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Chapter 524 - You’re finished

A faint smile hung on Qin Feng’s face as he looked at Mu Chen, who shielded Wen Qingxuan from behind. Shortly after, he raised his fingers that was drenched in blood and lightly wiped. “A hero saving the beauty? How cliché…”

“Only after the hero saves the beauty and defeats the villain, can it be finished.” Mu Chen smiled in reply.

“Just you?” Qin Feng mocked. He clenched his fist as boundless Spiritual Energy became like gale as it whistled around him. If he was outside this region, perhaps his strength would not be considered very powerful. However, inside this region, where Spiritual Energy was sealed, it was heavens-defying.

Mu Chen stared at the majestic Spiritual Energy that surged around Qin Feng’s surroundings. His eyes lightly narrowed. No wonder Qin Feng dared to come obstruct them all by himself, so he had such a trump card…

“You must have used some methods to negate the disruption of this Sealing Spiritual Array, right?” Mu Chen slowly said as he continued, “However, your methods would not negate it entirely. Therefore, a majority of your Spiritual Energy is sealed as well, unabling you to unleash your true strength.”

“Your eyesight is pretty good.” Qin Feng smiled as he nodded, “However, with just this amount of Spiritual Energy, it is sufficient to deal with you three.”

Mu Chen faintly smiled as a smear of a chill flashed across his pupils.

“It seems that you don’t believe…”

Qin Feng smiled. Shortly after, the Spiritual Energy ripples around him became even more rampant, as if there was wind howling along them. His feet stomped forth as the rampant gale swept forward. His figure had appeared behind Mu Chen, as if he was a ghost. The hurricane fingers flickered with sharp luster as it shot forth towards Mu Chen’s back.


Black lightning surged forth from Mu Chen’s body at this instant as he threw a punch out in response, clashing together with Qin Feng’s hurricane fingers.


A deep clashing sound resonated as a powerful gale swept out, tearing cracks on the ground. Mu Chen’s figure trembled as he was forced dozen of steps back. At the same time, Qin Feng also took several steps back.

“No wonder you are so confident, so you possessed such a powerful physical body.”

Qin Feng was a little startled as he looked at Mu Chen. Fron their earlier clash, Mu Chen actually used his powerful physique to withstand his attack. Even when Wen Qingxuan was using her warspear, she was in a disadvantage when she fought with him. Clearly, Mu Chen’s physical body had been strengthened to a certain extent.

Although Qin Feng had also cultivated in the ways of physique, he knew that he was inferior compared to Mu Chen in that aspect. However, it's a pity as even a Body Refining Deity Tier Spiritual Art required the support of Spiritual Energy to use. Right now, Mu Chen could not use the full strength of his refined body and could only rely on the pure strength of his physical body to fight.

“A pretty decent target… Let me have some fun before you die.”

A sinister light flashed across Qin Feng’s eyes as the smile on his lips also became savage. With Mu Chen unable to use Spiritual Energy, not only would his strength fall, even his agility would likewise fall. Therefore, the instant Qin Feng used any agility-based techniques, Mu Chen would not be able to touch him.

Right now, wasn’t Mu Chen a meat target that had no ways to dodge in his eyes?


Qin Feng smiled as his feet tapped on the ground. A hurricane was formed beneath his feet as he turned into a streak of light as he rotated around Mu Chen at lightning speed.

Ommmmn! Ommn!

It was as if Qin Feng had turned into a tornado as he twisted around Mu Chen. The hurricane caused cracks and marks to be left on the ground.

Mu Chen’s body did not move as he looked at the surrounding hurricane. Vaguely, he could sense Qin Feng’s location. However, he understood the fact that he could not catch up to Qin Feng in his current state. Which implied that the latter could attack him anytime he wished and he had no way of retaliating.


A whirlwind along with sharp Spiritual Energy shot out from the tornado as he flashed across Mu Chen’s back. Instantly, Mu Chen’s clothes were torn apart, leaving behind a trace of fresh blood.

Mu Chen’s expression did not change. However, the muscles twitched, implying the intense pain that was brought to him by the wound.


Within the tornado, Qin Feng’s laughter thundered as it contained mockery and complacency in his tone. His opponent that he felt was thorny earlier on was like a catfish that was laid on the chopping board, allowing him to slaughter as he wished. The sensation was simply too marvelous.

Shhuuuu! Shhhhhhhuu!

Thereafter, Qin Feng unleashed his ruthless attacks as Spiritual Energy swept past one after another, cutting Mu Chen’s body up. However, he seemed to be enjoying the joy that it brought him as he did not attack any of Mu Chen’s fatal points. As the wind swept past, Mu Chen was covered in wounds as fresh blood dripped. However, he did not suffer any fatal injuries.

Mu Chen appeared to be in a very miserable state.

Despite so, Mu Chen still did not moved.

Not too far away, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan had gathered together. When the two of them attacked, no one in the surroundings could get close to the two of them. When they heard the peculiar movements, they directed their charming eyes over to the direction of the commotion, causing their faces to change the instant the scene caught their eyes.

Within the tornado, Mu Chen did not make any movements as blood flowed down from his body, making him appear in a miserable state.

Luo Li tightly clenched onto her Luo God Sword as veins appeared on her arm.

“That bastard!”

Wen Qinguan gritted her teeth as rage surged in her eyes. She suddenly tightened her grip on her longspear as she made peculiar seals. Her tone was frost cold, “I’ll go and kill him!”

Luo Li suddenly grabbed onto Wen Qingxuan’s hand as she obstructed her from doing so as she shook her head towards the latter, “Leave it to him.”

“But… He could not use any Spiritual Energy, thus he is not Qin Feng’s equal! We have miscalculated, not only did they have the advantage in numbers, Qin Feng could even use Spiritual Energy in this region!” Wen Qingxuan said solemnly.

“Qin Feng still is not qualified to defeat him, even if he does not have any Spiritual Energy.” Luo Li said slowly and within her gentle tone, it was filled with confidence for Mu Chen.

Although she felt throbbing pain in her heart at the sight of Mu Chen’s current state and was itching to slaughter Qin Feng, Mu Chen was a prideful person that did not like others barging into his matters.

Hearing Luo Li’s confidence for Mu Chen, Wen Qingxuan was slightly startled. Shortly after, she saw that the slender figure that was covered in fresh blood still stood towering like a spear. He seemed like a mountain that would not fall. She bit on her lips as she turned her head away.

Wen Qingxuan’s figure charged towards the party of the Academy Alliance. Her face was covered in killing intent as her figure emitted a glittering luster. Her warspear drew afterimages as she knocked them back, one after another.

She was venting her anger on those unlucky fellows. Over on Mu Chen’s side, the whirlwind became faster and faster as it caused the wounds on his body to become even more dense.

“How dull. Forget it, let’s not waste anymore time.”

When Qin Feng saw that Mu Chen did not struggle or retaliate, he became bored. Shortly after, his sinister laughter resounded as the hurricane speed became even more rampant. Clearly, he was brewing an attack that could thoroughly wound Mu Chen heavily.

Onommm! Onooom!

The hurricane grew even more rampant and, suddenly, the hurricane seemed to have froze as a figure covered in a whirlwind mysteriously flew out towards Mu Chen’s rear. Boundless Spiritual Energy gathered in his hand as it was heavily sent towards Mu Chen’s back.


The air exploded at this instant. Qin Feng knew that Mu Chen must have sensed his attack. But even if he sensed it, so what? With the strength of his physical body, it was impossible for him to defend against such an attack.

Therefore, everything had ended.

A savage smile appeared on Qin Feng face. However, the smile was only for an instant before it froze.

He saw that on Mu Chen’s body that was drenched in blood, there was dazzling black lightning flickering as a thunderous roar burst out.

The scene before Qin Feng went blurry and when it focused, Mu Chen’s indifferent face appeared before him.

Mu Chen raised his fist as black lightning twisted around it. A fearsome power was emitted from the exploding thunder that it even made Qin Feng’s pupils shrink from how powerful it was.

“Too much rubbish from your mouth. However, it was all thanks to you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have enough time to gather up all the lightning energy that was dispersed throughout my body.”

A smear of a smile hung on Mu Chen’s indifferent face as it was filled with mockery.


Mu Chen’s fist had already flew out as he spoke. Thereafter, it clashed against Qin Feng’s palm under the drastic change of expression by Qin Feng.

“You’re finished!”


A deep sound resonated as a huge crater appeared beneath their feet. Mu Chen’s figure did not move and on the contrary, the majestic Spiritual Energy around Qin Feng was instantly shattered. His arm was twisted as it seemed as if the bones in his arm were shattered by Mu Chen’s fist.


His body was like a cannonball as he shot away, before heavily landing onto the ground, drawing over a hundred meter long mark on the ground before stopping.

The surroundings, which was originally noisy, suddenly turned silent. All those people from the Academy Alliance looked at the current Qin Feng, who was like a dead dog lying on the ground, who was holding the advantage a second ago. Their faces were filled with disbelief.

Luo Li lightly smiled as she looked at Wen Qingxuan, “See, I was not wrong, right?”

Wen Qingxuan looked at Mu Chen, who was covered in blood, as she cast her lips aside. Just when she was about to reply in a mocking tone, seeing the wound that Mu Chen had suffered when he tried to save her earlier on, the words that reached her mouth were swallowed down as she lightly snorted.

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