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Chapter 491 - Passing the Human Body Disaster

Five spacious caves were carved out from the side of a gigantic mountain cliff, with Mu Chen taking residence and sitting quietly in one of them. This was the place where they would close up and break through for this period of time.


Sitting on the stretch of ice-cold mountainous rock, a clump of white air was expelled from his mouth. Looking towards his right, he could faintly discern Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from the heavy mountainous cliffside. Clearly, Luo Li, Xu Huang and the other two had already entered their respective mountain caves and had proceeded to prepare for their breakthroughs.

“Human Body Disaster…”

Mu Chen tightly clenched his hands as a scorching-hot gaze gushed from his eyes. This was the first of the three Tribulations he would have to face on the path to become a Sovereign. Undoubtedly, this was the most difficult and most life-threatening checkpoint, since only god-knows how many geniuses had come to a halt at this stage, wasting many years of bitter training trying to pass through these three Tribulations, before dying while full of hatred and bitterness.

The three small Disasters of the Sovereign realm was sufficient to cause the face of anyone below the realm of Sovereign to change colour. Even without personally experiencing it, the terror they brought, coupled by their terrifying awe, had been long drilled deep into the hearts of everyone. 

Therefore, regardless of how tyrannical Mu Chen’s Human Body had become, which was even stronger than some experts who had passed through their Human Body Disaster, he still felt slightly nervous and tense at this stage. He knew that the stronger one’s Human Body was, the greater the pain and difficulty one would experience when passing through one’s Human Body Disaster. Naturally, though, the greatest benefit would be the increase in strength and power of one’s Human Body.

Like every increase in strength, it was always accompanied by danger.

Taking a deep breath, Mu Chen slowly closed his eyes, entering a cultivation state. With a slight thought, the Spiritual Energy within his body started to rapidly circulate around in a loop within his body, continous without any end.

Generally speaking, as long as one had reached the realm of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, anyone would be able to attempt their Human Body Disaster. Of course, it wouldn’t automatically appear. It required the control of any individual for it to appear for them. It’s said that as long as one had made one’s preparation to attempt their Human Body Disaster, one would just need to circulate all of the Spiritual Energies one had in one’s body round and round in a loop. As these Spiritual Energies circulated around one’s meridians at high speed, the power they generate would gradually seep into one’s meridians, flesh and bones.

When one’s strength reached a certain level, one’s life force would be strengthened to a somewhat full state. When that life force merged with the energies seeping into one’s meridians, flesh and bones from the Spiritual Energies revolving at high speeds within one’s body, it would transform into some sort of a blood-fire. As this blood-fire forms within one’s body, it would spread through the body. As it burns, it would temper one’s flesh and blood , causing one’s Human Body to become even more tyrannical. However, at the same time, if one wasn’t able to endure such tempering, one’s flesh and blood would be burnt and roasted alive by the blood-fire. At that time, one’s body would be wrecked, something that would result in massive harm to oneself.

This was the origin of the Human Body Disaster. The fire born within one’s flesh and blood was simply unavoidable for anyone, with no help being able to be provided externally. The only way was to rely on oneself. Only then would one be able to truly pass through this Tribulation and obtain a quantitative change in one’s Human Body from the blood-fire.

Quietly sitting within the cave for three whole days, Mu Chen maintained a high speed circulation state of the Spiritual Energy within his body. At this moment, if one was able to take a look into his body, one would be able to discover that a faint red colour had appeared on all of the meridians within his body. Clearly, they appeared to be boiling up, while an invisible energy started to radiate from those boiling meridians, slowly seeping into Mu Chen’s flesh and blood.

Slivers of intense pain came gushing from every place within Mu Chen’s body. Yet, not a single inch of movement was made by him. That’s because he knew that this was the first indication of the blood-fire gradually lighting up within his body. As of now, compared to the pain when his Human Body Disaster truly began, such minor pain wasn’t even worth mentioning. If he wasn’t even able to endure this much, it’s best for him to not attempt and try his hand on his Human Body Disaster.

At this moment, his skin had already turned boiling-red hot, with the entire interior of the mountain cave becoming exceedingly dry due to all of the moisture present being evaporated away by the high temperatures radiating from Mu Chen.

As Mu Chen’s skin grew increasingly scarlet-red, suddenly, numerous beads of blood started to seep from his pores. Dripping from his boiling hot skin, they sizzled as tiny plumes of white clouds rose into the air.


Those sounds grew increasingly frequent as bead after bead of blood continued to seep from Mu Chen’s body, before being evaporated away, sending out puffs of white smoke, which had seemingly covered Mu Chen’s body within.

Within the large cloud of white smoke, Mu Chen slightly cracked open his eyes as he furiously clenched his teeth. With a clench of his hand, an emerald-green jade-like fruit appeared. Emitting endless fragrance into the air, rays of brilliance sparkled from its surface, while pure energies started to radiate from it.

That was the Divine Immortal Fruit that Mu Chen had obtain from the earlier remnant. This Spiritual Fruit had a beneficial effect for those that were attempting to pass through their Human Body Disaster.

Mu Chen rapidly stuffed the Divine Immortal Fruit into his mouth. Instead of biting or chewing, he just held it within his mouth.

Holding onto the Divine Immortal Fruit, Mu Chen’s hand seal abruptly changed. In the next instant, the Spiritual Energy circulating within his body started to increase in speed once more.

Shh! Shh!

The temperature of the boiling hot meridians rose once again as slivers of mysterious energies started to rapidly seep into his flesh and blood.


Suddenly, an intense shiver shook through Mu Chen’s body as blood seeped from his mouth from the force of him biting down on his teeth. At this moment, dense clumps of blood-red flames surfaced within his flesh and blood. Akin to the start of a prairie fire, it spread like wildfire. Before a minute could pass, it had already covered every single inch within Mu Chen’s body. 

As the blood-red flames burned and raged, they adhered to his flesh and blood. As exceedingly high temperatures started to brew, they appeared to want to melt all of his flesh and blood. What intense pain would that result for Mu Chen?

Uncontrollable shivers racked Mu Chen’s entire body with beads of sweat instantly pouring out. However, upon their appearance, they would instantly evaporate into clumps of steam by his boiling-hot skin

Clenching his teeth as hard as he could, veins popped out across his entire body, wriggling and squirming akin to earthworms, giving off an exceedingly malevolent look. At this moment, his handsome face had also appeared exceedingly warped and contorted.

Within his body, as long as it was a place where flesh and blood were present, it would be intruded by the blood-fire. Adhering to his flesh and blood, they crackled as they burned, causing the flesh and blood to brim with energy and vitality as they wriggled and squirmed akin to having a life of their own. Furthermore, they appeared to start to shrink in size in the presence of the burning blood-fire.

This was a Tribulation that almost appeared like a trial of torture.

Clenching his teeth with all his might, blood trickled down the corners of his mouth. Despite the agony and intense pain radiating from his body, which were more than sufficient to cause people to go mad, Mu Chen did not devour the Divine Immortal Fruit still present within his mouth, as he knew that this was just the start of his Human Body Disaster. For him, it would take quite a while for the completion of the tempering of his flesh and blood.

Therefore, he would be in such a boiled up state for a period of time. In the off-chance that he relaxed and caused his consciousness to go blurry, his body might be turned into ashes by the blood-fire burning within him, something that would cause all the years of bitter training to go down the drain.

“Come! Let me experience exactly how frightening this Human Body Disaster truly is!”

A low roar rang out from his heart, resounding within his scarlet-red body.

Roar! Roar!

Appearing to have heard the roar of fury ringing within Mu Chen’s heart, the blood-fire burning within his body started to grow increasingly rampant and ferocious. As the flames of the blood-fire grew more intense, mysterious energies continued to pour out and temper his flesh and blood. As it brought about intense pain and agony, his flesh and blood started to become more and more tempered.

Within the mountain cave, white mist surrounded Mu Chen as intense shivers racked through his body, with beads of blood continuing to seep from his pores. As this continued on, a thick layer of dried-up blood started to gradually form on the surface of his skin, before completely covering him up.

His hands sent punch after punch rumbling towards the ground, relying on such a method to vent the intense pain and agony he felt within his body.


Low bestial roars of pain howled from his clenched throat, resounding and reverberating within the sealed mountain cave.

This was the Human Body Disaster! The first of the three Tribulations towards the Sovereign realm that caused terror and torment to countless Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase experts!

This pain and agony would continue all the way till all of Mu Chen’s flesh and blood had completed their tempering and underwent a qualitative change under the roasting of the blood-fire.

While Mu Chen was suffering so much pain and agony from his Human Body Disaster, a faint and delicate fragrance had filled the interior of a spacious mountain cave adjacent to his. A young girl was quietly sitting there with her legs crossed, her appearance caused the entire spacious mountain cave to appear much more alluring.

At this moment, Luo Li swept her beautiful eyes to look towards the right side of her mountain cave. Despite the extremely thick layer of rock separating the two mountain caves, she was still able to sense the faint vibrations, as well as the low roars of pain ringing from there. This indicated to her that Mu Chen had already started his attempt to pass through his Human Body Disaster. 

Having passed through hers, she knew exactly how much pain and suffering one would need to pass through this Tribulation. What’s more, with his already tyrannical Human Body, the Human Body Disaster that Mu Chen would need to experience far exceeded that of many other people. In fact, this was exactly the reason why loads of people did not attempt to cultivate any Body Refinement Divine Art before passing through their Human Body Disasters. With such a powerful Human Body, although one would be able to summon forth even more strength, it would also bring about even greater pain and agony during the passing of one’s Human Body Disaster.

In the off-chance one becomes unable to endure any longer, all of one’s bitter training would completely go down the drain.

Since that was the case, why not focus on cultivating one’s Spiritual Energy, and wait till the successful passing of one’s Human Body Disaster to cultivate a Body Refinement Divine Art, right? In such a way, it would reduce the danger and pain by a great deal. Nevertheless, Mu Chen didn’t make such a choice. He had chosen an extremely difficult path, as he knew he needed greater power and strength…

There were many things that he wanted to protect.

Gently biting her lip, Luo Li’s beautiful eyes slightly drooped down, with her not daring to take too many looks at the right wall of the cave. If she took too many looks, she felt that she could see the youth present there, suffering in pain and agony, something that was even more painful for her than passing her own Human Body Disaster…

“Mu Chen, I’ll not let you suffer alone.”

The young girl softly muttered. In the next instant, she furiously clenched her hands as they rapidly formed hand seals before her body. Immediately, vast and boundless Spiritual Energy unexpectedly started to gradually show signs of flaring up within her body.

This was the signal of the impending start of a Spiritual Energy Disaster!

Luo Li’s actually attempting her Spiritual Energy Disaster!

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