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Chapter 444 – Fond

“If you transmit the Great Pagoda Art to me, won’t it affect Elder Sister Ling Xi?”

Although being able to have the complete Great Pagoda Art was extremely moving for Mu Chen. He still maintained some calmness as he inquired about it. He was still somewhat afraid that Ling Xi would do something that would harm herself. Even if he was to obtain that strength, it wouldn’t make him happy to know.

Hearing that, Ling Xi gave a faint smile as she shook her head. As feelings of warmth gushed out of her beautiful eyes, she replied, “Relax. This is something that Aunt Jing has instructed me about. If you don’t believe me, you ought to believe Aunt Jing, right?”

Only at this moment did Mu Chen nod his head. Thinking about it, he muttered, “Why don’t I teach Elder Sister Ling Xi the Yang Scroll of the Great Pagoda Art?”

He felt a little problematic about the matter of Ling Xi training and cultivating the Yin Scroll of the Great Pagoda Art. Although he and his mother didn’t want Ling Xi to be his servant, the Yin Scroll would always feel some suppression when faced with the Yang Scroll. Mu Chen didn’t wish for Ling Xi to feel uncomfortable whenever she was assisting him on this matter.

Still, Ling Xi shook her head, replying with a sweet smile. “There’s no need. I know your thoughts. Just relax. I won’t have wild thoughts again. Furthermore, the Yang Scroll of the Great Pagoda Art isn’t something that anyone could train and cultivate just like that. A specific bloodline is needed. I don’t have the bloodline of that clan. If I were to cultivate the entire Great Pagoda Art, it might not be a good thing for me.”

“Okay. Then I’ll have to trouble Elder Sister Ling Xi, then.” Only after hearing that did Mu Chen give up on that thought, before impatiently asking, “Then, are we starting now?”

Rolling her eyes at him, Ling Xi replied, “Why are you so anxious? You’ve bitterly trained for three months. Take a rest and recover your body and we’ll start tomorrow.”

With a grin, Mu Chen nodded his head and replied, “That’s good. I’ll head back to the Freshman Region, before finding you tomorrow, Elder Sister Ling Xi.”

Gently biting her lip, Ling Xi replied in a soft voice. “Luo Li’s also not at the Freshman Region. If you go back, you won’t have anyone to take care of you. Just stay here and rest for the day. I’ll let Sun’er to tidy a room for you.”

As she said those words, Ling Xi’s lovable face turned slightly pinkish. Clearly, she had somewhat of an obsession towards cleanliness. Furthermore, she was extremely rejective and indifferent to males. On usual days, even Dean Tai Cang and the rest would have to use sound transmission from outside her courtyard, since they’re not allowed to enter within. In fact, for all these years, the only male that could enter this courtyard was Mu Chen. As for letting a male stay in a room here, that was a matter that had never happened before.

When faced against Mu Chen, she clearly didn’t treat him like other people. The bright and clear eyes of the youth before her seemed to be able to weaken the defenses around her heart. There might be the reason of Aunt Jing within this. Nevertheless, she was also clear that she was rather happy about the leisure, warm talk she had with him.

Hearing this, Mu Chen gawked awhile, before hesitatingly replying, “Isn’t that not too good?”

Although it wasn’t much to him as a male, Ling Xi was, after all, an enchantingly great beauty. Although she was a rather mysterious figure within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and didn’t reveal her face, a few of the old veteran students of the academy still knew about the present. In fact, in the past, there were even quite a few outstanding students that had attempted to chase after her. Nevertheless, all of them had failed, as the former was too dazzling. With her age, she had become an Elder of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Even Dean Tai Cang had to give her face. Her level of strength was certainly extremely high. How could those hotheads in this mere Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy be able to catch her eye?

Shooting a glare at him, Ling Xi stiffened her lovable face and replied, “An Elder Sister taking care of the Younger Brother. Isn’t that good?”

With this reply, Mu Chen naturally didn’t dare to say anything more, causing him to scratch his head in acceptance. Over the past few years, Ling Xi had always been alone. Although she appeared ice-cold, thinking about this, she had always been rather lonely within her heart. It was already difficult for her to have a person to believe in. Being able to accompany her was already a good thing.

Seeing Mu Chen’s acknowledgement, Ling Xi gave a sweet smile. That absolutely beautiful smile caused even the beautiful flowers around the bamboo house to pale in comparison to her.

Within the raging Spiritual Aura-filled world, everything was silent, while even the winds present where solidified by the terrifying Spiritual Energy pressure. The entire world appeared to be unadorned and heavy.

At this moment, within a certain mountain valley in this Spiritual Aura-filled world, Spiritual Energy liquid flowed down from the peak of the mountains, forming a gigantic lake within the valley. Faint clouds of Spiritual Mist rose from it, causing the entire region to appear fluttery like an immortal realm, while waves of terrifying Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiated from the lake.

The entire lake was formed from the condensation of pure Spiritual Energy, with the Spiritual Liquid present within weighing akin to a thousand tonnes, causing the mountain to be crushed to dust under it.


Clear sounds of water sloshing rang out from the side of the lake as Spiritual Liquid was shoved apart. A slender and beautiful figure surfaced from the middle of the lake, as her bright, sliverly-like hair scattered on the surface of the water, appearing exceedingly dazzling. Under the long hair was an exquisite, alluring physique as tender and soft as lambs. As Spiritual Liquid dripped down her alluring body, they conveniently flowed down her satin-like body, causing ripples to spread out across the lake.

Although the greater half of her body was hidden under the liquid, it wasn’t enough to hide her perfect silhouette. The tall, erect chest and the gorgeous white ravine was more than enough to cause all males to get dazzled and stunned by her. Nevertheless, such a gorgeous spectacle clearly wasn’t something that could be seen and appreciated by any male. Also, the only male that could have such a fortune was not present here.

Raising her exquisite and lovable face, she exhaled a soft breath of air. At this moment, her fair, jade-like skin was perfused with pinkish shades, due to her training at this place, being pressed down by the mountainous amounts of Spiritual Liquid.

“Luo Li, you’ve stayed in there for three entire days…” All of a sudden, a warm and gentle voice rang beside her. Turning her head over, she noticed another alluring body not far away in the lake, Su Xuan. The latter’s alluring body was extremely curvaceous, with her voluptuous, fair and enchanting body that was more than sufficient to cause people to suffer nosebleeds.

With a grin, Su Xuan looked towards Luo Li, while her beautiful eyes wandered about the alluring figure of the latter, before giving a gentle sound of appreciation. Although the two of them were training and cultivating together, she would always make comparisons of her body between the perfect physique of Luo Li, leading to her uncontrollably sigh in admiration. Regardless of her appearance, physique or temperament, such a girl was rather perfect in all these aspects.

“Senior Sister Su Xuan has also lasted for quite some time,” replied Luo Li with a faint smile.

“I can only last for a day’s worth of time. However, I’ve heard that Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and the rest have lasted for two days. However, they still can’t compare to you,” said Su Xuan as she shook her head. The water in the lake was entirely composed of Spiritual Liquid and weighed extremely heavy. Wanting to enter the depths of the lake bottom would seemingly require one to endure a mountainous weight on their bodies while training and cultivating. Under such a situation, one would ordinarily be unable to last long. Therefore, one would have to leave the bottom of the lake after a period of time to take a break. If not, one’s body would not be able to handle it.

As for the past few days of training and cultivation, Luo Li’s individual performance was too outstanding, something that no one was able to imagine. This young girl that appeared weak and frail had unexpectedly possessed such toughness. Su Xuan was extremely clear that every single second one spent at the bottom of the lake when one reached one’s extreme limits would feel pressure that would drive people mad. However, no one would have imagined that Luo Li would actually last for three whole days.

Such a result caused even Shen Cangsheng and the rest to feel their inferiority to her.

Naturally, she and Su Xuan didn’t train and cultivate at the same place as Shen Cangsheng and the other boys. At this moment, the latter group was training within a Spiritual Liquid lake a number of miles away.

Giving a smile, Luo Li didn’t reply as her jade-like hands waved around in the Spiritual Liquid, gently rubbing the her jade-like skin that had turned red due to the terrifying pressure at the lake’s bottom. In her heart, she was thinking about what Mu Chen was training and cultivating right now. It should be three months by now? Although it was extremely bitter and painful to train and cultivate in the Door of the Northern Heavens, she knew that Mu Chen’s training and cultivation shouldn’t be easier than theirs.

Thinking about this, the young girl gently bit her lip, before speaking to Su Xuan. “Senior Sister Su Xuan, I’m going to train one more time.”

“You’re still going on?” Su Xuan was immediately astonishing. Swimming towards Luo Li, her eyebrows creased as she spoke out, “You’re training too crazily. If you continue like that, how can you endure it? During that year, even some of the Seniors weren’t able endure while they were in the Door of the Northern Heavens, yet they insisted with their lives for the sake of control, resulting in them almost becoming handicaps…”

“Senior Sister Su Xuan, relax. I know my limits,” replied Luo Li softly.

“Why are you pushing so much?” asked Su Xuan helplessly. She never imagined that Luo Li would actually push herself so hard in training and cultivation. During this period of time, Shen Cangsheng and other group of people were stimulated quite a bit by her. Being males, their endurance and resilience weren’t able to obtain any advantage over Luo Li, something that made them unable to raise their heads. Therefore, all of them had clenched their teeth and pushed on with their training and cultivation in an attempt to catch up to Luo Li.

There were times that Su Xuan felt exceedingly puzzled by Luo Li’s push in training and cultivation. However, she could feel that Luo Li wasn’t a girl that placed extreme regard and attention towards strength. In fact, she appeared to be quite easy to satisfy. However, she, having such a character would be that extreme in her earnesty and dedication to training and cultivation.

Hearing that, Luo Li smiled. She naturally couldn’t talk, in detail, about the matter of the Luo God Clan to Su Xuan. The responsibilities on her shoulders were too heavy with the millions of citizens of the Luo God Clan waiting for her, this future queen to come to their rescue. Furthermore… there was also him. That handsome face, clear and bright eyes, the youth that caused her heart to become quietly affected…

He told her that he would become an absolute expert, standing before her to block all storms for her.

She had believed it from the start till the end. However, she also knew that the path towards being an absolute expert was full of thorns, sufficient enough to cause people to be laced full of injuries. She loved Mu Chen’s smile, which brimmed with self-confidence, which had also infected her. Therefore, she was somewhat afraid that those thorns on the path of an absolute expert would slowly wear off the smile that she loved…

Therefore, she wanted to put in effort in training. If her strength increased to a sufficient level, it might be more easier for Mu Chen by a notch. She wasn’t a girl that would do not one single thing in the face of the person she likes when he was continuously giving his all for her.

Mu Chen, I know that you’ve shoulder many things for me. However, I will also help you.

I, who made you love me so much.

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