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Chapter 563 - Might of the Divine Wood Scripture

Incomparably gigantic green ripples started to radiate from Mu Chen, with seemingly the entire verdant mountain range being completely enveloped within their radius. This spectacle instantly caused shock and astonishment to appear in the eyes of quite a few people, before being replaced by doubt and suspicion. That's because they weren't able to sense much of any powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations from within those green ripples… 

Mo Xiu and the other two took the spectacle happening before them with calm expressions on their faces; however, their bodies started to quietly tense up. Being able to stand at the Top 16, they were naturally not brainless people. From the looks of it, the current spectacle had brought about some doubt in them, and it was this uncertainty that caused fear and dread to surface within their hearts.

That's because none of them knew exactly what method Mu Chen was preparing to deal with them.

Standing in the air, Mu Chen faintly started to close his eyes. Within the dark-green radiance, his hands started to slowly, but resolutely, form mysterious and ancient hand seals. As the hand seals were formed one after another, the dark-green ripples that were radiating grew increasingly bright and radiant.

Humm. Humm.

Unknowingly, some people suddenly started to sense minute shaking that appeared within the mountain range they were on.

Suddenly, the face of Wu Ling, who was standing on the top of the mountain peak in the distance, changed as a shadow of shock flashed within his eyes. Slowly lowering his head, he looked towards the verdant sea of trees present on the mountain range.

"These fluctuations…"

Bang! Bang!

The trembling started to increase in frequency, before everyone was finally able to sense it. In the next moment, all of them noticed a green light erupting from the sea of trees in the mountain range that was brimming with vitality.

As the green light hid the sky and covered the earth upon its appearance, the faces of everyone fiercely changed as they sensed extremely powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations present within the green light.

Furthermore, the Spiritual Energy present within was brimming with vitality. Compared to ordinary Spiritual Energy, it appeared to possess even more life and spirituality.

"Where did all of this Spiritual Energy come from?" Some people could not help crying out in astonishment. It wasn't that they weren't able to sense the flow of Spiritual Energy present in the Heavens and the Earth; however, where did all of this vast and boundless Spiritual Energy come from?

"That's not right… the source of that Spiritual Energy seems to be from those trees!" Those people with acute senses were able to sense the origin of the Spiritual Energy.

As those words rang out, they had undoubtedly caused shock to fill the hearts of countless people once more. Everyone knew that the myriad of things present within the heavens and earth possessed spirituality, with the trees being amongst them, with the precipitation of Spiritual Energy happening over an extremely long time. The only difference between them would be in their strengths. However, this Spiritual Energy was exceedingly hard to mobilise. Wanting to extract Spiritual Energy present within other people and objects was an extremely difficult matter to accomplish. Only experts that have stepped into the Sovereign realm would be able to attempt and get some success out of such a method.

However, right before their eyes, such a spectacle had occured with Mu Chen, someone who was merely at the realm of Spiritual Energy Disaster. Such a shock caused them to be absolutely unable to remain calm and composed any longer.

A sliver of shock surfaced on the beautiful faces of Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan. Clearly, this was also the first time they have seen Mu Chen displaying such a technique. However, after feeling slightly shocked, Luo Li took a quiet breath of relief, while a somewhat peculiar look appeared in Wen Qingxuan's eyes as she looked towards the back of Mu Chen. Every time she bumped into this youth, he seemed to always bring quite a bit of shock and surprise to people.

At this moment, the calm and composed expressions on the faces of Mo Xiu and the other two started to slowly fade away. As their faces started to change, while they stared at the green light rising from the unending sea of trees before their eyes, a look of uncertainty started to fill their eyes.

Ignoring the shocked gazes coming from his surroundings, Mu Chen continued to keep this eyes tightly shut, with the speed at which he formed his hand seals starting to slow down. Faint beads of cold sweat started to surface on his forehead, while slivers of paleness flashed across his face.

The Divine Wood Scripture was a true Greater Divine Art.

Even some Sovereign realm experts were unable to possess a Divine Art of this grade. Therefore, despite Mu Chen's considerable talent, it was absolutely not easy for him to be able to display this Divine Wood Scripture.

A faint light of lightning started to flash on the surface of Mu Chen's body. Clearly, he had already started to quietly activate his Lightning God's Physique, making the display of the Divine Wood Scripture a tad bit easier for him.

While this happened, the shaking present within the sea of trees below grew increasingly clear and distinct.

Suddenly, Mu Chen's eyes snapped open, with a green light unexpectedly circulating within his black pupils. In the next instant, his hand seals furiously changed, while a deep roar resounded from within his heart.

"Divine Wood Scripture, Wood to Spirit Transformation!"

Mu Chen sent a furious pat down on the verdant sea of trees below.

Invisible fluctuations seemed to radiate from his palm print, while faint ripples appeared within the surrounding space.

Humm! Humm!

Suddenly, dazzling green light erupted from the verdant sea of trees, with the shaking of the earth growing even more rapid. In the next instant, the eyes of everyone present furiously contracted. Before their very eyes, a gigantic tree with luscious green leaves had unexpectedly started turning yellow and was wilting at an astonishing speed.

The yellowing and wilting started from a point, before rapidly spreading out. Layer upon layer of yellowing and wilting continued to spread, travelling at astonishing speeds while doing so.

As this phenomena continued to spread, within a short span of a dozen breaths, all of the trees within a ten thousand metre radius had unexpectedly yellowed and wilted, appearing to have been drained of all of the Spiritual Energy present within them.

When this phenomena continued to the very limit, those trees had unexpectedly exploded apart, transforming into dust and fluttering about.

Bang! Bang!

Low and deep sounds akin to firecrackers going off continued to ring out as they crackled and popped.

Within a short span of time, the sea of trees had transformed into a bare patch of earth, with thick layers of wood dust left on the surface.

Blank expressions of dumbfoundedness filled the faces of everyone as they took in the spectacle before them. Exactly what is this method to actually be so overbearing?!

Everyone's gazes started to shift, only to see boundless dark-green Spiritual Energy howling towards the air above the already bare mountain range, with soaring vitality present within them.

All of this Spiritual Energy was squeezed out from those exploding trees, with the might of such power causing even the scalps of experts of First Grade Spirit Disaster to turn numb.

As Mu Chen's body slowly descended, he just so happened to land on top of this boundless sea of Spiritual Energies surging beneath, before raising his head to look towards his front. On the mountain peak before him, a sliver of an ashen shade had appeared on the faces of Mo Xiu and the other two, with their faintly twitching eyebrows clearly revealing the shock present in their hearts.

The terrifying spectacle brought about by Mu Chen had clearly shocked the hearts of the trio.

At this moment, their eyes were completely filled with solemn expressions, with them not daring to show the slightest bit of neglect. The suppression they felt surging over towards them caused them to even have a feeling as if their bodies were unable to move.

"What happens next will be up to you three."

Sending a faint smile towards Mo Xiu and the other two, Mu Chen proceeded to extend his finger, before giving a gentle tap at the space in front of him.

"Spiritual Sea Shock Wave."

A faint voice rang from his mouth. As he uttered his final word, the black pupils of the youth instantly turned fierce. Appearing as sharp and incisive as the edge of a blade, it caused a chill to appear in their hearts.


A violent shiver shook through the surging spiritual sea before it started to howl. Gigantic fierce waves swept out, blotting the skies akin to a flood that descended from the skies. Without any scruples, they swept across the horizon, appearing just like when Mount Tai  was falling over as they pressed down on Mo Xiu and the other two.

As the spiritual sea swept out, signs of warping and distortions appearing in the surrounding space. With its shadow enveloping over, the entire region started to turn dim.

Upon seeing this, everyone instantly retreated back with explosive actions, all afraid of being part of the collateral caused by the spiritual sea. The impact produced by it would cause even an expert of First Grade Spirit Disaster to instantly turn into pulp.

Extremely ugly expressions had appeared on the faces of Mo Xiu and the other two. Exchanging glances with each other, low roars rang out from their mouths as powerful Spiritual Energies erupted from their bodies at their full might.

At this moment, no longer did the trio dare to hold back the slightest bit. The arrogance present earlier in them due to Mu Chen wanting to deal with them by himself had now been tossed unimaginably far away. Only at this moment did they truly realise why even a mostrous talent like Ji Xuan would treat the youth before them as a truly mighty opponent.

"Fire God's Art, Flaming Dragon Burns the Heavens!" Taking the lead, Mo Xiu clapped his hands together to form a hand seal as his roar rang out. In the next instant, scarlet-red Spiritual Energy erupted from him,  transforming into a gigantic hundred metre-long flaming dragon. Scarlet-red flames seemed to flutter on the surface of this flaming dragon as astonishingly hot temperatures started to radiate from it.

"Golden Vajra Divine Palm!" Golden light erupted from Qiu Ning as his body started to inflate numerous times over. As the golden light flashed from him, he appeared just like a golden vajra buddha. With a solemn expression on his face, he sent a palm patting out, causing a gigantic golden glowing palm print to howl out.

"Willow God's Flowers!" The skinny and frail-looking Liu San gave a low roar, causing a green glow to radiate from him, before transforming into a gigantic willow tree behind him. As its branches extended, they appeared to be able to hide the skies and cover the earth, whist radiating with boundless power.

At this moment, the trio had respectively displayed their most powerful techniques. Clearly, all them believed that if they were to show even the slightest bit of restraint, only the word miserable would be able to describe their incoming plight.

As vast and powerful Spiritual Energies flooded the entire region, shock filled the hearts of everyone as they took in the astonishing show of power present before them.

Bang! Rumble!

Under the attentive gazes of countless people, the dark-green spiritual sea swept like a flood. FInally, while bringing along a frightening Spiritual Energy suppression, it pressed down on the trio.

Under this absolutely tyrannical surge of Spiritual Energy, seemingly any kind of attack would appear weak and small.


As the Spiritual Energy sea pressed down, it heavily collided against the astonishing attacks coming from the trio.


At the instant of the collision, the loud clap of a thunderous roar resounded, with everyone within a hundred kilometres being able to clearly hear it. Everyone's eyes were firmly locked onto the place of collision. Over there, Spiritual Energy shock waves were sweeping out akin to storms, wreaking havoc along the way.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Finally, the tense gazes of everyone present within this region transformed into gazes of terror as the Spiritual Energy sea surging with giant waves buried the flaming dragon, golden vajra palm, as well as the radiant willow tree in an instant… 

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