make it to the Finals. However, if he truly encountered Ji Xuan in the Finals, it would definitely be a ferocious battle between colossal titans.

Even for those Clans with long and deep history, Ji Xuan's talent could be considered pretty good.


Just as the atmosphere in the academy was boiling to new heights, several figures had also flown out of the Inner Palace of the academy as they stood on the sky, with Dean Tai Cang in front.

Right now, they were also looking at the bell with a little nervousness. Although the two teams that represented their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy weren't weak, they were aware that the intensity of the competition present in this tournament far surpassed those in the past decades, those participating were the strongest as well.

Thus, it wasn't an easy task to acquire achievements in this tournament.

However, no matter how challenging it was, they had no other choice but to compete, their title as one of the Five Great Academies was on the line in this round's tournament.

If they lost the title, it would definitely have a huge impact on the students of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. They couldn't bear to imagine how far the morale in the academy would fall if that happens.

If that happens, it would definitely have a fatal impact on the entire academy.

Dean Tai Cang looked towards his rear, exchanged looks with Hallmaster Mo Yu and the other Elders, and saw the hint of graveness in each other's eyes.

"Dean, let's get prepared to open the Battle Domain." Hallmaster Mo Yu spoke in a soft voice. Right now, worrying was useless and what they could do was to open the world and see if Mu Chen and the other representatives managed to achieve any results. 

Dean Tai Cang unhurriedly nodded his head as his hand seals started to change. A ray of spiritual light that seemed like a meteor shot forward from his fingertips as it streaked across the horizon, before heavily striking against the bell.


A long-lasting bell ringing sound resounded as it resonated again.

Buzzz. Buzzzzz.

Along with the bell ringing, golden light poured out in waves from the bell as the entire area looked as if it was being filled with the golden light.

The golden light slowly came together in the sky, distorted the space as it formed a golden passage.

"This passage leads to the Battle Domain, a small space meant for the Final Battle of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. Aside from the Freshmen, all the remaining students are allowed to enter. You are not allowed to obstruct or act in a disorderly manner. Otherwise, you will be punished as per the academy rules!" Dean Tai Cang swept his gaze around the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy as his thunderous voice rang out in everyone's ears.


Hearing his announcement, innumerable students were filled with excitement, leaving the Freshmen in grief. Although there was a Spiritual Projection Screen, how could it be compared to watching it on the spot?

However, Dean Tai Cang gave no regards to their grief, he moved as he turned into a streak of light and entered the golden passage with Hallmaster Mo Yu following closely behind him.

Whooooosh! Whoooosh!

Screeches of wind were heard from everywhere, the vast amounts of figures were like locusts as they soared towards the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, entering the golden passage.

On the mountain peak, Ling Xi hesitated as she looked at the golden passage.

"Big Sister Ling Xi, let's go as well. I want to know the situation of Big Brother Mu Chen." Sun'er blinked her wide eyes as she spoke while tugging on Ling Xi's sleeves.

Hearing her plea, Ling Xi lifted her brows for an instant, before replying as if nothing had happened, "Okay then, since you want to watch, I'll bring you to take a look at it."

As she spoke, she saw Sun'er secretly laughing with her mouth covered. In an instant, her face flushed red as she shot a furious glance at the latter as the little lass actually dared to make fun of her.

Ling Xi extended her hand as she held onto Sun'er's tiny hand. With a wave of her hand, they turned into a streak of light and flew away.

"Let's go as well!"

Ye Qingling spoke with excitement in the Goddess Luo Association.

"But, I'm a Freshman." Yu Xi pouted as she looked as if she would burst into tears at any moment.

"Don't worry about it, we'll sneak in. Although there are guards from the Punishment Hall, they have to give our Goddess Luo Association some face. Back then, Mu Chen defeated three Seniors of the Punishment Hall, so they wouldn't dare do anything to us from the Goddess Luo Association." Su Ling'er made a lovable smile as she incited.

"Okay!" Yu Xi hesitated for a brief moment and, eventually, her feelings overwhelmed her rationale as she nodded while biting her lips.

"Let's go!" Ye Qingling waved her hand as she took the initiative to move first. Behind her, Yu Xi and Su Ling'er immediately followed as the three of them joined into the streaks of light, entering the golden passage.

When they entered the golden passage, Ye Qingling, Yu Xi, and Su Ling'er could sense the distinct unstable ripples in the space. Golden light flooded their sights as they felt dizziness.

Fortunately, the dizziness only lasted for a brief moment, before the radiant golden light gradually disappeared. Immediately, the scene before their eyes started to change as their mouths widened, bit by bit.

A vast golden world had appeared right before their eyes as it became filled with noise.

There was no end to the number of people.

In the sky a long distance away, there were similar golden vortex passages with people constantly exiting them. Judging from the clothes they wore, they were evidently students from the other Spiritual Academies.

Nearly all the large-scaled Spiritual Academies had opened the Battle World, allowing their students to enter and observe the battle.

Although the multitude filled the area, students of different Spiritual Academies were separated as they gathered amongst themselves as they stood in the sky. The grandiose scene was extremely spectacular.

The majestic formations made Ye Qingling's group feel dumbfounded and they recovered from their shock a long time later. They looked up ahead, there was a vast floating golden-colored stone platform that engulfed the golden light, separating the stone platform with the outside area.

Whoooooosh! Whooosh!

Just as a multitude of people gathered in this region, countless golden lights fell onto the stone platform and as the golden light dissipated, countless teams wearing different clothing appeared.

These were all the teams that had participated in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

Countess gazes filled with respect were directed at those teams. It didn't matter if they were from the same academy as them, the fact that they fought for their own Spiritual Academy deserved respect.


The antique bell rang out once again.

This time, everyone's eyes were blazing as they looked at the central region of the golden-colored stone platform, which was radiating with golden light.

The uproars that filled every corner went into silence as everyone's eyes widened.

They knew that the top eight teams that would proceed to the Final Battle would soon make their appearance!

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