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Chapter 471 - Rescue

Mu Chen and his team brushed through the Dark Origin Forest. They were already approaching the depths of the forest. Along the way, they had suffered the attacks of dozens of Demonic Trees. However, though it was hard to guard against the attacks of those Demonic Trees, the instant they had preparations against it, it was no longer frightening. As for the fearsome poison mist, it became the least threatening of all, with Mu Chen's existence.

Therefore, while they were hastening the journey, it appeared easy for them.

"Looks like we're going to break through this forest." As figures brushed through, Luo Li suddenly raised her eyes and looked up ahead. In the depths of the darkness, there seemed to be faint beams of sunlight.

Xu Huang and the rest instantly felt relieved. Danger lurked in this forest and the pressure made them unable to breathe. They were constantly afraid that the instant they loosened up, there would be a poisonous spike that would sneak up on them.

Mu Chen smacked his lips in regret. Along their way, he had sucked up dozens of poisonous mist. The poison in his fingers was more rampant compared to before. Naturally, their main objective right now was to look for the ruins to enhance the strength of his entire team. Although these side door methods could briefly enhance his strength, he couldn't genuinely rely on it. Thus, even though Mu Chen felt a little pity, he did not continue to remain specifically to suck the poisonous mist.


Just when Mu Chen felt pity, his expression abruptly changed. He shifted his gaze towards the depths of the forest, towards his right as he felt powerful Spiritual Energy ripples in that direction. From the looks of it, it should be another team that had run into trouble.

Luo Li also discovered that commotion and shifted her glance towards Mu Chen.

"Forget it, let's not bother ourselves with it." Mu Chen shook his head after a brief consideration. In the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, a majority of the teams were their competitors. Therefore, they did not have the leisure to help others.

Luo Li and the rest nodded their heads in agreement.


However, just when Mu Chen was about to lead his team to leave, another set of powerful ripples of Spiritual Energy exploded. This Spiritual Energy left Mu Chen startled, "Xia Hou of the Saint Spiritual Academy? They are laying their hands on the other teams?"

"The ripples of Spiritual Energy earlier on were pretty powerful. It could be Tang Mei'er of the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy or Zhou Yuan of the Martial Spiritual Academy…" Luo Li considered and exclaimed, "Xia Hou actually chose them as his prey?"

Mu Chen frowned his brows. Although Tang Mei'er and Zhou Yuan's team were slightly weaker in comparable to Xia Hou, they weren't such easy targets. If a full-blown battle was to breakout amongst them, even if Xia Hou and his team could digest it, they would also pay a price. It was unwise to pay such a price at this timing. Unless… Xia Hou and his team could easily take down Tang Mei'er and the rest…

"Shall we take a look?" Luo Li shifted her gaze over to Mu Chen.

Mu Chen's eyes flickered and he nodded his head, "It's sooner or later that Xia Hou will set us as his target. An enemy's enemy is our friend. Furthermore, the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy and the Martial Spiritual Academy are not our enemies, or at least we have not reached that step. If we lend them a hand, they would owe us a favour. Not a bad thing for us."

Furthermore… if it was Tang Mei'er, with her relationship with Tang Qian'er, there's no way he could stand watch with folded arms. Except, he could only think about this thought in his heart…

Mu Chen sneaked a glance towards Luo Li. The latter smiled and looked at him and calmly nodded her head. "Since you have made your decision, then let's go."

Looking at her, who seemed to be unaware of Mu Chen's thoughts, Mu Chen felt a little guilty in his head. On the spot, he could only dryly smile and move. He shifted his direction and rapidly flew towards the direction of the Spiritual Energy ripples.


In that Forest of Darkness, violent Spiritual Energy ripples fluctuated to the point that the surrounding demonic trees were shaking from the energy. Cracks also started to appear on the tree bark.


In the center of all that rampant Spiritual Energy, two figures were like lightning as they clashed. Following after was the wind from their palms as fearsome Spiritual Energy ripples spread out. In the ground below, cracks spreaded as a huge ravine spread towards the distance.

In that frightening bombardment, one of the figures trembled, while the other slender figure flew out along with a mouthful of blood spurting from her mouth.


Behind her, four figures flew over and supported her as they yelled.

"Haha, Captain Tang Mei'er seems like your luck is not that good. As a matter of fact, I did not intend to clash with your team. However, who could have foreseen that you gave us such a good chance?" Up in front of her, a figure slowly descend with a faint smile. It was the Captain of Saint Spiritual Academy, Xia Hou.

Behind him, four of his teammates flew over and fixed their eyes on the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy's team.

Tang Mei'er wiped the blood off the corner of her mouth. That face of hers that had always been full of smiles were frost-cold at this moment. In her peach blossom-like slender eyes, there was no longer any of the sweetness and charm that she used to have. It was replaced with chill as she looked at Xia Hou, "Captain Xia Hou, you're truly born in the year of the dogs, your time of seizing an opportunity is really good."

"It was just fluke." Xia Hou wasn't bothered by Tang Mei'er's mockery as he lightly smiled. He looked at the five girls, all of them had a trace of a black aura from the center of their brows. That was caused by poison. Clearly, they had been poisoned.

If it was normal times, Xia Hou would naturally not move his thoughts to Tang Mei'er. However, who could have expected that when they found Tang Mei'er and her team, they were already poisoned… Except that he was not aware of the poison that infected Tang Mei'er and her team. Although the situation was dangerous here, it wasn't sufficient to force them into such a state. However, suspicions still remained as suspicions. Such a great opportunity, Xia Hou would definitely not let it go.

Outside the forest, Xia Hou had originally thought that Tang Mei'er had formed an alliance with Mu Chen and Zhou Yuan, who suppressed their Saint Spiritual Academy. Back then, he was afraid that the three team would join hands and counter them and hence, he endured. Thus, when he saw that Tang Mei'er and her team was weakened, he naturally would not hesitate to target them.

"Captain Tang Mei'er, hand over your Academy Plaque to us." Xia Hou lightly smiled as he extended his hand out, "Although it doesn't seem too good to lay hands on girls, I believe you can understand our standpoint."

Chill flickered in Tang Mei'er's eyes as she tightly clenched her teeth and stared at Xia Hou with hatred. However, she was a decisive person and knew that they would not be his opponent. If they were to force their way through, it would only cause the poison in their body to breakout. If that happened, the consequences would be disastrous.

"Fine, I will remember this today, Xia Hou. I will settle it with you in the future!"

Tang Mei'er gave a grasp of her hand and the jade plaque appeared in her hand with a flicker and threw it towards Xia Hou.

Xia Hou smiled with his eyes narrowed and extended his hands out to receive the Academy Plaque. However, just when he extended his hands out, a suction burst out and the Academy Plaque flew past Xia Hou and his team.

Xia Hou's expression changed as his eyes were filled with shock, "Who?!"

"Haha, I never expected that I could pick up an Academy Plaque with so many points." A laughter rang out from the Dark Origin Forest behind him as dozens of figures flew out and landed on the empty space. It was Mu Chen and his team and in his hand, he was holding onto an Academy Plaque. Looking at the high points on the Academy Plaque with over two thousand points in it, he couldn't help laughing.

"Mu Chen!"

When Xia Hou saw Mu Chen's figure, his expression instantly turned cold, whereas the eyes of Tang Mei'er and her team lit up. Joy surfaced on their expression.

"Hand the Academy Plaque over!" Xia Hou extended his hand out towards Mu Chen and said coldly.

Mu Chen lightly smiled. He did not go on with any chatter, but with a grasp of his hand, a black spear appeared. Behind him, Luo Li, Xu Huang and the rest of his team fluctuated with Spiritual Energy in their surroundings as they made preparations to fight.

"Captain Xia Hou, if you wish to fight with us here, we'll be more than glad to do so." Mu Chen smiled.

"You're seeking death!" Behind Xia Hou, his four other teammates barked with fury.

Mu Chen did not bother about them as his line-of-sight only remained on Xia Hou. The latter tightly clenched his fist as killing intent gathered in his eyes. However, after a brief thought, he inhaled a mouthful of air and eerily said, "What great courage Captain Mu Chen possesses. The Academy Plaque will belong to you, but believe me, next time, I will let you spit out everything along with interest."

Although he wanted to kill Mu Chen with a palm of his, it was not a good time to fight at the moment. They had to save up their energy to search in the ruins, since there would eventually be a huge fight.

"I gladly welcome you." Mu Chen nodded his head with a smile.

"Let's go!"

Xia Hou's expression was cold as he waved his hand, turned around and left. His four other teammates slightly hesitated, before following up with their teeth clenched.

As Xia Hou and his team decisively left, Xu Huang and the rest also felt relieved. Mu Chen grasped the Academy Plaque as his line-of-sight shifted towards Tang Mei'er. The latter coldly glanced at the figure of Xia Hou's team as they left, before looking up and smiled towards Mu Chen, "Thanks, you can take half of the points on the Academy Plaque as our gratitude."

Mu Chen fiddled with the plaque before shaking his head. He made a flick with his fingers and the Academy Plaque turned into a streak of light as it flew towards the Tang Mei'er's startled team.

"If I require it, I will take it from you guys after you have all recovered." Mu Chen smiled.

Tang Mei'er and her team exchanged glances. The four other charming girls looked at that charming, slender youth with a long spear in his hands as their eyes lit up.

"Hehe, then we'll owe you guys a favor."

Tang Mei'er was not an indecisive person. She only hesitated for a brief moment, before receiving her Academy Plaque with a smile. A charming look, once again, flickered in her eyes as she looked at Mu Chen. "Seems like the eyesight of my little sister is pretty good, to the point that even I, the big sister, am a little attracted by you as well."

When Mu Chen heard her words, his smile stiffened as he could sense the girl beside him was lightly touching her Luo God Sword… 

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