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Chapter 583 - Retaliate

"Now, it will be my turn to attack!"

When Mu Chen's deep voice resounded, numerous experts present in this horizon narrowed their gaze the whole time, the way Mu Chen fought was Ji Xuan attacking while he defended.

And now, was he finally going to change his way of fighting?

But, even if his physical body had grown stronger, was he truly able to contend against Ji Xuan, who had already achieved Third Grade Spirit Disaster?

Upon the horizon, Ji had surging in his surroundings had his eyes flickered upon hearing Mu Chen's words. Shortly after, he chuckled, "I'll be anticipating, then."

He crossed his arms, not having any intention of obstructing Mu Chen. Although it was out of his expectation when Mu Chen's physical body grew stronger, it was still too naive for Mu Chen to think that he would fear him based on that.

Mu Chen wasn't bothered with Ji Xuan's chuckle since he was already forming blurry seals with his hand when he spoke earlier.

As his hand seals changed, a dark-green halo spread out with his palm in the center.

"Tree Planting Art!"

Mu Chen barked inwardly in his head as the dark-green halo was seen expanding. Under the countless dumbstruck gazes, the green light fell from the sky. A rustling sound was heard before a vast dark-green forest rose up from the ground.

The forest was filled with gigantic trees with light circulating on their surfaces.

"This is…"

The sudden appearance of the dark-green forest made everyone widen their eyes in shock. However, their expressions changed, not knowing whether to laugh or cry when they could not sense any dangerous ripples coming from the forest.

"Really… what a convenient way of growing trees."

Someone couldn't resist commenting. This was the first time that they had witnessed such a bizarre method, being able to grow a forest in a move.

But, then again, they knew that this wasn't created by Mu Chen out of nothing. As such means of creation wasn't something that they could achieve at their current level.

The forest should be something that Mu Chen had prepared long ago as some unusual Spiritual Artifacts did possess such capabilities. Forming a small interspatial realm where one could keep living things in it.

Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan were exchanging looks since this was the first time that they had seen Mu Chen executing such… a peculiar method.

Shen Cangsheng and the rest quietly wiped their cold sweat. If it wasn't for now not being the right time, they might have laughed out loud.

Mu Chen, who stood on the horizon, wasn't bothered by the unusual gazes of everyone as he glanced down at the vast forest. Thereafter, his hand seals changed again.

Buzzz! Buzz!

Following the change of his seals, dense, dark-greenish light surged forth from the forest. The light was filled with vigorous Spiritual Energy.

The Spiritual Energy was filled to the brim with life force. Compared to the natural mottled Spiritual Energy, it vaguely possessed a fine spirituality.

"Something's not right." The gaze of Wu Ling and the rest who were staring at the dark-green forest suddenly narrowed, along with their expressions becoming a little heavier. They seemed to have sensed something.

Dark-green light spread out from the forest like an ocean as a peculiar pressure began being emitted.

The whispers started to die off since they were starting to feel that something wasn't right. Mu Chen definitely had a reason for creating such a huge forest, not simply for viewing purposes.

Upon the horizon, Mu Chen's expression was calm. Shortly after, his slender fingers quietly intertwined.

Divine Wood Scripture!


The gigantic trees in the vast forest started to explode as the dark-green spiritual ocean soared up as it suddenly gathered towards Mu Chen.


The torrential Spiritual Energy gathered beneath Mu Chen's feet, it was like a sheet of the ocean. The dark green was filled to the brim with life force. The of the Spiritual Energy even made Ji Xuan's face slightly change.

He felt danger from the Spiritual Energy.


Mu Chen sucked in a mouthful of air as he fixed his cold gaze towards Ji Xuan as he faintly smiled. However, his smile seemed like there was a blade hidden in his smile, "It's your turn to be receiving attacks from me."

"Lesser Divine Art - Divine Wheel of the Heavenly Wood!"

Mu Chen's eyes suddenly turned cold as his hand seals changed. The dark-green ocean beneath his feet soared up to the sky in an instant as it gathered at a rapid speed. Thereafter, a wooden light wheel with the size of a few thousand feet started to form under the countless startled gaze.

 wheel quietly hovered above Mu Chen's head. Although the dark-greenish color made it look as if it was made of wood, it was emitting an unstoppable fluctuation, seems like a deity conducting divine punishment!

The faces of everyone turned heavy. Even those as strong as Wu Ling, Wen Busheng, Liu Qingyun and various pinnacle experts of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament had slightly narrowed their eyes.

The Divine Wheel of the Heavenly Wood that was created my Mu Chen was a genuine Lesser Divine Art. Adding on to the energy that it had absorbed from the Divine Wooden Scripture and the fact that these two Divine Arts were of the same origin, the of this Lesser Divine Art was much more powerful to all the other times that Mu Chen had used it due to the fact that the two Divine Arts complemented each other.

Faced with this sort of fearsome attack, even an expert that had stepped into the Third Grade Spirit Disaster would be afraid.

"He truly is not simple, to possess such means." Xue Tianhe slowly said as he stared at the scene. Even he could sense danger from Mu Chen's attack. That fellow was indeed able to match evenly with Ji Xuan and stand out from the masses.

Up in the sky, the smile that was hung on Ji Xuan's face slowly faded. He stared at Mu Chen as he clenched both of his fists, causing the white Spiritual Energy around him to grow stronger. Clearly, he sensed how powerful Mu Chen's attack was.


Mu Chen finally extended a slender finger under the countless startled gaze pointing down, his chilling voice resounded.


Following the action of Mu Chen pointing his finger down, the colossal and antique wheel started to slowly spin as the rotation quickly accelerated at a rapid speed.

Buzzz! Buzzzzzz!

The divine wheel turned into a dark-green arc as ear-piercing buzzes were emitted from it. Even the space had traces of being sliced on the region of the blade.


The divine wheel flew out when the rotation had reached its limits.


The speed of the divine wheel was indescribable, looking like it had teleported. In a flash, it pierced through the space as it appeared barely three hundred meters away from Ji Xuan.

"Sacred Light Divine Art - Sacred Light Guardian!"

Ji Xuan's face turned heavier as his hand seals changed, following a bark that resounded.


A sacred light that engulfed the heavens and earth surged forth from his body as it expanded around his surroundings at an astonishing speed. In the blink of an eye, it had taken the form of a colossal sacred light image. That image had spread out its wings as it protected Ji Xuan.


When the sacred light image made its appearance, the divine wheel had also suddenly swept forth. It seemed like a collision from a meteorite as it clashed against the colossal wings.

Indescribable light exploded as it covered even the sun. This entire region was covered in a dazzling light that made others find it hard to even open their eyes.


The intense dazzling light only lasted for a few breath's time, before everyone could sense a fearsome Spiritual Energy tornado that swept out.

Boom! Boom!

The ground cracked along with the surrounding mountain peaks being sliced off…

Countless people that were closer flew away from the shock. Only several experts who possessed decent strength could barely stabilize their bodies. However, a smear of shock was on their faces.

The clash was simply too startling.

The shock wave of the Spiritual Energy that wreaked havoc lasted for a few minutes, before gradually dying down. When the heavens and the earth had its serenity restored, a complete disorder appeared before everyone. The sight of the crack that was roughly ten thousand feet wide made the eyes of those looking at it twitch. 


However, their lines-of-sight only stopped on the ground for an instant, before directing their gazes up.

On the horizon, stood two figures. However, the both of them were sent flying thousands of meters apart. The colossal sacred light image around Ji Xuan was also dissipating before his figure was revealed to everyone.

More than half of his clothes were torn apart, his face was dark as he viciously stared at Mu Chen's eyes.

"He blocked it."

When everyone saw Ji Xuan's current state, they could not help exclaiming. At the same time, they felt fear in their hearts. Ji Xuan was simply too formidable. Even when he was faced with such a fearsome attack from Mu Chen, he could still defend himself.

However, the reason why Ji Xuan was able to defend himself was due to the fact that he grasped a Divine Art. Furthermore, it was a defensive-type Divine Art. Otherwise, he would definitely be wounded.

Nevertheless, Ji Xuan was able to defend himself from Mu Chen's attack.


Ji Xuan stared at the traces of blood on his arm as he directed his dark gaze towards Mu Chen. He eerily smiled. "You are indeed formidable. To be able to unleash an attack of this level with your cultivation at Spiritual Energy Disaster."

"However… I still have to tell you with regret that it was still impossible for you to harm me, even if you have mastered a Divine Art!"

"And now, what other moves do you have?"

When he spoke to the end, Ji Xuan's gaze was thoroughly filled with a chill.

Mu Chen's black pupils were looking at Ji Xuan in calm. Shortly after, a peculiar smile surfaced on his handsome face as he lightly said, "It's still too early for you to rejoice."

Hearing his words, Ji Xuan's pupils instantly narrowed as he sensed something. He raised his head and saw that after the layers of white clouds were torn apart, black thunderclouds appeared that were hidden behind the layers of white clouds. The black lightning in the thunderclouds looked like a colossal dragon as it rolled, emitting destructive power.

At this instant, a voice quietly rang out in Mu Chen's heart.

"Lightning Controlling Art!"

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