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Chapter 50 – Black Eerie Swamp

The Black Eerie Swamp is located in the southern part of the Northern Spiritual Realm. Moreover, it belongs to a rather remote region within the Northern Spiritual Realm. Because of how dangerous it is, there were very few people who went there and hence, it had an extremely low popularity.

The Mu Territory was quite far away from the Black Eerie Swamp. Therefore, Mu Feng and the others only reached the Black Eerie Swamp after 3 days.

Mu Chen stood on the slope of a hill and stared forward. What entered his sight was a dark and primitive forest. A grey deathly miasma covered the endless sky above the forest. This deathly miasma contained a highly toxic poison. Even a Spirit Stage powerhouse would not carelessly allow it to invade his body.

Even though they were separated by quite a bit of distance, Mu Chen could still feel the deathly aura and the stench of blood that emanated from the Black Eerie Swamp. This place was many times more dangerous than the Northern Spiritual Field. No wonder the people within the Northern Spiritual Realm would say that it was a forbidden land.

“The Liu Territory’s men should have reached the Black Eerie Swamp. They are planning to enter from the west passage. Perhaps we will meet them shortly after we entered.” Zhou Ye overlooked the Black Eerie Swamp and said in a serious voice.

Mu Feng nodded his head slightly and immediately pulled out a jaded bottle. Inside the jaded bottle were a couple of pills: “Everybody should swallow these Poison Dispel Pills. Although it cannot stop the overly powerful poisons, it still has a tiny bit of resistance against the deathly miasma.”

Mu Chen also received a Poison Dispel Pill and he could feel a cold aura wandering within his body after he swallowed it. It must be that the pill has displayed it effects.

“Everybody should know just how dangerous the Black Eerie Swamp is. Therefore, you should all be careful, let’s go!”

Mu Feng saw that everybody had made the proper preparations, so he did not delay it any longer. He waved with his hand and his body darted out in front towards the Black Eerie Swamp within the distance. Behind him, Zhou Ye, Mu Chen and the others immediately followed.

The line-up was approximately 100 men and was not a small party. However, all the men that Mu Feng had brought were all veterans. They had bountiful experiences, so they made no noise as they hurried over. Not even dusts were brought up as they quietly entered the Black Eerie Swamp filled with the deathly miasma.

After entering the Black Eerie Swamp, Mu Chen could feel a cold feeling coming from all directions. It made the blood within his body stiffen up.

Mu Chen’s eyes scanned in vigilance across the dark environment. Compared to the Northern Spiritual Field, this place was exceptionally quiet. However, it was this silence that made everybody feel uneasy.

As the party carefully entered the depths of the Black Eerie Swamp, Mu Chen could feel a sense of tension appearing in their bodies. Their hands clenched onto the shiny swords as the Spiritual Energy quietly circulated.

Even though they were extremely careful, the Black Eerie Swamp was still filled with dangers and death traps.


Shortly after the group had entered the Black Eerie Swamp, a shrill scream erupted out from the team. Beneath the earth filled with rotten leaves, a hideous giant serpent sprang out. The instant that the body twisted, it instantly swallowed two men, who reacted slowly, from the Mu Territory. A black saliva dripped out from his giant mouth, causing the leaves on the ground to become rotten. It was evident that it was highly toxic.

“It’s the Black Eerie Serpent!”

Due to the sudden attack, the party was slightly in confusion. However, they quickly recovered from the shock and let out a cry when they saw the hideous, black, giant serpent. This was a Middle Rank Spiritual Beast, whose strength was comparable to Spiritual Rotation Middle Phase. They never imagined that they would meet such a powerful Spiritual Beast just after they entered the Black Eerie Swamp.


When Zhou Ye noticed this, he immediately frowned and let out a cold hmph. He fiercely took a step forward and a dense Spiritual Energy erupted out. His body flashed and directly appeared on top of the Black Eerie Serpent. Then, his legs stomped on the enormous body of the Black Eerie Serpent.


When Zhou Ye stomped fiercely, an enormous beast shape seemed to form from his Spiritual Energy behind him. It was a dark yellow, hornless rhinoceros. On the back of the hornless rhinoceros, it was filled with thick scales and it looked like it was carrying a tiny mountain.


When the dark yellow, hornless rhinoceros appeared, Zhou Ye’s body seemed to have to turn as heavy as a mountain and an exceptionally heavy weight appeared. He actually directly crushed the Black Eerie Serpent alive. As the earth trembled, the Black Eerie Swamp let out a sorrowful cry as its snake body was crushed into a mass of blood.

A Middle Rank Spiritual Beast that was comparable to a Spiritual Rotation Stage Middle Phase was directly crushed to death by Zhou Ye like this.

When Mu Chen saw this scene, he could not exclaim out loudly.

“Your Uncle Zhou has now reached the Spirit Stage Initial Phase. The Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence that he ingested was the Mountain Spirit Rhinoceros, ranked as the 180th on the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Ranking. When he crushes you down, it is similar to a mountain pressing onto you. It will instantly crush a human to pulp.” Mu Feng said.

Mu Chen nodded in envy. When would he be able to obtain a Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence that only belongs to him.

Zhou Ye took out the Black Eerie Serpent’s Soul Essence out and walked back over as he said in a deep voice: “The Black Eerie Swamp is filled with dangers. If you do not wish to lose your life, then you should all focus!”

Everybody quickly replied. Although they were already extremely cautious towards the Black Eerie Swamp, it was obvious it was not enough.

After exterminating the Black Eerie Serpent, the party progressed forward. However, this time, they became even more careful. Vigilant eyes constantly scanned the surroundings. They would even check the place properly before even lowering their feet.

Although this carefulness made their movement speed slow down, it still brought quite the effect. After meeting the Black Eerie Serpent, the party had experienced many sneak attacks, but it did not cause any causalities.  At most, a dozen people were just slightly injured.

This careful movement lasted for approximately half an hour. Mu Feng and his team had finally reached the initial area for entering into the depths of the Black Eerie Swamp. However, the silence around the surrounding environment made it even creepier.


Mu Feng, who was in the front, suddenly stopped as his eyes stared sharply inside the dark forest with a rotten smell. He let out a sneer and said: “Liu Qingtian, when did you become concealing yourself to perform sneak attacks?”

After hearing these words, everybody was startled and clenched their swords. Their gazes were fixed on the dark forest. Are they finally going to meet with the men from the Liu Territory?

Mu Chen also stared closely at that direction. This encounter was earlier than his expectations.

“Mu Feng, it’s really hard to shake off your Mu Territory.”

After Mu Feng’s voice faded away, a faint laughter came from within the dark fores. Then, sounds of footsteps rang out and figures slowly emerged from within the forest.

There were approximately a hundred of these figures. The line-up wasn’t weak at all. Mu Chen’s gaze swept through and stared at the person in the very front. A middle-aged man wearing a blue robe was standing with a faint smile at that location. Moreover, this person had a pair of slightly retracted eyes. His eyes were like a tiger as he scanned through the group, making everybody feel that he was awe-inspiring.

Liu Qingtian, the Liu Territory’s Lord.

Mu Chen pouted his lips. It was evident that this man was the Territory Lord of the strongest Territory within the Northern Spiritual Realm, Liu Qingtian!

Beside Liu Qingtian, there was an extremely skinny, middle-aged man. His eyes were jaded green and had an emotionless expression. However, it was evident that he was a Spirit Stage powerhouse from the Spiritual Energy fluctuation that he emitted from his body!

The Second Master of the Liu Territory, Liu Zong.

Because behind Liu Zong, there was a familiar person, Liu Ming, standing there. Thus, Mu Chen’s heart changed as he clearly knew the identity of this man. Furthermore, another familiar face was beside Liu Ming. It was Liu Mubai. Mu Chen did not imagine that even Liu Mubai would have followed.

As the two sides collided with each other, unfriendly gazes emerged out. The Spiritual Energy quietly surged as the atmosphere became extremely tense.

“Brat, so you truly were the one that stole away that item!”

Liu Ming and Liu Mubai’s eyes instantly turned cold when they noticed Mu Chen behind Mu Feng. Especially the former, he had an grim appearance and he gritted his teeth firmly. Although he had guessed it in the very beginning, it still made him mad as he was played around by a boy.

However, Mu Chen only displayed a smile against Liu Ming’s fierce gaze. Then, he stared looked at Liu Mubai, who also had a cold expression, and said: “I really have to thank you for sending such a big gift over to me.”

Liu Mubai’s eyes narrowed slightly as he said: “You’re just lucky that you have such a blessed life.”

Mu Chen’s smile made Liu Ming grit his teeth even harder.

“Ohoho, Mu Feng, you sure have a good son.” Liu Qingtian also glanced at Mu Chen. He probably knew that Mu Chen was the biggest reason why the Mu Territory had appeared.

Mu Feng looked indifferently at Liu Qingtian and said: “The Liu Territory sure is greedy, you have to share benefits with others. If you want to pocket it up by yourself, it’s not a good act.”

“Are the Mu Territory not afraid of death, since you want to participate in everything?” Liu Zong, who was beside Liu Qingtian, muttered as he coldly looked at Mu Feng and the others.

“It would probably be easier to die if you try to pocket it yourself.” Zhou Ye also sneered.

Liu Zong let out a cold laugh and said: “If the majority of the Mu Territory’s elite troops were to die here, then the Liu Territory will help govern the Mu Territory’s domain for you.”

“I’m afraid that you don’t have the ability to do so!” Zhou Ye said slowly.

The two sides stopped talking with each other and only gazed at the other side. An intense chill and Spiritual Energy fluctuations quietly surged out. It seems that the bloody battle will soon break out.

Mu Chen stared at this tense atmosphere and quietly circulated his Spiritual Energy as well. However, just when he ready, his ears suddenly twitched. His gaze turned towards the darkness in the depths of the Black Eerie Swamp as if a strange sound had appeared from that place.


When Mu Chen heard this buzzing sound, he was startled at first. Then, his face instantly changed.

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