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Chapter 51 – Devouring Spirit Bee


A subtle buzzing sound emitted out from within the depths of the dark forest. Yet, it instantly changed Mu Chen’s expression.

Although the Black Eerie Swamp was filled with dangers and a single mistake could cost their lives, there was one thing which people would dread within the Black Eerie Swamp.

It was a Low Rank Spiritual Beast known as the Devouring Spirit Bee.

This Spiritual Beast was only the size of a palm and had the strength of a Spiritual Movement Initial Phase. However, everybody who entered the Black Eerie Swamp knew how terrifying it would be if they met the Devouring Spirit Bee within the Black Eerie Swamp.

With the Devouring Spirit Bee’s strength, they would naturally be able to crush it easily if they met one of them. Unfortunately…It did not move by itself and instead, millions of them would move together every single time they took action…

They were like a dark cloud as they swept over the swamp. Any Spiritual Beasts, even if they were Middle Rank Spiritual Beasts comparable to Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase, would turn to bones in an instant as they enter their paths.

Within the Black Eerie Swamp, even the High Rank Spiritual Beasts would have to temporarily retreat if they met a swarm of Devouring Spirit Bees.

“Dad!” Therefore, when Mu Chen heard this subtle buzzing sound, fear appeared within his heart and he hastily whispered: “Hurry and run, there’s a swarm of Devouring Spirit Bees!”

When his words came out, Mu Feng’s face also changed as a hint of fear appeared. He was immediately decisive and he waved his hand as he shouted: “Hurry, we’re leaving this place!”

When these words faded, he took the lead and darted away to the other direction of the Black Eerie Swamp. He did not care about confronting Liu Qingtian. If they were bound by the Devouring Spirit Bees, even if he managed to escape, the Mu Territory’s men would definitely suffer heavy casualties.

When their group of men left, the Liu Territory’s side was stunned. Liu Qingtian frowned before his face immediately became serious.

“It’s a swarm of Devouring Spirit Bees, run!”

Liu Qingtian let out a cry and did not hesitate to bring his men in another direction. It was evident that they knew how troublesome a swarm of Devouring Spirit Bees were as well.

The tense atmosphere between the two groups instantly vanished and they hurriedly retreated by themselves.

Just when they were hurriedly retreating, an endless black cloud surged out from within the depths of the dark forest. A buzzing sound rang out as if the air was trembling.


When the black cloud surged out, the empty ground also shook. A mouse-like black Spiritual Beast desperately drilled down to escape.

However, it was clear that the black cloud was faster. It flew rapidly towards the black Spiritual Beast and a shrill roar sounded out before fading away quickly.

Only white bones covered with bloodstains were left behind after the black cloud passed by.

If you looked carefully during this moment, you would be able to see that there were actually countless palm-sized black bees within the black cloud. The black bees’ mouths were covered with hideous fangs and blood dripped out from them.

The Liu Territory and Mu Territory’s men withdrew quickly. However, they still underestimated the speed of the Devouring Spirit Bee swarm. In just a few short instances, the huge black cloud spread out and a dozen or so men from both sides were engulfed by the black cloud. Afterwards, shrill screams rang out from within.

Perhaps the fresh blood had aroused the desire for them to kill, because the Devouring Spirit Bees did not immediately head back. Instead, it split into black torrents and headed quickly towards the two fleeing groups.


Mu Feng hurriedly shouted when he saw the black torrent stabbing towards them.

The party instantly divided into two and was separated from each other. Then, they gritted their teeth as they stared at the black torrent. They did not dare to pass through.

“Little Mu!”

Zhou Ye’s face changed when he noticed that Mu Chen was separated from them. He attempted to forcibly charge through the black torrent formed by the Devouring Spirit Bees. However, he was stopped by Mu Feng.

“Relax, that boy isn’t as weak as you think. Moreover, Old Duan and the others are with him. We should first avoid this swarm of Devouring Spirit Bees. He knows where to reunite with us.” Mu Feng said as he glanced at the figures which were separated from them by the black torrent.

When Zhou Ye heard this, he hesitated for a moment before nodding his head. Although Mu Chen was still small, his performance had always been quite assuring. With Mu Chen’s cautiousness, the dangers within the Black Eerie Swamp should not be a big problem for him.

Mu Feng waved his hand and led the men following him into the forest. They escaped far away from the dangerous and mighty Devouring Spirit Bees swarm.

“How unlucky.”

On the other side of the black torrent, Mu Chen saw that their group was separated from the others and helplessly shook his head. However, it was apparent that he did not dare to forcibly break through the torrent formed by the Devouring Spirit Bees. He did not hesitate and fled in the other direction. Right now, he must get far away from these dangerous things.

“Little Lord, be careful.”

Old Duan brought a couple of men and followed Mu Chen. Since they were separated now, he had to properly protect Mu Chen. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have the face to see Mu Feng if anything happened to Mu Chen.

Mu Chen nodded. He casted a glance behind him and his eyes were cold. This was because he noticed the black swarm surging towards them.

“Hurry and run!”

Mu Chen let out a shout and dark black Spiritual Energy surged through his body. He quickly pushed his speed to its very limits. If they were surrounded by the Devouring Spirit Bees swarm, they were almost guaranteed to die.

Duan Wei and the others also noticed the danger and swiftly followed Mu Chen. They did not dare to say anything anymore.

Although they were not slow, the Devouring Spirit Bee swarm’s speed was still faster. They could feel that the Devouring Spirit Bees were gradually getter closer to them.

“Damn it!”

Duan Wei was also aware of this situation and he immediately cursed. He gritted his teeth and attempted to turn around to stop them.

“Uncle Duan, don’t act impulsive!” However, just when Duan Wei was about to turn around, he was suddenly grabbed by Mu Chen. The latter pointed and said: “It seems that they have given up?”

Duan Wei was stunned. He looked over and noticed that the Devouring Spirit Bees swarm suddenly stopped their chase. They hovered around as they buzzed. Then, suddenly, they swiftly headed towards the North-Western direction.

Mu Chen was slightly surprised as he stared at this scene. He immediately frowned. It seems that he could faintly hear the sound of a flute coming from a distance away…

This extremely weak and peculiar flute sound seemed to attract the Devouring Spirit Bees swarm.

“Could it be that the Devouring Spirit Bees swarm was actually controlled by someone?” A surprising idea appeared within Mu Chen’s heart. This flute sound did not seem like it was caused naturally.

“Little Lord, these tiny things have finally retreated. We should hurry back to reunite with the Territory Lord.” Duan Wei let out a sigh of relief when he noticed that they had gotten rid of the Devouring Spirit Bees.

When Mu Chen heard this, his eyes flashed for a moment and he gently said: “Uncle Duan, let us follow the Devouring Spirit Bees over and see.”

Duan Wei was stunned for a moment when he heard these words. He quickly said: “Little Lord, it’s too dangerous!”

“It’s fine. We will not get close to them and only watch them. If they are any problems, we will immediately retreat.” Mu Chen pondered for a moment before speaking. If the Devouring Spirit Bees swarm was really controlled by humans, then could have other forces obtained the information regarding the Nine Nether Bird?

Seeing Mu Chen’s insistence on it, Duan Wei could only helplessly shake his head. He immediately said: “Fine, we’ll follow them. However, if anything happens, I will immediately bring the Little Lord away.”

“Yes, thank you Uncle Duan.”

Mu Chen smiled. He did not hesitate any longer and swiftly followed. Seeing this, Duan Wei led the men as they followed.

The Devouring Spirit Bees’ speed was extremely fast. However, with Mu Chen closely following them, along with the black cloud being too conspicuous, they did not lose it along the way.

As they followed, Mu Chen’s face became more and more suspicious. This is because the subtle flute sound was become clearer and clearer.

“Little Lord, the Devouring Spirit Bees swarm has stopped!” Duan Wei suddenly whispered as he looked nervously in front.

Mu Chen also lifted his head over to look when he heard this. He could see a basin in front of them. Within the basin was a tiny black hill. On this black hill was a strange black tree, which was covered densely with Devouring Spirit Bees.

The peculiar flute sound seemed to be coming from there. However, the sound was too subtle. If one did not carefully listen, it was impossible to detect it.

Mu Chen’s eyes carefully scanned through this area. However, he did not notice any existence there. This made him confused. Could it be that he misjudged this?

Mu Chen frowned and stared at the black tree. His eyes moved slowly up. Finally, he stared at the top of the tree and his pupils immediately shrunk.

At that location, he saw a gray figure faintly appearing and disappearing there.

Could there really be someone?

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