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Chapter 472 - Collaborate


Sensing the glittering gazes shooting over from the young girl beside him, Mu Chen instantly gave a dry cough, not daring to continue replying those questions coming from the audacious and fiery Tang Mei'er that would lead to him burning himself. In the next instant, he gave a smile and said, "Captain Mei'er, are you all alright?"

Giving a helpless pucker of her lips, Tang Mei'er replied, "Due to us being poisoned, we've been targeted by Xia Hou."


Hearing that, Mu Chen gawked, before starting to wrinkle his brows. Although those demonic trees in the dark forest were exceedingly thorny, they shouldn't be able to force Tang Mei'er and her group to such a point, right?

"We were ambushed by a mysterious group," replied Tang Mei'er while clenching her teeth. Shadows of seriousness surfaced within her beautiful eyes as she continued saying, "The methods that group employed were rather strange and weird, making it appear as if they are able to control the demonic trees in the forest. We had no time to deal with them, and were caught in their move. Although we managed to force them away at the end, we expended a lot by doing so."

Hearing her reply, Mu Chen was slightly shocked. Exchanging looks with Luo Li, he could also see the shock on her face. There is actually such a formidable group hiding in there? Furthermore, it should not be any group from the five Great Academies… Indeed, there were crouching tigers and hidden dragons in this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. From the looks of it, one could never be too relaxed and complacent in here.

Although the five Great Academies were considered to be at the pinnacle of the myriad of Spiritual Academies out there, in this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, there were some Spiritual Academies that had some hidden connections to a few powerful clans. They had sent a few of the geniuses of their clans into those Spiritual Academies to obtain special statuses and treatment, before letting those genius figures represent the Spiritual Academies in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. Groups with them in it would be extremely strong and powerful, and might even be able to contend against the groups sent out by the Saint Spiritual Academy.

Furthermore, due to the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament this time being especially massive, there would be even more crouching tigers and hidden dragons as compared with the past few times, resulting in an even more thorny situation.

Seeing as it is, this mysterious group that had ambushed Tang Mei'er's group would most likely be classified as one of them… From the looks of it, they had to be more cautious and vigilant; if not, they might be meet with unexpected disasters. At that time, it would truly be too late for regrets.

Mu Chen walked towards Tang Mei'er and her group. Indeed, there's a sliver of black aura present on their foreheads. That poisonous aura gave off familiar fluctuations, precisely being of the poisonous smoke they had encountered earlier while within the Dark Origin Forest. This poison had a corrosive effect towards Spiritual Energy, and upon contact with flesh, it would proceed to devour it like prey. Nevertheless, from the looks of it, it seemed that the poison within the bodies of Tang Mei'er and her group wasn't particularly serious. If not, it would already be hard for them to preserve on.

"Are you alright?" asked Mu Chen.

"Not too great. This poison's very sinister, and is continuously corroding away at our Spiritual Energy; therefore, it requires us to constantly use our Spiritual Energy to suppress it. If not, once it erupts…" replied Tang Mei'er helplessly. The corrosive poison in her body was clearly an extreme headache for her. Due to them being unable to clear out this poison, they were unable to muster their complete strength in combat, something that wasn't good news in this journey to the remnant.  

After pondering deeply awhile, Mu Chen said, "Can I try helping you dispel the poison?"

Hearing his words, Tang Mei'er and the other four elegant and beautiful-looking girls of her group instantly gawked. All of them were very clear of how thorny this poison was. Normal methods were completely unable to dispel it… 

Seeing their reactions, Mu Chen laughed out. Extending his hand towards them, he said, "Although I don't know exactly if it is possible, is there be no harm in trying?"

A sweet smile appeared on Tang Mei'er's face as she extended her slender, jade-like hand. Placing it within Mu Chen's palm, she replied with an alluring smile. "Then I have to give great thanks to Captain Mu Chen. If you're able to help us dispel this poison, we can't thank you enough for this grace."

Mu Chen felt awkward within his heart by the words said by Tang Mei'er. Nevertheless, not one bit of it was shown on his face. Clenching Tang Mei'er's slender hand, his poison finger descended right into her palm.

After being grabbed by Mu Chen's hand, Tang Mei'er still had a grinning look on her face. Nevertheless, as the warmth from his hand started to radiate from him, her heart beat started to increase. At this moment, a shade of pink started to unknowingly appear on her beautiful face, causing her to give off an exceedingly alluring appearance.

Mu Chen gave a gentle tap with his finger, as a suction force erupted out. In the next moment, the sliver of black aura present on Tang Mei'er's forehead instantly fluctuated. Flowing through her meridians into her palm, it transformed into a ray of black light, drilling straight into the poison finger of Mu Chen.


Upon seeing this, Tang Mei'er's beautiful face instantly changed furiously. Hastily grabbed onto Mu Chen's hand, she urgently spoke out, "You stupid idiot, why are you sucking the poison aura into your body?!"  


Feeling slightly embarrassed, Mu Chen shot a sneaky glance at Luo Li beside him. At this moment, the young girl had her hands crossed before her chest, appearing to have not seen anything.

"It's nothing. My body's somewhat unique, and this poison isn't able to do any harm to me," explained Mu Chen in a beat.

Only after his explanation did Tang Mei'er breathe, while an extra shadow of gentleness and a smile was present in her gaze towards Mu Chen.

"So, which of you first?" said Mu Chen with a smile as he looked towards the other four pretty and beautiful girls. 


Four slender, snow-white hands immediately stretched out towards him, before shades of pink instantly appeared of the faces of the four beautiful girls. Nevertheless, their beautiful eyes looked daringly towards Mu Chen, causing his heart to tremble.  The girls from the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy appear to not be too good at being provoked… 

The process of dispelling the poison in them continued on smoothly, with only jealous gazes shooting out from Xu Huang, Lin Zhou and the other fellows behind Mu Chen's back, taking in Mu Chen touching the hands of each and every one of the beautiful girls. Furthermore, after having the poison in their bodies dispelled, those girls proceeded to stare at Mu Chen with their eyes wide open, with even watery ripples present in their eyes. Clearly, they had somewhat of a favorable impression of Mu Chen.

After the poison in their bodies was dispelled, Tang Mei'er and her group rapidly closed their eyes and adjusted their breathing to recover their Spiritual Energy.

Only upon seeing this did Mu Chen quietly take a breath of relief. Standing up, he gave a vicious glare towards Xu Huang and the others standing behind him.

"Looks like you're very popular among the girls, huh?" said Luo Li as her finger rested and gently tapped on her Luo Shen sword, her glazed-like eyes staring straight towards Mu Chen.

With a cheeky grin, Mu Chen walked beside her and said with a happy smile, "Are you jealous?"

He was clearly extremely happy to see the usually quiet and reserved Luo Li show such an alluring little girl tantrum due to him.

Being clear about his carefulness, Luo Li could only roll her eyes towards him, turning her little face away to show her ignorance of him.

Shamelessly extending his hand out, Mu Chen held Luo Li's hand within his, feeling the delicate and silky sensation on his skin. Only after doing so did he shake his head and speak out in a low voice. "My little Luo Li's still the most beautiful."

Luo Li's beautiful face turned a slight shade of pink as she shot an embarrassed glare at him. Nevertheless, she didn't pull her hand away in the end.

Having the poison dispelled from their bodies, Tang Mei'er and her group were able to recover very quickly, with rich and powerful Spiritual Energies radiating once more out from their bodies.

"Mu Chen, do you want to group up with us awhile?" With her strength having completely recovered, Tang Mei'er gave a sweet smile as she spoke out. At this moment, a chilling and vengeful shadow started to condense within her eyes.

"Hmm?" Mu Chen gawked.

"Let's collaborate. If we bump into Xia Hou and his group while in the ruins, we'll work together to deal with them. I'm alright with giving all of their points to you," said Tang Mei'er, whose beautiful eyes were now brimming with chilling intent. "There's also that mysterious group that had ambushed us. They should appear at the very end. Therefore, if we collaborate, we should be able to guard against them. I think that at that time, you should need a group with the strength like us as partners."

Mu Chen was somewhat shocked by her suggestion. He never imagined that Tang Mei'er would be so resentful over this matter to the point of actually wanting to collaborate with him. Furthermore, she didn't even want the points if they were to obtain them. This showed that she had wholeheartedly wanted to help deal with Xia Hou and his group. Indeed, her group would be of a great help. If they were to bump into Xia Hou and his group in their exploration of the ruins, he would truly be able to take action without any scruples.

Indeed, one could never take provoking women as something light. Once they get enraged, there would be no rationale in their retaliation.


Mu Chen gave his response after a slight pause of pondering, not wanting to be wishy-washy about this. With the support of a strong group like Tang Mei'er's, there would be sufficient rise to his confidence. After all, in their group, they had to mainly rely on him and Luo Li to shoulder any offensive launched towards them. If they were to start a fight with Xia Hou's group, Xu Huang and the other two would not be able to provide much help, and would in fact somewhat drag the group down.

This was the greatest reason why he had not recklessly gone up and taken action towards Xia Hou and his group.

"Looks like Captain Tang Mei'er's sending us a big gift," said Mu Chen with a smile.

"Proper behavior is based on reciprocity," said Tang Mei'er with a smile. "If it's alright with you, you can just call me Elder Sister Mei'er."

"That's good, Elder Sister Mei'er. Let us collaborate from here," replied Mu Chen without any embarrassment. In the whole scale of things, being able to establish good relations with a group with such strength was, in all, a good thing. Although no one knew how long this collaboration would last, at the very least, they were able to collaborate for now.

"Since everyone has already rested, let us make our move. It seems that we're at the ends of this forest." Waving his hand, Mu Chen spoke out to the group before him.


Hearing that, everyone nodded their heads, with Xu Huang and the others feeling slightly pumped. With a few sudden additions of such formidable collaborators joining their team, this had undoubtedly caused their team's strength to drastically increase. If they were to bump into Xia Hou's group now, they would truly be able to take action…

"Let's go!"

With a smile, Mu Chen gave a tap of his feet, taking the lead and shot forward, with a dozen figures following closely from behind.

As the figures shot past the shadows, Mu Chen looked towards the radiance growing increasingly brighter from the distance. A smile akin to a hunter that had started his hunt started to curl up from the corner of his mouth. Saint Spiritual Academy… I won't be polite and take down the first of your groups!

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