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Chapter 564 - Crashed

Bang! Bang!

The vast spiritual sea swept across the horizon, suppressing anything in its path akin to a world-ending flood. Transforming everything it touched into dust, it displayed its world-shaking might.

As giant waves that blotted the skies surged from the spiritual sea, the dark-green light seemed to have perfused across the entire region. 

Before the spiritual sea, the flaming dragon howled, the golden vajra palm appeared to have wanted to shatter the heavens and earth apart, and the gigantic willow tree sparkled with an astonishing green glow as the three attacks merged together. Such a lineup was more than sufficient to cause the hearts of people to tremble.

However, despite facing such an assault, the spiritual sea still swept out without the slightest bit of delay. Finally, under the surging of its giant waves, it completely engulfed the flaming dragon, golden vajra palm and gigantic willow tree.


Upon being engulfed by the spiritual sea, dense white steam instantly erupted from the flaming dragon. Crazily howling, the flaming dragon struggled about. Nevertheless, its gigantic body had started to dissipate at an astonishing speed.

After rushing through a distance within the spiritual sea, the golden vajra started to rapidly turn dim.

The willow tree had similarly started to rapidly wither, appearing as if it had started to rot away.

Enveloping the three astonishing attacks, Spiritual Energy howled from the spiritual sea. Finally, an invisible howl seemed to ring from it. As giant waves surged out, the three powerful attacks had unexpectedly collapsed completely apart. Transforming into glowing dots, they dissolved into the spiritual sea…


As the three attacks were wiped out by the spiritual sea, the faces of Mo Xiu and the other two abruptly changed, before involuntarily spewing a mouthful of blood that dyed their chests red.


The people paying attention to the entire fight from outside of the spiritual sea’s radius could not help sucking in a breath of cold air. Although they were able to sense how terrifying Mu Chen’s attack was, who would have expected that the all-out attacks from Mo Xiu and the other two would actually be completely suppressed in such a head-on manner…?

Standing in the air, Mu Chen indifferently stared at the trio. With a flick of his finger, the spiritual sea that had suppressed their attacks howled out once more, hiding the heavens and covering the earth as it enveloped over them.


Seeing this, the faces of the trio instantly changed. Upon observing the frightening power that the spiritual sea contained, how would they dare to let it touch them even the slightest bit?! Stomping their feet, they proceeded to shoot towards three different directions.

Bang! Rumble!

As the spiritual sea smashed against the mountain peak, the entire majestic mountain peak instantly collapsed apart, before being razed to the ground.


As the mountain peak collapsed, Mu Chen’s hand seal changed once more, only for the spiritual sea to abruptly change into three separate currents. Shooting across the horizon at lightning speed, they travelled at an astonishing pace before appearing before the bodies of the trio.

As the sea currents revolved around the bodies of the trio, a frightening suppression instantly sealed all of their paths of retreat.

Finally, a pale shade gushed from the faces of Mo Xiu and the other two, while they did not dare to make even a single move. All three of them knew that if they made so much as a single strange movement, the spiritual sea condensed from vast and boundless Spiritual Energy would instantly press down on top of their heads. At that time, they would follow their predecessor, which was the mountain peak that had been razed to the ground.

Fortunately, though, the Spiritual Energy sea currents had only surrounded them and did not press down much more.

Not far away from them, Mu Chen had locked his black pupils on the trio, although he had yet to make any sound. Nevertheless, the indifferent gaze shooting from him had caused their hearts to turn cold.

Therefore, exchanging glances with one another, the trio could only give bitter laughs in response. Raising their hands up, they said in astringent tones, “We’ve lost.”

With the fight reaching such a stage, there was already not much else they could do but admit defeat. The youth standing before them, Mu Chen was absolutely not someone that would show mercy and leniency. There was not the slightest bit of doubt in them that if they continued resisting, Mu Chen would ruthlessly smash them down without the slightest bit of hesitation.

As the sound of the trio admitting defeat resounded, the entire region had undoubtedly turned silent. What preceded next was an upsurge of cries of astonishment that uncontrollably rang out.

The changes happening on everyone’s faces fluctuated exceedingly splendidly, as such an ending had truthfully exceeded their expectations by far too much.

At the back, Xiao Huang and the people of the Academy Alliance that originally had sneers present on their faces in their wait for Mu Chen to humiliate himself had started to slowly turn stiff.

The corner of Xiao Haung’s mouth twitch, while his gaze became filled with darkness as he stared at the figure of Mu Chen. The move the latter had displayed caused even him to feel heart-palpitating fear.

“How’s that possible?!” Xiao Wang hoarsely roared out. His strength was on the same level as Mo Xiu and the other two. However, from the looks of this, even after taking action together, the trio had been destroyed by Mu Chen…

Behind their backs, Mo Yu and the others had faces overwhelmed with shock and terror, while their bodies started to involuntarily shiver. They never imagined that within the short span of time, that was less than even half a month, Mu Chen’s strength had unexpectedly rose to such a realm.

“He truly has some moves.” Staring at the sky, a sliver of astonishment and solemness flashed across Wu Ling’s eyes, before slowly nodding his head. Mu Chen truly is Mu Chen. Despite losing some cultivation time after being kicked out halfway through the Spiritual Road, with his talent, wanting to supplement that empty period of time was clearly not too big of a problem.

“That fellow…” A splendid shadow flashed across Wu Yingying’s beautiful eyes as she exclaimed. The imposing aura radiating from Mu Chen was indeed somewhat astonishing. Even she was momentarily unable to come up with any derogatory words to nitpick about him.

Luo Li’s originally tense body had started to quietly loosen up, while a faint smile appeared on her face as she looked at the back of the youth. This youth had finally started to gradually radiate with the grace and elegance he had shown while in the Spiritual Road. The future him would become even more dazzling.

On the contrary, though, Wen Qingxuan slightly pouted her little red mouth, with her beautiful eyes still brimming with arrogance and haughtiness. Nevertheless, it was even inevitable for her to have a few points of astonishment appearing in her heart. She had started to discover that the youth before her eyes seemed to appear akin to a bottomless pit, one that people were completely unable to judge its depth. Even someone as arrogant and haughty as her had no choice but to admit in her heart that Mu Chen was indeed exceedingly outstanding…

Standing in the air, Mu Chen didn’t pay attention to the various thoughts present in the hearts of the various people that were present in this region, but continued to stare right at Mo Xiu and the other two. At this moment, the faces of the trio appeared dark and gloomy. One had to imagine that the confrontation today had truthfully given them a somewhat huge blow.

After all, being able to walk to such a stage, they were naturally people that possessed exceedingly high talent. Furthermore, they weren’t lacking in chances and opportunities. They had assumed that they should be considered as one the very best within the entire Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. Other than people like Ji Xuan, Wen Qingxuan, Wu Ling and a handful of other monstrous talents, they possessed more than sufficient qualifications to rise to the top.

However, as of now, reality had given them a cruel answer.

Even after collaborating, they were immediately defeated by a single attack from Mu Chen. Furthermore, what’s most crucial was that the latter’s cultivation was merely at Spiritual Energy Disaster…

Exchanging glances with one another, the trio proceeded to sigh. Finally, they had completely understood why even someone like Ji Xuan would possess that much fear and dread for Mu Chen to the point of even sending them to probe him out.

With a clench of their hands, three Academy Plaques appeared within. Flicking their fingers, they sent them flying towards Mu Chen. Being the losers, they were very clear what the rules were, despite their extreme unwillingness. After all, they had suffered much hardship and difficulties just to obtain those points.

With a clench of his hand, the three Academy Plaques were sucked into his hand. Giving them a glance, what he saw made him raise his eyebrows. There was a total of 10 thousand points present on those three Academy Plaques, a quantity that could be considered as extremely high.

“Are you three the subordinates of Ji Xuan?” Playing around with the Academy Plaques in his hand, Mu Chen shot a question with an indifferent manner.

“We’ve no interest in being anyone’s subordinates. We merely owe him a favor, that’s all. As of now, after helping him feel you out, this favor can be considered to have been paid,” replied Mo Xiu.

Hearing that, Mu Chen slightly narrowed his eyes. After ponder for a short while, he gave a flick of his finger, sending the three Academy Plaques shooting back towards the trio.

“You.” Seeing this, the three exclaimed in shock as they looked straight towards Mu Chen.

“This concerns the grudges and grievances between me and Ji Xuan. It’s best that you guys don’t interfere in the future. If there’s a next time, things might not be that easy for you all,” replied Mu Chen indifferently. There wasn’t much of any direct grudge or grievance between him and the trio. Therefore, he didn’t want to be too stiff towards them. These fellows were somewhat capable. Having too many opponents wasn’t the result that Mu Chen wanted.

Hearing that, the trio instantly gawked in shock. As their faces alternated between an ashen and red shade, only after quite a while did they take their Academy Plaques back, before saying in embarrassment, “Thank you very much for your magnanimity, Captain Mu Chen.”

After all, those points were what their entire groups had obtained together. If they were to hand them all over, it would be hard for them to account towards their groups’ members. Therefore, despite their pride that made them not wish to take them back, in the end, rationale had triumphed over face.

With a wave of his sleeve, the spiritual sea surrounding the trio rapidly dissipated away, before finally transforming into glowing dots that filled the skies, slowly fluttering down towards the bare mountain range below.

Seeing this, the trio cupped their hands once again towards Mu Chen, before fluttering back and retreating. Clearly, they no longer had any plans on taking action again.

Seeing Mu Chen allowing the retreat of Mo Xiu and the others, while even causing them to not have the slightest bit of anger towards him, the people present in the region could not help feeling admiration for the former. After all, not everyone could ignore the gigantic attraction brought about by ten thousand-plus points. After all, such a gigantic amount of points was more than sufficient to send any group into the Top 16. 

After seeing Mo Xiu and the other two retreating away, Mu Chen turned his body around. Locking his indifferent-looking gaze onto Xiao Huang and the people of the Multi-Academy Alliance, he said in an indifferent voice, “After enjoying such a long show, where’s your payment of 20,000 points?”

A sluggish expression flashed across Xiao Wang’s face, before clenching his teeth and growling, “Don’t be a bully, Mu Chen!”

“Looks like you’re unwilling to hand them over by your own accord,” said Mu Chen.

“Why the need for this, Mu Chen?! Worst come to worst, we’ll not interfere with the matter between you and Ji Xuan anymore. Let’s bury the hatchet for this grudge and grievance. What do you say?” said Xiao Huang in a deep voice.

From the move Mu Chen made to patch up matters with Mo Xiu and the other two, the former appeared to not be so willing to offend too many people. After all, he was already a top ranked target for many. Making too many opponents was clearly something that Mu Chen was trying his best to avoid. Therefore, this had indeed given some hope for Xiao Huang and the Multi-Academy Alliance.

Raising his head to look towards Xiao Huang, whose eyes were currently sparkling, a ridiculing smile slowly curled up from the corner of his mouth. In the next moment, bringing about a chilling killing intent, his voice, which was gradually turning cold, started to ring out across the skies.

“If you don’t hand the points over, everyone will leave an arm here.”

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