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Chapter 525 - Jade Plate

The clamor had toned down at this moment as astonishment covered the faces of those Academy Alliance experts who had ferocious expressions earlier. They were looking at Nie Li in fear as some of them could not help movong backwards.

Mu Chen was not bothered with them as he looked indifferently towards the figure that was covered in fresh blood lying on the ground.


Qin Feng struggled to get up with his body covered in blood. The Spiritual Energy ripples around him had also withered to the bottom. If it wasn’t for the protection of Spiritual Energy in their clash earlier on, he might have been killed by Mu Chen with a fist. But even so, his eyes were filled with fear at this moment.

He trembled as he looked towards Mu Chen. He could not understand where that fearsome power that exploded from Mu Chen came from. He should not be able to use his Spiritual Energy here…

Mu Chen looked at Qin Feng’s expression as he lightly smiled. Indeed, he was not able to use any Spiritual Energy, but the energy that he had used earlier was the energy of the black lightning… His body had been refined by the black lightning countless times. Therefore, there would be some remaining black lightning in his body. If it was before, it would not be easy to sense the black lightning under the surging of his Spiritual Energy. However, the instant his Spiritual Energy had quietened down, Mu Chen was able to sense the black lightning hidden in the depth of his muscles. Perhaps that power could not be considered as powerful, but it was sufficient here.

However, it needed some time for him to gather that energy. Therefore, Mu Chen allowed Qin Feng to attack him as he wished. What he was after was to fight for more time. However, he knew that he only had this one chance as Qin Feng’s speed was extremely fast, due to the fact that he could still use his Spiritual Energy. Mu Chen, on the other hand, could not compete with him purely with the speed of his physical body.

Therefore, not only did he have to gather his energy, he also had to grasp the exact moment that he could truly heavily injure Qin Feng.

All of this needed some kind of judgement and clearly, Qin Feng had been plotted by Mu Chen right from the start. When Qin Feng had become complacent, he clearly did not notice the cold sneer that was hidden deep within Mu Chen’s pupils.

It seemed like Qin Feng was not the one that laughed in the end.

“Next up, can you still retaliate?” Mu Chen smiled toward Qin Feng as he moved forward.

Qin Feng quickly moved back from the sight of him. When he moved, his shirt shattered. It was due to the gale that surrounded Mu Chen’s fist from before. When his shirt shattered into pieces, there was an object that emitted a faint light that fell off from his chest.

It was a palm-sized jade plate that was emitting a faint luster.

When Qin Feng saw the jade plate falling from his body, his expression changed as he quickly made a grab towards it.


The feet of Mu Chen stomped on the ground as his figure shot forth. His expression turned exceptionally ferocious as he charged towards Qin Feng with killing intent, as if he had intended to slaughter the latter.

Qin Feng trembled as he was frightened from Mu Chen’s ferocious gaze. His eyes flickered as he gritted his teeth. He withdrew his extending hand as he utilised his remaining Spiritual Energy and turned into a blurry image as he escaped.

As Qin Feng escaped, the experts of the Academy Alliance no longer had any thoughts of fighting as they all respectively escaped.

In less then a minute, the bustling forest had become empty.

Mu Chen did not chase after Qin Feng as he had picked up the jade plate that had fallen onto the ground, and examined it. He had a feeling that this item was the reason why Qin Feng could still use Spiritual Energy in this region. Otherwise, Qin Feng’s face would not have changed so much.

This jade plate had the size of a palm with a smooth surface. Within the jade plate, there were light patterns spreading out, forming a complicated rune. Vaguely, he could also sense a peculiar ripple being emitted from it.

“What is that?”

Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan asked in curiosity as they walked over as they looked at the jade plate in Mu Chen’s hand.

Mu Chen stared at the complicated patterns within the jade plate. Perhaps an ordinary person could not see anything from the pattern, but Mu Chen could feel something familiar about it.

“There is a Spiritual Array carved in this jade plate.” Mu Chen slowly said after pondering for quite some time.

“Oh.” Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan slightly understood. The both of them were not Spiritual Array Masters, so they could not tell what Spiritual Array it was.

Just when Mu Chen was holding onto the jade plate, his expression suddenly changed.

“What’s wrong?” Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan quickly asked from the sight of it.

Mu Chen’s expression was a little peculiar. Shortly, his body lightly trembled and a bizarre scene was shown before the two girls. A majestic black and white-mixed Spiritual Energy suddenly swept out from Mu Chen’s body.

“You’re able to use Spiritual Energy now?”

Mu Chen lightly smiled as he looked at the jade plate with a peculiar gaze as he softly said, “So the reason why Qin Feng was able to use Spiritual Energy was due to the Spiritual Array carved in the jade plate…”

“If I have not guessed incorrectly, the Spiritual Array within this jade plate should be able to isolate the disruption to the human body’s Spiritual Energy by the Sealing Spiritual Array. I wonder, who it was that carved it. It seems like there is a powerful Spiritual Array Master amongst the Academy Alliance,” muttered Mu Chen.

However, who was it?

Mo Yu, Qin Feng and Liu Xiong clearly didn’t look like something that had any deep accomplishments in the ways of Spiritual Arrays… If that’s the case, it should be the head of the Academy Alliance that seldom shows himself.

“The Great Spiritual Academy Tournament is indeed, hiding dragons and crouching tigers.” Mu Chen sighed.

“You are also a Spiritual Array Master, right? Are you able to carve this type of Spiritual Array?” Wen Qingxuan asked. Not being able to use Spiritual Energy was simply too hard to bear. If she could thoroughly use her Spiritual Energy, would she have needed the help of Mu Chen earlier?

Mu Chen stared at the complicated light patterns within the jade plate as he lightly smiled, “Although this Spiritual Energy is indeed ingenious, the level of it is not high. It would not be hard to do it once I know the diagram. Furthermore, this Spiritual Array is not complete. Perhaps this was the reason why Qin Feng could not fully negate the effect of the Sealing Spiritual Array.”

“Can you make it better?” Wen Qingxuan’s brows twitched.

“It shouldn’t be too difficult.” Mu Chen smiled. His smile contained unnoticeable pride. He had absolute confidence in his talent in Spiritual Arrays. No matter what, his mother was a Spiritual Array Ancestor. Even amongst the entire Great Thousand World, she was at the pinnacle level. As someone that had inherited her bloodline, it would be strange if Mu Chen was mediocre in Spiritual Arrays.

“That Qin Feng had gifted us an excellent present. Otherwise, it would be dangerous for us to charge in.” Luo Li smiled. Earlier on, no one thought that Qin Feng and his group would possess such a trump card. Although if they were to thoroughly fight, it was not possible for Qin Feng and his group to deal with them completely, it would at least be at a cost for Mu Chen’s party.

Mu Chen nodded as his head as he sat down with his legs crossed as he held onto the jade plate.

“Give me some time.”

When he finished speaking, he directed his attention into the jade plate with both his eyes closed, sensing the complicated light patterns. Thereafter, projecting it back to his brain and quickly outlining an ingenious complicated diagram.

Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan sat down beside Mu Chen. Luo Li looked at the youth who was still covered in fresh blood as her eyelashes trembled.

On the side, Wen Qingxuan looked at Luo Li. In her view, Luo Li was clearly a better view compared to Mu Chen. Although that fella’s performance earlier was pretty could, it could still not move Luo Li’s spot in her heart.

“Luo Li…”

However, Wen Qingxuan seemed to have thought of something and her expression changed.

“Hm?” Luo Li turned her head as she looked at Wen Qingxuan.

“You’re from the Luo God Clan, right? Furthermore, not long from now you will become the next Empress of the Luo God Clan.” Wen Qingxuan said softly as she looked at the exquisite face.

Luo Li nodded her head as she stared at Mu Chen in daze and fondness. She had no idea what he would be like when she sees him the next time…

“The situation in the Luo God Clan does not seem too good, right?” Wen Qingxuan lightly sighed as she seemed be aware of some matters.

Luo Li smiled, “Perhaps this is the weakest moment in the history of the Luo God Clan. However, it’s alright. I will work hard.”

Wen Qingxuan looked at the young girl as she hesitated for a moment before speaking, “You… have you heard of the West Heaven War Emperor?”

In the next instant, Luo Li’s figure seemed to have trembled as she looked at Wen Qinguan and nodded her head, “Being able to stand on par with the Martial Ancestor of the Martial Realm and the Flame Emperor of the Endless Fire Territory. How could I have not heard of the name West Heaven War Emperor?”

“I’ve heard that he had once said that he could protect your Luo God Clan…” Wen Qingxuan lowered her voice as she continued, “Except…”

Luo Li smiled, “Except that I have to go to the Great West Heaven Realm, right? My grandfather has spoken with me about this matter. However, I told him that for us to be this petty and low to be protected by someone for a clan to exist isn’t what we need. I will work my hardest to change the Luo God Clan. If…my Luo God Clan were to die, I will die together with my clan members.”

“What War Emperor, although his name is intimidating, I have no interest in what he wants me to do in the Great West Heaven Realm.”

Wen Qingxuan looked at the charming girl as she asked, “Why?”

Luo Li looked at the youth not far away as she lightly smiled and said in a soft voice, “Because someone told me that one day, he will become an unrivalled expert…so I will wait for him.”

Wen Qingxuan looked at Mu Chen. This fellow’s...ambition is truly big.

“I have to trouble you not to let Mu Chen know of this matter,” said Luo Li.

Wen Qingxuan nodded her head as she knew that Luo Li did not want Mu Chen to feel too pressured. After all, West Heaven War Emperor was too powerful. He was a great figure, even in the Great Thousand World. Even the clan that she resided in could not ignore such an existence.

However, between the choice of clouds and mud, Luo Li did not hesitate to stand by Mu Chen. The trust that she had in him was indeed something that could make others jealous. That fellow is really lucky...

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