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Chapter 479 - Shocked

Within the vine encased giant hall, numerous gazes converged on the source of the brilliant rays of light while varying expressions appeared on the faces of the people looking over. Over there, two figures had sliced apart the vines and escaped the fetters binding them before appearing before the numerous gazes shooting over.

As the rays of brilliance dissipated away, the figures of Mu Chen and Luo Li finally appeared clearly from within.

"Clap clap."

Looking at the two who had extricated themselves, the eyes of Zhen Qing contracted slightly. However, giving a laugh, he gently clapped his hands and spoke out with a smile. "Never did I expect that even the Myriad Wood Realm is unable to hold you all in. You two truly are formidable…"

At this moment, those vines appeared rather strange and mysterious, being able to even constrain Human Body Disaster experts within them to the point of them being unable to decisively extricate themselves. Furthermore, the Spiritual Energies within their bodies would be gradually devoured as food by the vines, with them becoming more ferocious the more one struggled while in them, while also causing one's Spiritual Energy dissipation to grow increasingly quick.

Mu Chen and Luo Li being able to extricate themselves was something that was clearly somewhat accidental for Zhen Qing. Looks like these two people should have some unique methods of their own. Nevertheless, it was merely just that. The situation before him was completely under his control. With their two groups holding ground over here, even if Mu Chen and Luo were able to extricate themselves, what could they do?

A chilling gaze shot out from Mu Chen as he glared at Zhen Qing, while black lightning arcs sparkled across his finger tips.

"Looks like you've yet to give up and admit your loss, huh."

Xia Hou gave a faint laugh as he shot a mocking look towards Mu Chen and Luo Li. In the next moment, he pointed towards the interior of the giant hall before speaking out with a smile, " However, what else can you two do? Mu Chen, why not I give you a chance. If you leave by yourself, I'll give you a means to survive. How about that?"

At this moment, his smile appeared somewhat execrable. If Mu Chen were to abandon his compatriots and flee by himself, he would be ostracized by the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy in the light of this. Such a result would be even more cruel and vicious that killing him, just like what had happened to Qiu Beihai in the past…

Sweeping his gaze to shoot a look at Xia Hou, Mu Chen gave a smile, shaking his head before replying, "Xia Hou, I'm afraid that you don't have the qualifications to use this method against me."

Hearing Mu Chen's reply, Xia Hou immediately gave a soft laugh. However, at this moment, the smile present on his face showed not one bit of warmth. Planning his head across slightly, he looked towards Zhen Qing and spoke out while massaging his head, "He truly is a irksome fellow. Looks like I have to show him exactly how strong is a person of Spiritual Energy Disaster is…"

"I'm alright with that."

An amused smile rose at the corner of Zhen Qing's mouth, as the situation before him was already completely under his control. At this moment, he only had to awaken the numerous Spiritual Energies within the Wooden Divine Guard. Therefore, he didn't mind spending this time to observe the good show playing out before him.

At this moment, he didn't care too much about Mu Chen. Although the latter was of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase and possessed such astonishing combat prowess, so what? Regardless of that, he was still of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase. Regardless of how many cards he was able to pull out from his sleeves, it would extremely hard pressed for him to obtain victory against an expert of Spiritual Energy Disaster.

"This little beauty. When they take action, my eyes will be on you. I hope that you'll not stir up trouble. Although you're the most heart stirring girl I've seen in these past few years, for the sake of the entire situation, I'll not show too much mercy towards the other gender." said Zhen Qing as he shot a grin towards Luo Li.

Shooting a slightly cold look towards him with her beautiful eyes, Luo Li turned her head towards Mu Chen, who had sent a smile back while gently nodding his head.

Only upon seeing this did Luo Li take two steps back and took a seat down. Continuing to grasp the Luo Shen Sword in her hand, she inserted into the ground before her, causing a wave of a sword cry erupting out, before rays of sword glow perfused out. Such fierceness was present in this sword glow that the surrounding space was even being sliced up into tiny and minute fissures, with layer upon layer of vines in the surrounding being sliced apart. Under the sword glow, all of the vines within a few metre radius around Luo Li were completely sliced cleanly into bits.

Under the envelope of the sword glow, even the unique Myriad Wood Realm within his giant hall was unable to encroach over Luo Li.

"Since you guys want to play, we'll accompany you guys to the end. However, similarly, I will send this back to you. This is a fight between the two of them. If anyone interferes, the sword within my hand might be completely unsheathed. At that time, even I wouldn't be able to know the outcome that occurs. However, Zhen Qing, at the very least, you will die to my sword." said Luo Li as she swept her glass like clear eyes towards Zhen Qing and his group, while her voice sounded soft and soft, yet bringing out some chilling intent.

Noticing the Luo Shen Sword before Luo Li, the faces of Zhen Qing and his group violently contorted as they could sense extremely dangerous fluctuations radiating from its surface.

"That's actually a Divine Artifact?!"

Zhen Qing exchanged glances with Xia Hou as their pupils contracted slightly. Never did they imagine that the beautiful girl before their eyes would actually possess a genuine Divine Weapon. Although her cultivation seemed only be of Human Body Disaster, coupled with his divine sword, even people of Spiritual Energy Disaster would be feel extreme fear and dread in the light of her.

This young girl was even more dangerous as compared to Mu Chen!

With the Great Thousand Worlds, anything with the two words Divine Weapon attached to their name would absolutely possess extreme awe and intimidation. Although there were also Divine Weapons within the Wood Spirit Clan, such things would absolutely not find their way to Zhen Qing's hands. Therefore, upon noticing that Luo Li actually possessed a Divine Weapon, Zhen Qing could not help but to quietly feel shocked and astonished.

"Looks like you truly have some confidence in Mu Chen." his eyes flashing faintly, Zhen QIng suppressed the shock within his heart as he shot a deep look at Luo Li before speaking out.

With Luo Li sitting there and using the awe and intimidation caused by her divine sword, Luo Li had clearly indicated her motive in helping Mu Chen sweep of any interference. This was clearly due to her being exceedingly confident with Mu Chen. She believed that the latter would be able to defeat Xia Hou. However, did she truly believe that Xia Hou was an affable person?

One of the four great Holy Sons of the Saint Spiritual Academy and possessing a cultivation of Spiritual Energy Disaster. Placed within the entirety of the Great Spiritual Academy Competition, he would absolutely be ranked among the best. In a 1 on 1 duel with him, if not for having some special methods, even Zhen Qing wouldn't have the confidence of defeating Xia Hou, what more Mu Chen, whose cultivation was only of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase. However, could it be that he still had a way?

In response, Luo Li only shot a look at him, not caring anymore than that as she held her Luo Shen Sword in her hand. As her jade like fingers gently touched the sword, clear crys rang out from it.

Upon seeing this, Zhen Qing gave a faint smile without speaking anymore, merely that killing intent started to erupt within his heart.  There were some unexpected changes to the situation which was under his control. Nevertheless, it didn't matter. As long as Xia Hou dealt with Mu Chen, when they collaborate, even Luo Li would be absolutely hard pressed to turn the situation around even with the Divine Weapon in her hand.

Zhen Qing turned his sights towards Xia Hou, only to see a malevolent smile curling up at the corner of the latter's mouth. From the looks of it, she seems to be exceedingly confidence towards Mu Chen, huh? Nevertheless, would she still be able to maintain such confidence towards the latter after he stomps Mu Chen under his feet?

Within the giant hall, Tang Mei'er, Zhou Yuan and the various other groups were trapped within the vines. Regardless of their full efforts in their struggles, they were unable to obtain not the slightest results in freeing themselves. Therefore, they could only give up in their attempts, casting their gazes through the vines to observe the situation developing within the giant hall. At this moment, shades of worry and concern appeared within their eyes as at this very moment, they basically could only rely on Mu Chen and Luo Li to reverse the situation they were in. However, they were after all two people only…

Before their eyes, Mu Chen had clearly wanted to take genuine action against Xia Hou. Although they were clear that Mu Chen's combat prowess couldn't be estimated using conventional means, regardless of that, Xia Hou had genuinely passed his Spiritual Energy Disaster. Faced against him, even Tang Mei'er and Zhou Yuan didn't have the slightest confidence of winning. What could Mu Chen do?

Furthermore, by the off chance that Mu Chen lost to Xia Hou, the awe and intimidation that Luo Li had painfully created in this situation would be shattered apart. When that happens, even with the Divine Sword in her hand, it will be exceedingly hard pressed for her to deal with the two tyrannical groups by herself.

From the looks of it, everything now banked on the shoulders of Mu Chen.

As gazes converged over from within the giant hall, Mu Chen slowly exhaled a clump of white air. Looking towards Xia Hou, with the malevolent sneer at the corner of his mouth, he gave a faint smile and said, "To not disappoint her, it looks like I have to deal with you."

Hearing those words, Xia Hou laughed out, with his smile turning chilly. At this moment, crystalline rays of brilliance sparkled from his slender and pale hands, causing them to appear exceedingly gorgeous. Yet, under this facade of gorgeousness was a death like chill.

"Looks like that short exchange we had outside of the dark forest had given you too much false confidence…"

Slowly clenching his hands, the expression on Xia Hou's face grew increasingly cold. In the next instant, taking a furious step forwards, dense, boundless Spiritual Energy akin to a large sea swept out, hiding the skies and covering the earth. At the same time, an astonishing Spiritual Energy pressure instantly perfused across the entire giant hall.

At this moment, he had completely unleashed his Spiritual Energy Disaster realm Spiritual Energy without the slightest restraint at all.

That's because he already did not want to continue seeing Mu Chen be that indifferent and boastful in front of himself. He wanted to use his Spiritual Energy Disaster realm Spiritual Energy to violently crush the latter beneath his feel. He wanted to let him know in despair that when faced with the tyrannical power of a Spiritual Energy Disaster expert, he would become as pitiful as a rabbit locked on by a mighty lion, with him not being able to put up even an ounce of resistance!

"Now, I'll crush that so called self confidence into a pile of mess!"

The smile at the corner of Xia Hou's mouth turned incomparably malevolent.

Boundless Spiritual Energy howled out as wave of pressures gushed out, causing Mu Chen's robes to flap and flutter about. Taking a deep breath, Mu Chen clenched his fists tightly as the glow of black lightning sparkled from the surface of his body. At this moment, his skin started to turn jet black, while four lightning runes slowly surfaced on his chest.


Black lightning glow crackled as they enveloped the entirety of Mu Chen's body. His Lightning God's Physique had been completely brought forth, with the Spiritual Energy within his body now gushing about within his meridians like a bubbling river. His body had entered into his greatest combat state!

"If you want to play, I'll accompany you. Let's see exactly who's the one that's incapable of playing!"

Fiercy chilling rays of brilliance condensed within Mu Chen's black pupils like the sharp edge of a blade. With a chilling laugh, he took an abrupt stride out.


Lightning glow seemed to exploded out from beneath his feet. As black lightning arcs sparkled, his figure exploded forward in an instant.


With a sneer, Xia Hou had shot forwards in an instant. Like a sea, dense Spiritual Energy gushed and surged forth, causing even the surrounding air to be compressed to the point of exploding apart.

The tense and taut atmosphere within the giant hall was shatter at this instant.

 Everyone's gaze converged over at this moment.

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