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Chapter 458 – Old Competitor

Although this shattered continent appeared to be in a fragmented state, its surface area was still indescribably vast and boundless. Only after they had started on their journey towards the direction of the Desolation Spiritual Academy indicated by the Academy Plaque was Mu Chen and his group able to precisely experience this fact.

After journeying for an entire day, the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy had yet to appear within the range of their spiritual senses, something which caused Mu Chen to turn somewhat speechless. From the looks of it, this shattered Continent might not be smaller than the Northern Heavens Continent. Furthermore, its was said that this was just a fragment of the entire Shattered Continent. God-knows exactly how vast and boundless the complete Shattered Continent was in the Ancient Antiquity.

Indeed, it truly lived up to its name as one of the largest continents of the ancient Great Thousand Worlds.

While spending the entire day journeying, Mu Chen’s group had bumped into quite a few groups along the way. Those groups from the various Great Spiritual Academies that have come here had all been completely dispersed throughout this continent, rushing forth on this fragment like swarms of locusts. As they attempted to snatch the points of other groups in a crazed fashion, extremely intense battles erupted all over the continent.

Just the number of life-and-death fights Mu Chen’s group had seen on their journey had already reached the low hundreds, an extremely large number. Along the way, they had similarly bumped into groups that had tried to target them. Towards these groups that had served themselves to his doorsteps, Mu Chen seemed to be all too welcome about it. In their journey, dozens of groups suffered defeat in their hands, allowing Mu Chen’s group to gain over 300 more points, bringing their total point count close to 800

However, 800 points was still a considerable distance away from the Top 16. That’s because, in the short span of a day, the total amount of points held by the Top 16 had increased at an astonishing rate.

The first place was still held by the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy’s group led by Wen Qingxuan, with them unexpectedly having 3300 points. As for the 16th place, it had also risen to 1500 points.

At the same time, just as what Mu Chen had said, within the short span of a day, the Top 16 continued to shift and change. Some of the groups that had initially revealed themselves in the rankings were quickly cleansed one after another by even stronger groups. Clearly, those groups that were genuinely strong and power had started to gradually flex their muscles.

As for the Desolation Spiritual Academy group targeted by Mu Chen, they had miraculously managed to stick on resiliently in the Top 16, with the only change being their drop from 9th to 11th place. Nevertheless, they had not fallen out of the Top 16 within this day.

Seeing this, Mu Chen felt slightly shocked and astonished. From the looks of it, it seemed that he had truly underestimated this group that came from the Desolation Spiritual Academy. Under the assaults from strong and powerful groups from time after time again, they were still able to maintain such a rank in the Top 16. Clearly, they genuinely possessed some skill and ability.

Nevertheless, it was all good for Mu Chen’s group. If all of a sudden, the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy had dropped out of the Top 16, their day’s worth of pursuit would have become all for naught.


Numerous rays of light shot across the horizon.

“Mu Chen, we’ve found the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy!” As he hurriedly shot across the skies, suddenly, Xu Huang’s pleasantly surprised voice rang out. Hearing that, Mu Chen brought his Academy Plaque out. Indeed, after noticing the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy, a change unexpectedly happened on the approximate direction originally shown on it, changing into a definitive and precise location.

North West, 300 kilometres.

“We’ve finally found them.”

Seeing this, a faint smile appeared on Mu Chen’s face, before abruptly increasing his speed rapidly with the wave of his sleeve.

“Increase speed and get ready.”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Five rays of light drastically increased their speed, shooting across the horizon like stars chasing after the moon.

After tens of minutes later, Mu Chen’s group gradually reduced their speed, while Spiritual Energy gushed out from their entire bodies, their gazes turning into ones of caution and vigilance. A group ranked in the Top 16 was just like a magnet. They believed that the people eyeing this group would absolutely not be them alone. Therefore, they naturally had to be more careful as they approached. If not, just a slight gap of their vigilance would result in the hunter turning into the hunted. Such a reversal in roles would truthfully be too much of a joke to make.

“There’s quite a few groups present in this region.” Luo Li brought a whiff of fragrance as she came close to Mu Chen. As her beautiful eyes swept across this stretch of the world, she spoke out in a soft voice. “Something’s a little amiss. The number of people rushing towards this group seems to be somewhat too many.”

A faint wrinkle appeared on Mu Chen’s forehead as he nodded his head. He had similarly sensed those vague and obscured Spiritual Energy fluctuations, of which there were a considerable number of them. Clearly, those people had the same goal as Mu Chen, which caused some suspicion to grow in him. Why would the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy be that popular?


Just as Mu Chen was deep in thought, suddenly, astonishing Spiritual Energy fluctuations erupted from the depths of the stretch of towering mountains before them. There seemed to be people fighting over there.

Crossing gazes with Luo Li, Mu Chen immediately shot over. In a matter of minutes, they arrived within the mountain depths. As they appeared within the mountainous depths and swept their gazes out, they felt slightly shocked as numerous groups were currently engaged in battle in the air, which was the source for those astonishing Spiritual Energy fluctuations.

“That’s the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy! They’ve actually been encircled? We’re too late!” exclaimed Xu Huang.

Narrowing his eyes, Mu Chen looked over, only to see that there were actually five groups present in the air, However, four of the groups seemed to be attacking towards the same target, collaborating to encircle the group within the centre. As for the group being encircled, it was precisely the target of Mu Chen’s group, the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy.

At this moment, the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy appeared exceedingly miserable.The four groups that had surrounded them were extremely strong, with every single group possessing strength that wasn’t weaker to them. With the four of them collaborating together, it seemed as if the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy was suppressed to the point of being unable to offer an ounce of resistance.

Furthermore, what shocked Mu Chen’s group the most was the actual presence of over a hundred groups standing in the skies above the surrounding mountains and cliffs, locking their sights towards the fight happening in the skies. Precisely speaking, they should be staring covetously at the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy. However, due to the four teams encircling the one from the Desolation Spiritual Academy, they didn’t dare to be too reckless in taking action.

This entire scene appeared somewhat strange and weird.

“Oh? One of the group’s actually from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy!” Zhao Qingshan suddenly exclaimed.

Hearing his words, both Mu Chen and Luo Li gawked as they turned their sights over. Indeed, they discovered that there was one group within the four that was dressed in the academy uniform of the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy. This group clearly came from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy, one of the five Great Academies. However, upon setting his sights on one of the figures within the group, the expression present of Mu Chen’s face instantly changed.

The group from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy was clearly the strongest within the five groups fighting it out in the sky. Despite that, however, they did not truly take action, only appearing to stay in an enforcing state, completely sealing off the escape route of the Desolation Spiritual Academy. Within their ranks, all of them had faces filled with ridiculement, having looks as if they were cats that were playing around with mice.

“That’s why those groups only dared to observe from afar, not daring to take action. So the people from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy are here,” said Mu Fengyang as he wrinkled his forehead. “These damnable fellows actually dare to snatch our prey. We’ve been staring at this group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy for an entire day already.”

“Mu Chen?”

Looking at Mu Chen, Xu Huang instantly gawked, as he noticed that the former’s expression had unexpectedly started to slowly turn dark, while a chilling shadow gushed out from within his black pupils. Beside him, Luo Li’s beautiful face had also turned slightly frosty as her jade-like hand slowly clenched her longsword tightly.

“What’s the matter?” asked Xu Huang and the other two in doubt, not knowing why Mu Chen and Luo Li would flip their faces out of the blue.

“Haha. We’ve bumped into an old acquaintance from the Spiritual Road,” replied Mu Chen with a faint smile, yet was one that was perfused with dense chilling intent.

“Qiu Beihai. I never imagined that that fellow had actually entered the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy…” A sliver of chilling intent flashed within Luo Li’s beautiful eyes as she softly spoke out. “Within the Spiritual Road, he was the capable aide of Ji Xuan. When you were kicked out of the Spiritual Road, he brought along some people to surround me, which resulted in me cutting of a few fingers of his. In the end, he had also reached the final point of the Spiritual Road, and was given the title of Sea King… however, at the final point, I was busy dealing with Ji Xuan, so I had ignored him. However, this person truly possesses some capable points.”

Hearing her words, the chilling intent in Mu Chen’s eyes grew even more pronounced as he said, “There’s nothing to worry about. Look’s like we’re bound by quite some fate, being able to bump into him here.”

Xu Huang and the other two looked at each other. From what they could hear, it seemed as if Mu Chen and Luo Li had some past grievances with a fellow from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy. They quietly asked, “Exactly, who are we dealing with? The Desolation Spiritual Academy or the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy?”

Although the group from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy seemed to be more thorny that the Desolation Spiritual Academy, Mu Chen was their Captain. As long as he decided to deal with whomever, they would naturally have no qualms to pull out their knives and head towards their target.

“Xu Huang, go take a look and find out exactly what is going on.”

Mu Chen spoke out in a soft voice. The situation before them seemed somewhat strange and weird, There were so many groups that had rushed over for the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy. Even the group from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy had come over.

Nodding his head, Xu Huan instantly rushed out, rapidly returning after ten-plus minutes. As shock and astonishment surfaced within his eyes, he spoke out, “This Desolation Spiritual Academy seems to have obtain some information about the relics from the Ancient Antiquity… these fellows have all come here due to that information.”

“Information about the relics from the Ancient Antiquity?”

Mu Chen gawked upon hearing that, before his expression turned strange. This Desolation Spiritual Academy couldn’t have such good luck, right? They were actually able to obtain such an opportunity. Having arrived in this place not too long ago and being able to obtain such important information. No wonder why they would attract so many wolves to them.

“What should we do?” Zhao Qingshan and the other two were eager to take action. Regardless of the abundant points that the Desolation Spiritual Academy had or the information in their hands, both had already garnered their interest.

Faintly narrowing his eyes, Mu Chen gave a stare at those few figures in the sky. Waving his hand, he replied with a cold smirk, “Let’s go.”

With a move of his body, he instantly shot across the sky, with Luo Li, Xu Huang and the other two in hot pursuit.


Without any kind of obstruction, Mu Chen had rushed straight towards the combat zone. Upon their appearance in the skies, they instantly attracted the attention of everyone present, before cries of exclamation rang out.

“Is that the group from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?”

“Dammit! Those fellows had also come over for the information?”

“This makes it even harder to get it now!”

Due to the appearance of Mu Chen and his group, the intense fights taking place in the combat zone in the sky started to slow down, as the faces of the group from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy started to sink down.

“Captain, that group’s unexpectedly from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. What should we do?”

“Do you want to deal with them? The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy has been declining increasingly over the past few years. If they dare to take action, dispose of them!” Looking towards a youth within their ranks, the few youths from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy group started a lively discussion about what to do.

The face of the youth they had spoken to turned somewhat dark, while wrinkles started to appear on his forehead. Looking towards the group that was getting increasingly closer to them, he swept a sharp gaze over. However, in the next instant, the expression on his face abruptly contorted as dumbfound shock flashed within his eyes, before he exclaimed out, “Mu Chen? Luo Li?”

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