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Chapter 446 – Another Breakthrough

Within the deep mountains, boundless Spiritual Mist rippled and undulated across the region. Due to the Spiritual Aura in the region being overly vast and boundless, everything here appeared exceedingly blurry. Even the mountain peaks were only able to be faintly discerned from behind the Spiritual Mist, appearing exceedingly hazy.

However, although one wouldn’t be able to see with one’s naked eyes, everyone was able to see the gigantic whirlpool in the air above the mountain peaks. The gigantic whirlpool was approximately hundreds of metres wide, with the Spiritual Aura that covered the earth and hid the skies was being sucked into it. Swirling along with the whirlpool, they endlessly poured into the thin figure seated on the top of one of the mountain peaks.

At this instant, Mu Chen’s figure was encased in a billowing Spiritual Energy. Akin to a bottomless hole, his body greedily and crazily absorbed and refined the Spiritual Energy gushing into him.

Throughout this month, his figure had not moved a single inch on this mountain peak.

As this happened, the absorption did not stop for a single moment.

However, as this happened, his training and cultivation didn’t show the slightest signs of stopping. This scene caused quite a few of those Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy students who were paying attention to quietly click their tongues. Truly, he’s worthy of being the strongest person within their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Just his training and cultivation was already capable of causing such a large commotion.

As Mu Chen was immersed in his training and cultivation, on a mountain peak not far away, Ling Xi’s beautiful eyes were locked tightly on the figure of Mu Chen. Raising her head, she looked towards a number of mountain peaks in the far distance. Present on top of every mountain peak were figures, who were Dean Tai Cang, Elder Zhu Tian and the other Heavenly Seated Elders.

Gently clenched within her jade-like hands was a palm-sized black chessboard. Sparkling with mysterious runic patterns, strange and mysterious fluctuations radiated from it.

Rubbing against the exquisite black chessboard, Ling Xi vigilantly cast her beautiful eyes towards the sky. In the eyes of ordinary people, the sky showed not the slightest bit of uniqueness. However, in Ling Xi’s eyes, she was able to see glowing threads extending out across the sky. Coming together in a complicated manner, they formed a gigantic Spiritual Array.

This Spiritual Array had consumed a month’s worth of her mental energy.

Ling Xi took a slight breath of relief as a shadow of exhaustion flashed within her eyes. She had seemingly not taken any rest during this one month of time, spending every second of concentration on this Spiritual Array. Due to such a gargantuan workload, even she would feel exhaustion.

However, even though she was tired and exhaustion, she wasn’t able to rest. That’s because she knew that it was extremely important for Mu Chen successfully train and cultivate the entire version of the Great Pagoda Art.

That day, Aunt Jing had secretly mentioned to her that the Great Pagoda Art was the basic Cultivation Art of her clan, and that it was extremely important, since Mu Chen at that time had only cultivated the Yang Scroll. There was naturally nothing wrong with this. However, when the Yin and Yang Scrolls were merged, they would form the entire version of the Great Pagoda Art. Furthermore, once he succeeded in this, there was an extremely high possibility that powerful existences from Aunt Jing’s clan would be able to sense this. At that time, there was a possibility that Mu Chen’s identity might be discovered…

Although Ling Xi’s past memories were sealed, she was faintly able to discern how frightening Aunt Jing’s mysterious clan was. There was a dread gushing out from the depths of her heart. Even someone as strong as Aunt Jing was forced to the point of having to leave the infant Mu Chen. Exactly how powerful was that mysterious clan…?

Ling Xi didn’t believe that she had the strength to protect Mu Chen from that clan. Therefore, she could only do her utmost to conceal Mu Chen from being discovered. In any way, regardless of exactly how many powerful existences were in that mysterious clan, they would absolutely not be able to sense Mu Chen that she had concealed from such a far distance away.

“Relax, Aunt Jing. I’ll protect Mu Chen.”

Muttering to herself, Ling Xi slowly clenched her hands as her beautiful eyes brimmed with resolution and decisiveness.

As Mu Chen continued training and cultivating, time continued to flow like quicksand. Unknowingly, two months had quietly elapsed by…

Within these two months, there was still no movement from Mu Chen, who had continued to endlessly absorb the Spiritual Aura of the world. The mountain peak was already being encased by a gigantic Spiritual Energy whirlpool, with Mu Chen’s figure being completely shrouded within, while waves of boundless fluctuations continued to ripple from within.

Anyone was able to sense that the Spiritual Energy radiating from Mu Chen’s body seemed to be much more tyrannical than two months ago.

Ling Xi quietly sat on a mountain peak not too far away from him, with her beautiful eyes slightly shut. As a gentle breeze blew by, it ruffled her smooth black hair. All of a sudden, boundless Spiritual Energy seemed to fluctuate from the mountain peak.


Ling Xi’s eyes sprung open seemingly in an instant. In the next instant, a solemn expression appeared on her beautiful face as she looked towards the mountain peak, while her jade-like hands started to clench tightly together.

“The Yin and Yang are merging?” she muttered, with her alluring body growing increasingly taut, being prepared to take action at any moment to shield this region from the rest of the world.

As Ling Xi grew nervous and vigilant, the Yin Seed before the Divine Soul within Mu Chen’s body had already grown to the size of a fist. From the looks of it, it appeared akin to a pearl radiating with rays of brilliance, with boundless Yin energies contained within it. This was the result of nurturing it with Spiritual Energy absorbed over the span of the last two months.

“About time…”

Those words flashed within Mu Chen’s heart. In the next instant, the little mouth of the Divine Soul opened up. With a gentle suck, the pearl-like Yin Seed transformed into a ray of light, rushing into the mouth of the Divine Soul…


At the instant when the Yin Seed was devoured by the Divine Soul, boundless rays of white light suddenly erupted from Mu Chen’s entire body. As the white rays of lights blossomed, overbearing rays of black light swept out from within, causing Mu Chen’s Divine Soul to be tinged in black and white light, appearing exceedingly strange.

Wave after wave of exceedingly boundless Spiritual Energy radiated from the Divine Soul, perfusing every inch of Mu Chen’s body.

All of a sudden, Mu Chen’s eyes sprung open as Spiritual light shot out from his crown. Transforming into a glowing pillar, it rushed towards the sky. At this moment, the black and white-coloured Divine Soul had also rushed up the sky. Opening its small mouth, the vast Spiritual Mist present within this region instantly billowed out into streams, before being completely sucked into the body of the Divine Soul.

The black and white Divine Soul sat within the air. Extending its tiny hands, it hugged to air, appearing to have control over the sun and moon.


Black and white rays of brilliance quickly condensed within its palms. One could faintly discern that it had seemingly transformed into a black and white-coloured Yin Yang board. As the black and white light chased each other, appearing like the fishes of Yin and Yang, waves of strange, boundless fluctuations suddenly radiated across the heavens.

As the Yin Yang board took form, all of a sudden, dots of light surfaced from the depths of Mu Chen’s body. Those glowing dots started to converge together, forming what looked like the shape of a pagoda!


An ancient bell’s ring seemed to pierce through the ancient antiquity, before clearly reverberating from within Mu Chen’s body.

Halos started to condense behind Mu Chen’s body as a black-glowing pagoda approximately a hundred metres tall slowly condensed within them.

This black-glowing pagoda didn’t have too much difference from the pagoda that Mu Chen had displayed before. However, at this moment, slivers of golden flames now danced on the ancient dragon patterns on its surface. Those flames were extremely tiny and minute, yet they were able to cause the expressions of Dean Tai Cang and the other Elders watching not far away to slightly change.

That’s because they were still able to clearly remember that such a black pagoda was condensed by Mu Chen’s mother when she personally refined the Yellow Dragon Sovereign. Furthermore, not only did the golden flames completely refine away the Yellow Dragon Sovereign’s Celestial Body, it had even turned the latter completely into dust.

The golden flames were clearly an extremely frightening thing.

Although the golden flames on the dragon patterns on Mu Chen’s pagoda were too small and insignificant, being unable to compare to the might of his mother, they were already capable of causing Dean Tai Cang and the rest to sigh in admiration.

“Dean Tai Cang!”

Seeing the pagoda that had surfaced behind Mu Chen, Ling Xi’s beautiful face suddenly turned solemn as her shout resounded.

Hearing her voice, Dean Tai Cang and the rest instantly raised their hands. In the next instant, numerous rays of brilliance rushed towards the sky, rippling across the horizon as a black light screen rapidly extended out. Expanding thousands of metres wide, it completely encased the space within it.

As darkness perfused out, everything within was completely isolated from the outside world.

A serious expression appeared on Ling Xi’s beautiful face as the black chessboard in her hands rushed towards the sky. Expanding out, rays of brilliance enveloped down from above, completely sealing the mountain peak where Mu Chen was sitting on. Under the brilliance, Dean Tai Cang and the rest could instantly feel as if the mountain peak in front of them had disappeared. Even the aura coming from within was being isolated.

The feeling was as if the mountain peak didn’t exist within the Great Thousand Worlds.

As the black screen and the chessboard expanded out, all of a sudden, Mu Chen’s tightly shut eyes sprung open. With a move of his body, he rushed towards the sky. At the same time, the Divine Soul clutching the Yin Yang Board within its arms had also shot down, following along Mu Chen’s crown as it entered his Aurasea.

As the Divine Soul returned to its original place, Mu Chen could instantly feel an extremely boundless surge of Spiritual Energy sweeping out within his body like a flood.

This Spiritual Energy wasn’t like the usual black colour as before, but one with a splendor merged of black and white. From the looks of it, it appeared akin to two fishes, one Yin and one Yang, constantly swirling around one another, giving off an incomparably mysterious sensation.

This black and white Spiritual Energy had undoubtedly become even more tyrannical that the Spiritual Energy of the past!

An indescribably carefree feeling rushed and perfused within Mu Chen’s body, causing him to pour everything out of his mind.

Therefore, Mu Chen took to the skies, spreading his hands and gave a long roar towards the heavens. As the thunderous roar reverberated across the region, the Spiritual Energy fluctuations perfused within his body started to surge little by little within the churning roar.

Heavenly Completion Stage Middle Phase, Heavenly Completion Stage Middle Phase Peak, Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase Peak!

When the Spiritual Energy fluctuations drastically increased to Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase Peak, it finally started to slowly stop. At this moment, Mu Chen’s eyes grew incomparably bright, while his heart brimmed with excitement. Just one more step, one more step and he would be able to rush into the first tribulation of the Three Sovereign Disasters!

He never imagined that he would actually be able to leap past Heavenly Completion Stage Middle Phase all the way to the peak of the Three Heavens Stage!

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