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Chapter 582 - Third Grade Spirit Disaster VS Hepta Rune Lighting Physique


Brilliant white light rays that looked like a blazing sun as rays of light shone into this horizon.

The bizarre scene instantly attracted the attention of everyone.


Mu Chen wore a serious look in his eyes as he clenched his fist and sent it out. In an instant, lighting that seemed like an enraged dragon roared as it charged forth along with boundless Spiritual Energy as it sped towards Ji Xuan, who was emitting the endless brilliance.

Ji Xuan stood in the sky and was at the center of the brilliant light as powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuated in his surroundings. His long black hair was fluttering as a chill filled his eyes.

He raised his head as he fixed his gaze onto the incoming black lightning, his mouth curled into a ridiculing smile as he moved, bursting forth.


His figure instantly appeared before the black lightning as he casually pushed his palm out towards the black lightning.


Brilliant white Spiritual Energy erupted in the form of a light beam. Wherever the white light traveled, it destroyed the rampaging black lightning in its way.

"Mu Chen, do you truly think that my strength is only Second Grade Spirit Disaster?"

Destroying the lightning with a single palm, Ji Xuan's robes fluttered along with his black hair. He looked down, from up high, on Mu Chen, who was standing before him, as he had a profound smile on his face.

Hearing Ji Xuan's words, countless experts that were present in this place had their hearts jolted as they became dumbstruck. The meaning behind Ji Xuan's words… could it be that he had already broken the threshold to Third Grade Spirit Disaster?

The gaze of Luo Li, Wen Qingxuan and the rest narrowed as their expressions became a little heavy at this instant. Ji Xuan had, indeed, concealed his true strength…

Up on the horizon, Ji Xuan lightly smiled and made a holding gesture with his hand. In an instant, a terrifying Spiritual Energy pressure spread out as the pressure increased several folds compared to before.

In addition, the boundless white Spiritual Energy was like an ocean around Ji Xuan as it constantly waved, emitting violent energy.

Compared to before, his Spiritual Energy was a lot more robust.

"I never imagined, in my wildest imagination, that Ji Xuan broke through to Third Grade Spirit Disaster… what a deep and immeasurable fellow. No wonder he could firmly occupy the Numero Uno spot. This doesn't spell good for Mu Chen…"

Sighs resounded around this horizon. The sudden surge of Ji Xuan's strength broke the deadlock between the two in an instant.

If Ji Xuan did possess the strength of a Third Grade Spirit Disaster, it would be impossible for Mu Chen to resist him.

"How are you going to resist me now?"

Ji Xuan's gaze was sharp as he looked at Mu Chen. Shortly after, his hand seals changed as a wave of majestic Spiritual Energy swept out with light gathering together. Forming into a huge light seal above Mu Chen.

The light seal emitted a brilliant light as it fell down. The frightening energy had instantly locked a few thousand feet, with Mu Chen in the center, not allowing him to have the slightest chance of escaping.

Compared to before, Ji Xuan's attack was way more powerful. If Mu Chen still used his previous method to forcefully withstand it, he would definitely be injured.

The instant Mu Chen fell into the disadvantageous position in this confrontation, perhaps the outcome would be decided.

Mu Chen raised his head as his black pupils reflected the brilliant light. The colossal light seal rapidly expanded in his pupils. The pressure that was brought by that attack made the surrounding space around him locked. So much so that even the black lightning that was flickering on his body was suffering under the pressure.

This was how powerful a Third Grade Spirit Disaster was.

That attack was not something that his Hexa Rune Lightning Body could confront. The Ji Xuan that stood before him was indeed, an enemy that would require him to give it his all.


Mu Chen deeply sucked in a mouthful of air as he slowly closed his eyes under the countless astonished gazes.

"Is he giving up?" Far away in the horizon, Xue Tianhe stood in the sky as his scarlet pupils looked at Mu Chen in indifference as he muttered to himself, "Is someone that received the love of Luo Li so weak?"

"Seems like the influence of expelling him out of the Spiritual Road is great." Yun Fang of the Nine Cauldrons Spiritual Academy mumbled with a faint smile. If Mu Chen's cultivation was not disrupted for a year, the current him might not be weaker than Ji Xuan. However, it was a pity that there were no "ifs" in this world…

"Mu Chen, he…" The faces of Xu Huang and the rest were filled with anxiety. in strength had instantly flipped the board around.

Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong also wore heavy expressions on their faces, since they never expected Ji Xuan to be so powerful to the point that he had already managed to pass through the threshold of Third Grade Spirit Disaster. Even in the entire Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, he is the first person that has managed to break through to Third Grade Spirit Disaster, right?

Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan did not speak, but their charming gazes were fixed onto the scene in the sky. Clearly, they had revealed the worries that they had in their hearts. Ji Xuan was an opponent that no one could belittle.


Just when everyone in this region was astonished by Mu Chen's actions, the sky instantly darkened. Thereafter, someone realized that thunderclouds had appeared above them, without them knowing, as lightning flickered in the thunderclouds with deep roars of thunder resounding.


As the lightning flickered, a colossal bolt of lightning suddenly fell from the sky, tearing apart the horizon, before heavily hitting Mu Chen's body under the numerous dumbstruck gazes.

The black lightning almost buried Mu Chen's figure within. Rays of lightning spread out as they sparkled. The violent ripples caused by it had also made the surrounding space boiling.

However, the black bolt of lightning did not last a long time as it vanished in a rapid speed. The lightning seemed to have been attracted as it was being rapidly absorbed into Mu Chen's body.

In the blink of an eye, Mu Chen's figure reappeared before everyone's eyes.

There weren't any changes in his body, except for the fact that the black lightning that covered his body from before had vanished without a trace.

Right at this moment, Mu Chen slowly opened his tightly shut eyes.


It was as if lightning was being born in his black pupils. Shortly after, he stomped his feet, causing the space beneath him to be distorted. Thereafter, with a rustle, he soared into the horizon.


Mu Chen's clothes were shredded apart. As his clothes were torn apart, everyone could see the lightning runes that appeared on his chest.

And there were a total of seven !

 Rune Lightning Physique!


Roars of thunder rang across the horizon as Mu Chen's figure turned into a bolt of black lightning. Within the black lightning, it contained indescribable overbearing power.

Boom! Boom!

The bolt of black lightning that Mu Chen had formed soared. In the next instant, it had already heavily clashed with the colossal light seal that was falling.


In the instant the two forces clashed, a deep voice suddenly rang out.

The black lightning seemed like a spear of the lightning god that was about to pierce through this horizon, causing this horizon to be instantly darkened. What followed after was even more astonishing, since everyone could see cracks appearing on the light seal as it rapidly expanded.


A clear and crisp sound rang out as the black lightning pierced through the light seal.

The faces of everyone, drastically changed.

The bolt of lightning pierced through the light seal, before it slowly dissipated in the sky. Following the dissipation, Mu Chen's topless, figure appeared once again. His black pupils looked as if there was a world of lightning in them as his gaze made others feel fearful.

Beneath him, the light seal exploded as it shattered.

Countless gazes were being widened, bit-by-bit, while following the shattering light .

Ji Xuan's attack actually collapsed!

"How is that possible…?" An exclamation resounded as the voice was shaking. The current Ji Xuan had already used his strength as Third Grade Spirit Disaster. But despite so, he was unable to defeat Mu Chen?

"His physical body grew stronger." Wen Busheng wore a heavy expression as he looked at the topless and slender figure, Mu Chen. The latter's Spiritual Energy did not grow much, but his physical body was several times more powerful compared to before.

Wu Ling also lightly nodded his head in agreement. "He is indeed not someone so easy to deal with. Seems like the both of them had cards up their sleeves…"


Shen Cangsheng and the rest breathed out a mouthful of air in relief. Shortly after, their hearts were filled with shock. Comparing Mu Chen to the strength he had when the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament had just begun, he actually grew so powerful.

"This fellow truly has the same character as Ji Xuan. Both of them like to hide their cards up their sleeves." Wen Qingxuan snorted. However, in contrast to her words, her anxious expression was slightly relieved.

"I'm afraid that not even you know how many cards he has hidden up his sleeves, Luo Li."

Luo Li did not reply, but she gave a shallow smile in response.

Under the countless dumbstruck gazes, Mu Chen and Ji Xuan faced off in the sky. One of them had an ocean of Spiritual Energy around him, while the other had lightning runes on his body, both appearing extremely overbearing.

"Truly formidable." Ji Xuan stared at Mu Chen as a chill flowed from his eyes. However, he still had a smile maintained on his charming face.

"Did you truly believe that the strength of my physical body was only at such a level?" Mu Chen faintly smiled as he returned Ji Xuan his words.

"It's still too early for you to be rejoicing."

Ji Xuan smiled as light circulated in his eyes. "Truth be told. If this is your limit, then you will still remain here today."

Mu Chen slowly extended his hand out as he formed bizarre seals with his fingertips as something like a bladed edge that could even make Ji Xuan feel startled burst from his eyes.

"Now then, it's my turn to attack."

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