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Chapter 490 - Harvest

The greenish wood plaque quietly hovered in the gigantic palm of the Divine Wood Guard. Giving off an ancient feeling, abstruse inscriptions covered its surface, sparkling with faint rays of brilliance, causing it to appear somewhat mysterious.

Mu Chen focused his gaze closer towards the greenish wood plaque. In the next instant, he slowly extended his palm to grab ahold of it.


However, just as it was about to be grabbed by Mu Chen, dazzling greenish rays of brilliance erupted from the greenish wood plaque. As the rays of brilliance radiated out, soft grass started to grow from the barren ground in their surroundings. In the next instant, powerful energies started to radiate from the wooden plaque, preventing Mu Chen’s hand from coming close to it.

Seeing this, wrinkles started to appear on Mu Chen’s forehead, as he could sense the powerful obstruction posed by the energies coming from the wooden plaque. Even with him summoning forth all of the Spiritual Energy within his body, he was unexpectedly still unable to break through the layers of greenish halos around the wooden plaque.


As both parties continued the stalemate for a while, a cold snort rang out of Mu Chen’s mouth, before, suddenly, black rays of lightning light surfaced from his body. He had immediately activated his Lightning God’s Physique, causing black rays of lightning light to encase his palm, which he sent fiercely patting down once again.


As the lightning light made contact with the greenish rays of brilliance, the latter instantly shook violently. Appearing as if it had met with its nemesis, it retreated back. Due to the process of cultivating his Lightning God’s Physique, Mu Chen was tempered countless times by the Divine Black Lightning. This had lead to the light of the Divine Black Lightning to surface from his body every time he activated his Lightning God’s Physique. From the looks of it, the energies present on the surface of the wooden plaque appeared to be exceedingly pure and powerful. However, this energy just so happened to be restrained by the Divine Black Lightning.

As layer after layer of the greenish glowing halos were dissipated by the lightning light, Mu Chen’s palm broke through the remaining layers of energies around the greenish wood plaque, before quickly grasping onto it within his palm.


At the instant when it landed in his hands, a ray of green light suddenly shot from it, shooting right towards Mu Chen’s forehead at lightning speed.

Naturally, Mu Chen had sensed this ray of green light. However, he was able to sense no attacking intent from this ray of green light, which resulted in him not obstructing its path.

As the ray of green light struck against Mu Chen’s forehead, it rapidly merged within. At the same time, ancient messages suddenly erupted from within his mind, appearing akin to ancient drawings. From them, Mu Chen could make out a stretch of ancient palaces. Those palaces were even more gigantic than the one present in the remnant they were just in. Furthermore, all of them were constructed from the same kind of special wood, which appeared to be weak and frail, but in reality was incomparably tough and resilient.

This was a stretch of a rather ancient gigantic remnant.

Within the interior of this remnant, even the sky appeared emerald green, with giant trees towering thousands and thousands of metres high into the skies, breaking through the layers of clouds. All of them were radiating with verdant vitality, with vast and boundless Spiritual Energies undulating within this stretch of the world, forming layers of emerald-greenish clouds within the skies.

As picture after picture quickly flashed within Mu Chen’s mind, he was able to sense how gigantic and extensive this remnant was, something that caused shock and astonishment to grow within him. An influence capable to leaving behind such an extensive and gigantic remnant definitely had to be an Overlord-level existence that ruled over a stretch of the world in ancient times.

This was the genuine and entirety of the ancient remnant.

There definitely had to be the existence of the ancient inheritance there!

Comparatively, the remnant they were in just earlier simply paled in comparison. 

While Mu Chen was still reeling in shock, the pictures continued to flash by, now presently, a mountain peak was surrounded by clouds. Countless rays of beautiful brilliance radiated from it. If one was to take a closer look, one would discover that there were various kinds of heaven and earth treasures growing within each clump of brilliance. These heavenly treasures absorbed the Spiritual Aura from the world and radiated with incomparably pure Spiritual Energy fluctuations. Taking a cursory sweep with his gaze, Mu Chen discovered that there were quite a few rather precious heavenly treasures present there. These items were more than sufficient to cause the eyes of countless people to turn red.

This seemed to be a treasure mountain!

Turning his gaze towards the highest position of the mountain peak, Mu Chen discovered dazzling rays of brilliance radiating from there, appearing akin to the scorching sun. Raising his gaze, his vision grew increasing clear as he discovered a stretch of reddish-yellow approximately a thousand square metres in diameter present there, with no other heavenly treasures present there. 

However, at the very top of the mountain peak was a plant gently swaying in the breeze.

This plant was very much shaped like a Lingzhi. Yet compared to an ordinary Lingzhi, which has only one petal, it had nine. Furthermore, its flower petals weren’t of the shape of Lingzhi, but approximately a metre wide scorching and glowing clumps. Those clumps of light radiated with endless brightness, illuminating the heaven and earth akin to a group of nine scorching suns.

As the frightening rays of brilliance continued to radiate out, even more frightening Spiritual Energy fluctuations rippled from its centre, ones that would cause people’s hearts to palpitate.

At this moment, Mu Chen’s gaze was firmly locked-on this unique Lingzhi, while unconcealable ecstasy and joy gushed from his heart.

“That’s actually the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi…”

A low mutter rang out within his heart with ecstacy and happiness surging from within. Who would have guessed that he would actually be able to find one of the three unique treasures required to cultivate the “Great Solar Undying Body”, the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi.

Three unique treasures were required for the cultivation of the “Great Solar Undying Body” with all three of them being exceedingly rare and precious items. Even Sovereign realm existences would be moved by such treasures. Mu Chen wasn’t even able to obtain the slightest bit of information about those three treasures from the Spiritual Treasures Hall of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, something which made him feel somewhat impatient. Although his cultivation was only at the realm of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, he still needed to plan for the future. If not, on the day he would be promoted to the Sovereign Realm, due to the lack of those treasures, he would be unable to cultivate such a powerful Sovereign Celestial Body. How anxious would that make him?  

However, Mu Chen also knew that those three treasures were too precious. Wanting to collect all three of them would not be an easy task to accomplish. Therefore, it had made him that emotional upon discovering a Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi.

As the huge volumes of ancient information rushed into his mind, they gradually disappeared away. At this moment, his faintly closed eyes started to open, though the remnants of joy was still present on his handsome face.

“How is it?” asked Luo Li with a slight presence of doubt in her voice. It was extremely rare for her to see such a joyous expression stay on Mu Chen’s face. 

“This time, we’ve really picked up a treasure,” said Mu Chen after taking a deep breath. As a smile surfaced on his face, he waved the wooden plaque in his hands, before continuing to speak. “I believe that Zhen Qing’s true goal might not be that Divine Wood Guard, but this…”

Hearing that, Xu Huang and the rest proceeded to look over in doubt.

“The ancient remnant that we’ve entered earlier should be a remnant of an ancient sect by the name of the “Divine Wood Palace” from the Ancient Antiquity. However, that isn’t the true remnant of the Divine Wood Palace. In fact, it could only be said to be an extremely small portion of it. As for the genuine and entirety of the remnants of the Divine Wood Palace, they were right inside this wooden plaque.”

Hearing that, Xu Huang and the rest could not help opening their eyes wide. The remnant they were just inside of was actually only an extremely small part of the remnants left behind from the Divine Wood Palace?

Just a small portion of it was already that captivatingly huge. Exactly how many astonishing treasures were present in the genuine location of the remnants of the Divine Wood Palace?

“Where is the location of the Divine Wood Palace’s Remnants?” Xu Huang could not help asking.

“It will lead the way for us,” replied Mu Chen with a faint smile. Wrinkling his forehead, he proceeded to say, “However, it seems that the sub-remnant that we were in just now isn’t on the same piece of the shattered continent as the main location. Therefore, we can’t eliminate the possibility that there are other groups that have similarly obtained the same information as us. Furthermore, those groups would naturally be the elite amongst the elite. At that time, if we’re to rush into the remnants of the Divine Woodem Palace, the opponents we will have to face might be even stronger than Xia Hou or Zhen Qing.”

Hearing that, the faces of Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyang instantly turned solemn. This time, their encounter with Xia Hou, Zhen Qing and their groups was already dangerous and life-threatening for them. If the groups they would meet with were even stronger, their contributions to their group’s overall combat prowess would lead to impending disaster. After all, the strongest people in their group were only Mu Chen and Luo Li. As for the three of them, they were indistinctly already holding the group back.

“For the next period of time, we will temporarily not have any other plans. With here being quite desolate, its suitable for us to train and cultivate. Therefore…” Looking towards Xu Huang and the other two, Mu Chen said in a slow manner, “We’ll close up here awhile. We have to increase our strength.”

The ones that needed to increase their strength weren’t only Xu Huang and the other two. In fact, Mu Chen himself had to make another breakthrough. As of now, the pace of Great Spiritual Academy Tournament was gradually ramping up. As they proceeded on, there would be no lack of various kinds of formidable groups that would emerge. Coupled with the various ancient remnants present in this shattered continent, no one could be sure of which group that would obtain such a large opportunity. Such a chance would allow for them to drastically increase their strength and show disdain to the masses.

Faced with such a scenario, with his cultivation only at the realm of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, it was not sufficient for him to feel absolutely confident for the challenges he would face in the future. Although he had obtained the final victory in his fight with Xia Hou, it had consumed much of his strength and energy in doing so. All in all, it was due to him only being at the realm of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, which did not allow for him to perfectly control his abilities in a confrontation with an expert that had passed his Spiritual Energy Disaster.

Therefore, the current him needed to start making his breakthrough and pass through the first of the three Sovereign Disasters, the Human Body Disaster!

Hearing that, Xu Huang and the other two fiercely nodded their heads in agreement. The fight Mu Chen and Luo Li had with Xia Hou, Zhen Qing and their groups had caused them to feel guilty. With the “Divine Immortal Fruit” that they had obtained in the remnant and the protection it offered, they would be able to attempt their Human Body Disaster. If they were to succeed, it would result in a great increase of the combat capability of their group. At the very least, Mu Chen and Luo Li wouldn’t need to divert too much attention to protect them anymore.

Looking at the solemn expressions on the faces of the trio, Mu Chen gave a laugh. Tightly grasping the ancient wooden plaque in his hand, his gaze turned peculiar, because when he had obtained all that information, he had also obtained something that made his heart move.

That was a Divine Art that was carved within the wooden plaque.

Lesser Divine Art, Heavenly Divine Wood Wheel.

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