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Chapter 447 – Leisure

Mu Chen floated in the sky, feeling the torrential energies surging within his body like a flood. Unable to bear it any longer, a smile cracked open from the corner of his mouth. Indeed, this is worthy of being the complete version of the Great Pagoda Art. Within the span of the past two past months, it was actually able to allow for him to leap past two phases and immediately be promoted to Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase Peak.

As long as he could take one more step, the current Mu Chen would be able to face the first of the Three Sovereign Disasters. If he was to cross it, he would officially take a step on the path towards the Sovereign Realm!

Sovereign Realm! As long as he could take a step into that realm, he would be granted the qualifications to be called an expert in the Great Thousand Worlds!

Anything below Sovereigns were ants.

Thinking about that, Mu Chen tightly clenched his fists. Although he was still some distance away from the Sovereign realm, he believed that it wouldn’t take long for him to be able to successfully be promoted to that realm. Once he reached the Sovereign Realm, he would possess the qualifications to train and cultivate a Sovereign’s Celestial Body.

Going along this thought, Mu Chen gave a faint smile. The training and cultivation method of the “Great Solar Undying Body” he had obtained from the “Page of Sealing” had long been completely memorised by him. Although the “Great Solar Undying Body” wasn’t ranked within the top 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies, Mu Chen believed that it wasn’t any bit weaker than its famous counterparts of the rankings. After all, the evolution of the “Great Solar Undying Body” was the “Primordial Immortal Body” that was ranked 4th in the rankings.

Mu Chen had great anticipation towards the day when he would truly be able to successfully train and cultivate the “Primordial Immortal Body”. How strong and powerful would he be? Thinking about that, would he have the strength and power needed to rescue his mother from that mysterious clan?

Those thoughts flashed within Mu Chen’s mind, before being gradually suppressed by him. At this moment, there was no need for him to think so far into the future. What he needed to do now was to advance himself as fast as possible to genuinely step into the Sovereign Realm.

Giving a smile, Mu Chen raised his head, before looking doubtfully at the black screen that had enveloped the skies above him. He could sense some strange and unique fluctuations radiating from there, accompanied with a feeling as if his senses were unexpectedly unable to extend past it. From the looks of it, the black screen appeared like a dark, black prison that had trapped him within.

However, although he was shocked, Mu Chen didn’t grow flustered. This was the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. He didn’t believe that there would be anyone that would want to do anything to him.


As Mu Chen swept his gaze out, the black screen in the sky quickly dissipated away, allowing the warm and gentle sunlight to shine through. As those black dots dissipated away, they completely disappeared within a number of breaths. Finally, a black chessboard shot out within them, landing on a slender, jade-like hand that was not far away.

Looking towards Mu Chen and discovering him appearing safe and sound, Ling Xi took a gentle breath of relief.

Shooting over towards Ling Xi, Mu Chen noticed the sliver of exhaustion present within her beautiful eyes. Being slightly stunned, he asked, “What were you doing, Elder Sister Ling Xi?”

“Did you think that the Great Pagoda Art is that easy to train and cultivate? If not for me sealing this region and temporarily isolating you from the world, I’m afraid that the current you would be discovered by the experts of Aunt Jing’s mysterious clan,” replied Ling Xi in a displeased and annoyed fashion.

Mu Chen immediately gawked as he understood the gist of it, causing him to feel somewhat guilty. Having focused his entire mind and heart on training and cultivating on the mountain peak, he didn’t know how much mind and energy Ling Xi had expended on him.

“Thank you, Elder Sister Ling Xi,” said Mu Chen in a soft voice.

“This is something Aunt Jing had asked me to do. What’s more, I’ve said that I’d protect you. How can I look at Aunt Jing if I didn’t do so?” Ling Xi replied with a faint smile. Looking towards Dean Tai Cang and the rest of the Elders that were shooting over, she said, “This matter’s all thanks to Dean Tai Cang and the other Elders. I, by myself, wouldn’t have been able to protect you.”

Hearing that, Mu Chen solemnly cupped his hands towards Dean Tai Cang, Elder Zhu Tian and the other Elders and spoke out in an respectful manner. “Thank you, Dean and all the Elders present, for the trouble of this matter.”

Waving his hand, Dean Tai Cang spoke out with a smile, “You’re the person that’s going to fight for the honor and glory of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Naturally, we will do our utmost to help.”

As he spoke, he looked towards Mu Chen and nodded his head in satisfaction. With his astute vision, he was naturally able to see the improvement Mu Chen had made. Although he was only at the Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, all of them were clear that Mu Chen could not be classified as anything ordinary. While he was at the Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase, he was already able to kill Mo Xingtian. With such a great improvement in his strength and cultivation, even people who had passed their Human Body Disaster would find it very hard to appear as a major threat to him.

“Are Luo Li, Shen Cangsheng and the rest still in the Door of the Northern Heavens?” asked Mu Chen as he looked towards the deepest region of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Luo Li and the rest had already been in the Door of the Northern Heavens for close to half a year, with their exact situation being unknown. After being apart for so long, he had quite a yearning to see that lass, Luo Li.


Nodding his head, Dean Tai Cang replied with a smile, “Relax. We are monitoring the situation within the Door of the Northern Heavens at all times, so as to make sure that nothing happens to them. Furthermore, their progress is even faster than you’d expect. At that time, you have to be careful. Shen Cangsheng and the rest had said that the first thing they would do when they exit there would be to take action and press your limelight down.”

Hearing that, Mu Chen gave a smile. With the close to half a year’s span of time, he had spent the first three months solely on training and cultivating his Thunder God Physique. Only in the last two-plus months did he calm his heart down and train and cultivate his Spiritual Energy. Fortunately, with the assistance of the Great Pagoda Art, his accomplishments weren’t small. However, he also knew that being in the Door of the Northern Heavens, the accomplishments of Luo Li, Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and the rest might be even greater than him in this half a year’s span of time.

Maybe, there might be some people that have already started crossing their Three Sovereign Disasters…

However, although Shen Cangsheng and the rest had improved by leaps and bounds, Mu Chen’s improvement was also marvelous. Although his strength at Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase Peak wasn’t considered top notch. If he was to truly take action, Mu Chen believed that the current him would be able to contend head-on against people who had passed through their “Spiritual Energy Disaster”.

If he had such strength and power when he had crossed hands against Mo Xingtian half a year ago, the latter might not have even been able to force him into such a miserable state during that time.

“Go take a good rest for the next few days. There’s still about less than half a month till the start of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. Also, it’s the time for new students to enter the academy for the next few days, with you guys being able to remove the title of Freshman from your names…” said Dean Tai Cang with a smile.

“New students entering the academy…”

Mu Chen repeated those words while letting out a sigh. Without him noticing, oneplus years have passed while he was in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. In fact, it was closer to two years of time. Thinking back, he had truly transformed into quite a somebody. Perhaps, when he had just entered the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he never imagined that he would progress to such a realm.

After chatting awhile more with Mu Chen, Dean Tai Cang brought along Elder Zhu Tian and the rest, turned around and walked away.

“Why don’t you go back and rest, Elder Sister Ling Xi. Thanks for your hard work.” Looking over towards Dean Tai Cang and the other Elders leaving in the distance, Mu Chen turned around and spoke out towards Ling Xi with a smile.

Lazily extending out her slender, jade-like arm and revealing her slim waist that was wrapped in a white robe, Ling Xi gave a stretch. That voluptuous bosom, that tall and erect chest, that perfect figure appeared exceedingly alluring. Shooting a glare towards Mu Chen, she replied, “What’s the matter? Having finished your training today, you see no more use in me, and want to toss me out?”

Giving an embarrassed laugh, Mu Chen immediately replied, “How’s that possible? I’ll stay here for the next few days to accompany you, Elder Sister Ling Xi!”

Ling Xi replied with a sweet smile while slightly stretching her waist, before looking towards the quiet mountain peak. Raising his head, Mu Chen also proceeded to look towards the azure horizon, before deeply breathing out. As of today, he had completed the numerous training and cultivation. Next up would be to quietly await the arrival of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament…

For the next couple of days, Mu Chen had completely relaxed himself. As of now, his strength and power had increased by leaps and bounds. Therefore, there wasn’t a need to get tense during training. After all, training and cultivation paid attention to one’s state of relaxation. If one was too tense, it wouldn’t bode too well for one’s training and cultivation attempts.

Therefore, while waiting for Luo Li and the rest to come out from the Door of the Northern Heavens, Mu Chen had spent the majority of his time on the mountain peak where Ling Xi lived, with the occasional visit to the Freshman Region to gather everyone from the Goddess Luo Association, resulting in him being unavoidably idle and leisure.

Under this leisure pace, day-after-day elapsed by, with the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament getting closer and closer.

Within the quiet courtyard, Mu Chen sat before the bamboo house, with Ling Xi sitting before a tea table gracefully pouring a cup for herself. As her black hair fluttered about around her slender waist, a pair of exquisite feet revealed themselves. Like a pair of white jade, they appeared exceedingly alluring under the illumination of the sun.

Towards other people, Ling Xi appeared rather cold, indifferent and guarded. However, she had completely removed all of these traits when present before Mu Chen. Therefore, he was able to enjoy a great feast for his eyes many a time. Regardless of what he felt within his heart, having such a great beauty before him was an extremely nourishing sight.

Faced with such an unguarded appearance by Ling Xi, Mu Chen didn’t show much embarrassment or awkwardness, and was grandiosity sizing up the scene before him with an unavoidable flare of male flames appearing in his eyes.

Holding onto the tea leaves, Ling Xi appeared to have discovered Mu Chen’s gaze, causing a pinkish shade to appear on her beautiful face. After hiding her feet within her robes, she shot a gentle stare at Mu Chen, with the latter revealing a innocent look, as if she was the one who purposefully revealed them.

Seeing the look in his eyes, Ling Xi gave a soft snort. Looks like this fellow’s too idle for the last few days. In the next instant, her beautiful face turned emotionless as she revealed a sliver of a dignified look, before speaking out in an indifferent tone. “Did your Spiritual Array training improve over this period of time?”

Hearing that, Mu Chen instantly felt his head swell up. During the past half year, if he wasn’t training and cultivating his Thunder God Physique, he would be undergoing closed training for his Spiritual Energy. Where did he have the time to train and research Spiritual Arrays? Indeed, women truly couldn’t be provoked.

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