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Chapter 457 – Choosing Target

On this giant cliff, rays of brilliance had also erupted from the Academy Plaques of all the groups. After checking those places that had appeared on them, exclamations of astonishment rang out one after another, as the faces of quite a few people were filled with bitter smiles. This was the disparity, huh? Originally, they had tried hard to break a hundred points. However, as of now, the 1st place already had over 2000 points…

That’s too frightening. All of them truly didn’t know exactly where those ferocious people came from.

“Exactly how did those lunatics do that?!” Mu Fengyang exclaimed, feeling inconceivable as he waved the Academy Plaque in his hand. Originally, he had assumed that the points they had obtained were already high enough. However, the result was that they unexpectedly weren’t even able to enter the Top 16 places.

A faint wrinkle appeared on Luo Li’s brows as she said, “Those groups might have completely cleansed those groups that had landed in the same region as them… Furthermore, they did not let any points go through any middlemen.”

Mu Chen gave a slight nod. According to the rules, when two parties cross hands, the loser would have to foot out half of his points on his Academy Plaque. Similarly, those fellows that Mu Chen had defeated and intimidated had already done a bout of cleansing on those weak groups. Therefore, even after Mu Chen had cleansed them of their points, he could only obtain half of the amount. Henceforth, the points in the hands of those fellow were in fact higher than his collected points.

On this point, the points in Mu Chen’s hands had also suffered a loss. After all, the points he had obtained had undergone a transfer from a middleman.

“If I’d known earlier, I’d have personally took action to do the cleansing, one by one.” said Zhao Qingshan as he rubbed his chin. “Nevertheless, even if we do so, we might’ve only barely been able to enter the Top 16. That group from the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy that’s in 1st place, exactly how did they get over 2500 points? Exactly where did those points come from?”

Both Xu Huang and Mu Fengyang nodded their heads, having the same deep feelings. That number of points truly was too disgusting.

“That’s very simple. Just seize the moment to defeat those groups that were transmitted in before they could disperse away. The only thing they need is to conduct more cleansings, that’s all,” replied Luo Li with a faint smile.

Hearing her reply, Xu Huang opened his mouth wide, unable to speak for a moment. Within the short span of time, taking a tyrannical stance and cleansing multiple transmission sites. Exactly how much strength would one need to possess? After all, the groups that were able to participate in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament would absolutely be the best elites of each Spiritual Academy. There’s always bound to be some thorny groups at each transmission descent point; of which, there would be experts that would have even passed their Fleshly Body Tribulation. However, despite that, the group from the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy was still able to sweep across every group without the slightest bit of care. Clearly, this group possessed considerable strength and power.

“Wen Qingxuan…”

Looking at the name high up in 1st place, shock and astonishment had similarly appeared in Mu Chen’s heart. This girl should be the person that had obtained the championship of the Spiritual Road. One truly had to say that she truly was extremely formidable. Even Ji Xuan wasn’t able to surpass her.

“Formidable. I really want to meet with this Spiritual Road Champion to see exactly what kind of divine being she is,” said Mu Chen as he shook his head. Due to him being kicked out of the Spiritual Road midway, he had yet to see this girl that was able to obtain the Spiritual Crown at the very end. Clearly, he was somewhat curious about the owner of the Spiritual Crown.

“You really want to meet her? I’ve seen her once before. Indeed, she’s extremely pretty, ” said Luo Li with a sweet smile.

Hearing her words, Mu Chen gave a dry cough. He could sense an ambiguous feeling from the faintly discerning gaze shooting out from Luo Li. Instantly, he made a straight face and replied, “I don’t believe that. How can anyone be more pretty than my little Luo Li?!”

Declining to comment, Luo Li raised her little mouth. Clearly, she had completely seen through this method that Mu Chen was trying to employ. However, her expression appeared exceedingly cute.

“This Saint Spiritual Academy’s truly formidable. They actually have four groups all ranked within the Top 16…” Looking at his Academy Plaque, Xu Huang wrinkled his forehead, as he discovered that all four groups from the Saint Spiritual Academy were ranked within the top 16 places. Looks like the Saint Spiritual Academy has gone all-out this time, with all four of their groups being this powerful.

“According to the rules, as long as 8 of the 16 groups light there Academy Plaques up, the elimination round would come to an end. As of now, the Saint Spiritual Academy is in control of four places. If they collaborate with some of the other groups in the top 16 places, they would be in control of the ending time for this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.” The faces of Zhao Qingshan and the others had turned solemn. Although one would reveal one’s identity if one entered the Top 16 groups, one would possess the authority to end the elimination round. This was an extremely formidable benefit; after all, no one would know when the others would light their Academy Plaques, ending this round of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

“It’s said that everyone would be informed when the Academy Plaques are being lit up. Furthermore, other than the other groups from their academy, everyone one else is their enemies, too. So, there’s no one that would believe in anything they say. After all, letting all four groups of the Saint Spiritual Academy enter the final fight would be an extremely bad piece of news for every other Spiritual Academy.” Slightly shaking her head, Luo Li spoke her thoughts out.

“What should we do now? We have to obtain one of the Top 16 places for insurance purposes. However, the groups that have descended on the transmission gathering points might have already dispersed. Wanting to catch them all in one net might not be that easy anymore,” said Xu Huang and the others with deep thoughts.

Hearing their words, Mu Chen unexpectedly gave a faint smile as he said, “The rate of success by finding those scattered groups and snatching their points is too low.”

“Oh?” Xu Huang and the others looked doubtfully at Mu Chen, before seeing the latter raise the Academy Plaque in his hand as he replied with a soft laugh. “There’s some very prominent targets here, right? Furthermore, most of them are fat sheep. Eating one up will be equivalent to us cleansing a hundred or even more of those groups.”

Upon hearing Mu Chen’s reply, Xu Huang and the others were instantly dumbfounded. Mu Chen wants to snatch from those powerful groups ranked in the Top 16 places? Isn’t that being too gutsy? All of them weren’t easy targets, after all.

“Inconceivable, right?” said Mu Chen with a faint smile. “As of the current groups in the top 16 places, other than the minority that are truly powerful and strong, there’s quite a few groups that are up there due to them being lucky. I believe that within a day’s time, the greater half of the top 16 places will be chopped down.”

“All of them were fat sheep. However, it’s up to you guys on whether you dare to accept the hunt, right?”

Shooting looks at one another, Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyan clenched their teeth, before replying, “As if we don’t dare! As long as you dare to take the lead, we’ll dare to follow you in the hunt!”

As their voices rang out, shadows of excitement gushed out from their eyes as their hearts started to race. Indeed, only by following Mu Chen will they be able to experience such exciting stuff. While other people would try their best by taking action against weaker groups, Mu Chen was the direct opposite of them, aiming his gaze straight at the powerful groups in the Top 16 places.

Although there were some risks involved in doing so, all of them were youths, after all, with the adventurous spirits within them being absolutely of no small quantity.

Only after seeing this did Mu Chen nod his head and laugh.

“So, which group will we take action against?” asked Xu Huang and the other two as they looked at the groups listed on their Academy Plaques.

Sweeping his gaze across his Academy Plaque, Mu Chen’s chilly gaze rested on the name being Ji Xuan.

“That can’t be, right? You gonna aim for that difficult of a target?” Noticing Mu Chen’s line-of-sight, the faces of Xu Huang and the other two instantly turned pale. Can’t he not choose that? Why must he immediately lock on to the second highest group?

Noticing their expressions, Mu Chen felt like smiling, before proceeding to shake his head. Although he really did want to cross hands with Ji Xuan, this wasn’t the time to do so. There truly was some disparity between the strength of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, compared to the Saint Spiritual Academy. As for his group, other than he and Luo Li, the strength of Xu Huang and the other two were somewhat on the weak side. As a whole, they were definitely not the match of Ji Xuan and his group. As for now, their chances of victory in a head-on showdown wasn’t high.

Thinking till here, Mu Chen gave a helpless laugh. In the past, when he was in the Spiritual Road, it was fine for him to have misgivings about himself. However, at this very moment, he represented the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Therefore, he couldn’t be too unrestrained and reckless. He needed to take the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy into consideration, with his group also needing that consideration.

From the looks of it, he also needed to come up with a plan to increase the strength of his group.

Gently touching on Ji Xuan’s name, a chilling glint flashed within the depths of Mu Chen’s eyes. As of now, I won’t clash with you first. However, Ji Xuan, since we’ve both come to here, there’ll be a time where we’ll meet…

Giving a sneer, MuChen’s finger crept quietly down, before finally coming to a rest. “We’ll choose this group first. Their position seems to be the nearest to us.”

Xu Huang and the other two hastily looked over.

9th place. Desolation Spiritual Academy. Captain, Ji Qingtian. 1000 points.

The Desolation Spiritual Academy was similarly an elite Spiritual Academy with a vast and rich background. In fact, it wasn’t weaker than the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. It’s said that during that year, the last slot for the fifth Great Academy nearly fell into their hands, before the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy came into existence, snatching away that title from them. Therefore, regardless of that, this proved the might of the Desolation Spiritual Academy.

As for the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy, they definitely wouldn’t be weak.

However, compared to the Saint Spiritual Academy, this Desolation Spiritual Academy was still a better target to deal with.

Xu Huang and the other two exchanged glances with each other. So the Desolation Spiritual Academy it is!

Seeing no objections being raised, Mu Chen gave a laug, storing his Academy Plaque as he said, “Since everyone doesn’t object to this, let’s get ready to set off.”

Fiercely nodding their heads, Xu Huang and the other two could feel the blood within their entire bodies starting to rise and surge, with scorching-hot fighting intent filling their eyes. They had come here for the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. If they were even afraid of a Desolation Spiritual Academy, it would be too big of a humiliation for them!

“Let’s go!”

With a faint smile, Mu Chen exchanged glances with Luo Li. Without saying anything more, with a move of his body, he transformed into a ray of light as he shot out, heading towards the direction indicated on the Academy Plaque. Behind him, filled with killing intent, Xu Huang and the others followed closely along.

They had finally stepped on the killing fields of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament!

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