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Chapter 535 - Divine Wood Academy

The Divine Wood Academy sat at the highest point of the Divine Wood Mountain. Looking from outside the Divine Wood Mountain, one could vaguely see that there was an imposing building on top of the colossal mountain. It stood quietly and towering, as if it was overlooking this land. In the ancient times, this region had the most governing power to the other big and small forces in this region.

Mu Chen and his party did not make any stops along their way and despite so, when they gradually approached the Divine Wood Academy, it had already taken half a day of their time. Fortunately, there wasn’t any sunset or sunrise in the Divine Wood Palace. Dazzling light covered this region at anytime and anywhere. Thus, this was why the trees were lush to such a fearsome degree.


Mu Chen and his party landed on a mountain peak as they directed their gazes over. There was a smear of astonishment surfacing in their eyes.

At a good distance away, there was a mountain towering into the sky. The mountain peak formed blades as it was extremely precipitous. It was impossible to climb over it and on the peak of the mountain, there was a deep green ancient palace quietly sitting on it. There was a green light circle that was roughly a few thousand feet that made it seem like a ring of a planet around the palace’s surroundings. The divine appearance of it was astonishing.

“Truly deserving to the called the Divine Wood Palace.”

Mu Chen sighed. Even after the flow of time for the hundreds or thousands of years, they could still feel the powerful might of the Divine Wood Palace from the ancient times that could still be emitted from some fine areas that made others feel respect when looking at it.

Mu Chen gradually withdrew his gaze as he swept towards the surroundings. Thereafter, he could see countless streaks of light flying over at this direction from the distance and landed on the peaks that were tens of thousands of meters high.

Clearly, as time passed, more and more teams gathered onto this region. Mu Chen was not surprised by it as anyone could feel that this palace was the most important location of the Divine Wood Palace.


On the tens of thousands of meters peaks, it was as if a bell from the ancient times had suddenly resounded. Within the sound, it gave off a worldly transformation sensation.

“This is the Divine Wood Academy?” Xu Huang and the rest gazed upon the ancient great palace on the peak with blazing gazes as they turned to Mu Chen, “Shall we act?”

“There’s no need to rush.”

Mu Chen, however, slowly shook his head as his gaze was firmly on the light ring around the great palace as he felt a daunting ripple coming from it as he lightly said, “This Divine Wood Academy is not easy to approach. The light ring is not useless as well. Just with us alone, it’s impossible for us to barge into it.”

“Correct, the headquarters of various forces have their own powerful defences. Although the Divine Wood Palace has already crumbled with the flow of time, it is still not something that we could recklessly barge in.” Luo Li said with her head nodding.

Wen Qingxuan’s charming gaze had also landed on the huge light ring as her expression turned grave.

Seeing that response, Xu Huang and the rest immediately broke the anxiousness in their hearts, since they were well-aware of Mu Chen and the other two’s strength. Since even they felt danger, then it was naturally not something that they can deal with.

Mu Chen, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan exchanged a glance as they became silent as they waited.

Time rapidly flowed by as the three of them waited.

As time passed, there were countless sonic booms resounding as an earth-shattering amount of light streaked over. Thereafter, they were like locusts as they landed on trees of the various mountain peaks.

The gazes of all those teams that came here were all directed onto the ancient palace on top of the towering peak. Their gazes were blazing with greed as they knew that this area was the most important location of the Divine Wood Palace.


Another break of wind resounded as another group of people arrived and hovered in the air.

Mu Chen directed his gaze over and, thereafter, he rubbed his nose. The group that just came was from the Martial Spiritual Academy and the one leading had a fine figure and wearing a fiery-red dress. What caught the attention of others was her crescent blade that was even bigger then herself. She was also returning his gaze with a chill.

It was Wu Yingying.

“You meet again.” Wen Qingxuan chuckled as she looked at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen helplessly smiled. Previously, on the Spiritual Treasure Mountain, Wu Yingying did not ally herself with Wang Zhong to deal with him, which made him a little surprised, and caused him to have a good opinion about Wu Yingying. Although this young girl was a fiery spice, her character wasn’t unruly.

Therefore, when Mu Chen saw that Wu Yingying had come, he gave her a gentle smile.


However, in contrast to his goodwill, Wu Yingying’s face was chill as she coldly snorted and turned her head around, no longer bothered about him.

Having his warm face on a cold butt, Mu Chen felt a little awkward and could only shrug his shoulders.

After Wu Yingying’s group, there were also several other powerful teams that had appeared. Among them that made Mu Chen startled was that in this Divine Wood Palace, some teams seemed to have obtained a good opportunity, which made their team, as a whole, to rise in strength.

As more and more teams rushed over, several familiar teams began to show themselves, which include Wang Zhong from the Saint Spiritual Academy and the party from the Four Seas Spiritual Academy.


Mu Chen softly exclaimed when he saw Wang Zhong as his brows furrowed.

“That fellow’s strength has grown.” Wen Qingxuan had also sensed it as she spoke in astonishment, “It seems that he has already refined the Spiritual Treasure from the Spiritual Treasure Mountain, borrowing it to step into Spirit Disaster.”

“Indeed, worthy of being the most eldest amongst the Four Holy Sons of the Saint Spiritual Academy.” Mu Chen said softly. This Wang Zhong was indeed capable as he was so decisive in refining the Spiritual Treasure at this time and step into Spirit Disaster.

Mu Chen could naturally sense that the Spiritual Energy around Wang Zhong had grown stronger compared to the time at the Spiritual Treasure Mountain. The faint pressure being emitted from him had already shown that he had stepped into First Grade Spirit Disaster.

When Mu Chen had his attention on Wang Zhong, the latter had also directed his cold gaze over.

However, Mu Chen smiled at his cold gaze. First Grade Spirit Disaster was indeed powerful, but it still wasn’t something that could make him feel pressured. This Wang Zhong must have suffered a great blow when Mu Chen defeated the First Grade Spirit Disaster puppet back at the Spiritual Treasure Mountain. Otherwise, he wouldn’t make any breakthroughs at this time.

Wang Zhong must be clear that if his strength remained as it was, he would have lost the qualification to fight with Mu Chen in the end.


Another break of wind resounded and Mu Chen directed his gaze over. He saw a large amount of unevenly matched people approaching. However, with their numbers, it was still rather intimidating.

Aside from the Academy Alliance that could gather so many people, who else could it be?

“Those fellows.”

However, when he met Mo Yu, Qin Feng and Liu Xiong once again, he was startled as he discovered that the three of them had lost an arm.

“What’s going on?” Mu Chen, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan exchanged gazes and felt dumbfounded. Just who did those three fellows encounter? Why did they become one-armed?

Mo Yu and the other two landed on a mountain peak as their gazes savagely fixed onto Mu Chen and his party. Killing intent could not be covered in their eyes and, furthermore, there seemed to be violence and mockery within their killing intent.

“Seems like after their trip to the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard, those fellows were up to something again.” Mu Chen’s heart jolted. After their last encounter in the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard, Mo Yu was well-aware that he could not contend against Mu Chen’s group. But from their current appearance, it seemed as if they no longer feared him.

“There are many bizarre things in the Divine Wood Palace ruins. Who knows if they might have gotten an opportunity instead, let’s be careful about them,” said Wen Qingxuan.

Mu Chen nodded his head, Wen Qingxuan wasn’t wrong. Opportunity wasn’t something that only they could encounter. Although Mo Yu and his group was rather unlucky, who knows, their sorrow might turn into joy instead.


As this region became more and more noisy, there was suddenly yhe sound of a river and, thereafter, a dense smell of blood came from nowhere and spread throughout this region.

At the scent of that bloody stench, Luo Li’s exquisite face was covered in chill.

“Those fellows have finally appeared.”

Mu Chen’s black pupils were also cold as he looked at the horizon. There was suddenly a river of blood approaching along with a heavy stench of blood.

The river of blood landed under the countless gazes onto a mountain peak. When the bloody light dispersed, a dozen figures that wore blood-red robes appeared, along with chill aura, and the stench of blood spread out.

“Haha, it seems that we’re not late.”

At the front of the dozen blood-robed figures, Xue Tiandou lightly smiled. However, his smile was filled with murderous flavour. He turned his head over and fixed his gaze onto Mu Chen’s party as the smile on the corner of his lips became even more dense.

“Mu Chen, Luo Li, we meet again.”

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes as he stared at Xue Tiandou. Among his enemies here, only this fellow that came from the Blood God Clan might make him feel fear. However, he also understood that it was unavoidable for him to have a battle with Xue Tiandou here.

Mu Chen inhaled a mouthful of air as his eyes surveyed the area, before his black pupils instantly turned cold.

Among the six batches of people, the Academy Alliance, Saint Spiritual Alliance and Xue Tiandou’s group would undoubtedly target them without any hesitation. He did not have any grudges with the Four Seas Spiritual Academy nor were they friends. As for Wu Yingying, Mu Chen could not see through the heart of that girl and had no idea what she would do under anger. 

It seems that it woukd not be an easy matter for them to become to greatest winner again.

However, no matter what, those fellows still didn’t have the qualification to make Mu Chen feel fear!

The youth’s pupils were as sharp as a blade that made others not daring to look into his eyes.

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