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Chapter 480 - Battling Xia Hou


Exceedingly dense Spiritual Energy howled within the giant hall like tidal waves, before two figures shot across the horizon like meteors streaking across the skies. In the next instant, under the attention of anxious gazes coming from within the giant hall, the two heavily smashed into each other.

There wasn't anything fanciful of this collision, being totally a pure collision of strength.

However, one party had relied on his tyrannical fleshly body, while the other had carried along with him the might of his boundless Spiritual Energy.

The two energies colliding was more than sufficient to cause the earth to tremble and mountains to collapse.


At the instant when the collision happened, gales swept up as a storm was whipped out, carving fissures across the surface of the giant hall. Under the impact of such shock waves, layer after layer of squirming vines were shattered apart.


Two glowing figures shot out from the terrifying impact, while the specially constructed floor of the giant hall was continuously turned into dust under the feet of the two, leaving behind two pairs of deep footprints.

A shiver shook through Mu Chen's body as rays of lightning light sparkled, completely resisting against the boundless Spiritual Energy that had pervaded his body. At this moment, a shade of solemness surfaced on his handsome face. Although Xia Hou's tyrannical Spiritual Energy was unable to cause any injuries on him, who had trained his Lightning God's Physique to a Quadra Rune Lightning Physique, the density of the latter's Spiritual Energy was much stronger than his own.

The Spiritual Energy Disaster was basically a transformative change to one's Spiritual Energy. If one had yet to pass through Spiritual Energy Disaster, the Spiritual Energy one's Divine Soul could contain would be akin to a lake, but it would truly rival a great sea when one passed through one's Spiritual Energy Disaster. Such a disparity was considered to be rather large. If not for Mu Chen managing to cultivate the completed version of the Great Pagoda Art, which had also led to a transformation change to the Spiritual Energy within his body, the current him might have been completely suppressed by the sea-like boundless Spiritual Energy of Xia Hou.

"Ha. Such a tough fleshly body. Looks like you've cultivated a rather formidable body tempering Divine Art. Your attainments are also not shallow in it. That's why you have the courage to challenge a Spiritual Energy Disaster with your cultivation at Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase." In the front, Xia Hou's long and slender hands sparkled with faint rays of jade-like light as he sneered while staring at Mu Chen.

However, underneath his sneer, there was some shock and astonishment present within Xia Hou's heart. Mu Chen's fleshly body was truly too powerful, it might be even more tyrannical that his own body that had undergoing the changes after passing his Spiritual Energy Disaster. He truly didn't know exactly how this fellow was able to successfully cultivate such a body like that.

An indifferent look was present in Mu Chen's eyes as he swept a look towards Xia Hou. However, without even giving a reply, the ground beneath his feet collapsed as a dragon's shadow seemed to take form beneath. With a flash of light, his figure mysteriously disappeared from his original position.

"Such quick speed!"

Xia Hou's eyes slightly contracted, before abruptly clenching his hand to form a first. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, he sent a fist violently rumbling towards the space on his right.


Boundless Spiritual Energy swept out as Xia Hou's fist sparkled with rays of jade-like brilliance. This fist possessed more than sufficient awe and might.


However, this fight-winning fist of Xia Hou wasn't able to obtain the slightest bit of results, shooting passed space and hitting air. Mu Chen's figure did not appear at the location where he had expected.

As his fist landed on air, Xia Hou's expression slightly changed in the next instant. He could feel frightening energy fluctuations furiously sweeping out from behind his back.

Mu Chen's speed was actually fast to the level of causing Xia Hou to make the wrong estimations of his position!

However, although Mu Chen's speed had caused him to make an accidental mistake, Xia Hou wasn't any average person. Giving a tap of his feet on the ground, his body rose half a metre into the air. Like a whip, his leg brought about surging Spiritual Energy, transforming into remnant shadows as they swept at lightning speed towards the the fist gales coming from behind him.

Bang! Bang!

As the leg shadows shot out, even the air was compressed to the point of exploding apart.


Hiding the skies and covering the earth, the fist and leg shadows collided into one another, causing a frightening energy storm to take form between the two. In the next instant, it started to wreak havoc in the surrounding vicinity, causing gigantic fissures to appear in the ground. 

At this moment, the two had brought forth their strength to their very limit, causing the destructive might of the fist and leg shadows to be exceedingly astonishing.


The two figures intertwined in the air within the giant hall as frightening fluctuations shook the air to the point of forming distortions in the surrounding space. As this was happening, the air in their surroundings was forcibly compressed to the point of exploding apart.

Stabilising his body in the air, Mu Chen hastily formed some hand seals, causing boundless Spiritual Energy to transform into a stretch of starry skies behind his back. Four gigantic beastial shadows condensed and took form from within, transforming into rays of starry lights as they explosively shot out.

"Four Gods Heavenly Sealing Imprint!"

The gigantic glowing imprint descended from the skies, completely enveloping Xia Hou's body within it.


Looking towards the gigantic glowing imprint, a chilling shadow flashed within Xia Hou's eyes as he coldly snorted. Bending his fingers forward, his fingertips appeared to sparkle with the light of stars. In the next instant, he pointed his fingers towards his front, causing the starry light to surge, before a gigantic beam of starry light howled out. Akin to a flood, it surged straight into the space before it.

"Star Shattering Divine Finger!"

As Xia Hou gave a low roar, the beam of starry light had already shot across the air, ferociously smashing against the gigantic glowing imprint descending from the top.


At the instant of the collision, a huge thunderous sound resounded as the two gigantic forces smashed into each out, causing a massive shock wave to sweep out.

Looking towards the frightening shock wave sweeping out, Mu Chen's body sparkled with lightning light as he brought forth the might of his Lightning God's Physique to its limits. Rays of lightning wandered about his body, smoothing along his muscles while bringing forth powerful strength. Tightly clenching his fists, any shock wave impacting his body would cause explosions of lightning brilliance to erupt. While his body shook, he retreated a hundred-plus steps back in haste.

Before him, Xia Hou had waved his hands up, with boundless Spiritual Energy being transformed into a gigantic barrier before him. However, the hastily formed Spiritual Energy barrier was similarly unable to completely defend against the frightening shock wave that was sweeping out. Therefore, it was quickly destroyed, causing Xia Hou to stagger and stumble as he was shot backwards.

Even while unleashing their full might, none of the two were able to obtain an absolute advantage over the other.

Within the giant hall, Tang Mei'er, Zhou Xuan and the others stared at the exchange between the two without ever blinking once, since they could not help having waves of palpitations surface in their hearts. This was the first time that they had seen Mu Chen unleash his complete might. Such astonishing combat prowess coming from Mu Chen caused them to be hard-pressed to stay calm and quiet. Xia Hou had pass his Spiritual Energy Disaster! However, even though that was the case, he was actually unable to obstruct or suppress the Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase Mu Chen.

"This fellow truly possesses some ability." Looking towards the two figures, a shade of darkness flashed within Zhen Qing's eyes. Clearly, the situation before his eyes had slightly exceeded his expectations. In his original expectations, even if Mu Chen was able to fight with Xia Hou awhile, he would be at a disadvantage, at the very least. However, from the looks of the situation before his eyes, it was clear that it was not the same as his predicted outcome.

"Captain, that brat's fleshly body is extremely tyrannical. I'm afraid that we've no one that can match up to him. It's precisely because of this that he is able to fight against Xia Hou." A person whispered from behind Zhen Qing's back.

"Captain, shouldn't we do something about this? In the off-chance that Xia Hou loses…" said the person quietly, his voice brimming within chilling intent.

A faint light flashed in Zhen Qing's eyes as he shot a look at Luo Li, who was present not far from him. At this moment, the latter's jade-like hands were still grasping that Divine Sword that caused incomparable dread within him. The incomparably swift and fierce sword intent from it was slightly radiating out. Although it wasn't strong or intense, Zhen Qing was able to see dense and numerous pathways sliced up by those sword intent present in the space surrounding Luo Li's body.

That Divine Sword was exceedingly formidable.

"Don't be impatient. Let's wait a while longer. Although that brat's fleshly body is tyrannical, it will simply not be enough to just rely on it to win against Xia Hou." Slightly shaking his head, a chilling smile curled up at the corner of Zhen Qing's mouth as he replied, "Furthermore. At this moment, all we have to do is wait for a while longer, before I let them know what they mean by true despair."

At this moment, all of the gazes in the giant hall had converged in the air as Mu Chen raised his head to look at Xia Hou before him. Now, some shades of darkness was present on the latter's face. Thinking about the combat prowess he had displayed during this fight, the heart of the latter would not calm down and was disturbed.

"Looks like the Spiritual Energy Disaster isn't as invincible as you think."

Mu Chen said as he gave a faint smile. Faintly dropping his eyes down, he gave a clench of his hand, and the Devouring Demonic Dragon Spear appeared in his hand in a flash. Ominous aura that blotted the skies swept out, causing the air within the giant hall to turn much darker and cool. With a flick of his finger, the Devouring Demonic Dragon Spear howled out. As the ominous aura shot out, the spear transformed into an incomparably gigantic demonic dragon, hovering in the air while radiating with an astonishingly ominous aura.

The Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear was an Absolute Grade Spiritual Weapon. While it was in the hands of Mo Xingtian, the latter had relied on it to temporarily seal and obstruct the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. Therefore, the Devouring Demonic Dragon Spear similarly possessed exceedingly powerful might in combat.


Pointing with his finger, the Demonic Dragon gave a roar, before transforming into a ray of demonic light, and hurtled towards Xia Hou.

Giving a dark look at the demonic dragon explosively shooting towards him, suddenly, dazzling rays of brilliance erupted from his white jade-like hands. If one took a closer look, one would see what appeared to be a gauze made of starry light separating itself from his hands. Transforming into two stars like clumps of brilliance, rays of starry light fiercely radiating amongst it's chilling appearance.


Seeing this, Mu Chen's eyes instantly narrowed slightly as he said, "So the reason why your hands are that formidable is due to that thing…"

That gauze-like item that radiated with starry light was clearly a unique Spiritual Weapon. From the looks of the fluctuations radiating from it, they might have quite a high grade. That's the reason why Mu Chen was able to feel a dull ache coming from his palm from the previous head-on attack.


The two stars shot out and collided with the demonic dragon, instantly causing astonishing Spiritual Energy fluctuations to erupt.

Xia Hou strode into the air, disregarding the frightening fluctuations radiating from the space above him as he stared towards Mu Chen with an exceedingly chilling gaze. Slowly clenching his fists tightly, a hoarse voice containing unconcealable killing intent gushed from him. "Next up, I'll let you see with your own eyes exactly how great the disparity you have compared to a Spiritual Energy Disaster expert!"

"In the face of absolute strength of Spiritual Energy, your puny fleshly body will be unable to put up any resistance at all!"

Xia Hou's eyes turned bloodshot as he took a step forward, causing waves of fluctuations to seemingly ripple in the empty space. In the next instant, his hands formed a strange hand seal, while frightening Spiritual Energy fluctuations that caused Mu Chen's face to slightly change erupted from the region akin to a volcano!

As the frightening Spiritual Energy erupted, Xia Hou's chilling voice rang out, one word at a time.

"Star Descent Art!"

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